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The King's Fifth #2020

The King s Fifth In this deeply affecting novel Scott O Dell envelops the reader in the heroic world of the conquistadors a world that is at once somber and many colored Though they may have been ruthless these steel

  • Title: The King's Fifth
  • Author: Scott O'Dell
  • ISBN: 9780618747832
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The King's Fifth By Scott O'Dell, In this deeply affecting novel Scott O Dell envelops the reader in the heroic world of the conquistadors a world that is at once somber and many colored Though they may have been ruthless, these steel helmeted young men of Spain lived their lives on the very edge of eternity with style and uncommon courage.

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    1 thought on “The King's Fifth

    1. As a child in the early 1980s, I was fortunate enough to experience the somewhat psychedelic French anime program The Mysterious Cities of Gold when it first ran on television in the United States That show was loosely and I mean very loosely based on this Scott O Dell title, which supported by the fact that I d also read a dozen or so Scott O Dell books in grade school was my primary incentive for picking up The King s Fifth.For the record, the book and the television program have nearly nothin [...]

    2. Whooooaaaaa I very excitedly made this my first purchase with my new Kindle, in anticipation of finishing up watching Mysterious Cities of Gold on Netflix You see, this is the book on which that series was based Now that I ve read it, I am almost surprised they felt the need to claim any relationship between the book and the show.The similarities between the book and the show There are characters named Esteban, Zia and Mendoza The plot is based on Spaniards search for gold Gold, gold, gold A lak [...]

    3. This is an example of very good, well written children s historical fiction The story takes place in the New World during the time of the Spanish Conquistadors While on trial for the murder of one such soldier, a young cartographer named Estaban recalls his journey through New Spain, led by Captain Mendoza, in search of gold Between these two narratives that of the trial and that of the expedition the reader learns of how Estaban becomes involved with the search for treasure, at first playing a [...]

    4. Personall responseI really enjoyed this book because of how the guy in the jail is telling us about his jail time and what happened at the same time I also like this book because of the history in the book I think it being in the 1600s is great because you learn a lot about history.Summary In the beginning of the book the guy Sandolev is in jail Then he starts expaling why he is in jail Sandalev then recalls when he was on a ship making maps Mendolev comes in and ask sandalev to join a mutiny wi [...]

    5. I was introduced to this book over the summer at the Skokie Public Library It made their VOYA list, so I decided to see why this book was chosen This is not the type of book I would choose, but I am very glad I did I absolutely loved it I could not put it down I read it in a day, which is very rare I would have never thought that the story of a young Esteban de Sandoval, an aspiring mapmaker, who also happens to be in jail while he narrates the story would be so heart warming and eye opening Thi [...]

    6. I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins as a kid, so I was excited to read another Scott O Dell book aloud to my kids Unfortunately, this one fell flat for us The writing is wonderful, as always, but the story didn t engage us and we were bored the whole way through.

    7. This book is very informative about the New World in Old Spain The book is intriguing and informative about the tools and other things they used The book seems very correct about the disease of gold on the Spanish It also shows the relationship between the Spanish and the Natives of the land The book is based in Mexico in the 1540 s and gives us a look into the world of prison and the way of travel and life The Spanish at times are cruel to the Natives, treating them like slaves I would recommen [...]

    8. While in jail facing trail for stealing from the King and murdering his commander, a young Spanish mapmaker keeps a journal of his adventures in Coronado s army and his evolution from a boy wanting to explore for the sake of exploration to a young man becoming obsessed with the gold that they find.I went into this one expecting to love it as much as I loved O Dell s Island of the Blue Dolphins I didn t It s still a fair read, but for some reason it didn t pull me in as I wanted it to.

    9. I would even give this a 3.5 Very interesting history of the conquistadors from an teen mapmakers perspective I think this is a bit advanced complex there were quite a few words I had to look up and that doesn t include the Spanish ones for a children s book but still a good book nonetheless.

    10. I can t believe I was never made to read this book Great 4th grade book Spanish explorers, map making, finding GOLD, defending telling the truth in spite of risks and well written with a lot of action I listened the narration was great

    11. The setting and historical subjects are well rendered The characters are a little shallow and the motivations ascribed to them a bit simplistic though plausible I enjoyed it and would give it a 3.49 if I could.

    12. Another fail for us 4 chapters in and not one of us cared any Historical fiction shouldn t be so incredibly hard to read and understand.

