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Lifeguard #2020

Lifeguard The perfect job Working for an easy going boss at his luxurious mansion by the sun kissed beach watching beautiful women walk by The perfect girl Tess gorgeous funny apparently very rich and crazy

  • Title: Lifeguard
  • Author: James Patterson Andrew Gross
  • ISBN: 9780755325696
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lifeguard By James Patterson Andrew Gross, The perfect job Working for an easy going boss at his luxurious mansion by the sun kissed beach, watching beautiful women walk by.The perfect girl Tess gorgeous, funny, apparently very rich and crazy for him.The perfect score Five million up for grabs And to get his share, all he needs to do is trigger three house alarms to throw the cops off the scent of the real roThe perfect job Working for an easy going boss at his luxurious mansion by the sun kissed beach, watching beautiful women walk by.The perfect girl Tess gorgeous, funny, apparently very rich and crazy for him.The perfect score Five million up for grabs And to get his share, all he needs to do is trigger three house alarms to throw the cops off the scent of the real robbery.Could things get any better for Ned Kelly But things don t go according to plan And when Tess is brutally murdered and the others involved in the robbery are massacred, Ned is the prime suspect With danger at every twist and turn, he s running for his life.

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      James Patterson Andrew Gross

    1 thought on “Lifeguard

    1. Oh my goodness, but this was bad I love James Patterson, but I won t be looking for a book co authored by Andrew Gross any time soon And, guys We are smart Smart enough NOT to need you to repeat people s names in every line of dialog ad nauseum It is one of my pet peeves Like, Ellie, did you know I was coming Did you know I d wait for you, Ellie Will you wait for me Ellie Bleh.Plus the plot made no sense The characters were indistinguishable and hard to follow And the whole jump in bed with one [...]

    2. I m like a hypocritical vegetarian that goes around telling people how unhealthy beef is, and then I secretly stuff my face with quarter pounders when no one is looking.I m a total book snob You re reading THAT I ll ask a friend after hearing about their latest grocery store book purchase And then, when no one is around, I ll quietly pull out another James Patterson novel and just consume it in a night.Confession I like James Patterson So what Sure, you can buy him at any airport kiosk Sure, he [...]

    3. I loved this book Of course I read it on a vacation where all I had to do all day was sit by the pool and read Seriously exhilarating read, the moment you start till the moment you finish It would make a great movie Murder, betrayal, manhunt and love story all rolled into one exciting book It reads quickly, the characters are believable and the story is fun with a diabolical twist at the end

    4. it had all the ingredient to my liking , art theft , beach town , mystery.y if it would have been written in a better way , felt like reading a movie script.

    5. LIFEGUARD Pub 2005 by James Patterson and Andrew Gross was a very entertaining read I finished it in less than 24 hrs It s written in the classic Patterson style with extremely short chapters, a ritzy setting in Palm Beach and lots of action and plot twists Good stuff overall that will keep you flipping the pages to see what happens next.The story centers around Ned Kelly, who is a man in his late 20s that hasn t made the most of his life due to growing up in a family prone to crime instead of h [...]

    6. While it started off good it degraded quickly Maybe I expect too much.When characters are supposed to be street smart and book smart I have a hard time believing they would talk to the cops without a lawyer Yeah I know people talk to cops without their lawyer all the time, those are the people in jail because they thought they were smarter than the police and could talk their way out of things.Taking your plates off the car and leaving it what does that get you Police are gonna look at a car wit [...]

    7. I would have to say that this book was just alright I enjoyed it enough to finish it, but there were plenty of times when I was bored enough to put it down.Lifeguard is a crime drama starring a lifeguard on the run When an art heist goes wrong and all his friends turn up dead, he is fugitive 1 and manages to dig himself deeper and deeper in trouble, all the while trying to dig himself out.The mystery aspect of the story was easy to figure out from the beginning, and the love interests were clich [...]

    8. I don t understand how this guy is so popular After giving up on this tedious novel, I tried to skip to the end and see who the bad guy was I assure you this was only in case the person who d recommended the book to me and whom I d told I had read it, asked me questions It was horrible I had to scan through nearly the whole second half of the book trying to find a bit of information I couldn t care less about All in all I felt like Mr Patterson owed me a couple hours of my life back.

    9. Pretty lame and predictable Very easy read The situations were not beleivable and the characters were uninteresting I question if Patterson wrote much of it.

