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Naked Edge #2020

Naked Edge What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink Someone wants the Native Americans off their sacred land And when Navajo journalist Katherine James and park ranger Gabriel Rossiter team up to

  • Title: Naked Edge
  • Author: Pamela Clare
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Naked Edge By Pamela Clare, What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink Someone wants the Native Americans off their sacred land And when Navajo journalist Katherine James and park ranger Gabriel Rossiter team up to investigate why, their passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those desperate enough to kill.

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      142 Pamela Clare
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    1. Pleeeeeease please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasen I have a Gabe of my very own I ll be a good girl, yes I will I ll even jump off a cliff so he can rescue me See I ve got it all planned out I ll even get some deranged badass villain to try to kill me a few times just so I could end up in Gabe s apartment, with him looking over me Whatever it takes, he s just THAT good You know, sometimes a badass heroine is great She can kick the bad guys asses herself, doesn t need constant rescuing [...]

    2. Review completed November 19, 2012 Walk in beauty, Gabriel Rossiter The wind knows you You re a man of this land, of the earth The cynic and bitter Gabe Rossiter, a park Ranger in Boulder, does not believe in love and HEA any Love, romance, and sex it s nothing than chemistry, and he prefers casual sex without any commitment For the past three years Gabe risked his life for nothing Three years wasted on crazy climbing he did climb routes no one else would dare to touch and meaningless sex while [...]

    3. Though I liked this one I didn t like it as much as some of the others It was a bit slower for one and for two the hero and my son share a name So hearing the audible narrator guy moan my son s was just odd I just had a hard time staying connected to the story I will say that if the hero was named Tom or Bob or Mike or something I would have liked it a whole lot .

    4. 4.5 stars When it comes to series, most books I read have lost their appeal with each consecutive book but that s not the case with the I Team series Each book is enjoyable than the last and even with the same cast of characters and reader expectation of nail biting suspense along with heartfelt romance, no two books in this series reads the same They re all so well researched and it s easy to tell the author has taken the time to hone her storytelling abilities so she consistently delivers on [...]

    5. Another 5 Star read from Pamela Clare There are just some authors who know their stuff, and Pamela Clare is one of them Honestly, her stories never cease to amaze me They are action packed and believable, addressing topics close to home that we only hear or read little bits about in the news Regardless of the subject matter, I love how she imparts information, giving us insight into what the characters are dealing with while keeping us fully engrossed in the story and invested in them as people [...]

    6. Probably the BEST book I ve read this year I just looooved the H h park ranger Gabe and Navaho newspaper journalist Kat in this one What a super couple So emotional, so gut wrenching, so suspensefulwhat an awesome writer Pamela Clare is The tears I shed over this one My only complaint there s not enough PC books out there Oh, if she could only be as prolific as Lora LeighNo plot review here there are plenty of great reviews out there that detail the plot which btw, was pretty easy to follow and [...]

    7. 5 stars Romantic SuspenseWow Boy oh boy do I love this series Pamela Clare continually blows me away with an explosive, winning combination of sexy, protective, to die for alpha heroes, strong heroines, thought provoking, sensitive storylines, intelligent suspense, thrilling action, and emotional, hot, hot, HOT romance, and this latest I Team installment is certainly no exception and in fact surpasses Hard Evidence for my favorite of the series.After a religious ceremony is viciously disbanded o [...]

    8. 21 2 11 ETA NAKED EDGE WINS THE ALL ABOUT ROMANCE BEST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE FOR 2010 Big BRAVO AND CONGRATS to Pamela Clare for Naked Edge winning the All About Romance Best Romantic Suspense for 2010, as voted by the readers And to think she thought it was the worst thing she had ever written Oh, Pamela, it is AMAZING and I m glad I took the time to vote I m happy you took the risks you did, and with your authentic Navajo heroine Ahe hee Thank you for this book Here s the link to Pamela Clare s re [...]

    9. Paperback 5 Stars Ebook 5 Stars Audiobook 10 Stars Just a little update and reminisce review, me having fun again Okay, so Dorsey tells me to listen to the I Team series on audio, and since she knows what I like, I do what she tells me Now mind you, I ve read this book, multiple times, but hey, it s the I Team, so I m all for it The narrator Kaleo Griffith is the sh t This guy s voice oozes sex In my opinion he is spot on with how these guys would sound if we had the good fortune of them being l [...]

