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The Golden Spiders #2020

The Golden Spiders Nero Wolfe was almost as famous for his wealthy clients and extravagant fees as for his genius at detection So why has he accepted a case for And why have the last two people to hire him been rut

  • Title: The Golden Spiders
  • Author: Rex Stout Linda Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780553277807
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Golden Spiders By Rex Stout Linda Barnes, Nero Wolfe was almost as famous for his wealthy clients and extravagant fees as for his genius at detection So why has he accepted a case for 4.30 And why have the last two people to hire him been ruthlessly murdered Wolfe suspects the answers may lie in the story of a twelve year old boy who turns up at the door of his West Thirty fifth Street Brownstone In short ordNero Wolfe was almost as famous for his wealthy clients and extravagant fees as for his genius at detection So why has he accepted a case for 4.30 And why have the last two people to hire him been ruthlessly murdered Wolfe suspects the answers may lie in the story of a twelve year old boy who turns up at the door of his West Thirty fifth Street Brownstone In short order, Wolfe finds himself confronted by one of his most perplexing and pressing cases, involving a curious set of earrings shaped like spiders dipped in gold The case is all boiling down to a strange taste of greed and a grumpy gourmand s unappeasable appetite for truth.

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      167 Rex Stout Linda Barnes
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    1 thought on “The Golden Spiders

    1. It is not good for a business of a PI to have his clients murdered shortly after they leave his office Not only does it bring bad reputation, but it is also very damaging to self esteem, something Nero Wolfe values highly Thus this time it is personal The detective who charges such high fees that only millionaires can afford his services most of the time now only has 4.30 to show for his troubles with not a single penny on the horizon It still does not matter as the reputation is at stake It wa [...]

    2. This novel begins promisingly A street kid who works the corner as a windshield cleaner sees something suspicious, comes to Wolfe for help, and is found dead the next day The resolution, however is rather conventional, and the suspects not particularly interesting As always, though, Wolfe and Archie are wonderful.

    3. Trying to determine why his last two clients were ruthlessly murdered, Nero Wolfe wonders if the answer is linked to a young boy who turns up at his brownstone apartment and finds clues in a gray Cadillac, a mysterious woman, and spider shaped earrings.

    4. Twelve year old Pete Drossos, who lives in Nero Wolfe s neighborhood, saw something strange as he was trying to earn money by washing car windshields at a corner He brought the information to the great detective Just a couple days later the boy is run down in the street While dying in the ambulance the boy tells his mother to take his savings to Wolfe and to ask him to solve the crime It s only 4.30, but perhaps because the kid ate at Wolfe s table and it is thus a matter of honor, he s willing [...]

    5. Connecticut, Y, Y, nove, quattro, tre, dueI classici del giallo hanno sempre un qualcosa in pi che li rende irresistibili Ai vertici della classifica dei pi bravi c sicuramente REX STOUT che con il suo Nero Wolfe ha saputo far centro, inventando storie noir di altissimo livello In I RAGNI D ORO c una caterva di delitti Sono per lo pi omicidi stradali, ma si susseguono con una frequenza che il geniale Nero Wolfe non pu non cercare di fermarli All origine di questa terribile catena c la donna con [...]

    6. The Golden Spiders by Rex Stout.Listened to on CD performed by Michael Pritchard Nero Archie at their best.A young man arrives at Nero s door with a case The case, he explains, began when he was attempting to wash the windshields of cars as they stopped for a red light This particular case had a woman driving with a man in the passenger seat Just as the young man glances towards the woman she moves her lips to mouth to say HELP and to call the police Then the light turns green and they are gone [...]

    7. Nero Wolfe mysteries are among my favorites for light hearted yet relatively complex plots This was a weaker entry, but well written even so I found the characters difficult to connect with and there seemed to be less interplay between Archie and Nero than usual The entire story seemed to have been written formulaically than previous entries in this much loved series Good, but well short of great.

    8. Suspects in Nero Wolfe books aren t particularly interesting There, I said it But that said, who cares Archie, Wolfe, Kramer, Fritz, Saul, Stebbins, and so on are beautifully created, and their confrontations with business people, lawyers, and each other are always readable and fun Nothing really needs to happen to make this work but in this particular one, so much happens even a scene of torture it s almost distracting Still, Wolfe gets to hold forth, Archie gets to wisecrack, and I will defini [...]

