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Unwilling Warrior #2020

Unwilling Warrior Amid the dangers of the Civil War Valerie Fontaine longs to know she is loved and saved Her father however is cold and withdrawn And their Christian houseguest the photographer Benjamin McCabe se

  • Title: Unwilling Warrior
  • Author: Andrea Boeshaar
  • ISBN: 9781599799858
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unwilling Warrior By Andrea Boeshaar, Amid the dangers of the Civil War, Valerie Fontaine longs to know she is loved and saved Her father, however, is cold and withdrawn And their Christian houseguest, the photographer Benjamin McCabe, seems arrogant and judgmental When Valerie commits her own life to Christ she finds herself drawn to Ben But her father, against her wishes, is prepared to sell her into a lAmid the dangers of the Civil War, Valerie Fontaine longs to know she is loved and saved Her father, however, is cold and withdrawn And their Christian houseguest, the photographer Benjamin McCabe, seems arrogant and judgmental When Valerie commits her own life to Christ she finds herself drawn to Ben But her father, against her wishes, is prepared to sell her into a loveless marriage with someone else Will Valerie be forced to abandon her newfound love Or will she and Ben, against the backdrop of this country s most ruthless war, become in their own way, unwilling warriors

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      262 Andrea Boeshaar
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    1. The Plot Valerie comes home after deciding that living away from her father after her mother s death was too difficult When she returns home she is confronted with a father who is stricken with grief, a beau from childhood, and a house guest who she has never met before Ben is on a journey to find his brother who has gone missing He has agreed to his father s request of checking up on a husband who has recently lost his wife There he meets the lovely Valerie The romance is not a sunshine and ros [...]

    2. Loved, loved, loved this book Enjoyed reading a romance from the Civil War era Ben is definitely my kind of guy I also liked the way Boeshaar weaves Christian messages throughout the story, without overdoing it.

    3. 2 1 2 rounded up to 3.I decided to round up to 3 as there was nothing bad or outrageous in this book you could give it to your teenager maybe it was written for them But there was nothing great about it otherwise The story line often feels unrealistic, like when the hero who is supposed to be hanging with troops looking for his brother is stopping at an acquaintance far above him in society and attending a ball with them on a whim things just don t flow very well The narrative is horribly modern [...]

    4. This was a very enjoyable Christian historical fiction novel set during the Civil War Valerie and Ben, the two main characters, were very realistic characters that I enjoyed getting to know through fiction The plot dealt with regional loyalties, family relationships, grief, revenge, and clean romance This is not a military story at all the civil war is of a background setting to the action I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

    5. Book Description The War Between the Sates has Valeria Fontaine frightened about her future And when her wealthy father is charged with supplying Federal gunboats in order to save his shipping business, Valerie is suspected of conspiracy Suddenly she s forced to flee her upscale New Orleans home or be taken into custody by Confederate troops Benjamin McCabe has a noble dream to make his mark on the world and has decided that photographing the Civil War is the way to accomplish it But since the B [...]

    6. Title UNWILLING WARRIORAuthor Andrea Boeshaar Publisher RealmsMay 2010ISBN 978 1 59979 985 8Genre Inspirational historicalValerie Fontaine didn t want to remain at boarding school during the winter holidays, but her father didn t want her come home The War Between the States were just beginning, and he felt it was unsafe for her to travel Not only that, but the death of Valerie s mother has the whole family in a tailspin, and Mr Fontaine is coping by focusing on work and drowning his sorrow in a [...]

    7. This historical romance will steal your heart young Valerie Fontaine is alone after her mother dies, so she heads home to be with her father hoping it will fill the hole in her heart and relieve some of the pain she feels She only discovers that she doesn t really know her father at all While at home she meets Benjamin McCabe a photographer who seems to have captured than images Benjamin is on the search for his brother Luke whom he was separated from during one of their outtings Through it all [...]

    8. I would like to extend a heartfelt 1CThank you 1D to Andrea Boeshaar and her publisher for sending me a copy of An Unwilling Warrior to review for them I have always been grateful for this generosity, and I am trying to improve at being consistent in taking the time to thank these wonderfully giving individuals in a public forum I really appreciate your time, effort and expense in making a reviewer copy available to me.I have only just begun to read this novel, and my heart and imagination are a [...]

    9. I enjoyed this story and thought it was unique and very well written The conversations flowed nicely and came across as being realistic I thought the romance was off to a great start BUT and here s a bit of a reveal WARNING thought the author missed the mark when the groom didn t even kiss the bride before she left and signed the telegram with sincerely I know these are minor things but they can effect the story as a whole I don t think a man in love that just got married would send his bride of [...]

    10. At first I almost didn t read this book, what a mistake that would have been I Loved it It was a real page turner and a fast read Interesting tidbits of the Civil War are included in this book It has it all History, Romance, Murder, and through it all a Love of the Lord.I also loved that there is an epilogue in this book, something I wish books had that don t have a sequel Product DescriptionThe War Between the States has Valerie Fontaine frightened about her future She never suspects she ll be [...]

