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Claire de Lune #2020

Claire de Lune At Claire Benoit s sixteenth birthday party all anyone can talk about are the recent werewolf attacks that have ravaged her town Claire however is interested in the flirtations of soccer god Matthe

  • Title: Claire de Lune
  • Author: Christine Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781442406414
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • Claire de Lune By Christine Johnson, At Claire Benoit s sixteenth birthday party, all anyone can talk about are the recent werewolf attacks that have ravaged her town Claire, however, is interested in the flirtations of soccer god Matthew Engle, who graciously ignores the mysterious rash on her hands and ears His attentions are the highlight of her evening until she transforms into a werewolf After leAt Claire Benoit s sixteenth birthday party, all anyone can talk about are the recent werewolf attacks that have ravaged her town Claire, however, is interested in the flirtations of soccer god Matthew Engle, who graciously ignores the mysterious rash on her hands and ears His attentions are the highlight of her evening until she transforms into a werewolf After learning she s the latest in a long line of she wolves, Claire is compelled to help her pack find and defeat the rogue werewolf who s been killing humans but she must keep her lupine identity a secret from her new boyfriend Matthew, whose father hunts her kind.

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      Christine Johnson

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    1. I wasn t expecting much from this book to begin with, so I can t consider myself disappointed Claire is having the best birthday of her life Her pool party is off the chain people still say that, right and Hottie Matthew is starting to show interest in plain old Claire Emphasis on plain But when the full moon surfaces, her mother tells her a dark secret, both her and Claire are werewolves Now Claire life becomes a lot complicated Not only does she have to deal with all her bodily changes of bec [...]

    2. Rating 2.5 starsAfter reading mixed reviews on this book I was hoping for the best Unfortunatley I m left feeling disappointed This book was just okay It wasn t bad it just wasn t that exciting.Christine Johnson writing style is good as was her twist on werewolves but the plot was predictable and I felt a little bit bored When I put this book down I easily forgot about it I also predicted who the killer was within the first 100 pages The characters were okay but I felt they were a little bit fla [...]

    3. I only picked this up because of the titleDebussy is one of my favorite composers But unfortunately it s the cleverest part of this book It had such potential, but fell flat within 20 pages Insta love, convenient plot and character lines, that a baked Idaho potato could see coming a million miles away Claire our intrepid heroine finds out she is budding werewolf, and at 16 her transformation has already begun, heralded by a rash on her palms and ears, seriously but our self proclaimed wallflower [...]

    4. 3.5stars Given the mixed reviews for this book, I m surprised that I really liked this one I m picky, really picky when it comes to Werewolves, but I liked this particular take on the paranormal.The idea of women dominating the legend was cool and I liked there abilities, even though it wasn t anything new, it was still pretty neat.I liked Claire Her reactions to everything felt very realistic I also really liked Matthew, there was something very normal about him that I found refreshing The love [...]

    5. I couldn t even stomach the rest of this book I got to page 216 336 and that was it for me There were just too many eye rolls to get by.Claire does NOT sound like a modern teenager She sounds like she just stepped out of the 1970s But my biggest problem with her was that she said Oh My God and Crap way too much I guess that s what makes it modern GAGThe author of course put in your regular YA garb Electric touch when her Boyfriend Matthew was near, butterflies in the stomach when she saw him in [...]

    6. Title Claire de LuneAuthor Christine JohnsonStars 4Summary from back of the bookPages 352Release Date 5 18 10Thanks for the copy Christine Torn between two destiniesClaire is having the perfect sixteenth birthday Her pool party is a big success, and gorgeous Matthew keeps chatting and flirting with her as if she s the only girl there But that night, she discovers something that takes away all the sense of normalcy She s a werewolf As Claire is initiated into the pack of female werewolves, she mu [...]

    7. CLAIRE DE LUNE, Christine Johnson s debut novel, is a good but not standout addition to werewolf lit The simple way that this twist on werewolf lore is presented will make it a quick and satisfying read to ardent werewolf lovers, though it will have a tougher time winning the hearts of others.In CLAIRE DE LUNE, Christine Johnson introduces us to a different type of paranormal world, in which only females can be werewolves It s not a feminist book, per se, but the dynamic that this sets up allows [...]

