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She On a rainy night eight years ago Evan Barrett s parents were lost at sea In horror he listened to their frantic Mayday calls on the ship to shore radio to his mother s cries for mercy and to the de

  • Title: She
  • Author: Carol Plum-Ucci
  • ISBN: 9780606346498
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • She By Carol Plum-Ucci, On a rainy night eight years ago, Evan Barrett s parents were lost at sea In horror, he listened to their frantic Mayday calls on the ship to shore radio, to his mother s cries for mercy and to the deafening shrieks that answered her back.Now seventeen, Evan has gone in search of answers to his parents strange disappearance The only explanation that makes any sense toOn a rainy night eight years ago, Evan Barrett s parents were lost at sea In horror, he listened to their frantic Mayday calls on the ship to shore radio, to his mother s cries for mercy and to the deafening shrieks that answered her back.Now seventeen, Evan has gone in search of answers to his parents strange disappearance The only explanation that makes any sense to him is that they were swallowed up by The She, a legendary sea creature that devours ships But when Evan s quest for the truth uncovers shocking allegations against his parents, he must deal with the possibility that everything he knows about his family is a lie.

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    1. I loooove this author A YA author which this kind of depth and imagery, and I never meet anyone who even knows she exists Highly recommended anything by Carol Plum Ucci.

    2. Evan Barrett and his older brother, Emmett, grew up listening to tales of sea monsters and superstitions from their sea captain father Therefore, when his parents went out for a simple voyage, and their cries of Mayday mix with the terrifying shriek of an unnatural being, Evan is convinced that the The She claimed another set of victims Blocking out the events of that horrible night, Evan s memories flood back as he interacts with Grey Sheiley, a classmate who watched The She suck a girl from he [...]

    3. This is a book it s hard to form an opinion about On the one hand, I really liked it, on the other I wanted to throw it at something If you re prepared to have your feet knocked out from under you time and again, you ll be just fine.It s funny, because the storyis about a teenager trying to come to grips with some haunts of his past, and adolescence alone will surely do that to you, let alone the ambiguity surrounding his parents death So in that respect, the style is really right on And I suppo [...]

    4. Reviewed by Mark Frye, author and reviewer for TeensReadTooCarol Plum Ucci has established a niche for her mysteries by blending realism and the unexplained Following upon the success of THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED and WHAT HAPPENED TO LANI GARVER , the author penned a credible tale that is part problem novel and part supernatural thriller THE SHE takes the reader to familiar territory in young adult fiction death, drug abuse, rebellion against authority, and dysfunctional families while also [...]

    5. I ve read The Body of Christopher Creed and What Happened to Lani Garver by Carol Plum Ucci, and I have to say I liked this one about the same Plum Ucci has a way of mixing teen problems with almost supernatural mysteries I ve long ceased expecting any definite conclusions to come from her work While there was A LOT of talking in this book, I give props to the characters The characters in this book, particularly Grey, and complex and endearing The plot was a little slow, and I wasn t at the edge [...]

    6. This book was enjoyable enough and held my interest The ending was not unsatisfying exactly It s I don t feel the characters reacted to the events of the ending in a believable way, and I don t agree with the philosophical conclusions the characters reactions imply about the ending.For those into brothers The relationship between Evan and Emmett is central to the story There was a little too much emphasis on childhood bullying and teasing for my taste, but overall the relationship is depicted p [...]

    7. For most of the book, i ricocheted between loving it and hating it I m still not sure if i love or hate it either A good book, and a read that makes you think, with some supernatural forces in the book along with people who try to scientifically explain these forces Read it and decide for yourself

    8. Very engrossing, the main character reminds me a little of Odd Thomas, but without Odd s gift All the characters are believable and the author makes you care about all of them Someone else wrote a review that it is pretty good at blending the real and supernatural, and having ambiguity that isn t annoying That says it way better than what I had originally

    9. This book was very interesting It is about a kid who s parents died in a boat crash and he hears this screetching sound that only animals can hear The way he can hear it is b c his ears are deformed He tries to prove his parents are inocent from a drug ring The sad part at the end of the book is that he doesn t end up w the love of his life.

    10. This is a very good book, but unless you are a sailor or maritime expert it got hard to understand at times The ending was a little predictable , but a must read

    11. I know I m gonna get yelled at, but I ve read about 20 30 pages, and I ve had to read almost EVERY page over again because I can t get into it I can t focus because it honestly seems very boring.

    12. in a sentence or two Evan Barrett is haunted by the cloudy memories surrounding the death of his parents, and wants some real answers as to what really happened to his mom and dad on their last night at sea he has faint, yet terrifying, memories of a horrible screeching coming from the sea from a local legend he once firmly believed in called simply the she okay first of all, how cool is the title cover of this book regardless of my immense enjoyment of the body of christopher creed by the same [...]

    13. Ella Diablo Agujero She Devil of the Hole It s a legend in West Hook, but not to Evan, who hears her shriek One time, his brother Emmett got creeped out by the way he put his fingers in his ears and shouted that he heard The She shrieking, that he beat Evan so hard he bruised Evan s mom, captain of a ship and scornful of sailor superstitions, told him he should be glad Emmett had beaten him, because if she d got her hands on him Evan had buried this next memory deeply Very deeply, but it came ba [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars.Potential triggers Drugs, alcohol sexual abuse talked about , depression, death.I ve grown up with the ocean less than a ten minutes drive away, so naturally I m drawn to books that have a large focus on it and all the creatures to fear in it The prologue in this novel made it seem like it was going to be some lowkey fantasy novel and I was totally ready for that It had the same vibe that The Scorpio Races has But once the prologue ended, so did that vibe At first I was disappointed, b [...]