    9. I love the characters in these books but find the language is a littleodd to me and it can be distracting and take longer than it should to read Interesting plot on this one.

    10. What can I say I love Rex Stout books They re my go to when I need something light, easy to read, but with engaging characters, a realistic plot, and a good mystery The Golden Spiders fills the bill just as well as other Stout books that I ve read Nero Wolfe is in all his massive glory the food is as important as ever Archie Goodwin is his usual irreverent self But there is one difference from previous books I ve read in this series a scene of violence.Like with Robert B Parker, Stout describes [...]

    11. Nero Wolfe finds himself working for a twelve year old boy for the princely sum of 4.30 after the lad shows up on his doorstep with an interesting case The case centers around a mysterious woman, spider shaped golden earrings, and a mysterious car This is a great vintage detective story.

    12. In my slow reading through the Nero Wolfe books in order, I am up to 22 My first in over a year Whilst I have read many before, this is the first time I had read this one In terms of the plotting and action, it is one of the best of the series It doesn t perhaps have the humour of some, but it does have Nero and Archie winding each other up for much of the time which is always entertaining A thoroughly good read.

    13. starting convincing me this would be good old crimi , lazy but smart Nero gets subsequent murders of clients suspects witnesses and get angry about it , then narrating is subsided and submerged to medley of following suspects with less action, next to the end story moves to Nero s triumphiant solo investigation before own employers PI s, policemates and accused people in between them is a killer Very eligible and with a few surprises book.

    14. Not the best of Rex Stout s books It starts off with a twelve year old who raises money by washing car windows at stop lights coming in to hire Wolfe Archie thinks it s a great lark so he lets the boy in During dinner But then the boy is run over and killed And there are so many people and so much going on that it s hard to tell exactly what the story is.

    15. I enjoyed the book very much Light hearted, cozy detective story Smooth reading Action, mystery, humor, attitude, everything is well balanced The writing is so easy It reminds me of Jeeves Wooster, even though they are in different catalogs.

    16. This was great The start was rough for me to read, but I m sensitive I thought the twists and turns were especially good Top ten for sure, perhaps even top five, for Nero Wolfe books It is very nice sometimes to see Wolfe s softer side.

    17. I liked this one for all the rules Nero broke His own rules To avenge the murders of two good people, accurately to earn the fees they paid him I did have the killer pegged early on, but that didn t diminish anything.

    18. How awesome is Rex Stout This was one had a very good action scene that I certainly wasn t expecting And the usual wrap up at the end was great, with a very last minute twist I think the McNally series by Lawrence Sanders is a similar style and that is why I like them also.

    19. My first Nero WolfeI ll save my option of Rex Stouts writing style till after I have read several Nero Wolfe is not a very likeable character imho, but neither was Hercule Poirot at first This book was an easy read, the story has lots of twists, a good whodunit.

    20. This book is a little frenetic, but there s an interesting plot, though he used the same twist in another book, so those who ve read the canon will probably see it coming A case that Wolfe gets into initially for a retainer of a little over 4.

    21. An excellent fast paced work amongst the Nero Wolfe mysteries The whole plot hinges around the mysterious Golden Spider earrings which a dead child saw a woman wearing as she called out to the child for help before disappearing

    22. Godibilissimo, anche grazie a un ottima traduzione in cui non va perso un grammo dell autoironia della voce narrante, e con un bonus finale un racconto breve, quasi ancora meglio del romanzo.

    23. Be careful when you buy two books in one, for when you like one and finish it, good reads may show that you have read both books You can fix it, but it takes some effort.

    24. Always nice to spend time with Archie Goodwin and Nero Wolf in their world This book was particularly well done.

    25. The Golden Spiders finds Wolfe and Archie in ill temper Archie decides to admit a neighborhood boy who comes to Wolfe because of Wolfe s antipathy to police and the fact that he saw a woman in a car apparently in trouble Wolfe handles the boy well and agrees to help by tracing the plate of the car.However, the boy is murdered the next day and the case goes to another level The boy s mother asks Wolfe to find out why he was killed and offers her son s savings which amounts to 4.30 to find the kil [...]

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