    8. I wasn t able to finish the book Pretty much, I read the first 70 pages, and then I flipped through the book to something interesting, orinteresting I finally found myself at the end, and found out who was killing all the people.I know other people have talked about this already, but how does someone link sunflowers in your house to posing by sunflowers in a murder photo shoot that you are definitely the killer The only thing that the main character wonders is that it could be a coincidence What [...]

    9. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI really wanted to like Claire de Lune in spite of all of the mixed reviews that I read Being a werewolf fanatic, I decided that I just had to give it a go anyway The book introduces a couple of interesting deviations on shapeshifter lore that I was hoping to explore in greater detail as the story progressed However, aside from a few faster paced action y parts this novel focuses mainly on Claire s coming of age story rather than on the furrier aspects Which isn t a bad th [...]

    10. A solid 3.5 stars for this nice little take on werewolf folklore it had a novel storyline and the main characters were likeable enough it picked up towards the end of the book Very teen orientated so I d recommend it to younger readers

    11. Decent read about a teenage female werewolf, who finds herself thrown into the politics of a small werewolf pack, a rogue werewolf killing humans, and antipathy from prejudiced, terrified humans And wouldn t you know it, the boy she likes is the son of the scientist Even though it had a number of flaws, I found myself really enjoying it I think it was two reasons 1 all werewolves are female in this world males apparently cannot survive the condition this is the opposite of convention, since most [...]

    12. Claire de Lune is a unique idea on werewolf mythology Although personally I would have liked to know a little bit about the history and a deeper explanation of the ties to their goddess It doesn t necessarily take away from the story, but it would have been a much appreciated addition.Claire was a fantastic character Even if your not a fan of paranormal elements, you can t help but relate with Claire and her struggle to fit in and be a normal teenager I mean, sure Claire has that whole, I just [...]

    13. When I first saw the cover and the title of this book, I knew that I had to read it It was about a girl, Claire, whose life was about to change when she reached her sixteenth birthday She found out that she was actually a werewolf At first, she resented the idea of being a werewolf She even tried to shave her fur But eventually, she accepted her identity and fate and found out the benefits of being a werewolf.The romance that blossomed between Claire and Matthew started at the beginning of the n [...]

    14. I m not really a big fan of these melodramatic teen werewolf books, they remind me of Twilight, but on the bright side, at least this one had some good imagery at times.

    15. Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson Every single time I read a supernatural book, I remember just how much I love them I really did enjoy this novel and I couldn t seem to put it down This book is the traditional supernatural book with werewolves, excitement, and my favorite, romance Read the Full Review on my Blog

    16. See of my reviews at We Live and Breathe BooksAm I just angry because of schoolwork or am I just picking up shitty books to read Like Need, which I wrote about last week, this book has a bit of potential, and I won t deny that, but it is overwhelmingly ruined by a terrible plot, only one decent character, a premise that seems as if this author wrote it for no other reason but to have a female werewolf and the list goes on.Seriously this book could be fine but why does she hammer in the point t [...]

    17. This was another case of I just wasn t a big fan of the MC I never got over the way that she treated people I get that she doesn t like the fact that her mom is gone a lot but treating the people who take care of you crappy like that just makes me angry The only good thing about this book was the romance It wasn t great but it at least worked out in the end.

    18. This review was originally posted on my blog, Ramblings of a Daydreamer You can see it, and many reviews over at the blog.Well I have mixed feelings about this book I liked the concept and thought it was original people know about werewolves, although their identities aren t known except inside the packs Only women are werewolves, and it s passed down through the generations Nice change from the whole Alpha male thing It was an interesting mix of paranormal, suspense, and romance.That being sai [...]

    19. Claire gets a shocker for her sixteenth birthday you re a werewolf Gee, thanks mom for warning me But Claire s mom isn t the warm and fuzzy type rather cold actually which makes her hard to like, but she seems to be trying as the book goes on It s known that werewolves exist but they try to stay under the radar because society considers them savage beasts Claire meets the local pack and realizes that this isn t the reality, but when a rogue werewolf goes on a killing spree in town, it doesn t he [...]