    10. A prayer to the gods of snow and rock Read for the URR 2017 New Year Challenge, Native category Series Yes Sexy times Oh yes And so well done Steamy.Plan on reading by the author Hells to the yesesSynopsis Katherine is out enjoying her time in nature when a cliff gives way and down she goes Bam Looks like it s lights out and the story has barely begun And then, tada, enter Gabriel To the rescue, but of course And thus starts their weird in a coincidental good weird way of being in each other s [...]

    11. I Team investigative reporter Katherine Kat Martin met Mountain Ranger Gabriel Gabe Rossiter after he rescued her following a fall in a mountain rockslide A few months later, he intervenes again when she and other American Indians in the region are wrongly accused by a Boulder police officer for trespassing on Mesa Butte That begins an investigation that leads down some curious and dangerous paths I loved this story, especially because I didn t think I would Clare did a wonderful job of providin [...]

    12. Naked Edge is a great romance book from the very talented Pamela Clare The book tells a wonderful romance story and takes you on a thrilling ride as you try to decide who is after the lead couple The end of the book is amazing and will have tears running down your face because it is so emotional.Katherine James is a Navajo Indian who works as an investigative reporter in Denver but she grew up on a reservation She moved to Denver after college because she needed a change of pace from her home wh [...]

    13. NO SPOILERS I read most of this on my flight back from a business trip to Denver yesterday, where I was lucky enough to meet Pamela Clare in person and get a copy of this book To say I was thrilled is an understatement I have to wonder what people must of thought I was reading I was either dabbing my eyes with a tissue, grinning ear to ear and laughing, biting my lip as the suspense built and built, or just blushing because this book was steamy HOT Probably the hottest of the series, but be prep [...]

    14. First read March 14 16, 2011I so love Ms Clare s books I just love how she can describe a man s heavy testicles is such a way that it sounds so caveman and yet so sexy at the same time Great story Loved how Ms Clare incorporated Katherine s American Native traditions and culture throughout this book, and how responsive and accepting Gabe was.Excellent characters and writing Love the whole I Team supporting one another in crisis situations, and I really like how Tom wasn t such an asshole in this [...]

    15. I must be extremely lucky because this was yet another book that totally amazed me.This book had it all, great story, action, suspense, mystery, jaw dropping moments as well as heart wrenching and happy moments too The Hh were fantastic characters with wonderful chemistry The heroine Kat was a total innocent when it came to men and Gabe was so tender with her when the time was right for them to join Oh My, the joining s these two had where absolutely beautiful and not to mention hot They both we [...]

    16. Check out my review and fantasy cast on Under the CoversFirst and foremost, I have to talk about Clare s storytelling abilities Not only does each subsequent instalment get better, but Clare manages to keep things fresh in every book.Naked Edge to me, is raw, elemental and spiritual as it showcases Kat s Navajo traditions and beliefs It was so vastly different from the other books, but still very much engaging and riveting I loved that Clare made Kat s background a major aspect of the book Thi [...]

    17. This is the fourth in the I Team series by Pamela Clare I ve differed from most of my friends in that I ve been less than wow d by this series I m a huge fan of PC s historicals Untamed is my favorite , but, although the heroes are amazingly, fantastically, sexily awesome, I m not feelin the I Team.Enter Naked Edge Definitely the best story of all of the I Team series Straight forward, extremely plausible, but not a cliche Action oriented, with a lot of extremely evocative writing that pulled me [...]

    18. Naked Edge by Pamela Clare is the fourth book in her I Team series and just as strong and entertaining as the others This romantic suspense is a little heavier on the romance than the suspense, but there is also a lot of information on Navaho traditions and lore, rock climbing and investigative reporting The plot blends all these pieces together in an extremely interesting story.Katherine Kat James is a Navaho journalist working in Denver on the I Team and continuing to follow her traditions wit [...]

