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Drummer Boy #2020

Drummer Boy On a Blue Ridge Mountain peak three boys hear the rattling of a snare drum deep inside a cave known as The Jangling Hole and the wind carries a whispered name An old man at the foot of the mountain

  • Title: Drummer Boy
  • Author: Scott Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9781451588491
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drummer Boy By Scott Nicholson, On a Blue Ridge Mountain peak, three boys hear the rattling of a snare drum deep inside a cave known as The Jangling Hole, and the wind carries a whispered name An old man at the foot of the mountain believes something inside the Hole has been disturbed by a developer s bulldozers A local reporter is determined to solve the supernatural mysteries that have been sharedOn a Blue Ridge Mountain peak, three boys hear the rattling of a snare drum deep inside a cave known as The Jangling Hole, and the wind carries a whispered name An old man at the foot of the mountain believes something inside the Hole has been disturbed by a developer s bulldozers A local reporter is determined to solve the supernatural mysteries that have been shared for generations Sheriff Frank Littlefield, haunted by past failures, must stand against a public enemy that has no fear of bullets, bars, or justice On the eve of a Civil War re enactment, the town of Titusville prepares for a staged battle, but the weekend warriors aren t aware they will soon be fighting an elusive army A troop of Civil War deserters, trapped in the Hole by a long ago avalanche, is rising from a dark slumber, and the war is far from over And one misfit kid is all that stands between a town and the cold mouth of hell

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      227 Scott Nicholson
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    1 thought on “Drummer Boy

    1. There s a couple of things I have learned after reading a few of Scott Nicholson s novels 1 I think he should see a psychologist 2 I am never EVER going to the Appalachian Mountains, and 3 He gets better with every thing he writes.While most authors fluctuate in their ability to properly express themselves from novel to novel, Scott seems to get creative, and structurally sound every time he puts pen to paper.Psychological thrillers and Supernatural Mysteries are 2 of the complex of genres to [...]

    2. On the surface, Drummer Boy is simply an excellent regional ghost story, atmospheric, well told and with that trademark Nicholson humor What it turns out to be is something so much About the deserters and the deserted, the lost souls on both sides of the veil, just going through the motions until the music finally stops About the burden of being an outcast.d the horrible toll of belonging One of the author s best.Highly recommended.

    3. 3.5 stars I read this novel with my horror group at Shelfari We previously read The Red Church together and enjoyed it, so we decided to read this story as well.Sheriff Littlefield is the main character in this book, but I think the other characters stole the show from him These characters include civil war re enactors, a group of boys coming of age, some terrible alcoholic parents, farmers and many Most of them fascinating and multi layered.There is a hole in a field called the Jangling Hole W [...]

    4. This sequel to the spellbinding horror novel The Red Church continues the adventures of Sheriff Littlefield as a wave of paranormal activity and ghostly visitors once again bring chaos to his small community A large commercial construction project has disturbed the remains of a group of long dead Civil War soldiers, who don t seem to know or care that the war is ancient history Written with Nicholson s usual engaging prose style, this lengthy novel turns into a surprisingly quick read, with many [...]

    5. When I got this book, the premise of it sounded wonderful A haunted cave, Civil War ghosts, these young boys as the only thing between the town and total hell Sounded really good and creepy I had no idea this was a sequel of another book, not that it mattered The titular character of the sheriff barely showed up in the portion I read and, other than mentioning the Red Church every time he was on screen, there was no other tie back to any other book.I only got 50% the way through before I gave up [...]

    6. As always, Mr Nicholson knows his venue the characterizations, the locale, and the type of folks that inhabit said locale In this case, however, my personal impetus was to root for the Spooky But the subtle humour sometimes I have to read twice before chortling makes up for some of the characters seeming to be irredeemable or maybe I m just cynical, and favour ghosts I also know it s considered inappropriately black humour to chuckle throughout a horror story, but darn if Mr Nicholson doesn t ke [...]

    7. I got this book for several reasons First of which I ve read other Nicholson novels and short stories and really enjoyed them Secondly, I loved the Red Church and being this was supposed to feature Frank Littlefield it s called a loose sequel to Church I was pretty excited to read it.Thing is, I found it a little slow and there wasn t enough Littlefield in it The premise is interesting During the time of the town s annual Civil War Reenactment ghosts of dead Civil War soldiers start coming out o [...]