    20. Honestly I didn t expect to like it as much as I did I was expecting Claire to be dull and her romance with Matthew to be cliche and twilighty but it wasn t.At first I didn t like her mother After her mother told her that they were both werewolves, I thought that she was being awfully selfish by not telling Claire everything, and just sort of springing it on her in an awkward fashion To find out your mother has been a werewolf all along And now you are too Yeah I d be just as freaked out and som [...]

    21. All Claire wants for her sixteenth birthday is a car, but what she gets is something she didn t count on In a world where werewolves are being hunted by the government and the communities, Claire finds out that she is a werewolf, destined to change at every full moon Torn between the joy of discovering who she is as a wolf, and the struggle to be a normal teenage girl, Claire must find a way to keep her secret and her life Meanwhile a rogue wolf makes that all the difficult for her to do by kil [...]

    22. Claire Benoit is celebrating her sixteenth birthday with a pool party when the festivities are interrupted by reports of a werewolf sighting Everyone knows about werewolves there are even government agencies devoted to studying them , and everyone fears them Everyone, that is, except Claire s mother, who later coolly informs Claire that she is a loup garou, a werewolf, and that Claire too will begin turning into one at the next full moon.Claire de Lune is a great read, and an exciting new additi [...]

    23. CLAIRE DE LUNE, by Christine Johnson, was a magical and unique look at werewolves and the human society that knew of their existence This new tale of female werewolves will dig its claws into you and not let go until the very end.I love werewolf tales I am always looking out for a new and different perspective on these fantasy characters Johnson s fresh and feministic look on werewolves will not disappoint female readers The background of the creatures portrayed in this book were based on hered [...]

    24. I plucked this off of the library shelf because of the title, which is a song I listened to non stop almost the entire time I was pregnant with my son Who is a tiny genius He s 14 months and if you fart, he says, fart and laughs And he loves books Both clearly signs of a genuis in the making Clearly, those studies are right, listening to classical music while pregnant does a baby, even in utero, good If only I could say that reading this book did the same thing Instead, I was forced to ask mysel [...]

    25. This review is also posted on my blog, In The Good Books.Claire De Lune is written in the third person perspective of Claire, who has recently found out she s a werewolf Claire s a likable heroine, with natural reactions She takes time to get accustomed to being a werewolf, and sees the downside in it She acts and thinks like a teenager her age, though matures as you would expect under her situation.Claire De Lune was set in a world that already knew about the existence of werewolves, and had or [...]

    26. Review Claire is having the best sweet sixteen birthday party ever Well it could be even better if her mom would get her a car for her birthday Matthew, her crush, is asking her out when suddenly everything goes wrong Werewolves are killing people in her small town A couple if days later Claire s mom tells Claire who she really is A werewolf At first Claire runs from her identity but if she doesn t embrace it soon, people are going to get hurt.Claire de Lune is one of my favorite types if books [...]

    27. What an awesomely unique book on werewolves and pack dynamics This books shakes up what you thought you knew about werewolves, in Claire s worldeveryone knows they exist although she certainly doesn t know anyone that is one Or at least that s what she thinks until on her 16th birthday she starts the change and her mom drops the bombp, werewolf She is in the process of changing but will take 3 full moons 3 months to completely change 100% At first Claire is freaked, her life is over and she can [...]

    28. I did enjoy Claire d Lune, I felt the story had just the right elements love, romance, friendship, responsibility and of course werewolves.I liked Claire s character and loved how Christine Johnson had structured the story so it was most from Claire s point of view but with inserts from the other wolf I really enjoyed working out who the wolf was and will be honest and say and I m usually pretty good at this type of thing thought it was someone else My only grip with the book was that to 2 3 int [...]

    29. I picked up Claire de Lune from the new release shelf at my library, and conveniently it fit with a current challenge requirement I ve been willing to give the YA genre a chance after reading some wonderful books with the designation, such as Graceling and Shiver.I m having the hardest time writing a review for this book though The premise itself is interesting, with a unique twist in accepted werewolf lore, but I am too removed from the target audience as a reader so I can t decide how to revi [...]

    30. I really enjoyed this book I received it yesterday and haven t been able to put it down since It is a brilliant introduction what what should be a cracking series.The book was quite slow to start, introducing both Claire and the world she has found herself in As is quite understandable she freaks out big time While it was slow it was nice getting to know some of the characters before launching into the story along with the whole scene being set for the mystery of the killer werewolf I must admit [...]

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