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Last Car to Elysian Fields #2020

Last Car to Elysian Fields For Dave Robicheaux there is no easy passage home New Orleans and the memories of his life in the Big Easy will always haunt him So to return there as he does in Last Car to Elysian Fields means vi

  • Title: Last Car to Elysian Fields
  • Author: James Lee Burke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Last Car to Elysian Fields By James Lee Burke, For Dave Robicheaux, there is no easy passage home New Orleans, and the memories of his life in the Big Easy, will always haunt him So to return there as he does in Last Car to Elysian Fields means visiting old ghosts, exposing old wounds, opening himself up to new, yet familiar, dangers When Robicheaux, now a police officer based in the somewhat quieter LouisianFor Dave Robicheaux, there is no easy passage home New Orleans, and the memories of his life in the Big Easy, will always haunt him So to return there as he does in Last Car to Elysian Fields means visiting old ghosts, exposing old wounds, opening himself up to new, yet familiar, dangers When Robicheaux, now a police officer based in the somewhat quieter Louisiana town of New Iberia, learns that an old friend, Father Jimmie Dolan, a Catholic priest always at the center of controversy, has been the victim of a particularly brutal assault, he knows he has to return to New Orleans to investigate, if only unofficially What he doesn t realize is that in doing so he is inviting into his life and into the lives of those around him an ancestral evil that could destroy them all The investigation begins innocently enough Assisted by good friend and P.I Clete Purcel, Robicheaux confronts the man they believe to be responsible for Dolan s beating, a drug dealer and porno star named Gunner Ardoin The confrontation, however, turns into a standoff as Clete ends up in jail and Robicheaux receives an ominous warning to keep out of New Orleans affairs Meanwhile, back in New Iberia, trouble is brewing Three local teenage girls are killed in a drunk driving accident, the driver being the seventeen year old daughter of a prominent physician Robicheaux traces the source of the liquor to one of New Iberia s daiquiri windows, places that sell mixed drinks from drive by windows When the owner of the drive through operation is brutally murdered, Robicheaux immediately suspects the grief crazed father of the dead teen driver But his assumption is challenged when the murder weapon turns up belonging to someone else The trouble continues when Father Jimmie asks Robicheaux to help investigate the presence of a toxic landfill near St James Parish in New Orleans, which in turn leads to a search for the truth behind the disappearance many years before of a legendary blues musician and composer Tying together all these seemingly disparate threads of crime is a maniacal killer named Max Coll, a brutal, brilliant, and deeply haunted hit man sent to New Orleans to finish the job on Father Dolan Once Coll shows up, it becomes clear that Dave Robicheaux will be forced to ignore the warning to stay out of New Orleans, and he soon finds himself drawn deeper into a viper s nest of sordid secrets and escalating violence that sets him up for a confrontation that echoes down the lonely corridors of his own unresolved past A masterful exploration of the troubled side of human nature and the darkest corners of the heart, and filled with the kinds of unforgettable characters that are the hallmarks of his novels, Last Car to Elysian Fields is James Lee Burke in top form in the kind of lush, atmospheric thriller that his fans have come to expect from the master of crime fiction.

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    1. Although the Dave Robicheaux series has a uniform thread which runs through every book, they are not all the same Every story, to me, is unique and can stand alone if need be However Last Car is in my opinion, the best one I ve read in a long time and deserves five stars which I m very stingy with by the way Published in 2003, James Lee Burke is at the top of the game James Lee Burke is one my of top five writers alive today Amazing writer Many thanks to whoever suggested I read Burke He s given [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsThis was probably the most depressing book in the Dave Robicheaux series that I have read so far His third wife Bootsie has died, His adopted daughter Alafair is away at school in Oregon, his home that his father had built has burned to the ground, he sold his boat rental and bait shop, and Helen Solileau once his partner is now sheriff Cletus Purcel, his former partner in the NOPD and now a PI, is the one unchanging rock in Dave s life Thank goodness for Clete He is a loyal and faithfu [...]

