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Cleopatra's Moon #2020

Cleopatra s Moon Selene grew up in a palace on the Nile under parents Cleopatra and Mark Antony the most brilliant powerful rulers on earth But when a cruel Roman Emperor takes the country and whisks the princess to

  • Title: Cleopatra's Moon
  • Author: Vicky Alvear Shecter
  • ISBN: 9780545221306
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cleopatra's Moon By Vicky Alvear Shecter, Selene grew up in a palace on the Nile under parents Cleopatra and Mark Antony the most brilliant, powerful rulers on earth But when a cruel Roman Emperor takes the country and whisks the princess to Rome against her will She finds herself torn between two young men and two possible destinies until she reaches out to claim her own.

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      157 Vicky Alvear Shecter
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    1. This book utterly blew me away The research that went into it was obviously extensive and i was so glad to see that it was so historically accurate I ve always been fascinated by Cleopatra and ancient Egypt, but i would often get frustrated when authors portray the great queen as a promiscuous sex symbol with a pretty crown and nothing Shecter dispels all these misconceptions about Cleopatra and points out that Cleopatra was a very powerful and respectable queen in her own right After her defea [...]

    2. A beautifully written tale, Cleopatra s Moon seemed to promise a stirring historical adventure of intrigue, power struggles, and murders in the night And it had all of that and It is the part which bothered me Looking on the surface, this book was good Cleopatra Selene, though inept at practically all that she attempted, was not the worst heroine to have, and her brother Ptolemy absolutely adorable The descriptions of Alexandria were rich and vivid so much so that the Reader could almost feel [...]

    3. Somehow, I read this title on the galley cart at the library and thought Oooh, Cleopatra as a shapeshifter Awesome and picked it up without actually reading the description.Yes, I know Ridiculous I am properly ashamed, I assure you.But I m also glad, because that mistake led me to a book which was surprisingly intense, enjoyable, and interesting The only thing missing was a true fantasy element, which I was really rooting for, but there were some interesting almost fantasy scenes to make up for [...]

    4. I was the daughter of the greatest queen of Egypt who ever lived Even if it meant my death, I would fight to reclaim what had been stolen from me It would be a dishonor to her memory to do anything else The deader the better, and in this reimagining of Cleopatra s daughter Cleopatra Selene, we re treated to the whole motherload of sex, manipulation, greed, and ancient political maneuvering BRING IT ON.Marc Antony and Cleopatra are dead The infamous lovers who tried to create an empire are no An [...]

    5. Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersDear readers Let me formally start off this review by confessing that I am currently in panic mode, trying to finish all of the potentially fabulous 2011 releases in time to formulate the most fair and informed Best of 2011 list as possible There are a number of books I have let slip through the cracks and, unfortunately, Cleopatra s Moon was one of them.Thanks be to The Great Goddess Isis, I did read this book before the end of the year because oh my fre [...]

    6. For anyone who enjoys lush historical fiction, rich mythology, and the struggles between politics and romance, Cleopatra s Moon is the perfect audiobook for you Incorporating the ideal music to set the mood between each chapter, Vicky Alvear Shecter s debut shines in its beauty as a story, and narrator Kirsten Potter brings it to life as few others could.I first heard of Cleopatra s Moon toward the end of 2011, when Thea of The Booksmugglers read and adored it, adding it to her list of top reads [...]

    7. Novels set in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome are some of my favorites to read about any book set in ancient times is absolutely my thing so I was pretty hooked by this story Cleopatra Selene isn t a person in history that I ve seen many books about so I m really happy I finally read this one It was such a great story and I was so glad it had a happy ending.I do have to admit that the start was a little slow It took my a couple of chapters to really get into the story But it wasn t long before I [...]

    8. I was given an advance copy of this one I really liked what a strong female character Cleopatra Selene is while still seeming historically realistic as both a princess and a devotee of Isis, of course she s shocked to find out that other cultures look down on women including, unfortunately, the one she s now captive in It s feminist without feeling anachronistic And while we do end up with the This Guy or That Guy choice that s running rife through YA right now, regaining Egypt and her spiritual [...]

