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The Perfect Rake #2020

The Perfect Rake To escape her brutal grandfather Prudence stages a plan involving a phony engagement and the man she approaches is so taken with Pru that he willingly joins her game

  • Title: The Perfect Rake
  • Author: Anne Gracie
  • ISBN: 9781101204986
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • The Perfect Rake By Anne Gracie, To escape her brutal grandfather, Prudence stages a plan involving a phony engagement and the man she approaches is so taken with Pru that he willingly joins her game.

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      Anne Gracie

    1 thought on “The Perfect Rake

    1. Egads Why have I not written of my love for this book It s amazing, one of my favorite historicals The hero is so into the heroine, it s wonderful Sometimes, it s nice to get a dissolute rake who gets hit over the head with love and has to convince the heroine he can be who she needs him to be Also, this book is just plain fun though it does also have a serious vein that runs through it.

    2. COME live with me and be my Love, And we will all the pleasures prove.There will I make thee beds of roses And a thousand fragrant posies, 10A cap of flowers, and a kirtle Embroider d all with leaves of myrtle.If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my LoveE PERFECT RAKEwas a beautiful love story that revolved around Prudence Merridew and Aristocratic Gideon romancing under the light of the glossy ballroom of London s ton The story starts out with young prudence deciding to [...]

    3. I loved this book It was funny and endearing at the same time I don t remember when was the last time I laughed so much with a book, and I blame Gideon for that He played the role of the charming rake to perfection but, wow, when he fell for his beloved Miss Imp , he really fell hard and fast I cheered out loud in my mind, that is with his final act of bravery and heroism.Prudence, Gideon s beloved Miss Imp , was a hoot too Her failed attempts at resisting his charms had me smiling throughout th [...]

    4. Who doesn t love a reformed rake in HR They are so charming and funny And, funny is my Achilles Heel My hubs should know You get me to laugh and I m helpless to your charms You would think that this weakness would make me like clowns But, you would be wrong Clowns are an abomination They are pure evil and should never be thought of as anything less than spawns of satan.Holy shit Nightmares commencing nowLord Carradice is a proper rake He is immune to the charms of women, until he meets Prudence [...]

    5. 4 stars Historical RomanceOh what a delightful, sweet treat this turned out to be Gideon, Lord Carradice is a devilishly charming, flirtatious, affable, seemingly carefree and superficial rake, but he harbors an underlying heart of gold, an innate caring, protective nature, and a hidden, deep yearning for love And all it takes to rumple his composed, raffish fa ade and reveal the truly sweet, adoring, and devoted man within is a feisty, spirited, redheaded, fiercely loyal, and nearly on the shel [...]

    6. This was lots of fun Anne Gracie has picked up the style of Georgette Heyer, added some sex and made it her own Gideon the Rake in the title is a wonderful character worthy of anything Miss Heyer could have written I still want to know how eyes can actually look limpid but it sounds marvelous I am a sucker for anything Regency and this one scored high I shall be reading of her books.

    7. Amazing book I had to stop reading a few times from laughing so hard I couldn t help but feel sorry for Prudence as she dig her way deeper into her funny lies with Gideon right there beside her, to make the situation even worse and funnier.Even with the dark undertones of abuse, the story never lets up from it s lightheartedness and humor, with Gideon always ready with a joke and Prudence having to hold her tongue from not laughing or blowing her cover.The secondary characters are also a blast w [...]

    8. This book went from aninsanely hilariousbeginning to a sadly ordinary middle, to end in a dramatic and satisfyingly bloodlusty climax So an above average read despite the story and the plotline leaving me just a bit dissatisfied.I won t go into details but I liked the book for two and a half reasons First, because I was tickled silly, lolling about holding my sides tickled silly The book finds its funny groove in the 3rd chapter and keeps shooting one sharp witticism after another d I thought yo [...]

    9. I m not a huge fan of humorous HR, I much prefer emotional angst, seriousness interspersed with bits of wit, and depth of feeling Not to say there wasn t emotion here, there was, but not the kind I love I loved Gideon, seeing a notorious rake fall hard and fast is always a winner for me Prudence was okay, not a memorable heroine exactly, maybe because she was of the humorous variety There also seemed to be many exclamation marks as if everyone had something loud or exciting to say Anyways, this [...]

