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Alien Taste #2020

Alien Taste Living with wolves as a child gave tracker Ukiah Oregon a heightened sense of smell and taste Or so he thought until he crossed paths with a criminal gang known as the Pack Now Ukiah is about to disc

  • Title: Alien Taste
  • Author: Wen Spencer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alien Taste By Wen Spencer, Living with wolves as a child gave tracker Ukiah Oregon a heightened sense of smell and taste Or so he thought until he crossed paths with a criminal gang known as the Pack Now, Ukiah is about to discover just how much he has in common with the Pack a bond of blood, brotherhoodd destiny.

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      398 Wen Spencer
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    1 thought on “Alien Taste

    1. Wow This book was exactly what I needed Everything is just about perfect, from the very well drawn characters to the setting which I don t normally pay attention to but which I was impressed with and the themes explored.First the characters I loved Ukiah Oregon In fact, he may have to supplant Miles Vorkosigan as the fictional character I would run off to live in sin with if he were real He s a sweet, noble guy who loves deeply and purely and with all that he is And you know that being raised by [...]

    2. In this book, 1 in Wen Spencer s first series, the author introduces a unique world so like our own, and a fascinating protagonist, Ukiah Oregon The genre of this book and the entire series would be urban sci fi, something I haven t encountered often in modern speculative fiction Centuries ago, alien invaders landed on Earth, but one of them was a rebel, set on preventing their murderous plans The war between the two fractions still continues, while ignorant humans go about their lives unaware.T [...]

    3. I started reading all of Wen Spencer s books after reading Tinker and I think I like this series even better than the Tinker series Spencer s plots always seem very well thought out and I usually feel satisfied by the time I get to the end of the book Her characters are very compelling as well she always has an intruiging backstory, and this is no exception Ukiah Oregon is a tracker who works with a private investigator, and he is an ununsual young man in that he was found in the middle of the f [...]

    4. 2.5 stars for the awkward writing, but this tale of a private investigator who was raised by wolves did finally pull me in.

    5. You must know one thing Ukiah Oregon rules Ask me about Ukiah Oregon and I can rant about him for hours on end At first, I ordered just the first book in the series I wasn t even half way through and I was already ordering the rest This book has everything that I love Great friendship between Ukiah and Max, an amazing female character by the name Indigo Zheng who kicks butt and doesn t whine about how unappreciated she is, a lesbian couple who brought Ukiah up But I would be hard pressed to poin [...]

    6. What a great story, and beginning of a new series.There is a lot to like about this book That said, you can tell it was written earlier in Wen Spencer s career While Ukiah is fairly well developed as a character, the same can t be said for most of the supporting cast view spoiler Indigo especially I felt was under developed Not just the insta love, but the insta love and acceptance of having non human babies The automatic sure, lets have lots of alien babies was a little unbelievable hide spoile [...]

    7. Fairly well written with some interesting plot developments along with a few wonderful quirks the main character has two moms made for this a mostly fun read The pages go by quickly and the first half of the book was set at a wonderful pace with the sort of thorough detail that involves you in the story.The thing that irks me about this book is that it seems to be edited by two entirely different people The second half of the book seems rushed with several WTF moments and a few simply unbelievab [...]

    8. Alas, the covers for this series are uniformly bad starting with the fact that the artist s didn t have the faintest idea of what a Native American man looks like No doubt it didn t help that it s secret SF very, very, very few people know that modern North America is infested with two types of aliens who are at war with each other It s a pretty good premise, and as the details of how this all started are slowly revealed through the series, I won t spoil it by saying than that about it In this [...]

    9. The premise behind this story is interesting, and the main character is well developed, and his back story, and powers are different, and well thought out It read almost like an urban fantasy where the fantasy aspect had been replaced by science fiction I enjoyed the strong relationships Ukiah had with his family, and with his partner It s nice to have a main character with such a strong support system, and loving family It was also nice to see a same sex family treated with the dignity, and res [...]

    10. Would not have thought this book something I d like if I d read a description of it Detective with a strange past Amnesia raised by wolves special powers yadda yadda But surprisingly, I did like it pretty well The character reminds me in some ways of the man character in A Brother s Price Not a hard boiled detective by any means A sweet guy, pretty young, who could use a cuddle And wouldn t mind one at all.After the wolf raising, he is raised by two moms So there s a bonus there.Some aspects sho [...]

    11. An interesting combination of the werewolf shape shifter genre and syfy alien invades i.e The Thing The young man is a hybrid of human and the aliens that are hive minded cells, working their way across the galaxy taking over planets The alien rebel who has compassion for the earth originally infected a wolf which pulls the whole Pack concept into the plot and produces two camps of aliens The ones who only want to own the earth and those who still cling to their human origins.So far the FBI agen [...]

    12. I decided it was high time I reread the Ukiah Oregon series because I enjoyed them so much this first time, after KatiKat s recommendation.Ukiah Oregon is a boy brought up by wolves before being taken in by a married lesbian couple, mom Jo and mom Lara With his photographic memory and heightened senses, he is an amazing tracker and is taken on as a PI by Max However, one job that Max and Ukiah are taken on to consult on leads Ukiah to find out that, if he thought he lead an unusual life up till [...]

    13. I am not going to try to describe the plot of this book It sounds stupid when you describe it, although it works very well It works because the characters and their relationships are great and the writing is very good My son, who does NOT like science fiction, like these books when I forced him to read them.The main character is name Ukiah Oregon He was named this because he was found running with wolves in the forest outside of Ukiah, Oregon a town close to my town.There are four books in this [...]