    9. I have an obsession with Cleopatra and Egypt during that time period After reading Margaret George s Cleopatra and finding it a little too long, Cleopatra s Moon is just right I was engrossed right away and loved it Highly recommend My Rating 5 stars

    10. As a historical fiction enthusiast, I m always excited to see historical fiction on the shelves More and lately, I ve been excited to see some of this coming to young adult shelves, especially since it s some of my favorite stuff I m a huge fan of Egyptian history, specifically the Michelle Moran books for example When I saw Cleopatra s Moon on the shelves of the Teen section, I was instantly curious Michelle Moran had already covered the topic of Cleopatra s daughter Cleopatra Selene very well [...]

    11. I ve read quite a few Cleopatra books but none quite like this Cleopatra s Moon is about the daughter of Cleopatra VII, Cleopatra Selene And rather than focusing on the events leading up to the death of Cleopatra VII, Vicky Alvear Shecter focuses largely on the aftermath of her death and the impact it has on her children, particularly her only daughter.Historical fiction based on the story of Ancient Egypt and their famous Pharoah Queen are some of the best books out there but this one is defini [...]

    12. I don t think that I ll ever grow tired of reading about Cleopatra Selene daughter of THE Cleopatra , a historical figure that I was introduced to in Cleopatra s Daughter and became better acquainted with in Stephanie Dray s beautiful trilogy Lily of the Nile,Song of the Nile, and Daughters of the Nile Although I mention all these works, it is not to compare, but only to mention how truly wonderful they all are In Cleopatra s Moon, this is really the coming of age story of Selene from girlhood t [...]

    13. This book was simply amazing I loved it The story, the characters, the intensity, the historical value, and the writing Everything about this book was great Vicky Alvear Shecter did an amazing job in studying her subject first before writing this novel I was seriously impressed with how accurate her fictional story was to the true facts The characters were incredible Especially Cleopatra Selene She wasn t your typical girl pining for love She had a goal To Rule To have Power To bring Egypt many [...]

    14. Cleopatra s Moon was a great book It funny that I am sad because I am done with the book Cleopatra s Moon tell the timeless story of Cleopatra Selene the child of the Great Cleopatra and her Roman Husband Mark Anthony Let me just say that I am bias toward most things dealing with Cleopatra In the past i have liked anything that was about her life or her children But for me this book stands the test of a true Cleopatra fan This book was well written and well researched Although, Shecter did takes [...]

    15. Also posted on my blog, Luthien Reviews.I want to briefly preface this long review by saying that my first love was ancient Egypt Back when I was six, seven, eight, I knew that was going to be an archeologist someday I had a dozen books on ancient Egypt My parents gave me an archeological dig kit with plastic Egyptian artifacts I knew all about how the Great Pyramids were built and how bodies were mummified I idolized Zahi Hawass Egypt s one time Director of Antiquities I was Cleopatra for Hallo [...]

    16. The combination of the historical Egyptian Roman setting and the voice of the narrator made every second of Cleopatra s Moon pure enjoyment.You can search through my blog and you will probably not find these words in any review I ve ever written I want to read this again That s right I ve said it Cleopatra s Moon was so good that I could actually read it again Even with 100s of books in my TBR Cleopatra Selene is the daughter of the Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Mark Antony We are told the story [...]

    17. Cleopatra Selene is the only daughter of the great Cleopatra, daughter of Mark Antony The story begins as Cleopatra and Mark Antony begin to lose their battle with Rome and it s burgeoning emperor, Octavianus Cleopatra Selene is 7, and just beginning to understand the world around her as it starts to crumble After Antony and Cleopatra s famous ends, their 3 children are taken in to Octavianus home in Rome, and live among his family but little than political prisoners Cleopatra Selene is determi [...]

    18. I read an ARC of this book and although it says that it is similar to The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen, but set in the time of Cleopatra, I completely disagree I never got engaged with these characters the way I did with The Luxe characters Actually this book read like an adult novel akin to Nefertiti by Michelle Moran The characters were flat and the YA voice was nowhere to be found The main character, Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, begins narrating at a very young a [...]