    10. This book was amazing Amazing, amazing, amazing It was so good straight to favs And Gideon swoons might very well be the most amazing hero ever This was the funniest, most heart warming, romantic book I have read all year If you like historical romances this is a must read I can t believe I had this on my TBR shelf for so long but the better for me right now It is always difficult to review an amazing book because nothing you say can really explain the magic of the story and all words feel to sm [...]

    11. At first I thought I would be annoyed by Prudence s sisters One of them was so overwhelmed by the prospect of escaping their grandfather and marrying that in an instant she forgot what their oldest sister did for them Fortunately, that sister didn t play any important role in the book so it was good Since it seems the second book is about her, I am not in a hurry to read it I need to forget or at least dull her presence here There is so much unexpected darkness in this book Their grandfather is [...]

    12. And when a rake finally falls, he falls forever.Oh, how I absolutely loved this book, every single part of it.Gideon is the perfect rake, really he is I loved how flirtatious he is, and he was just amazing with Prudence To him she wasn t plain like she was to everyone else, to him she was the most beautiful woman in the world If you were mine, I d never leave you, Prudence I couldn t Prudence was just an amazing character, so loyal and protective of her sisters All she wanted for her sisters was [...]

    13. 5 CAPTIVATING when a rake finally falls, he falls forever STARS This was my first book by Anne Gracie and I will certainly be dipping into of her books, based on how much I loved this one It s romantic, funny and full of characters who totally captured my heart There are some darker moments, but they never overshadowed the lovely heart warming feeling I had after I finished reading it.How could anyone love such a wicked, funny, foolish man How could they not Oh, Gideon is such a wonderful hero [...]

    14. The Perfect Rake is a story about 5 young girls sisters that suffer horriable physical and mental abuse at the hands of their grandpapa who has taken them in because their parents ar dead The Grandfather is very sadistic the eldest sister is Prudence heroine in the story escapes with her sister to go to London to live with their Great Uncle To accomplish this Prudence had to lie times than I can count as the story goes on.The Grand Uncle wont let the other sister come out until Prudence has fou [...]

    15. Prudence Merridew is very plain you will hear about this a lot in the book , especially when compared to her four extremely beautiful younger sisters Oddly enough it is notoriously infamous rake, Gideon, Lord Carradice, who sees only a strong minded spitfire with beautiful grey eyes and proves the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder This book is utterly fantastic, Gideon is definitely one of my favorite heroes of all time, and while very dark in some parts THE PERFECT RAKE will have [...]

    16. 4.5 starsThis is my second year taking part in Super Wendy s Multi Blog TBR Challenge, and even though I don t read the various romance sub genres widely, I ve nonetheless managed to find something in my TBR pile to fit the prompts each month But I m afraid I m going to wuss out for the first time November s prompt is It s all about the hype and I don t have anything that fits the bill For one thing, historical romances don t attract that sort of attention any and for another, as an ex PR profe [...]

    17. A sweet and very cute book.I liked the heroine, Prudence, even if I was torn On one hand I liked her quick wit and her ingenuity, on the other I hated her stubborness when it went against her But still, I liked her and sometimes even admired her If I liked Pru, I adored Gideon He was fantastic His devious mind was plain genius His way of confounding Pru with double meanings was fantastic The very best part of this book was the dialogue Brilliant All in all a very funny and enjoyable book

    18. 4.5 stars.The Perfect Rake was a very enjoyable read styled somewhat like a Georgette Heyer book, mixed with a dash of Mary Balogh and Loretta Chase It was funny, witty, beautifully written and cute tons of exclamation points like Ms Heyer This is the first book I ve read by Ms Gracie and I look forward to the next in the series can t believe I ve got involved in another series The heroine, Prudence, is somewhat plain but the hero, Gideon thinks she s beautiful and falls for her on the spot Prud [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsPrudence Merridew and her beautiful sisters have runaway from her evil Grandfather After seeing her youngest sister, Grace, being beaten by her Grandfather Prudence knows they have to escape Pulling off a massive deception they run to London to stay with their Great Uncle and hope to find husbands so they can be forever out of the influence of their Grandfather But Prudence tells one lie too many and manages to become betrothed to the charming rake Gideon, Lord Calladice.I think I must [...]