    10. Poof Just like that one person you know is dead Blink again and another four people you know are also dead Blink another time and now it s one person you know now dead Every time you turn around the kills are getting and personal until it actually hits home Problem is that no one has any sympathy for you and your losses because everyone thinks you are the cold blooded killer, but are you really All of this happens just because of a deal gone wrong A deal that if had gone right would have cost [...]

    11. I did it I finally got around to reading a James Patterson book I wasn t blown away, but I wasn t disappointed The book was given to me by a friend The first 10 chapters were awesome So much was happening Then the following 100 chapters weren t as interesting Seriously the book was like 118 chapters I kind of liked that though The story was about a man, Ned Kelly His lifelong friends ask him to help with a huge art heist for a 5 million payout The heist goes very wrong, with all his friends endi [...]

    12. Ned Kelly was looking for the perfect score At the time he finally felt like his life was turning around, he made a huge mistake He thought he had just met the woman of his dreams, but he needed the million dollars promised in this act The only thing Ned had to do was make distractions, but these distractions came back to haunt him Thankfully, Ned had a big supporter, who eventually turned into a lover, Ellie Shurtleff, an FBI agent Great book It keeps you reading to see what happens next, it s [...]

    13. Not the best James Patterson bookThis book started off strong and I really wanted to love it I ended up merely liking it and shrugging when I got to the big reveal What I liked was the setting of the book a rich beach town, where the main character, Ned, finds himself working and liking the menial jobs of a common man s life I also liked the art heist storyline, introducing FBI agent slash art expert, Ellie It was very Da Vinci Code meets The Thomas Crown Affair.The actors actions, however, were [...]

    14. Although Ned Kelly comes from a seedy area of Boston, where most residents are into something illegal, he has somehow managed to keep his record clean He is qualified as a teacher, but due to circumstances beyond his control, he is working as a handyman for his super wealthy uncle in Miami and earns extra money being a lifeguard When he meets, and has mind blowing sex with the woman of his dreams, he knows life has changed for the better Then his cousin and three best friends ask him to help in [...]

    15. I knew it was bound to happen eventuallyI found a Patterson novel with a bit of depth to it I read Patterson because his writing is light, quick, and forgettable, and sometimes it s precisely what I m in the mood for This novel, however, actually has a bit going on under the surface Yes, the chapters are still super short and yes, there are bits that seem too easily resolved, but there is some staying power in this one What I like the most is the hopefulness of this novel Things go sour quickly [...]

    16. This story had an interesting and exciting storyline I enjoyed the non stop action and the twists and turns provided by Patterson and Gross The characters were interesting I loved Champ and would gladly read about him and I constantly wanted to read Until the ending The authors should have ended the book a few chapters earlier than they did By trying to wrap the story up with a pretty bow, I lost interest and stopped caring If they had ended with the meeting between Ned and Sollie to wrap up t [...]

    17. My first read listen of a James Patterson novel was a pleasant surprise Great story line with the mystery ending in a totally unexpected way The extended epilogue provided a wonderfully warm ending despite the needless brutality that happened during the course of the story Because of the awesome ending, 9 out of 10 for me

    18. Another usual Patterson or is it Gross book, full of suspense, twists and action There were some bits though I felt it weren t really explained, and I felt lost in a couple of situations, but nevertheless an enjoyable and quick read.

    19. Four stars quick read not one of Patterson s best But, if you haven t read it check it out Definitely good for a book you can knock out in a day.

    20. My father bought this book at a flea market I enjoyed reading it It is an older James Patterson book I like the variety of characters in it It is a well written book.

    21. Easy to read, fast paced, I do prefer the Alex Cross and Michael Bennet series but these standalones are great quick reads and would recommend.

    22. 1 stars.Going through this book was like reading a low budget action movie It was dumb and predictable, but not bad enough to get me bored or make me want to throw it from the window.Don t get me wrong, I did not like it At all But it still managed to get me interested enough to finish it.Let s start from the beginning our protagonist and everything turns out good for him character, Ned Kelly He is the typical handsome and street smart guy with a tragic family backstory, he s sweet and charming [...]

    23. I actually found this book enjoyable It s an older JP novel from around 2005 I think.Ned Kelly is a life guard, pool cleaner, errand boy down in Palm Springs He meet Tess McAuliffe who he can not believe is with him Tess is like the woman of his dreams and way above him Ned is helping his friends with an art heist that will net hum alone a million dollars All he has to do it go around town and trigger some home alarms while the heist is going down Sounds easy enough right Things don t go as plan [...]

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