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The Ultimates 2: Ultimate Collection #2020

The Ultimates Ultimate Collection Title The Ultimates Ultimate Collection Binding Paperback Author MarkMillar Publisher MarvelComicsGroup

  • Title: The Ultimates 2: Ultimate Collection
  • Author: Mark Millar Bryan Hitch
  • ISBN: 9780785149163
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ultimates 2: Ultimate Collection By Mark Millar Bryan Hitch, Title The Ultimates 2 Ultimate Collection Binding Paperback Author MarkMillar Publisher MarvelComicsGroup

    • [Ê The Ultimates 2: Ultimate Collection || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Mark Millar Bryan Hitch]
      Mark Millar Bryan Hitch

    1 thought on “The Ultimates 2: Ultimate Collection

    1. Another really good Avengers story They are still assholes but they are starting to understand that they need each other Still a twist on the Avengers we know and love but a fun twist.

    2. Another good Ultimate story Yeah, the members are still pretty much jackasses, but at least they begin to slowly gel as a team and understand one another Just like in the Avengers, I find myself drawn to Captain America and Thor, wishing the plot would spend time on them, because let s be honest there is only so much reality tv show who s sleeping with who a comic story really needs, but all the team members had a moment or two My only criticism is that Loki wasn t used to his full potential, [...]

    3. There s a traitor among the Ultimates, Thor s lost touch with reality, and America s enemies are tired of only one super powered superpower Tough times ahead.Great art, great wring, great concept And an 8 page gatefold spread

    4. It s been a long while since I re read this, and doing so right after re reading Ultimates 1 was a good move Ultimates 1 was amazing, but this this was far epic The story was far complex, far deeper, the characters got to play out so much As a stand alone piece of fiction Ultimates 1 is better hands down, but as a work within the comic genre, this one beets out Ultimates 1.Bryan Hitch s artwork is stunning, simply stunning The raw emotion he brings to the table The scene where the Ultimates a [...]

    5. OMGOMGOMGOMGetc.After much consideration, I ve decided that even if I truly can t gush enough, that kind of enthusiasm should be expresseddifferently.I was never much of a comics reader growing up, for that you need ready access to a store that sells them and parents willing to finance that kind of habit my parents didn t believe in allowances, chores were something you were supposed to do So I remember watching some episodes of the X Men cartoon, knew the Spiderman jingle, I loved the Batman mo [...]

    6. The Ultimates 2 is a strong believer in the is better philosophy This time there are Ultimates, villains and now we are hijacking America Miller makes sure Bryan Hitch has his work cut out for him, the details on these panels are awe inspiring, with some spanning multiple pages But it s the characters that make the Ultimates memorable The multi dimensional and diverse cast brings the story life Throw out those images of perfect boy scouts heroes, you won t find them here Millers multi layered [...]

    7. La verdad que no s por qu lo hab a marcado como le do hace mucho si reci n hace poco pude pasar del segundo cap tulo y terminarlo Mis rese as sobre la primera saga y sobre la segunda que es la que le da nombre a esta edici n , en sus respectivos links.

    8. One of my favorite comics of all time The artwork is out of this world and while some if not all of the characters are jerks, the story is pretty good.

    9. My interest in this was twofold to take a closer look at the Ultimate universe from which much of the MCU draws its inspiration, and to entertain my morbid curiosity about the broad stroke Axis of Evil Avengers set against the backdrop of the later Bush years The latter was satisfied as best as possible, I suppose, but since this is a comic book not a graphic novel after all, the characterization doesn t go much deeper than a few panels for the Iranian Captain America analogue as a sickly goathe [...]

    10. Perhaps my own pace and being distracted during the duration of my reading is to be blamed in not enjoying this fully and not entirely the material which, although I think is the most ambitious for this collection, and one that doesn t not let up on the action and the twists, but was something that went a little overboard for me.While most would welcome those integral elements in any reading, I rather found it too stretched all over the place and was merely an attempt to cash in on the previous [...]

    11. In a pinch, I d have to say I liked this volume better than the first, if only for the Thor story and the way you couldn t quite tell if he was a crazy person with a belt that gave him superpowers or the actual god of thunder I liked the Defenders bit as well, although it feels wildly out of place.Still, most of my complaints from the first volume hold true here Hawkeye killing people with his fingernails The nations of the world managing to put together entire armies of supersoldiers without an [...]

    12. I already gave the first edition of The Ultimates 5 stars, maybe I should give this one 6 stars What I liked most about the first issue is that it made the Avengers Ultimates so much real in a real world and real humans, even with their superpowers Captain America strugglin with gap of 70 years between his first dead and his return, the very tight relationship between Quicksilver and his sister The Scarlet Witch.But this time, it s not all about hero sm In fact, the Ultimates go completely wr [...]

    13. I would have to say that this book would be the best of Millar s work regarding Marvel The story starts off with a one year jump that shows Captain America saving some hostages, and providing the criminals a chance to surrender The plot thickens when we see Banner being outed as the Hulk and placed on trial Despite the fact that he was given the death penalty, I felt that he would have survived before reading the next parts Adding to the idea that Thor is a crazy person seemed interesting, thoug [...]

    14. Well I guess it s fair enough to say that I liked this volume better the the first one I mean, the first one seems of a mess after you read this one Millar had to come up with new origin stories fro these well loved characters and I think the first volume came off a bit rushed and spontaneous As for this one though, it s efficient The stories and mysteries that subsides in most issues are quite intriguing I personally loved the bit about Thor and the deceit the team members displayed for Banne [...]

