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Next to Normal #2020

Next to Normal A brave and breathtaking musical The New York Times

  • Title: Next to Normal
  • Author: Brian Yorkey Tom Kitt
  • ISBN: 9781559363709
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Next to Normal By Brian Yorkey Tom Kitt, A brave and breathtaking musical The New York Times

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      489 Brian Yorkey Tom Kitt
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      Posted by:Brian Yorkey Tom Kitt
      Published :2019-09-11T07:56:00+00:00

    1 thought on “Next to Normal

    1. Yet another instance of Hey, I m a be in this musical I better read this musical Not my normal fare, as I prefer musical theatre that has singing zombies or cross dressing murderous cooks, but I did enjoy it The story of a family trying to cope with the mother s delusional bi polar disorder stemming from an immense loss.I get to do the dual roles of the Doctors Which means I get to electrify the main character s brain So I got that goin for mewhich is nice.

    2. next to normal by Brian Yorkey Music by Tom Kitt is one of the most emotionally vivid pieces of theater I ve read The winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, next to normal is a work of honest, raw feelings and emotions carried forward by a dring rock score and well drawn, three dimensional characters The play centers around a suburban family father, mothers, son, daughter dealing with the mother s depression and bipolar disorder The mother is vivacious and damaged, the father is stoic and [...]

    3. Prepare for a long review, folks This play is utterlyaggering Mind boggling AMAZING It s honestly quite hard for me to put into words, but I ll try The characters in this are so complex it s hard to articulate We ll start with the main character Diana Goodman.Diana Di Goodman is a loving wife and mother, trying to do the best for her family She is utterly miserable, bored with her husband and her daughter who though a genius, is a freak Her son is a charming little shit who she loves very much S [...]

    4. This is my favorite musical so I really can t give it any less than 5 stars It s so, so, so good and so important to me I ve seen it on tour, watched several bootlegs shhhhh , and I listen to the cast recording all the time But still, there were many moments of revelation for me in the actual text of the script I loved reading this so much and would highly recommend other fans of the show to do so as well If you don t know anything about this musical, I definitely still recommend reading the scr [...]

    5. I love this musical The book does it justice, capturing the raw emotion that many script books fail to gather This musical is spectacular in its ability to both propel the plot and give the main characters characterization Many musicals, in my opinion, fail at one or the other, and it is relatively rare to find a musical that manages to do both so well It also manages to capture the essence of life life is not always happy and there isn t always a good and happy ending view spoiler With the brea [...]

    6. If there was an option to give than five stars, this is the one thing that would need it I am a lover of all mediums of storytelling film, television, books, musicals, plays, etc and it is no exaggeration when I say that Next to Normal is my favorite fictional work of all time While reading the libretto does not give you the complete picture of this show s beauty and importance, it is a great way to dig textually deeper into the show and read into lines that might not seem as significant when l [...]

    7. I can t believe I am about to say this I am starting 2018 with a 5 star rating This could be my new favorite musical Everything about this was incredible and stunning The lyrics to the songs, the way the story was told, the way the characters were carefully unraveled in a natural and raw way, the beautiful yet devastating themes of love, family, mental illness, and loss EVERYTHING WAS JUST BRILLIANT While this musical is very popular, it has taken a backseat to other shows in the 21st century su [...]

    8. Sometimes there are scripts that don t do very well just reading because well seeing it is better I find that Next to Normal is one of those wonderful exceptions It s heart wrenching, funny, thrilling, and just all around beautiful And I didn t need to see it The script of Spring Awakening had me constantly searching YouTube so that I could see the scene and read along with it Next to Normal did not require that It made my emotions swing up and down without having to see one actor portray the wo [...]

    9. Read this one yesterday for a term paper I am writing about mental illness I love musicals and I was watching the show at the same time on YouTube This play had everything Laughter, tears and made me think about how we perceive mental illness It s a shame that it hasn t been brought to much attention in Germany I can only recommend it It will tear your heart out, but boy did Yorkey create a master piece.

