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Angels #2020

Angels The most critically acclaimed and first of Denis Johnson s novels Angels puts Jamie Mays a runaway wife toting along two kids and Bill Houston ex Navy man ex husband ex con on a Greyhound Bus for

  • Title: Angels
  • Author: Denis Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780060988821
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • Angels By Denis Johnson, The most critically acclaimed, and first, of Denis Johnson s novels, Angels puts Jamie Mays a runaway wife toting along two kids and Bill Houston ex Navy man, ex husband, ex con on a Greyhound Bus for a dark, wild ride cross country Driven by restless souls, bad booze, and desperate needs, Jamie and Bill bounce from bus stations to cheap hotels as they ply theThe most critically acclaimed, and first, of Denis Johnson s novels, Angels puts Jamie Mays a runaway wife toting along two kids and Bill Houston ex Navy man, ex husband, ex con on a Greyhound Bus for a dark, wild ride cross country Driven by restless souls, bad booze, and desperate needs, Jamie and Bill bounce from bus stations to cheap hotels as they ply the strange, fascinating, and dangerous fringe of American life Their tickets may say Phoenix, but their inescapable destination is a last stop marked by stunning violence and mind shattering surprise.Denis Johnson, known for his portraits of America s dispossessed, sets off literary pyrotechnics on this highway odyssey, lighting the trek with wit and a personal metaphysics that defiantly takes on the world.

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    1. Bill Houston was experimenting with his butane lighter, holding it upside down and trying to keep it lit The gas wants to go up, he explained to her, but then it has to go down before it can go up It don t know what to do Like so much fluid in a cheap plastic Bic, our lives flow along paths equally perplexing and predictable We don t know what to do either, but to whatever depths we sink and however high we rise, most of it can probably be chalked up to circumstance Wherever we end up and howeve [...]

    2. First, an opening number youtube watch v Aq344k Trying to forget your past is a futile as trying to dodge the rain drops when it goes from a drizzle to a downpour Unexpectedly, the sky will just open up and you re fucked I m not going to lie, this book the first half anyway brought back an awful lot of unwanted memories for me.What is it that protected me from turning into one of these sad sonsabitches I grew up piss poor surrounded by a bunch of degenerates, why am I not chasing the dragon or l [...]

    3. David Foster Wallace selected Angels as one of Five direly underappreciated U.S novels 1960 He wrote This was Johnson s first fiction after the horripilative lyric poetry of Incognito Lounge Even cult fans of Jesus Son often haven t heard of Angels It s sort of Jesus Son s counterpoint, a novel length odyssey of mopes and scrotes and their brutal redemptions A totally American book, it s also got great prose, truly great, some of the 80s best e.g lines like All around them men drank alone, stari [...]

    4. I would have put this book down after chapter one except for two reasons I was reading it with a small group, and it was only 209 pages I know it was Johnson s first novel, but if it s any indication of the direction of his work, I will not choose to read another one of his.The quality of the writing, the imagery, and some beautiful sentences has earned it 3 stars from me What I cannot deal with are the hopelessness of the characters and the bleakness of the story Not my kind of book is putting [...]

    5. Jamie and her kids should have just stayed in Oakland.Denis Johnson writes some really dark stuff, even for noir I tried to care about Jamie through her 5 year old Miranda and baby Ellenbut aside from one incredibly horrible interlude in Chicago, I could not connect with her Some authors can write from the perspective of or about a character of the opposite gender, but sadly, Denis Johnson isn t one of them At least for me.I do know that he had struggles early in life in his mid teens that tie t [...]

    6. A dark, powerful and ultimately tragic tale of Jamie and Bill who after meeting on a bus start up a friendship and so begins a journey that was never going to have a happy ending Right from the early stages you get a sense of what type of people they are, Jamie is trailer trash and quite vulnerable who along with her two young daughters one only being a baby may be fleeing from her partner, while Bill has a confident swagger about himself but in the end is just a born loser and has lived a life [...]

    7. The last chapter is a hard one The characters are no angels and they continue down a slippery slope at a very rapid pace This is not a story of redemption I can only recommend to folks who don t mind gritty and unsavory characters This book has multiple characters who all think they are leaving something horrible for something better but it s in direct contrast to this situation They are self destructive and no one is stopping another from poor decisions They encourage this behavior Harsh and ra [...]