    13. Scott O Dell s The King s Fifth 1966 , a runner up for the Newbery Medal, is an absorbing, well written, and vividly imagined historical novel At dusk in 1541 in a prison cell in Vera Cruz, New Spain, the young cartographer Esteban de Sandoval begins writing the account of his adventures seeking the Seven Golden Cities of Cibola in the vast part of the New World marked Unknown on maps He tells us that his trial for treasonously denying the King of Spain his due fifth of a great treasure will beg [...]

    14. This one is intense, but so well written It was not at all easy, but certainly worth the work I ve never read a book on the topic of the Spanish explorers searching for gold.

    15. Brilliant story telling I thought it would be a dry story I m not the biggest fan of survival stories or westerns nor am I terribly fascinated by this time period but there was not a boring moment No long descriptive passages, no essays, no preaching, no fluff or filler Just pure, lean story driven by excellent characters The climax is not monumental and is almost surprising in it s quietness and logic I think you ll feel, at the end, that all is right.This book is appropriate for keen third gra [...]

    16. Rating I liked the character but not the story 3 stars I have mixed feelings about this book I liked the main character very much and hoped things would work out for him His narration of both the present and the past is interesting, compelling, suspenseful and believable the details of the map making process in those days was particularly interesting I guess I just didn t like what the Spaniards did in their quest for the gold They committed one offence after another against the native peoples a [...]

    17. In my continuing quest to read all that is historical fiction based during the Spanish conquest of the Americas, I finally jumped into Scott O Dell s The King s Fifth I recently finished O Dell s Seven Serpents trilogy which follows the young Julian Escobar as he travels from Spain to the New World in a quest to save the savage souls of the New World s natives While his early journey established his innocence, his travels across the Yucatan, central Mexico and eventually Peru expose his personal [...]

    18. How far will you go for a treasure of gold beyond your imagination The Kings Fifth is an amazing Scott O Dell historical fiction novel about a band of conquistadors led by a power hungry captain who seeks to steal the native American s gold The book is written from the first person perspective of cartographer Esteben de Sandoval The story starts with Esteben imprisoned as he is suspected of finding and possessing treasure without making the Quinto Real or Kings Fifth tax Esteben then tells of hi [...]

    19. Story of early American explorers searching for gold Enjoying listening on audio Narrator read in helpful Spanish accents.

    20. Esteban in a cartographer, and at fifteen, he is certainly the youngest professional map maker in the New World When Captain Mendoza comes to him with promises of Fame and Fortune if he is willing to mutiny and join Mendoza in the great search for the cities of the Cibola, Esteban doesn t have to think too long before agreeing Esteban has no real interest in the gold, but he dreams of making not only the best map of the interior of the continent, but also the only one to date Jump forward an yea [...]

    21. I read this book as part of a book challenge It is a book published before I was born I thought it sounded interesting so I read it and actually enjoyed it The title comes from the practice of giving the King one fifth of any treasure that was found The story takes place in Central America, or the Southern United States It s the story of a young mapmaker who goes exploring for the Seven Cities of Gold Cibola They start out with the guy in charge, three music makers, a guy in charge of the horses [...]

    22. An interesting look at a group of Spanish conquistadors searching the New World for gold The story is told from the viewpoint of Esteban de Sandoval, a young cartographer who travels with a group of conquistadors from Coronado s army is search of the riches of the Seven Cities of Cibola The story opens with Sandoval imprisoned and accused of withholding the King s Fifth, or the Spanish crown s portion of the gold Sandoval discovered on his journeys When he is brought to trial, Sandoval pleads gu [...]

    23. Conquistadors conquered territories for their country Spain during the 16th century They explored the Caribbean, South and North America They battled, conquered, and settled This story specifically deals with a young conquistador named Esteban and their searches for riches in the gold cities of Cibola Esteban is imprisoned, however, because of not paying taxes In the story, he is suspected of having found the gold treasures of Cibola and not paying the King his, and he is pressured by guards to [...]

    24. I really appreciated O Dell s honesty in this book Overall it is excellently written Which is not surprising, since O Dell is one of the strongest first person authors I have ever read I was completely convinced through the entire book, and I finished it in two days That s pretty fast for me these busy days, but I was completely sucked into this book He gives amazing insights into the disease of greed for gold The main character is not immune to the disease, which I very much appreciate view spo [...]

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