    3. Last Car to Elysian Fields is the thirteenth book in James Lee Burke s Dave Robicheaux series In this installment, Dave is on his own Alafair has gone off to school and his third wife, Bootsy has died When his friend Father Jimmie Dolan is threatened because his actions are making the wrong people angry, Dave tries to throw some interference.Dave also begins to look into the mysterious disappearance of a old blues singer, Junior Crudup, who went into Angola prison but never came out, nor did he [...]

    4. I ve been a big fan of James Lee Burke for years, but after a handful of Dave Robicheaux stories there gets to be a sameness about these books that triggers the law of diminishing returns Don t get me wrong The writing is excellent, the narrative compelling, the characters rich and fully realized There s just such an abiding sense of hopelessness in the stories that you begin to wish Burke would move on to something else All the good guys are flawed to the point of tragic and all the bad guys ar [...]

    5. Dave Robicheaux and his close friend Clete Purcel really balance each others characters in the three James Lee Burke novels I have read to date Clete has no restraint drinks heavily as a private eye bounty chaser has fewer legal restrictions than Dave does as a police officer In New Iberia, Louisiana Clete acts rashly and end up jail to be helped by Dave, who almost always is shot at or held prisoner only to be rescued by Clete The beating of a catholic priest, and the death of three teenage who [...]

    6. Of course, another great book from James Lee Burke Dave Robineaux is such a honest and flawed man, this series is a gem Once again, there are problems in New Iberia Louisiana, and Dave is in the middle of it His sidekick Clete, is one of my favorite characters.

    7. I read this book for a reading challenge, it really wasn t for me but it had a good plot.

    8. Not very impressed with this read Very slow to get going and the story was not very good or intriguing for a thriller.

    9. a third of a slow way through this book not the book s fault , i thought i d give myself entirely to that most overused of parts of speech, the adjective i do this because james lee burke is a great user of adjectives, and even when he uses them abundantly he doesn t overuse them at all but i will because i want to the following adjectives describe one aspect or another of this book, while also encompassing, all of them, the book as a whole the most hackneyed but nonetheless correctly applicable [...]

    10. New Iberia, Louisiana Sheriffs detective Dave Robicheaux is trying to help a friend of his, a progressive catholic priest, Father Jimmy Dolan, who was savagely beaten He gets sidetracked and involved into one of Dolan s crusades, and begins to investigate the decades old case of a black musician and former running buddy of the great Leadbelly who was sentenced to time on the infamous Angola prison farm Junior Crudup went into Angola, but he never came out, either released or deceased, he simply [...]

    11. Last Car to Elysian Fields by James Lee Burke.The mystery begins with a parish priest and the confessional Dave is asked by the priest to help solve the disappearance of a man, Junior Crudup, serving time at a prison who was never seen since.This book was for me quite depressing The language of that era although presented in a realistic fashion was beyond crude and offensive The worst part of it all was the narrator I ve listened to numerous Dave Robicheaux books on CD My favorite character has [...]

    12. I checked out this audiobook from the library because the idea of a cold case murder mystery concerning a blues man half a century ago reminded me of a great book by a friend of mine I read some 12 years ago.I must admit, the actor they chose to read this book probably influenced my experience for the worse Since the protagonist is a native Louisianan, I guess they figured somebody with a Deep South accent would be appropriate Between the accent and his rasping about to kick the bucket squawk, I [...]

    13. Always Touches Something Deep InsideJames Lee Burke speaks with a voice that that filters deep within all the layers of within the dark side of south Louisiana The anguish of Dave Robicheaux takes any storylineof crime and miscreants to such a vivid vision of a world few of us will ever see and that most could never imagine yet brought to life in an unquestionable reality Few authors bring pleasure.

    14. James Lee Burke is an exquisite writer and Dave Robicheaux is a wonderful character channeling many middle aged male items of angst he carries a gun, got a cool job and great friendsI m all out of order with the series, but enjoyed this tale of Dave digging into 50 year old missing Blues Master who disappeared on a work gang the way we run into a rebel priest, an IRA hitman and a bunch of assorted NOLA lowlifesough I ve read most of the series, I really think I enjoy Will Patton s interpretation [...]

