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The Ghost #2020

The Ghost From the bestselling author of Fatherland and Imperium comes The Ghost an extraordinarily auspicious thriller of power politics corruption and murder Dashing captivating Adam Lang was Britain s l

  • Title: The Ghost
  • Author: Robert Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Ghost By Robert Harris, From the bestselling author of Fatherland and Imperium comes The Ghost, an extraordinarily auspicious thriller of power, politics, corruption, and murder Dashing, captivating Adam Lang was Britain s longest serving and most controversial prime minister of the last half century, whose career ended in tatters after he sided with America in an unpopular war on terror.From the bestselling author of Fatherland and Imperium comes The Ghost, an extraordinarily auspicious thriller of power, politics, corruption, and murder Dashing, captivating Adam Lang was Britain s longest serving and most controversial prime minister of the last half century, whose career ended in tatters after he sided with America in an unpopular war on terror Now, after stepping down in disgrace, Lang is hiding out in wintry Martha s Vineyard to finish his much sought after, potentially explosive memoir, for which he accepted one of history s largest cash advances But the project runs aground when his ghostwriter suddenly and mysteriously disappears and later washes up, dead, on the island s deserted shore Enter our hero Lang s new ghostwriter cynical, mercenary, and quick with a line of deadpan humor Accustomed to working with fading rock stars and minor celebrities, he jumps at the chance to be the new ghost of Adam Lang s memoirs, especially as it means a big payday At once he flies to Lang s remote location in America to finish the book in the seclusion of a luxurious estate, but it doesn t take him long to realize he has made a fatal error in judgment The state of affairs is grim enough when the ghost begins to unearth the bone chilling circumstances of his predecessor s death And before long, he discovers that the ex prime minister is not just a charismatic politician who made a few mistakes He s a dark, tortured man with haunting secrets in his past secrets with the power to alter world politics Secrets with the power to kill Robert Harris is known the world over as a master of his trade The Ghost is yet another signature, brilliant tour de force that will compel, captivate, and excite readers to the very last shocking page.

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    1. This is a fast paced thriller, centering around a ghost writer assigned to revise and complete the first draft of an autobiography prepared by his predecessor, another ghost writer, recently deceased The subject of this is a Tony Blair stand in, a former British PM who had served American foreign policy needs with attention than he gave to the wishes of his own people The ghost is also under great time pressure from his publisher, one month to fix over a hundred thousand badly written words The [...]

    2. Posted toThe Literary Lawyer It s All about the Finish 3.5 StarsThis book had the misfortune of being read after Robert Harris far superiorAn Officer and A Spy Regardless, The Ghost is a great novel in its own right While it does not contain the fullness of what I consider to be a better novel, it is compact and straight to the point It is filled with conspiracy which leaves you guessing until the end Plot summary Our main character is a Ghost, or appropriately, a professional ghost writer who [...]

    3. This one is somewhat of a departure for Robert Harris despite the main character Adam Lang being clearly a version of Tony Blair and Lang s wife being a fictional equivalent of Cherie Blair, this is essentially new ground for Harris as the novel is not based on true events as such, and therefore not historical fiction as per usual for Harris.Written with Robert Harris usual flair for an intelligent thriller, The Ghost provides us with an intriguing and exciting story with thinly veiled nods aime [...]

    4. This is a fast paced, engrossing thriller like one of those high production value films where everything clicks and you know you re in the hands of a real pro.

    5. The Ghost has everything a great thriller needs There s the slightly too curious for his own good Everyman who stumbles onto something huge, there s the geeky technical delight in details here, of ghostwriting , and there s the strong suspense and atmosphere of barely restrained menace There s even the obligatory and now outdated scene where the protagonist, badly shaken, does his research in an internet cafe, and the obligatory scene where a GPS is used to retroactively follow someone If a poli [...]

    6. Entertaining thriller with a cleverly twisty plot and an engaging narrator a professional ghostwriter hired to revise the draft autobiography of former British Prime Minister, Adam Lang Our ghostwriter who doesn t seem to have a name mostly pens autobiographies for aging rock stars and football players who can t string three words into a sentence He seems an unlikely choice as the voice of Britain s most famous PM since Margaret Thatcher but the publishers are getting desperate Lang s autobiogra [...]

    7. For the most part, this is a story which will draw you in and keep your attention, but I felt that it petered out a bit towards the end I don t know why there is any discussion amongst readers about whether any parallels can be drawn between this fictional world and real world politics The basis for the story is so blatantly obvious Adam Lang is, beyond doubt, a parody of Tony Blair Ruth is Cheri And so on.The story is narrated in the first person by the ghost writer who is commissioned to write [...]

