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Talk Dirty To Me #2020

Talk Dirty To Me Adam s never called a gay phone sex line before but he finally takes the plunge Casey is than happy to fulfill Adam s phone fantasies but it s not long before he wants than talk When they meet will

  • Title: Talk Dirty To Me
  • Author: JackGreene
  • ISBN: 9781606595534
  • Page: 408
  • Format: ebook
  • Talk Dirty To Me By JackGreene, Adam s never called a gay phone sex line before, but he finally takes the plunge Casey is than happy to fulfill Adam s phone fantasies, but it s not long before he wants than talk When they meet, will it be as good as Adam s fantasy phaze bookp title Talk

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    1 thought on “Talk Dirty To Me

    1. This was a very cute book written by Jack Greene It was short and sweet, but it packed a lot of punch Adam has decided to act on his attraction to men Instead of going out and meeting someone he spots a beautiful, flamboyant looking man who is advertising for a phone sex line After much thought, he calls the phone sex line and asks for the man in the picture, Casey There s an instant attraction between Adam and Casey from the moment they speak to one another Over the next several weeks, Adam con [...]

    2. 1 I m yet to hear someone talking dirty stars DNF at 60% It s a novella and I still couldn t finish it.It was pornish, whiny and boring Our main male character, Adam, is a lawyer, single guy who feels that there was always something missing in his relationships It s implied that he is some kind of kinkster, with a taste for something extra, but never said what Upuntil now he ve been only with women, but he always thought about how it would be to be with a guy, just never acted on it One day, he [...]

    3. Very cool and quick romance Perfect for read if you re having a bad day or need something light.I thought Casey was a dream

    4. A short, fun read about shy Adam who finally admits he may be gay but is too afraid to do anything in the real world His solution is to call a gay phone sex line But he doesn t want to talk to just anyone, he has a specific guy from the website in mind When he gets hold of Casey he is ecstatic and one thing leads to another.The story is written with lots of humor and I thought the characters were engaging.

    5. I enjoyed this quick read This was the first time I think I ve read a book where the MC is really effeminate lipstick and makeup I also love dirty talking so this was right up my alley Just wish there was

    6. these guys were so cute and sweet even though it was really short and probably 40 to 50 percent sex i still enjoyed it a lot

    7. Sometimes in between books I need something quick and sexy This definitely fit the bill It also helps that I ve wanted to read this for quite awhile now Adam has secret fantasies about being with men While he has been with women, they don t satisfy him On a whim, he gets online to look up gay porn and a pop up pops on his screen about a phone sex line, along with photos of those who supposedly work for the company One photo stands out Adam s fantasy exactly the type of man Adam wants Nervously h [...]

    8. Cute little story I smiled all the way through it Prety hot and touching it s just the read, designated to make you feel good.

    9. Even if this is basically only a nice and naughty short story, the author managed to fit in it also a bit of romanticism and kinkiness, so that, the mix is, in the end, pretty good Adam is a virgin to gay sex He has dreams, and he is well aware of that, but till this moment, he has never had the courage to act to the dreams, and his sexual experiences are only with women But now is arrived the moment that a woman is no able to satisfy him and the pent up lust pushes him to try for a gay sex lin [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this ebook.The main character s progression from unsure and hopeful to confident, both on the phone and in real life, was well done I like the way the phone sex was handled, and that despite the story s premise, the the sex and plot were well balanced and well handled The very end was rushed, a bit abrupt, but the rest of the book was good enough to outweigh that good enough to have me rereading my favorite sections, only to realize I d reread most of the story.I d definitel [...]

    11. Short and sweet Adam s first time talking sex with a guy is with Casey a phone sex line worker Adam likes Casey s photo slim, small, long hair, wears make up so he chooses Casey as his phone sex go to guy They talk, make arrangements for a regular chat, meet, and fall for each other.The story is very short, but it s cute, and nice, and just makes you feel good.Another nice quicky from Jack Greene

    12. These guys were kinda cute, I suppose.But what I didn t like that whenever Casey said that Adam was sweet or whatever other bullshit petname or such, it felt so fake And so did their supposed romance and love They were laying on compliments so heavily like a clown with his makeup, which just turned me off even When they met in real life, Casey sounded like a gay phone sex worker than he did over the phone God I sound like a bitch, but it s true I m sorry I think perhaps I ll reread this at a l [...]

    13. This was a cute little story It was well written with nice characters My only real complaint was that for a PWP I didn t think it was porny enough For a story called Talk Dirty to Me it could have been a bit dirtier That said, I would read by this author, especially if I fancied something sweet.Oh, and a small thing use of the word seed made me cringe far too Mills and Boon for my liking

    14. 2.5 stars, I liked this story the least of the three I ve read so far by Jack Greene Maybe it s a matter of preference I didn t feel the reality of the two MC s getting together or that much chemistry Didn t really care for them, as much as the other main characters in the other two books I read.

    15. 3.5 starsA short, fun, and well, pretty HOT, I must say It was fun imagining the conversation on the phone sex line I am not very big on people saying I love you after first meeting and I m also not too keen with typical Yaoi description of one bulky one feminine kind of guys but it doesn t bother me a lot in here Maybe because the two characters are pretty likeable

    16. Another Jack Greene PWP with the lithe, beautiful twink with pale skin and make up In this story, Casey is a phone sex operator and Adam, who is just beginning to explore his attraction to men, becomes obsessed with Casey Not much substance, but Casey and Adam were sweet.

    17. Cute short story Very straightforward, the relationship is developed in a believable manner Maybe not a HEA, but a nice HFN.

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