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The Queen's Witch #2020

The Queen s Witch The Queen s Witch is a short story connected to the New York Times bestselling Cassandra Palmer and Dorina Basarab series of urban fantasy novels It features Kit Marlowe in a supernatural thriller set

  • Title: The Queen's Witch
  • Author: Karen Chance
  • ISBN: 9781458181947
  • Page: 403
  • Format: ebook
  • The Queen's Witch By Karen Chance, The Queen s Witch is a short story connected to the New York Times bestselling Cassandra Palmer and Dorina Basarab series of urban fantasy novels It features Kit Marlowe in a supernatural thriller set in Elizabethan England.It s a companion novel to The Gauntlet.

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    1 thought on “The Queen's Witch

    1. This novella is the sequel of The Gauntlet, taking place one day after Kit Marlowe helped Gillian out of jail, and after Gillian left him behind.At the beginning of the story, Gillian is almost nailed by the Silver Circle again, but Marlowe helps her again, and this time he doesn t let her go until she agrees to substitute the missing witch in a meeting In the meeting, they detect how and when the Black Circle plans to end the Queen All they have to do is to prevent them from doing it Of course, [...]

    2. Being a witch in her majesty s most Protestant England had once been considerably easier than life on the Continent, where the Inquisition had been joined in its efforts to wipe out magic users by a group of dark mages known as the Black Circle Those who escaped created the Silver Circle in England and now they are the ones who are persecuting those who resist their new order or who are too independent This story takes place a few days after The Gauntlet where Kit Marlowe helped Gillian escape p [...]

    3. Short story where Kit Marlowe and the witch Gillian continue their adventures after the pearls of the queen.

    4. Another very solid story by Chance, a sequel to The Gauntlet Both stories are available for free on the author s website or from smashwords They take place during the late 1500s in England in the world of Chance s Cassie Palmer characters, but familiarly with the series isn t necessary Fans of the series will enjoy that this story features Kit Marlowe, once of the intriguing vampires from the series although him being a vampire isn t much of an issue here I do think the stores will be appreciat [...]

    5. Another great free read from Karen Chance The Queen s Witch picks up the story straight after the ending of The Gauntlet These stories are set in the same world as the Cassie Palmer Dorina Basarab books but are much earlier in time and don t contain spoilers for either series.I d recommend reading both short stories in order though because this one would contain spoilers for The Gauntlet They are both fast paced and fun reads though and fill in a bit of background information about the Silver Ci [...]

    6. The Queen s WitchThe Queen s Witch picks up just days after the events in The Gauntlet and sees Gillian the witch this time written in first person from her POV up to mischief once again With a plot against the Queen under way involving precious jewellery and magic, who better to assist Kit willingly or not than a former jewel thief slash coven witch Again, this was a fun read, but it could be skipped as it doesn t really progress anything with regards to either the Cassandra Palmer series or th [...]

    7. Pretty good follow up to The Gauntlet I love Kit and Gillian is still just as feisty It was over a little too quickly, but I did enjoy that bath scene with Kit and Gillian.I loved Kit s speech too about why he was willing to do what he was doing for the Queen.

    8. 4 starsNot too bad of a story Interesting how Gilliam became a member of the Queen s Court The monkey was very weird and annoying Nice to see Gilliam and Kit interacting again Wonder if they become lovers What happened to Elinor

    9. I loved the setting location for The Queen s Witch Following on Gillian and Kit from The Gauntlet, they travel through Victorian England and try to find a way to save the queen The semi historical setting gave the story a unique feeling from the main Cassandra Palmer series, and I m assuming context for the later storylines within the series.Having said that, I m not actually sure where this miniseries fit into the storyline, but it feels like there is a lot of context here that is going to beco [...]

    10. la continuacion del 0.5 me ha encantado Kit como siempre un caballero paranoico y sexy necesito mas historias de Kit alguna vez ha estado enamorado de alguien no se porque me recuerda a JIM de la saga Kate Daniels de Ilona Andrews.

    11. Read October 2015Rating 3.5 5 stars The Queen s Witch was the second free prequel short story in the Cassandra Palmer series It once again focuses on the witch Gillian and the vampire Kit This story begins only two weeks after the ending of The Gauntlet, and opens with Gillian trying to sell the ring she stole from Kit before she left him last time.I enjoyed the little romance between the two protagonists and the new adventure they have together in trying to protect Elizabeth I from a dark mage [...]

    12. The second prequel in the Cassandra Palmer urban fantasy series This one actually takes place in Elizabeth England and is the sequel to The Gauntlet.My TakeI do enjoy an historical tale And I m thrilled to find out what happened to Gillian after her prison break in The Gauntlet It is a short story, so it is of an introduction to her new life Still, it does gather up the flavor of the time and the historical animosity between the English and the Spanish.Gillian certainly is a flexible thinker on [...]

