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Nervous Conditions #2020

Nervous Conditions Tambudzai dreams of education but her hopes only materialise after her brother s death when she goes to live with her uncle At his mission school her critical faculties develop rapidly bringing he

  • Title: Nervous Conditions
  • Author: Tsitsi Dangarembga Kwame Anthony Appiah
  • ISBN: 9780954702335
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nervous Conditions By Tsitsi Dangarembga Kwame Anthony Appiah, Tambudzai dreams of education, but her hopes only materialise after her brother s death, when she goes to live with her uncle At his mission school, her critical faculties develop rapidly, bringing her face to face with a new set of conflicts involving her uncle, his education and his family Tsitsi Dangarembga s quietly devastating first novel offers a portrait of ZimbabTambudzai dreams of education, but her hopes only materialise after her brother s death, when she goes to live with her uncle At his mission school, her critical faculties develop rapidly, bringing her face to face with a new set of conflicts involving her uncle, his education and his family Tsitsi Dangarembga s quietly devastating first novel offers a portrait of Zimbabwe, where enlightenment brings its own profound dilemmas.

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      155 Tsitsi Dangarembga Kwame Anthony Appiah
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    1. Last year I discovered the writing of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Writing contemporary accounts of Nigerians in both Africa and in the United States and England, Adichie has becoming a leading African feminist voice Before Adichie, thirty years ago Tsitsi Dangarembga attempted to assert rights for African women in both her writing and film making Needing an African classic for my classics bingo this year, I decided upon Dangarembga s debut autobiographical novel, Nervous Conditions, which is influe [...]

    2. Identity is a powerful concept But how does one establish such a thing Conventionally it develops from childhood due to an association with home and place But what happens if your home is changing What happen if you re taken away from that home Indeed, if you are forced to accept another culture s ways and customs, who is the you that is left What nationality do you become These are the question Tambu has to ask herself She s a young black girl living in a small, rural, improvised village in pos [...]

    3. It uses the old method popular among novelists of highlighting the prevalent social injustice and conditions through a shocking event you know how Medea s killing her children reflected on patriarchy of her time, when Beloved s heroine kills her child it reflected on slavery Camus Outsider s narrator failed to feel any grief for his mother s loss reflecting the way how people are unable to feel a sense of belonging to our surroundings and so on, Before I had read Phaedra I thought her incestual [...]

    4. We first meet Tambudzai, or Tambu as she is commonly called, as she talks about her brother.I was not sorry when my brother died Nor am Iapologising for my callousness, my lack of feeling For it is not that at all I feel many things these days, much than I was able to feel in the days when I was young and my brother died, and there are reasons for this than the mere consequences of age p 1 From this opening, introducing us to thirteen year old Tambu, we enter the world of a young girl on the [...]

    5. This is one of those books I went into reading not knowing anything about it, other than Dangarembga is a Zimbabwean author I ve known about the book s existence for a while, have even picked it before but I have to admit the title itself has always prevented me from reading it There s not really a good reason for that But you know how sometimes you re drawn to a certain shirt because the color appeals to your eyes Or you re turned off by a certain song because there s a chord that really bugs t [...]

    6. This is the novel we have been waiting for, said Doris Lessing I am sure it will be a classic And it is it ranks on the ASC s Top 12 of 20th Century Africa What Lessing was waiting for was feminism, and to call this Things Fall Apart for girls is a simplification but it ll do if you need to describe it in five words.Like Achebe s classic, Nervous Conditions 1988, set in 1968 is about the conflux between African society and white interference Its two main characters narrator Tambu and her cousin [...]

    7. This book takes its title and epigraph from an introduction to The Wretched of the Earth, which I ve been reading slowly for several weeks It was really wonderful to read this, partly as an illustration of some of Fanon s ideas, and as a female perspective that answers and critiques Fanon s highly male centric account of the colonised subject.But forget every other book and every other author from the incendiary opening sentence to the fraught and nervous close, this story held me heart and sou [...]

    8. Holy fuck, this blew my mind I suppose what really got me was watching a young girl in an extremely male dominated world try to work her way through it to succeed in spite of a lot of adversity And to watch each of the women around her try to do so too What I really liked about the novel gets hit on in the author interview at the end, that there are no monsters in this book, each character does get to explain and be understood The author interview also mentions that Dangarembga finds race hard t [...]