    8. I supposed this was a roman a clef since Harris was as mentioned everywhere a former friend of the Blairs It s just a thriller with enough links with what we think is the reality of politics to feel as fact And he wields a scalpel on them with finesse and venom An ex British PM is writing his memoirs with the help of a former aide who is found drowned in an apparent suicide Enters a professional ghost writer, the first person narrator of the novel, whose name we never found out And then a series [...]

    9. To me, a good thriller can be like a colonicmething breezy and unsubstantial to flush the system out, especially if one has just finished something bloated and ponderous I m talking about YOU, Tree of Smoke The Ghost is a good thriller A recently retired from office British Prime Minister hires a ghost writer duh because the story is written in the first person, I never noticed that the name of the narrator protagonist is never supplied to help him write his memoirs Our hero is the second one to [...]

    10. Another first read author for me, I guess Robert Harris most well known book, as well as a film, I think realised in the USA as The Ghost Writer.Britain s former prime minister is holed up in a remote, ocean front house in America, struggling to finish his memoirs, when his long term assistant drowns A professional ghost writer is sent out to rescue the project a man used to working with fading rock stars and minor celebrities than ex world leaders The ghost soon discovers that his distinguishe [...]

    11. The Ghost by Robert Harris.A roller coaster of a book and not in a good way.I like Robert Harris books and I loved his last one Imperium I loved it so much that I was really looking forward to the next in the series neil h informed me that it was part of a trilogy Therefore I was a little meh about the fact he had taken time out to write The Ghost Damn writers and their need to write a story instead of the one I wanted to read However, there was branch of Borders shutting down t other day and th [...]

    12. What a splendid, exciting, and enjoyable read 4.5 stars with the tension, pace, linear continuity to our narrator s experience of being the ghost writer for a former British Prime Minister s memoir This prime voice mind eyes of supreme dilemma sprightly traveling plot is never given a full name during the entire book Robert Harris has Adam, the center of this world and the book, just calling him man As in, hand me that, man or thanks, man What a superb insight Although he our ghostwriter holds t [...]

    13. The Ghost, an extraordinarily auspicious thriller of power, politics, corruption, and murder Dashing, captivating Adam Lang was Britain s longest serving and most controversial prime minister of the last half century, whose career ended in tatters after he sided with America in an unpopular war on terror Now, after stepping down in disgrace, Lang is hiding out in wintry Martha s Vineyard to finish his much sought after, potentially explosive memoir, for which he accepted one of history s largest [...]

    14. The Ghost, or The Ghost Writer is a political thriller that dives into a ghost writer s journey in penning the autobiography of former prime minister Adam Lang Along the way there are conspiracies, murders, and a lot of uncovering of the truth I found this read pretty engrossing while not quite thrilling Loved the way Harris revealed Lang s past and present, with the constant underlying question of who this man really is The supporting characters were each fully realized and the ghosting was fas [...]

    15. I ordered The Ghost half halfheartedly I had watched and loved the Polanski film and thought there was no way the book could be better than the film But it turned out that the film is almost like a scene by scene adaptation copy of this book by Robert Harris The story is interesting A ghostwriter is sent to the mysterious and fortified abode of a disgraced former British prime minister, to help complete his autobiography after the previous writer turns up dead The new ghostwriter uncovers a sini [...]

    16. Audiobook I like Robert Harris and have read several of his books, many of which have an historical grounding As this was promoted as being different, I avoided it, but one day started up the audiobook and I was hooked The premise is quite interesting A ghost writer, never identified by name, has been hired to complete a famous ex prime minister s memoirs after the apparent suicide of the former ghost There s a very short deadline, and he s dismayed to see the 600 pages left by his predecessor a [...]

    17. The Ghost is well written The comments on writing and what it means to be a ghost writer resonate as truthful The metaphors are a little fanciful sometimes but fit well into the text Unfortunately, the book disappoints for four reasons The central premise of the book the mystery which I will not share here is clever and cleverly managed but, in many ways, the secret this British PM who went to war with Iraq is hiding is much less shocking than the behaviour of actual British Prime Minister that [...]