    8. I keep a short list of books that I consider Great writing Painful to read A cringe accompanied by pain on nearly every page Powerful Memorable Angels It touches on so many things Squalor, drug use, alcoholism, rape, murder, and good old insanity Too well done and Painful Others on the list for alcoholism Malcom Lowry s Under The Volcano will leave you in a fog for weeks Theodore Dreiser s An American tragedy forces the reader to truly feel the shame a murderer carries And last as well as the on [...]

    9. This was Johnson s debut novel and it s well written and powerful In Johnson s short stories, the characters are often those who live on the edge of society Junkies, alcoholics, and petty criminals populate these stories and Johnson chronicles their lives of quiet desperation with sympathy and insight In Angels, Johnson again focuses on people living on the margins and while it s far from an uplifting book, his characters come alive in all their flawed humanity In the book, Jaime Mays, a woman w [...]

    10. This book has been on my to read list for about a decade Year after year it got pushed back and forgotten and now finally, finally, I have entered the world of Denis Johnson This is a quick read, I read it over two days We start of with Jamie, a runnaway mother with two small children on a greyhound bus who despite being done with men hooks up with Bill Houston on the bus and together they journey down into the pits of life drug use, alcohol, rape, robbery, insanity, murder, execution.Johnson pa [...]

    11. Drogados B bedos Ladr es Violadores Assassinos.Viagens de autocarro Hot is miser veis Pris es Manic mios.MarginaisCom este pacote abandono qualquer livro s primeiras p ginas n o por preconceito, mas por desinteresse , mas Denis Johnson n o mo permitiu N o gostava das personagens nem do que faziam mas fiquei prisioneira da escrita e fascinada com a forma como Denis Johnson transforma o horror numa obra de arte N o um livro para guardar no cora o, mas valeu a penauele final

    12. I got Denis Johnson and Dennis Cooper mixed up Big mistake One is a loathsome creep and the other is clearly the American prose master I have missed these many years, but intend to catch up on very soon I see DJ just won the National Book Award.To my ears DJ has the best ear for hardboiled dialogue since Raymond Chandler although it s clear he doesn t give a rat s ass about plot But on this broke busted disgusted bum steer of a planet you takes em where you finds em.

    13. Johnson s first novel, Angels is a savage downward spiral of people who you at first recoil from at their lack of self control, then come to love as the chaos reveals itself as something much greater than mere individuals A gorgeous portrayal of confusion, drugs, and madness a crying angel with roving tattoos is the center of my favorite scene, second only to the ending, which I won t spoil here The heartrending moments of truth come with less immediacy than they do in some of Johnson s other wo [...]

    14. Angels is Johnson s first novel, and I suppose it shows, just a bit I found myself skimming a little through the first sixty pages or so The writing seemed a little hesitant or maybe it rang a bit false for me through the beginning By the middle and end of the book, I was hooked Angels is the sad story of two people on the fringes of society Jamie, escaping what she thinks is a terrible life with her two young daughters and Bill Houston, a drifter ex military, ex con, alcoholic looking for his n [...]

    15. This was a great first novel and, considering it was published in 1977, it is was a remarkable achievement The 3 brothers in crime and their misanthropic parents were nicely done and the bleakness factor was very high especially for 1977 The characters jumped around a bit too much to keep the narrative, but the ill conceived robbery was tragically comic The psychotic breakdown of the girl was almost too much to take, but creatively rendered to its logical disgusting end I was nauseous about 3 4 [...]

    16. Denis Johnson s vision of spirituality in a fallen world holds an intense fascination for me This is a novel about broken down, desperate, miserable characters and yet and yet they somehow walk with divine grace Johnson is unflinching in his depiction of the circles of hell through which they travel one scene in particular is among the most disturbing I have ever endured but at the core of the novel, beyond the ultimate hell the hell of the self is a sense of hope both elusive and, paradoxically [...]

    17. This novel is the literary equivalent of a switchblade knife The prose is luminous The story is biting The characters are vivid David Foster Wallace believed this novel to be sorely unappreciated, and I would have to agree with him An outstanding work.