    19. Ancient Egypt is fascinating and I was hoping for of the day to day events in the typical life of Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and their family Yes, there was a little of that, but this story seemed to focus a lot of the political world at that time and the way the events played out with Rome Life at this time was interesting, but there was a lot of evil that abounded Prisoners, torture, death, adultery, incest, homosexual relationships, concubines, etc This is all alluded to and skimmed over, with [...]

    20. Sit back and relax because you wont be able to put this book down What brought me to start to read this book was the name because the tales of the many Cleopatras are always inspiring and beautiful Thats exactly what this book turned out to be This book weaves in and out of actual egyptian history and fictional events that happen to cleopatra Selene The amazing and rich desciptions of Alexandria places you in the times of ancient Egypt Cleopatra Selene shows characteristics of a heroine and a st [...]

    21. Thoguh Cleopatra, Marcus Anthony, and Alexandria have fallen, the Ptolemy dynasty has hope in Alexandros, Philadelphos, and Cleopatra Selene as they are taken to Rome to be be Octavius Triupm procession Selene is working to return her family to their throne in Egypt, but her brothers are adapting to life in Rome, even under the thumb of their captors When Selene finds herself torn between a fellow hostage, Jubai of Numidia, and Marcellus, the stepson of her father, Marcus Anthony, she must inter [...]

    22. Dawn States Romance The developing romance in this book is slow to unfold, but when it becomes evident it is a beautiful and wonderful thing, as love should be This work is part romance and part historical fiction It has a fairly slow pace, with the romance between the main characters really taking place at the end of the book Some young adults may become impatient with the way the novel unfolds, but it is worth the wait.Cleopatra Selene is the daughter of the famous Cleopatra Cleopatra Selene f [...]

    23. Yes yes yes I loved this book to pieces It was everything I love in a historical fiction It was never dull The research that went into this is absolutely mind boggling.

    24. Note This review will have plenty of comparison of this book to Michelle Moran s Cleopatra s Daughter, because I read the latter first and both books are very similar in that they follow Cleopatra s daughter as she grows from a child to a woman.I m rather surprised that most of the reviews of Cleopatra s Moon I see on are fairly positive Yes, this book was nice to read, but I didn t quite enjoy this as much as Cleopatra s Daughter, though I do acknowledge that I may be biased since I had already [...]

    25. Whatever you do don t read CLEOPATRA S MOON and CLEOPATRA S DAUGHTER by Michelle Moran too close together They re the same story Luckily it s been long enough since I ve read the latter that I can t remember details although I did remember some of the big details For instance I knew how the story ended before I got there Granted if you re familiar with the history you ll know it already anyway Two excellent authors writing the same story Other than I loved the latter I won t be comparing the tw [...]

    26. This book follows the journey of Cleopatra Selene, the daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony Her life in Egypt, to the horrible capture of her family by the Roman Emperor As she is pushed to the limits by her captures and is the only one left in her royal family In her prison she must choose one of two men and one of two possible destinies Until fate shows her, her own I would recommend this book to anyone ages 12 and up This was a semi fiction story of the daughter of one of the most famous wo [...]

    27. Originally posted on my blog libraryladyhylary Check it out for reviews The romance of Anthony and Cleopatra has been known throughout history as one of the most passionate and tragic love stories of all time The story not as commonly known, however, is what became of the children of Anthony and Cleopatra, particularly their only daughter, Cleopatra Selene, after their deaths As intelligent, strong willed and beautiful as her mother, Cleopatra Selene is just a girl when Octavianus of Rome, comm [...]

    28. Cleopatra s Moon tells the childhood story of Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Marc Antony Marcus Antonius and the most famous Cleopatra VII in history The story covers her life from ages six to sixteen, from her parents fall from power to the capture of Cleopatra Selene and her brothers to their lives living in Rome.Catered to the young adult market, Cleopatra s Moon has a lot to offer older readers as well While there may not be as much meat on the bones as many adult historical fiction novels ha [...]

    29. I can t believe I waited this long to read this book Full of mystery, danger, and loads of historical facts, Cleopatra s Moon is an excellent book that tells the story of a young and courageous girl who was overshadowed by her powerful mother To say that I knew a lot about Cleopatra Selene, Queen Cleopatra s daughter, is an understatement Selene meaning Moon has not really been talked about much in any form of history and I was relieved to finally be able to read about her and her life While th [...]

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