    18. Esperaba mucho m s de lo que ha acabado resultando Se puede resumir en una historia de suspense sin suspense y una resoluci n que deja bastante que desear, de lo nico de lo que tiene mucho es de descripciones que no aportan nada salvo eternizar la lectura.No creo que vuelva a leer nada del autor aunque no descarto ver la pel cula Me pregunto si habr n podido rescatar algo del libro o si ser tan aburrida.En definitiva, la frase que aparece en su portada Robert Harris, el maestro del thriller inte [...]

    19. The Ghost by Robert Harris is the first book about a writer that I can remember getting excited to read, glad to trumpet, and eager to put on my must read again list.It s tough to write a novel about a writer Most of writing is, unfortunately, solitary and tedious Write a line, hate it, delete it, rewrite it A lot of bad literary fiction treats the writerly life, as stumped writers write about what they know writing badly This novel is about a ghostwriter who specializes in doing fast memoirs fo [...]

    20. This is a topical thriller with a British Prime Minister politically based on Tony Blair I have no idea about the personal stuff At the beginning of his career he was nearly as popular as Obama At the end, he was reviled as a puppet of the US He is writing his memoirs, and naturally everyone wants to know the truth about the War on Terror except, of course, those who don t want their secrets revealed As thrillers go, this one is fairly low key psychological than action I really liked the writin [...]

    21. Per la precisione 3 e La recensione presente anche sul blog thebooksblendertervistaSeguiamo il protagonista che, non avendo un nome, d ora in avanti sar solo P nell isoletta sperduta solo d inverno, perch d estate presa d assalto da circa centomila turisti di Martha s Vineyard mentre la situazione diventa sempre pi ambigua a ogni passo un tassista sordo come primo interlocutore, una guardia di sicurezza che lo accoglie in questa gabbia di matti , l attraente assistente di Lang dal sorriso tirato [...]

    22. This a thoroughly entertaining and intriguing book Blending its thrills with thoughtful undertones on the costs of power, it provides food for thought as well as page turning excitement Exposing the reader to the shadowy world of international politics and law, Harris delivers with the aplomb of a political journalist.The reader follows a ghost writer, sent out to write the memoirs of the former Prime Minister, Adam Lang, after his previous writer died in suspicious circumstances part of his pur [...]

    23. The Ghost is famous for being a roman clef about the life of Tony Blair following his tenure as prime minister It s told from the perspective of a nameless ghostwriter of celebrity autobiographies who is drafted in to edit the memoirs of the Blair figure, ex PM Adam Lang, after the apparent suicide of Mike McAra, an aide who was assisting with the book Lang is holed up in a mansion in Martha s Vineyard, surrounded by security and a host of associates, including his wife Ruth a Cherie Blair clone [...]

    24. Ghostwriter atau Penulis Hantu adalah penulis yang menulis dibelakang tadbir Mereka biasanya menulis autobiografi, novel, artikel, dan seumpama bukan untuk menerima sebarang kredit, tetapi hanya sekadar penulis dan tidak lebih dari itu Adalah kebiasaan bagi mereka untuk diupah oleh selebriti dan Ahli Politik untuk membantu mereka dalam menyiapkan memoir.Disini, seorang narrator yang tidak bernama, atau aku lebih gemar memanggilnya disini sebagai Penulis Hantu telah ditugaskan untuk menulis memoi [...]

    25. With serendipitous timing, my book circle read The Ghost by Robert Harris, this month Serendipitous, because the main character of the book is someone engaged to be the ghost writer of the ex Prime Minister of the UK, who resembles to a certain extent our own ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair In the novel, he is accused of crimes relating to extraordinary rendition, which, of course, has been in the news again quite recently In addition, we have just observed the tenth anniversary of 9 11, the day w [...]

    26. Strange to come back and read this book several years on, when the politics it refers to are not so immediately relevant Interesting to read a great writer s comments about ghost writing.This deserves comment and I will return later.

    27. I purchased this paperback somewhat accidentally It was a quick impulsive purchase enticed by a thinking error that Robert Harris was the author of the Hannibal series and now was writing British political thrillers Silly me.I have tried over the past two years to read and listen to this novel but could never quite get much of anywhere with it That is until recently Somehow, maybe it was because I had nothing else to read, i allowed myself to become hooked onto the audiobook Exactly one week lat [...]

    28. In many ways, this reminded me of Steven Pressfield s The Profession Both Pressfield and Harris are better known for their historical fiction classics like Gates of Fire and Killing Rommel Pressfield , or Officer and a Spy and Fatherland Harris However, with both Ghost and Profession, the authors switch things up as they tackle current, politically focused stories where first person, underling narrators go up against charismatic and powerful world leaders And both books are good very good, in H [...]

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