    15. Wow This comic is absolutely massive I don t mean in length, I mean the action sequences in this story are so large that to even attempt to put them on to film would cause the movie s budget to skyrocket Not only is the action huge, but it is incredibly well paced and very well thought out Millar has given us a follow up to his reboot of The Avengers that easily surpasses the first This story may have a ton of action, but the narrative is still incredibly intimate One of the strongest aspects of [...]

    16. Where the original Ultimates was loosely inspired by America s war on terror, this one is much obviously based on the recent Iraq War Mark Millar digs into the meat of some of the characters, the emotion beneath the Pyms abusive relationship, Captain America s sense of alienation in the modern world he spends most of his free time with senior citizens , and the secular world s answer to Thor s existence There are some brilliant plot twists, but there are just as many bizarre or downright stupid [...]

    17. There is something incredibly satisfying about The Ultimates Whether it s the pop culture references or the realism of a work just like ours populated with super folkLoved Captain America s use of the Hulk to win against an undying foee fact Giant Man is sidelined for the entire adventure The one thing that just felt off was the treatment of Black Widow Her comment to Tony Stark just as the world is about to end, just felt contrived Otherwise a great rollicking adventure One small request effor [...]

    18. A terrific continuation of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch s post modern spin on Earth s Mightiest Heroes As the most demented writer in comics, Millar s grand ideas can be a tad extreme with a huge expansion of characters some being bloodied up whilst being a satire of the Bush administration and the War on Terror.Whilst we look forward to Joss Whedon s Avengers Age of Ultron coming out early this summer, there are moments in this thrilling comic that we ll never see on screen, for better or worse. [...]

    19. If you re amazed by Volume 1, you just can t miss the second volume The story about a modern take on Marvel s all star superhero team just gets bigger and brighter It s just of the best comic book material of the last decade More characters, scifi, fantasy, explosions, flashbacks, villains, casualties.The story features even political aspects.There s no way a film adaptation can be this epic And it doesn t have to be thanks to the superb art of the creative team Highly recommended.

    20. I like this book for what it is the Jerry Bruckheimer film of superhero comics People shout off some sometimes amusingly terrible badass one liners, massive physical and property damage occurs, huge battle sequences are followed by even huger battle sequences, and so forth I hope Mark Miller doesn t go the path of Frank Miller, and become and distanced from comics as his head swells with the terrible movies he s co creating, but I fear the worst.

    21. This is a review for the entirety of Ultimates 2 This series is what comics are supposed to be about and an absolute pleasure to read This is my favorite series since Marvel Civil War reignited my interest in comics All the major players are here By the end of the 13 issues series, there are nearly every character is involved in a captivating subplot Everything comes together in one fantastic multi issue fight to end all fights Fantastic.

    22. Senti falta de uma sinopse desta edi o, s muito depois comprei quando confirmei que esta edi o continua a hist ria a partir da segunda edi o da Salvat Seguran a Nacional ou de Os Supremos da Panini A trama come a com o julgamento do Hulk pela destrui o acusada na primeira edi o, a sa da de Thor da equipe e a exist ncia de um poss vel traidor A trama continua de tirar o f lego e a arte fenomenal Junto coma primeira edi o uma das melhores coisas que j li da Marvel.

    23. Este c mic ha estado lleno de altibajos El principio no me gust nada, se me hizo pesado y no alcanzaba a entender muchas cosas A mitad del tomo la cosa se anima hasta el final, pero me he quedado un poco decepcionada con esta historia.La historia est bien, es interesante pero me ha faltado conectar mucho m s con todos los personajes Sin embargo, se explican muchas cosas que desconoc a e introduce informaci n sobre el Capit n Am rica y su famoso suero de supersoldado.Puntuaci n 4 5

    24. Continuing to be super good Really clear how much the Marvel movies owe to these volumes That said, also clear you could have made a substantially grittier, interesting if certainly less widely marketable franchise by following these storylines closely.but, that s always the way right

    25. Relecture du TPB r cemment achet apr s les avoir d j lu lors de leurs sorties.Ben c est juste toujours excellent, et certaines sc nes gagnent m me en intensit Un des meilleurs comics de super h ros que j ai lu Une histoire de grand m chant pas forc ment g niale, au final, mais les tranches de vie, la mont e de la tension, et les motions ressenties font de ce Ultimates 2 un chef d oeuvre.

    26. The description of this does not even begin to do the story justice I ve read a lot of good comics in the past six months but this has got to be one of my absolute favorites I read almost the whole thing in one sitting because I couldn t put it down for anything.

    27. I loved the first volume of the Ultimates, and I think I love this volume Bigger action, emotion, audacious surprises This is amazing, and it s also one I loan to friends on a pretty regular basis.

    28. What s up with turning everybody into jerks If they were going for realistic gritty, they went overboard on that Plus a couple of spots where suspension of disbelief becomes difficult Still over all a somewhat interesting story Be nice if there wasn t so much fan service with the girls

    29. This follow up to the Ultimates 1 was, again, brilliantly written, astonishingly drawn and just a joy to flip through The story was driven and had me on the edge of my seat I will definitely be reading in the Ultimates collection

    30. I liked this one almost as much as the first one There are some great Captain america scenes here as well and I love the idea of Thor being a hippy that lost his mind Oh and Hawkeye does some rad stuff too That s right Hawkeye is cool.

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