    19. 4.25 Stars Pamela Clare writes the perfect balance of romance and suspense It s been a while since I ve read this series because I was so hardcore in love with Marc Hunter from Unlawful Contact, that if I went right into the next one I knew it wouldn t be fair to the characters I d be comparing them to Hunt and his Sophie Man, did I make the right and wrong choice I was right in that I needed the distance, but wrong in why the hell did I wait so long to come back Gabe Rossiter was the perfectly [...]

    20. Despu s de leer la serie en orden, libro tras libro, y que unos me gustaran m s que otros, por fin puedo llegar a El libro S , se libro que me ha encantado, que se me ha metido dentro, que me ha conmovido y cautivado Hasta la fecha Sombras de sospecha , ha sido el libro que m s me ha gustado de la serie.Es raro considerar a un libro perfecto, porque siempre tendr cosillas que no te llenen o te terminen de gustar No ha sido la excepci n, y la verdad, que el libro me estaba pareciendo de lo m s no [...]

    21. Nuestra rese a en A la cama con un libro 3 5 No ha estado mal pero no he llegado a conectar del todo En la rese a os cuento m s

    22. Second readGood really, really good.WOW WOW WOW I just finished the book and wiping the tears out of my eyes Pamela, you have out done yourself with this one What an incredible book Five stars are not enough I really did not want this book to end only because I knew the wait for the next book will be a long one I have recently discovered Pamela Clare, and boy am I glad I have I have seen others compare her to Christy Reece and Cindy Gerard for her ability to write suspense IMHO, she is the best [...]

    23. I had heard wonderful things about this book and am so happy to say that I wasn t disappointed Here s how much I enjoyed it my daughter has a double ear infection and is throwing up and not eating or sleeping, and when she finally goes to bed I should probably get some sleep ASAP But instead, I stayed up until 1am to finish Naked Edge Once I got to the last 50 pages, there was no way I could put it down.All in all, an awesome book, and one I definitely recommend to fans of romantic suspense.

    24. Opening Line Gabriel Rossiter unzipped his pants only far enough to free his Well, what can I say Another fantastic addition to the I Team series 4 I ve come to the conclusion that Pamela Clare can do no wrong, as each book in this series is unputdownable Just excellent romantic suspense that never dumbs down the reader Actually I think that s what I appreciate most about her writing besides the smoking hot love scenes the fact that Clare writes a clever story with characters you can believe in, [...]

    25. Re Read August 28 September 2, 2013I didn t care for this book as much the second time I read it Kat s character got on my nerves She seemed to cry too much I thought of Gabe as of an ass Go figure I thought there was a lot of telling what happened in this story in lieu of showing and that kind of bugged me, too Not changing my initial rating of 5 stars though First read March 14 16, 2010 5 Stars Wow What a ride, er, book Enjoyed it from beginning to end It is set in both Denver and Boulder, Co [...]

    26. There are some books you finish with a satisfied smile on your faceThis book was perfect but then it was Pamela Clare TISFIED AMAZING

    27. I absolutely LOVED this book I have been meaning to start this series for ages and I will admit this is my first one even though it is book 4 in the series.I really didn t feel lost without starting at the beginning, even though other characters were mentioned from previous books.Gabe is He is so sweet and protective with Kat Kat is a strong independent woman Who is determined in everything she does, be it work or relationships Surprisingly enough she didn t annoy me either at any aspect in the [...]

    28. Lately, I ve been fortunate enough to find some amazing books, but this is by much my favorite read of the year so far.What an amazing story As many of you guys know I m Colombian, so I don t really know much like nothing about the American Indian culture, so for me, the ceremonies, beliefs and way of life described in this story were all pretty much new, and one of my favorite aspects of the book.Kat is probably one of the most likable heroines I ve ever read After so many jaded, cynical and s [...]

    29. Could Kat be any innocent and sweeter Could Gabe be any sexier and hot Could I be any engrossed in the I TEAM series The answer is I HOPE THE HELL NOT I m having a torrid love affair with the I Team and I wont be denied all the sexiness, hotness, suspense, drama and HEAs Pamela Clare is so focused on giving me I tried reading something before meeting Gabe and Kat but it didn t work out I couldn t focus I kept thinking what was it about, how would Pamela include the Navajo world inside the sto [...]

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