    10. Ready to see the playReady to see the playI listened to the soundtrack while reading the play I am going to see the play this month and looking forward to it Easy read and emotional story.

    11. I love getting to really dig into the text of the show and find new ways to see this story The characters are heartbreaking and breathtakingly real, and the story touches every emotional chord it possibly can Ben Brantley was right, This is a feel everything musical.

    12. This is an amazing musical and even if you ve seen it, I really recommend reading it because some of the stage directions are rather funny.

    13. One of the best plays I ve ever read The writing is superb and that goes for both the songs and the story The writers have really pushed the envelope with what a musical can be Intense but also incredibly moving.

    14. This was an interesting read Being a psychotherapist I found it engaging, however, I think it would have of an impact actually seeing it on stage.

    15. The most realistic fictional portrayal of bipolar disorder I have ever read I only wish I d had the chance to see it on Broadway.The character s point of view, even though it is faulty since it takes place as she is unstable, is pitch perfect The writers move between moments of instability and calmness deftly The play does a great job of portraying the reality of the illness, it s effect on a family and the person with the illness, and of the stigma The plot and characters never feels forced.The [...]

    16. This is a musical that reads well on paper, even without the great music, and packs some real emotional impact It gets deeply into its subject matter of a woman s mania and schizophrenia and the effect that mental illness has on her relationships, at least as deeply as it can in the length of a musical.A couple of minor complaints keep me from giving it the fifth star First, the ending is a bit vague The last song makes it unclear to me whether she is going to hold to the decisions she made abou [...]

    17. This libretto is one of those rare musical scripts that are actually better read than seen on stage as a broadway production The playwright grasps his every word and plays with it artistically, but still, the sense of the story is still retained The issue of the family made it available to a larger scope of audience, which was both effective as a libretto and a musical, since it equals to a larger cover of commerciality The story tugs at your heart, and it doesn t leave you without a dent or a [...]

    18. The book of Next to Normal is the script and lyrics to a very honest, accurate, and occasionally harsh show but harshness is unavoidable if one wants to remain truthful, and is found in the very basis of the subject matter Anyone that is, is related to, or knows of someone dealing with mental illness can find solace in this play While the only cheer other than the last two or three pages is a stretch of sardonic and often pessimistic wit, readers will achieve cathartic feelings in the play s la [...]

    19. Incredible music, narrative, and going somewhere that no other musical would touch All in all, Next to Normal has to be one of the best musicals I ve heard and read in years The raw emotion jumps off the page as the story of this family struggling with mental illness develops, and I know that the characters here will stay with me for a long time because their difficulties are not the typical musical fare and the realism exhibited is quite strong I especially enjoyed the ending, because I don t t [...]

    20. Next to Normal, the award winning script of the Broadway musical of the same name, is perhaps one of the most extraordinary scripts I ve ever read When it comes to reading the scripts of musicals, a lot of the time some of the emotion is lost by just seeing the words on the page That is not the case with Next to Normal Just reading the words, with no help from the soundtrack or anything else, still moves me to tears.The story is a poignant one about a mother with bipolar disorder, struggling wit [...]

    21. Winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, Next to Normal is one of those rare plays in this case, musical featuring a dysfunctional family that I actually enjoyed Perhaps it s because the play is less about the dysfunctional family and about mental illness and the high price it costs those affected by it again proving my theory that plays about dysfunctional families work best when the dysfunction isn t the focus Given the subject matter, Next to Normal reminded me a bit of Proof, another recent Pulit [...]

    22. This play follows the lives of Diana, Dan, Natalie, and Gabe as Diana, the mother of the family, spirals deeper into her depression because she can t let go of her son, Gabe, who died when he was just an infant Gabe returns throughout the play to plague Diana s mind Meanwhile, Natalie is the forgotten second child and starts to stray because she can t achieve her perfectionist state Dan is trying to hold the family together, but he eventually loses his mind as well I love plays, and this one is [...]

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