    15. As always, James Lee Burke s descriptive powers are amazing and the story was engaging I found I have become quite attached to the other characters in the Dave Robicheaux series so with this transition book I didn t get as involved as in his earlier works I miss Bootsie, Alafair, Bastist and the house and bait shop But I think I m going to like Helen in her new role as the sheriff I m lookiing forward to reading Crusaders Cross.

    16. I love James Lee Burke s books and this one is no exception They are gritty and violent but not in a gratuitious way I know I have gone over the edge because I am starting to think of Detective Dave Robicheaux and his sidekick Private Investigator Clete Purcel as real people I recommend Burke s books to anyone who loves a good mystery, who wants to breathe and eat in New Orleans as if they were really there, and who enjoys seeing the growth of a character as the books are written.

    17. New author to me, James Lee Burke I was confused without the story with the different people and what was happening To me the story line wasn t very clear or it could of been me Some parts made sense and others didn t could be I was just lost throughout the book But will try another one of his books and see if I feel the same.

    18. Terrific as always As with all of Burke s other Robicheaux mysteries, this one is nicely complex and infinitely heart wrenching Clete and Dave are indeed two of the most well developed characters in modern literature I just know they re real people

    19. Not one of my favorites but still very, very good I used to try to start with the earliest in the series and read forward My last few Burke novels were published since 2004 and they have all been fantastic Highly recommended.

    20. Fantastic book Great read If you are a fan of true detective suspense mystery you will love James Lee Burke This is actually part of an ongoing series with protagonist, Dave Robicheaux I could not put this book down

    21. He set down the glass and turned on me I saw his right hand close His next words were spoken through his teeth Don t deceive yourself You re a violent and driven man, Dave The Robicheaux series is among the most challenging crime writing you re ever likely to read In this installment, Dave has lost his third wife, Bootsie, to lupus and his daughter, Alafair, is away at college Investigating a road accident that kills three teenage girls, Dave is once again drawn into the sordid and amoral lives [...]

    22. In all of the books , so far in this series, there are two constants in Dave s life.his refusal to accept the things he can t change and his overwhelming sense of justice Both of these things cause him pain, which leads to anger, then alcohol, then violence and last of all shame Dave is a fair, loyal, honest, honorable man, living in a time when these qualities are not valued as they once were Life hasn t been kind to Dave, his wife Bootsy has died, Alifair s away at school, his home has burned [...]

    23. The story begins with Dave following the story of a black R B singer songwriter who was incarcerated and his treatment in the 1950 s prison system This leads to many seemingly unrelated events but end up coming together after many long and winding roads to characters who come out of the woodwork to complicate matters The investigations involve a priest, hit man and other unsavory characters As always his podna Clete is there to lend his humour and strength to the situations when he feels he has [...]

    24. One of my favorite of the series I love the language, the characters Great to listen to at work I am lucky to have a brainless job, that I can do in my sleep, yet still pays half way decent I love how Clete Purcell always says everything is copacetic.right before he goes off on the bad guy Dave getting ambushed and drug off and Clete saving his bacon is something I never grow tired of Even though I always say, Don t fall for it again, Dave he always does Great listen.

    25. this was my first lee burke novel and it was great even though at many points book get BORING i meant the part where author explaining what particular character thinking or what going on in their mind that part in all book is kind of drowsy but still i loved this and i very much enjoyed it actually coz other than the boring part the story is good, plot is well and somewhere it became intriguing coz in all there are 6 homicides are involved so 4 stars

    26. Last Car to Elysian FieldsWith every book that I read in this series it just keeps getting better and better This is definitely the best series around I love Dave and Clete and there is no pair like these two anywhere else James Lee Burke hit the ball out of the ballpark with this one Incredible

    27. A good read, however, as I am reading the Robicheaux series, I feel this one was a little forced The plot turns, although always unexpected in Burke s novels, seemed to be even out of place here The story was good, entertaining, but certainly not his best.

    28. James Lee Burke is a hell of a writer I love his style of writing, there s few authors that can lay down the words as this guy can, he s truly an artist

    29. Great StoryGreat addition to his wonderful list Comp ex and fast movingYou will love the charactersI hate writing reviews period

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