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Living Next Door to the God of Love #2020

Living Next Door to the God of Love Where do you run when a world is out to get you AIs Forged beings superheroes angels and worlds that change in the blink of an eye here is a richly imagined tale of ordinary redemption in an extra

  • Title: Living Next Door to the God of Love
  • Author: Justina Robson
  • ISBN: 9780553587425
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Living Next Door to the God of Love By Justina Robson, Where do you run when a world is out to get you AIs, Forged beings, superheroes, angels, and worlds that change in the blink of an eye here is a richly imagined tale of ordinary redemption in an extraordinary world from one of the most provocative writers working today Francine is a young runaway looking to find a definition of love she can trust In Sankhara, she finds aWhere do you run when a world is out to get you AIs, Forged beings, superheroes, angels, and worlds that change in the blink of an eye here is a richly imagined tale of ordinary redemption in an extraordinary world from one of the most provocative writers working today Francine is a young runaway looking to find a definition of love she can trust In Sankhara, she finds a palace where rooms are made of bone, flowers, and the hearts of heroes She finds a scientist mapping the territory of the human mind She finds a boyfriend And she finds Eros itself incarnated in the androgynously irresistible form of Jalaeka But not everyone is in love with the god of love Unity, for one, wants to assimilate Jalaeka along with every other soul in the universe And contrary to what everyone always believes, love alone can t save the day It will take something both and less powerful than the human heart to save the worlds upon worlds at risk when gods collide For Robson, world building is a literary device like any other, useful for exposing buried fears and desires to the light of day, no matter how strange the sun New York Times Book Review

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    1 thought on “Living Next Door to the God of Love

    1. I ve just finished reading Justina Robson s Living Next Door to the God of Love, which has probably one of the loveliest, most shelf ready eye catching titles I ve ever seen in my entire life Which is a bit of a shame because the text inside is rather weak.Robson has created a universe in which a local light cone controlling cosmic intelligence of undefined origin named Unity has apparently created a kind of cosmic crossroads with Earth, creating a whole host of walking to another world gates, a [...]

    2. A lot of science fiction authors indulge in what s called world building , imagining vast, complex new realities in which to set their stories The problem is that the reader is not necessarily familiar with this new world, leaving the author with two options familiarise the reader with the rules via authorial info dumps bite sized lectures on history, sociology, science, or whatever else is necessary or try and work all this information into inevitably clumsy expository dialogue.Justina Robson h [...]

    3. The themes and concepts and world in this book seem mighty intriguing I think I might have liked this book if I d understood what was going on I think I might have understood what s going on if only I d read Natural History, of which this is apparently a sequel of sorts But I didn t so I didn t.

    4. I read this book a few years back, so I might change my mind if I read it again now but seriously, I don t think I want to reread it It s not that this book is bad or anything It s just not my type so I didn t like it.

    5. Eight out of ten for ideas and style, and something less than that for execution and plot I think Maybe This one seems almost impossible to review or summarise, primarily because I m still not entirely sure what happened in the last quarter or so of the book It was all chugging along fine until then, with a clash between the renegade and still serving avatars vehicles of the mysterious Unity abstract philosophy surrounding independence, integration, and selfhood and a bunch of trippy SF ideas li [...]

    6. This book is not for everyone It is complex and at times clumsy But I found it hard to put down The beginning of the books rockets The style, the ideas, the characters are fabulous The concept of the worlds Robson creates is also fabulous The end of the book seems to be almost a different book, an appendix maybe, but one that is not at the END The way we discover some of the characters relationships with the main protagonist is well thought out, but then the additional info towards the end takes [...]

    7. Reading this book was hard work I made it through, but often wondered if it was going to be worth it Still not sure.

    8. This book is tough to review as it s hard to know what was actually happening most of the time Therefore I apologise if any of the information I give is inaccurate or my opinions are coloured by this I suppose it would be best to start with the basics Narrative structure Robson went for the modern fashion of a fragmented first person narrative without a framing structure For me this is the weakest style an author can choose as it simply serves to confuse the reader and shows the lack of distinct [...]