    20. Prudence Merridew was the oldest of the Merridew sisters and responsible for the young ladies They were all lookers whereas Prudence was on the short side, had a long nose, bright red uncontrollable hair and was, just maybe, on the plump side She was also unofficially betrothed to a childhood friend whom she hadn t seen in four years and she had a dastardly abusive grandfather SoOnce upon a time, five sisters lived with their Grandpapa They would have been a happy but the man was vindictive and [...]

    21. 2 stars Not a good story for me.I liked the first half the way the sisters ran away to get away from the abusive grandfather I did not like the second half which was mostly the relationship between Prue and Gideon It was all about she likes him but tells herself she must not have him She acts like she doesn t like him, but she does He keeps doing nice things and romantic things All she does is reject him, but she doesn t want to reject him Throw in some inaccurate assumptions like Prue thinks Gi [...]

    22. What a great first book in the series about the Merridew sisters Prudence is a courageous heroine who protects her sisters from their verbally physically abusive grandfather While he is bedridden with a broken ankle, they escape to London to their Granduncle Oswald who becomes a great secondary character in the series Their goal is to get married as soon as possible to escape the guardianship of their grandfather, but Oswald puts a kink in their plans when he insists that Prudence marry first Sh [...]

    23. Wonderful, witty and romantic with a dark story running in the background, I loved the first in this series and it certainly won t be my last Anne Gracie She writes with a great insight and understanding of human nature, notwithstanding the darker elements of this story this is a beautifully written, charming and extremely humorous love story.The Merridew sisters have escaped their tyrannical grandfather after years of physical and mental abuse Their goal is to marry off Charity, the second elde [...]

    24. view spoiler Did she even see the child Would she be allowed Did she even know where he or she was Was it a boy or a girl He pictured a tiny girl with Prudence s eyes He hoped it wasn t a girl He couldn t bear a little girl with Prudence s face growing up alone and unloved And if it were a boy He imagined a small boy with curly red hair, a look of dogged determination on his little face, a stubborn little chin, just like Miss Imp s firm little chin.Oh, God, the whole idea was unbearable He had t [...]

    25. Thanks to Ririn for recommended to me The Perfect Rake is the first novel Anne Gracie I read The Perfect Rake is a story about 5 sisters escape from their grandfather s abused Before this, they still can bear what Lord Dereham did even though they badly abused One day, Prudence, the older sister take decision to escape from Court, brings her sisters to meet their great uncle Oswald We were all born in Italy, in a house filled with sunshine and laughter and love and happiness, and I promise you, [...]

    26. This is my first Anne Gracie book and I am certain will be the first of many What a delightful surprise this book was It was cute, sad, sexy, funny and dark all within these well written 368 pages.This story could have been very dragged down in angst given the life Prudence Merridew has lived so far Orphaned at 11 along with her 4 younger sisters Forced to live with a brutal grandfather, raped by her betrothed along with other horrors of her life When she flees to London taking her siblings in t [...]

    27. This HR just made my day Phewittt DAnd, guess what I m finished it with a big and happy smile Everyone whether you love HR or not should read this Its definitely an all time favorite and Gideon would be one of my most perfect HR hero charming, protective, adorable rakish hero and his confession towards Pru stole my heart too Plus points 1 Prudence She is considered a plain jane in comparison to her sisters But I loved her courage to protect her sisters from the abusive grandfather, the way she p [...]

    28. Absolutely lovely Anne Gracie rarely disappoints and this one may be my favorite so far A lovely heroine She was strong honorable and loving while also being a bit ditzy at times The hero was a charming witty rake who fell hard for the heroine and let nothing she did put him off of his determination to marry her and take care of her.This story did not depend on a bunch of sex scenes that were inappropriate for the regency period There was a strong believable story line, sparkling dialog and real [...]

    29. Absolute fun read The situations that Prudence would get into for stretching the truth The Gideon would pick up on her lies and just dig her in deeper, some funny dialong Reminded me a bit of Lucille Ball shenannigans For sure it did have a dark undertone of past abuse, but it didn t detract from the book This was my first AG, but it sure won t be my last.

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