    15. 4.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful Mystery, November 26, 2005Like Plum Ucci s other works, The She is a suspenseful mystery centered around a disappearance, dipping albeit briefly into the realms of popularity and scapegoats Evan doesn t remember many details about the night his parents were lost at sea, or recall the folklore about a mysterious oceanic force who, jealous of lovers who set sail together on her seas, devours ships every few years It takes a hidden hit of acid from a girl named Grey t [...]

    16. This is a book about a boy named Evan who lives near the ocean There is a legend about a she devil that devours boats while they are in her part of the sea Evan hears The She as he call it, whenever she takes a boat His parents died at sea when he was nine and he believes it was The She because he heard her shriek The book takes place when Evan is 17 and he finds out that what he believes might not be the truth, and the truth might not be very great Throughout the book he tries to find out how h [...]

    17. This book is about a boy named Evan, he experienced the loss of hisparents over a ship to shore radio supposedly by The She I takesplace 8 years in the future when Evan learns the truth about hisparents Him and his friend travel to the canyon that his parent diedand they experience The She The She is a mythological creature offthe coast of New Jersey, she kills anyone in a jealous rage if couplestravel together on the water The setting of the book is essential tothe story because if they had a d [...]

    18. In this book, Evan Barrett s parents died in a mysterious boating accident All they know is that a big wave is what killed them However, they believe that there must be something to the story In this book, Evan and his friends try to solve the mystery of his parents death.One connection I can make is text to self If I were in the same situation as Brian, I would also want to know what happened to my parents Especially is there were possibly some weird mystery to it similar to the Lochness Monst [...]

    19. I thought this book was really good The book is mainly about a boy named Evan, and his parents died in a boating accident So his principal asked him to go to the mental institution to visit a girl named Gray The principal wanted him to visit her because she s been through the same thing he has The saddest part about the book was when his parents were in the boating accident The funniest part about the book was when he brought his rabbit to the institution and Evan showed Gray how the rabbit does [...]

    20. Evan Barrett loses his parents out at sea when he is very little He teams up with a snot from school who also had an experience with losing someone at sea and is now in a mental institution They believe a legend called the She which takes boaters out at sea and has a terrible shriek that only Grey and Evan can hear His brother Emmett tells him that their parents were smuggling drugs and were trying to escape the DEA by abadoning the Goliath and boarding another boat that happened to get caught i [...]

    21. The She so far is about an 18 year old boy that wants to find out what happened to his parents 9 years ago when they went out for a ride on a boat Evan supposedly forgot everything that happened on that day and had no recollection of his parents even leaving that day When even turned 18 he wanted to find out what happened to his parents that one day He searches for answers and comes close to find out what happenends to his parents Read the book to find out about all of the mysteries and secrets [...]

    22. The truth of the matter is, this book is very boring and has a very slow pace However, the character s make up for it The development of Evan and Grey is very nicely done, and both characters are very different by the end I found the story mystifying in a way that really grabbed my attention it really keeps you turning the pages not because of non top action, but because you wat to know what happens next I also really Plum Ucci s writing in general, and I found at least a few quotes worth writin [...]

    23. Evan s parents died at sea eight years before this story takes place He has been haunted by their deaths, which he has attributed to The She, an inhuman force living in the ocean that claims sailors as her own, dragging them and their boats to the ocean s depths Now he s a high school teen, and his principal enlists him to assist Grey, who has recently been impacted by loss at sea Together they journey to their own truths, exposing the lies that have been part of their own separate families.

    24. Recommended for gr 9 12 Not recommended for MS due to language plus the fact that the narrator protagonist is a senior in HS A good suspenseful story that will appeal to boys A mystery surrounds the loss at sea of Evan s parents eight years ago As he seeks to find answers to the mystery, he begins to unearth buried memories and has to deal with his older brother s explanation of the disappearance.

    25. First of all, I read the hardback edition but doesn t have that as an option as of now If I d seen the paperback cover I would have probably put it down due to total creepiness.Glad I had a different version This is another unresolved, well written, creepy and confusing book from Carol Plum Ucci I may have even liked this better than The Body of Christopher Creed but it s hard to say I m definitely affected by it than I was when I read Christopher Creed.

    26. i didn t like this as much as Carol Plum Ucci s other books this one is about a teenage boy on some island off new jersey who is trying to figure out what happened when his parents disappeared when he was 8 the girl he spends most of his time with is an interesting character, but we don t get enough of her through his viewpoint, and he is pretty boring and predictable.

    27. I had to concede defeat and return this book to the library It was recommended to me by a teen, but I just couldn t get into it and I am trying to be mindful that when I start avoiding reading time because a book isn t grabbing my attention right away, I need to move on to the next Especially because the To Read pile keeps growing, and growing

    28. I have just started this book and am highly distracted by all the typos Is it because I am reading the ebook It really detracts from the story, especially when it is bad enough that I have to stop and decipher what it was intended to say How does this even happen No editors Overall I found this an entertaining read I didn t think it was all that suspenseful but it was interesting.

    29. Honestly, this book pissed me off Basically, the saying Lack of evidence is evidence is clear in this book Emmett was the only character that actually used his brain to explain everything Evan was really annoying, and so was Grey The big wave thing sounds pretty cool though, but that doesn t meant it s alive lol.

    30. Only young Evan hears the She moaning shrieking when a ship is going down in the canyon area offshore Hi is traumatized when his parents are lost at sea in the canyon 10 yrs later he is asked by a school adminstrator to assist a fellow classmate who survived an accident involving the She It is only then Evan faces the real truth about his parents tragedy.

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