    9. This is a tough book to review I ve certainly enjoyed reading it or rather listening to it , but at the same time it felt flawed in major ways The characters are likeable, I ve really liked Robson s humour, the world she built was interesting although she didn t spend too much time explaining the different entities, apparently you d have to read Natural History for that but there was nothing particularly obscure , the plot held together well for the first half of the book but then it started to [...]

    10. strangehorizons reviews 2007 04 the_2007_philiptml return return I had high hopes of this book In its favour, Robson explores the questions of individual identity in a world where artificial intelligences are in charge of both the ordinary world and of various pocket universes which can be easily accessed, very much in the tradition of Philip K Dick The plot concerns the struggle for dominance between two god like entities, Theo and Jalaeka, but one that is brought down to the level of their hum [...]

    11. I think I probably need to read this book again before really reviewing it It s a dense and complex book, too much to take in on a first reading This book is kaleidoscopic it uses fragments from many points of view to build up the story Sometimes it switches POV in the middle of a single scene, though usually you ll stay in one point of view long enough to see a particular sequence of actions through It does a wonderful job of worldbuilding, and rarely indulges in infodumps This is a book you ha [...]

    12. British writer Justina Robson first set forth many of the concepts explored here in the celebrated Natural History 2004 Critical response to Living Next Door tends to be a comparative sport those that prefer her previous book find this new excursion into the future a little confusing, though all compliment Robson s writing The slight majority in support of the new book sees the plot as complex, not confusing, and the love story not only believable but essential to Robson s deeper thematic concer [...]

    13. Oh, but this was an absorbing read I know why it has a low rating it s lengthy and very, very bizarre indeed It s hard to follow, partly because of the unfamiliar words, worlds, and creatures, and it s partially because the author neglected to specify who is speaking before every change in point of view The table of contents does specify, but who wants to flip back and forth like that All this aside, it is a beautiful blend of science fiction and fantasy, that manages to be a little romantic wit [...]

    14. In this interwoven story that follows on from Natural History it tells of what happens to unity when it starts to fully interact with humanity and humanity s liking for individuality Unity is a fact, it s spreading, consciously and unconsciously Jalaeka is a consciousness that has hived itself off from the unity and is trying to stay independent Unity wants it back, but does it really and is it prepared for what will happen when two powerful entities go head to head.Surreal and mythic it s a lit [...]

    15. I think some people would consider this book genius I am not one of them I don t think it s bad either Robson is a good, technical writer with some lovely poetry to her prose But I really can t decide one way or the other how I feel about this book, and right now, I have complaints than praises return return For a full review, which may or may not include spoilers, please click here calico reactionvejournal

    16. I like to think of myself as smarter than the average bear, but I have to say that I really struggled to pick up on the world in this book I m still not quite sure I understand Stuff Stuffies and how it fits in It was slow going for the first 100 pages.That said, I found myself getting caught up in the tale So I ll give it a 3, but I probably wouldn t read a sequel.

    17. I can t say I like the book I can say that it was interesting it just had too many characters and too many plots for it to be one story I wanted to learn but it felt like the author didn t want to point it out or didn t know how to point it out keeping that in mind I would recommend the story.

    18. This is not my favorite of Robson s works that I have read Her ideas are fabulous, as always, but the pace of the book and the complexity of the story line made it hard for me to get the feel of what was going on until well into the book However, her lyricism and and depth of character make it worth the effort to get to that point of understanding.

    19. Loving this as its very intricate but each seperate story of the people is intertwined Also each chapter starts with a person s name so you know who s story it is going to relate to It got quite confusing near the end but I still enjoyed the story and where it took you I do however know that others in the bookgroup who read this, did not like it that much.

    20. This is my favourite book of all time Absolutely gorgeous A fantastic book You really have to open your mind for this one although I much preferred it to Natural History what a total mind bender that one was Anyway, a great book to get totally lost in Fantastic opening and characters you can genuinely fall for.Great book.

    21. Once again, Justina Robson rocked my socks Liked it immensely I always very much appreciate her writing, and she doesn t let down the reader here, either.

    22. I liked the premise, but for some reason I just couldn t get into the book I may try it again some other time.

    23. Some nice ideas and it hits the ground running, but I had a hard time giving a damn about too many of the characters.

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