    9. I wasn t going to read this book, because I already had one for Zimbabwe and thought it was just another coming of age story Then I read this critical essay, which made me sit up and pay attention And so I wound up reading the book, which is good, but oh, so depressing.I should say that the books I find depressing are somewhat idiosyncratic A lot of people have trouble reading about war and related atrocities, but those books rarely affect me much they re just too far beyond my realm of experien [...]

    10. What I loved most about this book was the underlying story of coming to self and not so much to age In first person narrative, Tambu, a 14 year old Zimbabwean, speaks directly to the reader telling not only her story of growing up female in a patriarchal society, but also those of the women around her In the opening sentence, Tambu makes no apologies regarding her lack of emotion toward her brother s death Because with no other male children in the family, she is now the one afforded the opportu [...]

    11. I battled with this book Until about 80% into it, I was not clear about its direction and had to re read the reviews which hailed it as a literary germ.Tsitsi is an excellent writer but I found her diction a bit elitist I don t mind using the dictionary every now and then then the book becomes a bit of hard work Unless you are reading for academic prowess, books should be a sort of escapism from the everyday stresses.The storyline was very interesting and captivating It is not everyday one reads [...]

    12. The condition of natives is a nervous condition Frantz Fanon,The Wretched of the Earth , 1961 This is the basis for the title of Nervous Conditions, an account of a young woman from rural Rhodesia now Zimbabwe struggling to find herself amid influences from Western educated relatives, missionary schools, and traditional family values Africa is known by its cliches it s easy to forget the faces behind them this is a good account of the psychological hazards of colonialism and an important novel f [...]

    13. This is an amazing African Feminist version of the classic coming of age novel Think Great Expectations set in 1960 s Zimbabwe and from the point of view of a girl caught between her native culture and that of British colonialism I ordered a set of this book to teach College Prep Seniors but they re too dumb I m hoping to teach it to academically inclined seniors next year I might actually be teaching Honors Seniors next year

    14. Nervous Conditions is a really excellent coming of age story set in 1960s Zimbabwe then Rhodesia It is narrated by 14 year old Tambu who struggles with the conflict between life on her family s homestead versus her longing for an education The novel is full of strong characters the women especially and takes an unflinching look at themes of gender, race, class and colonialism, without positing any easy answers I read this book for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge task to read a book of coloni [...]

    15. Gratitude That s one of the clearest, and most double edged, themes running through Tsitsi Dangarembga s 1988 debut, often voted one of the greatest African novels of the 20th century And even if I don t completely agree that it is, I can see why others would think so.Nervous Conditions is set in late 1960s and early 1970s Rhodesia, narrated by a woman named Tambudzai though supposedly based on Dangarembga s own experiences telling about her teenage years, starting with the day her brother dies [...]

    16. But what I didn t like was the way all conflicts came back to this question of femaleness Femaleness as opposed and inferior to maleness.

    17. Sadza typical cornmeal staple food in Zimbabwe served with vegetables and oxtail.What a book Nervous Conditions is a semi autobiographical work written by Tsitsi Dangarembga First of all I want to say that the prose was original and unlike anything I ve read in the past few months I love that While reading this, I was continuously amazed at how Dangarembga managed to tap into the mind of a 7 8 year old Tambu, the narrator in this novel The author doesn t just describe the situation to us Instead [...]

    18. An engaging and fast read A must read for any one in the African diaspora experiencing some kind of change in social class e.g being first in the family to attend college or graduate school or otherwise having suspicions about the sources of their feelings of alienation Nyasha s character resonated most with me, as I m a first generation African American college student of working class origins who ended up pursuing a Ph.D I, too, feel frustrated by what seems to be an obvious oppressive reality [...]

    19. Nervous Conditions is a story of African women in colonial Rhodesia now Zimbabwe in the early 1970s Tambudzai Tambu , a young woman from a poor family, tells us the story of her ascension into the educated, White world after the death of her brother, at the same time telling the stories of the other women of her family Each woman is different from the others, and deals with the oppression of white colonial power and patriarchy in different ways Colonial power and patriarchy are inextricably link [...]