    8. If you like your horror steeped in southern twang, you ll probably find something to like with this one Nicholson presents a good coming of age story about some boys, right in the middle of a Civil War reenactment and a ghostly resurrection of dead soldiers from a cave next to the small North Carolina town It manages to steer clear of some obvious parody, given the subject matter, though a little bit of the dialogue feels ham handed Overall, it s a good update in southern gothic, and another sho [...]

    9. Nicholson just gets better and better I ve been enjoying previous works of Scott s recently, but this is the best yet His characters are well drawn and completely believable, and he pulls you into their stories and back stories with consumate ease Nicholson is a masterful writer, at the top of his form Miss him at your peril.

    10. Pretty good quick supernatural read although it wasn t that scary, it did have very creepy atmosphere throughout It was a bit too descriptive at times to the point where I wanted to skip over some parts This was also a story of good friends who were coming of age and awkward sexual situations I found myself rooting for contact between the ghosts and the living All in all, I found it to be a satisfying story which I finished in one day.

    11. This was very promising and I think it must be part of a series as there were references to a previous novel, having said that I had no problem keeping up I was disappointed by the ending although I guess there is to come from this saga.

    12. TerrificI really didn t think this would grab me in the way it did, but it was really well written with strong characters and a story that gripped I m definitely going to read of Scott Nicholson s books.

    13. This is my first novel from The Haunted Computer and I m afraid, because now I can hear a faint Ratta tat, ratta tat coming from my computer Oh, Wow, it s been awhile since I ve read a spooky good story and I must emphasize that Drummer Boy certainly revived my enthusiasm If you haven t had any great ghosts visiting recently, I highly recommend you start with Drummer Boy Because Colonel Kirk needs a new drummer boy Bobby Eldreth, Vernon Ray Davis and Dex McCallister are three young boys around w [...]

    14. Scott Nicholson is an author I learned about this year when I interviewed him for The Skull Ring I m not exactly sure why I chose Drummer Boy as my first Scott Nicholson novel he has quite a repertoire to choose from but it was an excellent place to start.I haven t read much in the horror supernatural realm in a long time I used to read a LOT of Stephen King when I was younger When King lost his edge, I or less moved on to other genres mostly fantasy and scifi And after that I never really retu [...]

    15. ABR s full Drummer Boy audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Dummer Boy is the second in a series following The Red Church The setting is in Titusville somewhere on the Appalachian Mountain Ridge This area is deeply committed to its historic past of battles during the Civil War Residents of this town are poor and stereo typical back hills redneck types The story centers around the civil war and it s victims of long ago who still can be found near the Jangling Hole.Several people ha [...]

    16. He d drum even if he lost his sticks, even if a canon blast took his hands He d beat his splintered bones against the leather head of the snare, pound until his sinews and ragged flesh fell off, he d roll reveille until the gates of Hades opened up and the soldiers followed his cadence into the pits of Gen Grant s infernal prison A haunting whose remnants bring life to a ghost story in compelling, spine tingling fashion Drawn to a misguided form of life, a band of long dead civil war vets return [...]

    17. The Red Church was the first of Scott Nicholson s novels I ever read It changed my whole up to then rather negative attitude toward the label horror or thriller But, perhaps, Nicholson is just a much better writer than other authors of the genre He tells intriguing, mysterious, and suspenseful stories, which are all the compelling because of their strong and psychologically complex characters, the vivid descriptions, and the sensitive rendering of human emotions Drummer Boy is another page turn [...]

    18. Titusville, NC is home to a number of Civil War reenacters, since it was the center of a conflict during which a number of soldiers from both sides deserted and ended up teaming together and creating Kirk s Raiders, a group who robbed and raped their away across the area They were finally stopped when they were discovered holed up in a cave on Mulatto Mountain and walled in To this day, the so called Jangling Hole where Kirk s Raiders were supposedly killed is considered to be haunted However, s [...]

    19. DRUMMER BOY is hard to categorize It s essentially like a ghost story you might hear by the campfire, placed in southern Appalachia and mixed with an odd juxtaposition of a long held southern grudge against Yankee aggression with the intrusion of modern development.The book opens with a seemingly ordinary scene involving three adolescent boys throwing rocks at a spooky cave known as the Jangling Hole in a place called Mulatto Mountain Bobby Eldreth is being taunted by his wealthy friend Dex McCa [...]