    11. Unwilling Warrior is a Civil War romance Valerie returns home to New Orleans from her young women s school in Virginia after her mother s death only find that her father doesn t want her there His house guest is a young man who is a photographer photographing the Confederate army and battles while he searches for his younger brother It is a delightful book full of anxious moments, good character development, surprises, spys, personal dramas, and realistic descriptions of areas as well as the liv [...]

    12. Valerie needs to feel safe again, as she did before her mother died She is looking for that love and security from the men in her life first her father, and later Benjamin McCabe She initially forgets to look to her heavenly father for the belonging that only he can provide This is a novel of discovery and real everyday struggles with feelings of jealousy, doubt, and neglect Unwilling Warrior is a fun and engaging read with romance and adventure The historical setting of the civil war and the va [...]

    13. When I started reading this book, I was certain that it was going to be a typical period romance where the two very attractive people that, at first, don t look like they belong end up together Then we get the happily ever after yadda yadda yadda You know what I mean I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was much to this than the typical romance With some intrigue, twists and surprised, Boeshaar has crafted an enjoyable tale that takes us not only into the opening stages of a romanc [...]

    14. Book 1 in the Seasons of Redemption series, this was not quite the traditional historical romance I was expecting For the most part, I enjoyed the story Valerie and Ben are terrific characters James is a cad and Catherine is horrible, almost to the point of being a caricature I kept waiting for her family members to call her on her abysmal treatment of Valerie and no one ever did.My assumption is that since this is the first in the series, none of these characters have appeared in other Boeshaar [...]

    15. A great historical fiction I loved the characters The plot was thrilling and yet laced with reality, and the romance, sweet Set during the War Between the States, we get a glimpse of what it was like for those not off fighting for their beliefs Valerie Fontaine is used to wealth and the luxuries it affords Benjamin McCabe is a Missouri country boy, healing from a broken heart and searching for his missing brother God deems it fit to throw them together and life speeds on When Valerie s father is [...]

    16. When Valerie Fontaine returns home from boarding school, she finds that her father does not welcome her Further, she has an unwelcome suitor and her father s house guest to entertain When she is forced to flee her home, scandal and lies dog her every step Can Valerie overcome the vicious sabotage that threatens to destroy her This was a really good book, it had perhaps a bit of a romantic plot line than I care for but it had many things about it that I did like For example, I loved that the you [...]

    17. This book is an absolute delight The plot was well organized and the characters well developed There was a part, however, where I felt that the plot was moving too quickly But given the circumstances in which the plot was forced to move at such a quick pace, maybe I m just trying to find something to complain about I love how throughout the book, the characters had to lean on God time and time again to get them through tough situations, thus strengthening their faith in the process I must warn y [...]

    18. My Take To be honest this book took awhile for me to get into I just wasn t drawn in right away like I am with other books I would read a few pages then put the book down This continued until I got about halfway through the book, then I didn t want to put the book down at all I couldn t wait to find out what happens between Valerie and Ben I was hoping that James Ladden ,who becomes Valerie s fiancee through a deal made by her father to pay a debt , would be taught a lesson Would Ben find his br [...]

    19. I realized why I had a hard time getting through this book It was not because I didn t like the writing style or the characters or even the plot It s the summary The summary reveals too much and exaggerates the plot I didn t start to get into the story until Chapter 14when I started learning something that wasn t told to me in the summary on the back of the book When there are only 22 chapters, this is extremely disappointing Good job at writing the book, Ms Boeshaar Bad job on the back cover to [...]

    20. Valerie and Benjamin feel an immediate connection when they meet They must triumph over her father, her suitor James, his cousin Catherine, and the Union army to gain a life together and Catherine is certain that Benjamin will her hers Diappointing that Valerie and Benjamin are separated for almost half of the book, so the story starts out as a 3 and instead of building to 4 it separates the couple and drops to a 2.

    21. Fabulous The plot can get a little preachy at times, but the messages are very touching There are nail biting, keep you up all night dramas in all 3 of the books in this series Unwilling Warrior Uncertain Heart and Unexpected Love Read each one in that order, or you won t know what s going on I read all 3 in 48 hours they re THAT GOOD

    22. Valerie Fontaine returned home to New Orleans to seek comfort after her mother passed away Her father is upset that she left her finishing school With Valerie around, his plans are crumbling A photographer, Benjamin McCabe, befriends the Fontaines and seeks to rescue Valerie from a dangerous future.Time Period Civil War, 1861Location New Orleans Missouri

    23. The first book in the Season of Redemption Series by Andrea Boeshaar, Unwilling Warrior , was a good Spring Break beginning on my Nook It begins the saga of the McCabe family as they struggle to hold on to love and their faith during the Civil War no matter what the cost.

    24. This was a beautifully written Christian book of triumph over tragedy that left me breathless at times You get it all Christianity, history, and romance I can t wait to read Book 2 This is a book that I won t soon forget Andrea Boeshaar writes excellent books.

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