    20. Hieno ja ehe tarina Tambudzaista, tyt st joka taistelee tiens kouluun 60 luvun Rhodesiassa ja nelj st sukunsa naisesta, jota jokaista ymp r i omat ongelmansa Hieman raskas t m oli lukea, koska 300 sivua olisi voitu melkoisen kevyesti tapahtumiensa puolesta tiivist kymmenesosaan, mutta toisaalta lukukokemus oli my s palkitseva, kurkistus maailmaan, johon muuten ei p sy olisi Suosittelen

    21. As the novel warns ominously, the problem is Englishness Could there be any other problem which lies at the heart of Dangarembga s brilliant novel of post colonial Rhodesia Her writing is deceptively simplistic, and the narration ordinary even a little old fashioned however underneath the surface, lies the struggles of Tambu, growing up in a patriarchal society where her desire to read, to become educated, and eventually, to escape , is undermined by those around her, by the larger battle betwee [...]

    22. Tambu, raised on a homestead in the back country of Zimbabwe then a colony of Britain, called Rhodesia has very little to engage her young mind As she grows and her desires for education and knowledge increase, she finds that she is constantly fighting against two factors the fact that she is female and the fact that she is African.And while she loves her parents and can find some beauty in her tiring and off the land life on the homestead, what she truly wants to go to school A string of circum [...]

    23. It s impossible to remain unmoved by these kinds of stories where childhood innocence, still pure and unspoiled by societal biases and expectations, infuses kids with the willpower to pursue their ideals and stubbornly walk towards their desired future.So I was thoroughly touched by this semi autobiographical coming of age tale of a girl from a poor village in Rhodesia today Zimbabwe in the 1960s, whose determination and hard work get her what to her brother, as a man, comes easily the opportuni [...]

    24. I know that the first sentence, I was not sorry when my brother died, created a sensation, and demonstrates that this book is unconventional in the sense that it flies in the face of conventional local values Nonetheless, a short sample of the book gave me the impression that it is quite conventional in a literary sense, delivering pretty much exactly what one expects of a novel, and perhaps particularly an African novel, in terms of telling a family tale in a rural setting as the gradual effect [...]

    25. What a fantastic read Now I completely understand why this book comes highly recommended This is a story every African child should read I relate to both Tambu and Nyasha Every theme in this book is exactly what frames my politics Incredible

    26. For a long time now, I ve made conscious efforts to read diversely, and I heartily enjoy books that offer a new perspective This has been one of the most challenging books I ve read in a long time because it offers such a strong new perspective I ve read a decent amount of African fiction mostly from Central and Western Africa but this was the most radically original novel I ve come across yet In the beginning, it was difficult to read because I was certain that every page was not written for me [...]

    27. When I m told to read a book, I never enjoy it This happens a lot with books I read for university Tsitsi Dangarembga s Nervous Conditions 1988 was assigned reading for my Woman and Literature module this semester The novel is narrated by Tambu and follows her young life growing up in Rhodesia when that was still a place Her strive for education acts as the main incentive for the novel and is the crux of tension throughout the work I can instantly tell why this novel is on the curriculum, it s a [...]

    28. An amazing coming of age story, where a country and a girl are finding their own identity I was reminded of Zora Hurston s conflicts with the male Harlem Renaissance artists they wanted to highlight the plight of the racial conflicts, while Hurston saw the gender inequities as well Tambu, while aware of the racial difficulties of her home in Rhodesia of the 60s, she was a witness to the unequal battle of the sexes her mother, her aunts, and her doomed cousin all struggle to find the balance in t [...]

    29. As I have stated numerous times before, I am a huge proponent of education Dangarembga s book is primarily about one young girl s quest to become educated in 1960s Rhodesia post colonization Dangarembga does a nice job of telling this girl s story and contrasting it with the other women in her life The book advocates education as the path to economic advancement, but it also shows the struggle of a country trying to maintain its identity when it has been subject to outside influences that are in [...]

    30. Actually, I don t remember much about this book, despite having studied it only about six months ago It was well written the narrator, Tambu, was acutely observant and expressed herself well Coming off reading Anthills of the Savannah, I found Nervous Conditions much easier to get into.We talked about the book in terms of hybridization, discussing how Nyasha, Tambu s cousin, is trapped between two cultures the British upbringing she s known, and the African tradition into which she was born I be [...]

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