    13. This continues from the short story The Gauntlet and is a prelude to the first book of the series, explaining how Gillian became involved with the Queen The story revolves around a historic pearl called the Peregrina an unusual pear shaped pearl There s also a lot about jewelry in general fake gems, etc Gillian is trying to get the papers she needs she get her and her daughter out of England But is almost caught until Kit rescues her again She ends up helping him spy on Angus Trevelyan, to find [...]

    14. My ratings system is as follows One star is GOOD The book is entertaining, easy to read and you don t want to stop reading because something about the book is compelling you not to Two stars is GREAT This time the story is not only entertaining, but highly creative, unique, easy to read and hard to put down Three stars is EXCELLENT Here the book has all aspects of one and two stars, but now the book is thought and emotionally provoking Four is AWESOME This is the read that is not only creative, [...]

    15. The story was basically about a group of mages magicians taking over England and stealing precious jewels and consequently, trying to poison Queen Elizabeth I so they could successfully take over The Druid Mages had already turned the Queen from the Witches coven but this one witch has to prove herself worthy The aim to save the queen and in the end became the queen s main witch.This was a short story, and for me, this wasn t enough to introduce me to characters and tell a story By the time I st [...]

    16. The story was ok, it was too short and it didn t have any Hot Romance in it, it had a hint of romance like the witch getting all hot and bothered thinking about the vampire but that was it.The story was basically about a group of Mage s taken over England and stealing precious jewls and trying to poison the Queen Elizabeth, I so they could take over The Druid Mages had already turned the Queen from the Witches coven but this one witch proved herself worthy and saved the queen in the end and beca [...]

    17. I won t repeat my review for The Gauntlet here verbatim, but I still love Gil and Kit and the glimpse into the conflict between the covens and the Circle Perhaps than I should, given they come out to something like 32k words together I am still deeply curious about the early history of the Circle And about how much of their push for a unified magical community was them being assholes compared to how much was waves hand vaguely at spoilers from Embrace the Night I am just so curious about so man [...]

    18. Check out all my reviews on My BlogAnother Kit Marlowe short story Kit has found Gillian again and this time has convinced her to help him discover the threat to Her Majesty before he gives her what she needs for her and her daughter to leave England altogether Definitely needs to be read after The Gauntlet as it is a continuation of that story Again, a fun little romp in Kit s past but has very little to do with the Cassie story line especially since Kit is such a minor character in it.

    19. This sequel to Karen Chance s The Gauntlet isn t quite as tight or fast paced, but it s still a delightful peek into the history of everyone s favorite Vampire Senate Spymaster, Kit Marlowe Fans of Karen Chance s Cassie Palmer series will delight in this short visit to Cassie s universe, though I m sure it will be a bit confusing for those who haven t read her other work Highly recommended

    20. I really like the world Ms Chance has created for Cassie, Dory and Lia, so I guess that she could write about someone washing dishes, making the bed and taking a stroll through the park and, as long as it s set in this world, I d read it.Despite having a little action than that, this story feels that way Not much happens The problem is actually very minor and the resolution pretty straightforward, but still, it s nice to have these pick me ups until the next full length book.

    21. Set before Karen Chance s Cassie Palmer Dory Basarab series begin, it is about Kit Marlowe a vampire who is featured in the books A good short story, it s nice to see Marlowe in England where he originated Gillian also worked well as a bold heroine I liked the focus on witches and thought Marlowe and Gillian worked well together.I wasn t totally clear on who the information about Marlowe s creator and about how much the Queen knew about magic Still, it was a good free story

    22. Interesting to read about a young Kit Marlowe, and I liked the overall story though I wasn t entranced by it I suppose I was a little confused y his relationship to Queen Elizabeth 1 and his maker Not sure I understood that really I also thought it lacked a bit of chemistry between Kit and Gillian Not quite as strong a narrative or characterisation as in The Gauntlet but then both are free, so thank you Ms Chance.

    23. Nice companion piece to the Cassie Palmer series Should be read after The Gauntlett I got that wrong, but it doesn t really matter I could see this setting as a fun spin off of the main series I like the Elizabethan age, supernatural shenanigans could work well Kit Marlowe is a surprisingly nice guy in this.

    24. Gillian is rescued from captivity and in turn helps Kit resulting in her becoming employed as Queen Elizabeth s witch Short novella set in Elizabethan England that has a great adventure in a short story Free from Smashwords and worth every minute spent reading it.

    25. a second short story of Kit Marlowe and Gillian about Gillian to be honest as first person hero, in a change from the other short which precedes and sets up this mini adventure in Shakespearean England.a good character who could and should be developed through the Cassie Palmer universe

    26. A little less actionfilled than The Gauntlet But I m still very fond of Gillian, and Marlowe shows parts I didn t think I would ever see A little too good ending, it would be interesting to follow her afterwards to see what happens.

    27. An enjoyable little freebie, but I really wanted In the future I would love to see Kit and Gillian star in their own full length book Short and sweet and worth a read, but it doesn t really add anything to the overall series.

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