    14. This is a hard book to categorize It would be urban fantasy, except it s actually urban sci fi, which isn t a category I ve actually heard of Not to say there aren t others, just not that I ve encountered But it s also a murder mystery Let s just go with it s complicated.It s also a hard book to review I liked the main characters, and it s got an interesting 5 minutes into the future setting But the story ran just a little grim for my tastes, even though it did manage a happy ending, and, for th [...]

    15. Ukiak Oregon s Mom Jo found him as a feral child eating a rabbit in a humane wolf cage when he was young As the story unfolds, the reader discovers the secret behind Ukiah s unique tracking skills He is a partner with Max Bennett in Bennet s private investigation agency A missing woman whose body is found in a forest precipitates an FBI search for the perpetrator Ukiah meets an FBI agent and falls in love When she is kidnapped as well, Ukiah and Max start a desperate hunt for her before the enem [...]

    16. Most alien movies I watched were boring and I thought the books it was based on were even so But this This was amazingly perfect And I m glad it wasn t made into a movie yet for it will surely pale in comparison.I m looking forward for even in Book 2.

    17. ALMOST 3 stars This one has a too strong and complicate sf twist, too compressed in this quite short book, in my opinion I have to say that I read also the 3 following books and the series gets better, to for me 4 stars from the 3rd book on.

    18. I want to start by saying I m a Wen Spencer fanboy This should have been a 4 star book for me, but I had some big problems with it along the way I love her characters and this book is no different I was pretty pleased at first and was really grooving along with it but then I almost threw the book away upon a big reveal I have to say, I m in a different place now reconciled to the plot than I was when I finished this book I went on to read the next three books in this series, and I now think bett [...]

    19. The romance in this book is less meaningful and shallow than the average Disney movie The biological systems don t make any sense They re creative, but have significant holes view spoiler Does the genetic short term memory only stay in the blood and how does one lose all short term memory by bleeding only enough for one mouse Why how do organs and blood turn into rodents When the mice shed, do they lose memories How do removed organs and blood have sufficient sapience to become mice with their [...]

    20. I really liked the first half Great characters and their relationships Non traditional Interesting plot and mystery However, the second half forced me to suspend belief too often Several unusual human responses and huh moments added to to it Fast pace, fortunately Can someone actually ride a motorcycle at speeds of 200 mph through Pittsburgh while maintaining control Enjoyed it overall despite the ending.

    21. OkayMaybe I was in the wrong mood for this book The writing is great The idea is fairly original but pretty out there Can t say I loved it.

    22. This book says it was published in 2001 but it feels like nineties straight to the vein Consider the protagonist is named Ukiah Oregon This doesn t even make sense in story Supposedly he s named for the town where he was found, but why wouldn t he take the last name of the family that adopted him I mean, it s not like he had a name before that that he might want to keep, since they straight up named him after a town Love interest girl is named Indigo Zheng She has a blue swatch in her hair She w [...]

    23. Re read march 2017.a great blend of urban fantasy and science fiction rare skillfully woven a thoroughly engrossing read.

    24. Steady paced beginning, fascinating premise, leading to frantically paced, far less interesting action thriller type ending.Ukiah is a good hearted young man apparently raised by wolves then taken in by his lesbian couple moms, who now works with his partner Max as private detectives He has uncanny abilities, such as photographic recall, rapid healing, and ability to analyze things by touch down to DNA level I started off thinking this may be another werewolf story, but quickly found things are [...]

    25. I picked uo this on a whim, since I was in the mood for something that wasn t romance or fantasy And this fit the bill.The science fiction element in this one starts small, but it grows as the stakes rises It was fascinating to follow how Ukiah gradually discovers his own past and his father s people I really liked how the Pack clung on to their humanity, while the Ontogard didn t even try The Pittsburgh was so believable that it sometimes elt like I was in Pittsburgh, walking next to Ukiah as h [...]

    26. This story is sci fi than anything else, but it is set in contemporary America A boy Ukiah Oregon who had been raised by wolves was adopted by a lesbian couple, and they brought him up right Now he s 21 approximately and works with Max kind of a father substitute as a private eye Ukiah has a very weird gift for tracking people, which he uses to save those who have disappeared Then the Janet Haze case happens, introducing Ukiah to a hidden world of Pack vs Ontongard Pretty soon, Ukiah finds out [...]

    27. Ukiah Oregon is an interesting character Apparently just a well adjusted feral child who was found running with timberwolves at the approximate age of 12, he now has a job as expert tracker for a private investigation agency based in Pittsburgh that specializes in finding lost people Things go badly awry when he tracks the killer of 3 college roommates He discovers that there s a connection to a vicious biker gang known as the Pack and they have a connection to him too Another plot thread is the [...]

    28. This was a solid character driven bit of Sci Fi, and I quite liked it I do hope it s the start of a series, but it stands alone quite well.Ukiah Oregon was found in the wild, raised by wolves, and taken in by two women Lesbian moms Yay Wen Spencer and raised as their son He grew into being a tracker for a private detective agency, because for some reason he has gifts he can track DNA, can pull pictures in his head out of blood, and, most importantly, has a photographic memory that never fails.Un [...]

    29. 3.5 actually I didn t find it as compelling as Tinker.My spouse has been watching Stargate SG1, and he s in the early seasons, back when they were dealing with the alien mind controlling parasites SoI can t really decide how I feel about the various grownups in Ukiah s life, mostly how they treat him, and how he behaves toward them He s centuries old and acts at times like a little boy Even better they tend to treat him like that as well He looks like he s 18 or so.The plot the bad guys trying t [...]

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