    18. 3 stars for being just ok 1 2 star extra for starting out in a greyhound station.1 2 star extra for pulling off such a solid and steady intensity til the end.I wish we d ve seen some of the euphoria associated with all the drugs these people were consuminge it would have been nice to see a little bit of what all the fuss was about I wish there d ve been a bit of the trippy angel demon stuff too, to make the title stick better.Thanks to this, and jesus son I ll always think of Arizona as some ki [...]

    19. If I ever make it to the end of this short novel it will be a miracle If I had something good to say about it, I d tell you Spoiler Alert The title Angels is a misnomer.

    20. Very occasionally I come across a book that has such an impact on me that I wonder how could it have taken so long for me to discover and read it Sadly also, it was because of Denis Johnson s recent death that I uncovered it, from the forum in the TLS of The Guardian In there a contributor wrote that it was powerful than Train Dreams, and I was hooked in how could it be The story is about Bill Houston, an ex con living on his wits and petty crime in Chicago dreaming of the criminal big time whe [...]

    21. Holy cow am I kicking myself in the ass for waiting so long to read this one Denis Johnson s debut novel is a fractured examination on morality and mortality using sad, lowlife characters Plotwise, this thing sputters forward in fits We open on a Greyhound bus, where Jamie Mays, single mother with kids in tow has some variation of a white trash meet cute with nomadic drunk, Bill Houston The book s opening chapters feel like something in the vein of Bonnie and Clyde by way of Darkness on the Edge [...]

    22. Houston, we have a problem Depois de ler Sonhos e Comb ios peguei em Anjos sem hesita o e com espanto que descubro ou come o a descobrir Denis Johnson A luz e a sombra da sua personalidade liter ria s o profundas e deslumbrantes, este seu primeiro livro indica maturidade e considero o um dos melhores dos 80s l em cima com Less Than Zero ou Blood Meridian A hist ria de Jamie e Bill Houston at a forma como os nomes encaixam reveladora come a como uma odisseia inconsequente at se perder nos limites [...]

    23. Denis Johnson is a terrific writer and it is unfortunate that his masterpiece, Angels , is overshadowed by Jesus Son they are both splendid novels, but for me nothing beats the way this novel gets inside and tears you apart and it is subtle and sneaky about it The story contains a group of misfits each one stuck in their own self made prisons, either by addiction or childbirth or both, and the reader cannot help but feel she is looking over a great manmade rat maze with no end but death for the [...]

    24. Denis Johnson s first novel, which won him the acclaim of many fellow writers but isn t anywhere near as famous as some of his later works, is one of those books that deserves attention I ll admit it suffers from some pretty significant structural flaws it feels like two different novels jammed together, which might ve been resolved if the trip between Chicago and Phoenix had been fleshed out a little but the effect it produces is spellbinding just the same, and readers only familiar with Jesus [...]

    25. What you will find in this novel, and in any Denis Johnson work I ve encountered, is a sublime mix of the most lyrical sentences and the most Faulknerian depravity imaginable This might be Johnson s best At times I wanted to cry from the shear beauty of the sentences gracefully laced within the story Jamie could feel a liquid warm front moving in on the raw borders of her own disquiet and other times I found myself near tears from the senseless, senseless violence But these are the people Johnso [...]

    26. Loved it I have my students read it too I m looking at some parallels to the experience of reading Dante s Inferno.

    27. Though I can t account for all stories which have dealt in the theme of moral displacement in unfamiliar surroundings, the effectiveness of this theme, conveyed by Denis Johnson s Angels, is overwhelming Each character is introduced in a unique set of situations already defined by emotional collapse, and from there, the only progression is a downward spiral By the end, I found myself cynical of the notion that many other stories, if any, could rival the devastation created by Johnson s narrative [...]

    28. The first two chapters of this book are amazing They had a rock n roll craziness that had me thinking this would be some kind of masterpiece We are introduced to two drifters, Bill and Jamie, who seem to be wandering the bus routes of America endlessly, searching for nothing Neither of them is too bright, and they have both been beaten down by life, by drink and drugs and their bad habits, and to top it off, Jamie has her two young children in tow They reminded me of Hackman and Pacino in Scarec [...]

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