    20. I have stumbled upon a new author to read Characters are interesting and likable The Civil War spin is great I will put the entire series on my reading list.First paragraphs CHAPTER ONE The Jangling Hole glared back at Bobby Eldreth like the cold eye of the mountain, sleepy and wary and stone silent in the October smoke Th ow it Bobby ignored Dex s taunt as he squeezed the rock and peered into the darkness, imagining the throbbing heartbeat that had drummed its slow rumble across the ages The ai [...]

    21. Drummer Boy is Scott Nicholson s newest novel and, like everything else I ve read by him so far, the quality of the writing is far beyond most horror authors working today Nicholson seems like much than just a horror author to me anyway because this book builds up the suspense and makes you question what s actually going on The build up of this novel is incredible and Scott Nicholson delivers all the way to the end of the book.Drummer Boy concerns itself with a hole in Mulatto Mountain called t [...]

    22. I have not read any of the Littlefield series but what attracted me to this book was the synopsis The book has a very good premise, interesting plot, and I thought it would be an awesome readHOWEVER the book definitely disappointed me First of all to be a Sheriff Frank Littlefield book, there was very little in the book that involved or mentioned the sheriff and what little was mentioned did not show him as an unwitting hero, it showed him as a sorry, sad, shell of a man with very little purpose [...]

    23. Even though I found the preoccupation with female anatomy repetitive and juvenile, I stayed with this book I m glad I did while at times there were almost too many characters that all seemed to have only two thoughts in their head I wondered if the all male ghosts were driving this the ending was worth the wait I particularly loved the reenactment, Jeff s intense obsession with all things civil war, Donnie s parents and the way they protected him, their relationship, and the strange friendship b [...]

    24. Loved Drummer Boy Scott Nicholson knows how to scare the pants off readers His tale of the Jangling Hole and its denizens is a page turner filled with colorful characters, each facing their own demons and crises as ghosts from the Civil War return to wage a new war with the people of Nicholson s quaint Appalachian town.One of my favorites sections spoiler alert comes when Civil War re enactors find themselves battling Civil War ghosts One of my first thoughts on reading this was to wonder how ou [...]

    25. Drummer Boy is the second novel I ve read by writer Scott Nicholson It s the story of a small southern town that still lives with the ghosts of the Civil War, literally The primary focus is on 13 year old Vernon Ray, a square peg kind of kid, and his best friend Bobby A cave on Mulatto Mountain is reported to have been the final resting place of a ragtag troop of Civil War soldiers, and now that development is taking place nearby, they are not taking the disturbance of their resting place very w [...]

    26. I m not sure why I ve been reading so much horror lately It s not normally a favored genre for me I ve also been reading quite a few books set in the Appalachians This book falls into both of these categories It s gotten several points I ve started to define as Appalachian housing developments replacing beautiful mountain wilderness, evolving rural life, rising land prices forcing family farms to sell out, conflicts between the urban businessmen and rural citizens.Rather than a focus on blood an [...]

    27. This was okay It had a good idea for a story, but some of the lines and descriptions were just a bit heavy handed Ghosts from the Civil War have been disturbed and are making appearances all over town It might have been the development going in over their resting place or the reenactment going on in town Whatever it was, they begin to surface all over town and are becoming less ghost like They are beginning to take form and create trouble Several boys seem to be their prime targets Whether the g [...]

    28. Very cool book It was mix of horror, contemporary, and historical that really worked well together The author managed to create that weird small town that seems normal until you start looking into it s dark corners.The idea of haunting by Civil War soldiers is not a new concept but Scott puts a great spin on things While I won t say to much about thatI REALLY like what he did.The character s were definitely interesting From the police, to the re enactors, to the rag tag group of teenage friends [...]

    29. For a ghost story I feel this is ok i had a hard time keeping my attention throughout the book The story line started to pick up about 70% into the story The story line is very slow until near the end.The book had a good premise It s about a small town with a local sheriff that has a skeleton in his closet They don t go too much into this back story The town has a local ghost story loval legend of Mulatto Mountain A realtor who buys up the land around the mountain and has a developer that starts [...]

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