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The Father Hunt #2020

The Father Hunt Hired to locate Amy Denovo s long lost father Nero Wolfe and his assistant Archie Goodwin discover that the missing man has a deadly and dangerous secret to hide

  • Title: The Father Hunt
  • Author: Rex Stout Donald E. Westlake
  • ISBN: 9780553762976
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Father Hunt By Rex Stout Donald E. Westlake, Hired to locate Amy Denovo s long lost father, Nero Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin, discover that the missing man has a deadly and dangerous secret to hide.

    • [E-Book] ✓ The Father Hunt | BY ☆ Rex Stout Donald E. Westlake
      172 Rex Stout Donald E. Westlake
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    1. I want to make it clear from the beginning that the word hunt in the title is not used in the most common sense, so do not think this One of the recurring characters of the series is Archie Goodwin s girlfriend Lily Rowan She hired a secretary Amy Denovo for a temporary position who asked Archie to help her find her father one day Amy grew up with her mother who never told her daughter about her father before she was killed in hit and run accident Amy did not want to involve Nero Wolfe because s [...]

    2. Amy DeNovo, Lily Rowan s young assistant, wants Archie to help her find out who her father is The problem is an interesting one and even interesting in that it may very well be connected with her mother s hit and run death some months before This is one of the best of Wolfe s adventures, with many twists and turns, at least three vivid minor characters, and a satisfying denouement.

    3. Two and a half stars The businessmen were almost interchangeable, the plot and dialogue lacklustre Usually there are contemporary references that place each book firmly within its time period, but as other reviewers have said, this one feels much early 50s than late 60s In spite of Kramer barging into the house albeit with tacit permission , Fritz hardly gets a look in, being out most of the time Archie himself skims over interesting events with statements like I could tell you this in detail b [...]

    4. The interplay between Archie and Nero was great as usual which is why I love this book series as much as I do but this particular mystery was not my favorite The ending was a bit meh two stars Archie and Nero four stars so I averaged it out.

    5. Meh, meh meh, meh meh meh meh meh Meh.I don t pick up a Rex Stout novel for the mystery, which are generally non mysteries even in the best of his books Neither do I expect flashy deduction or carefully constructed logic that brings the reader to a satisfying d nouement I read them because they are simple pulpy fun, and the characterizations and dialogue are interesting and witty The Father Hunt is a late and tired episode that opens with a weak attempt to not build the story around a murder, th [...]

    6. This Nero Wolfe mystery begins with Lily Rowan s assistant, Amy Denovo, asking for Archie s help in finding her father Her mother has passed away from a hit and run incident without ever breathing a hint to Amy of her real father, so, with money collected from checks supposedly sent by the father, Amy hires Wolfe only the case is complicated when it looks like the hit and run might have been sinister.Although enjoyable, there are some minor quibbles with the plot in this one it feels as if the [...]

    7. Amy Denovo s mother chose her last name because it means of new, representing the clean break she made away from Amy s father She never spoke of her past to Amy and, though questioned, refused to divulge her father s identity That is, until the day she was killed in a hit and run incident Soon after, Amy finds a box filled with money and a note explaining that the money is from her mysterious father She uses this money to hire Nero Wolfe to dig into her mother s past and find her father.Another [...]

    8. Is this the greatest Nero Wolfe novel No But it is in my top ten of Wolfe novels sorted by reread frequency I admit that partly that s because I enjoy reading this through my alternate universe queer lens look, Lily Rowan always has attractive young women at her apartment, I AM JUST SAYING , but I also think this book is solid on the Wolfe formula All the gears are perfectly oiled The whole machine runs smoothly And it s a delight to watch that happen, and to read about the way these famliar cha [...]

    9. By the time this came out, the Wolfe pattern was so well established that it s almost flawless In this one, Archie makes a bunch of admitted mistakes, Wolfe sends orchids to an admirably forthright witness, and Stebbins ransacks Archie s desk Dialogue Archie If the payments had nothing to do with Amy, why did Elinor keep it, every century of it, for her Wolfe Women are random clusters of vagaries Archie Who said that Wolfe I did BTW, at least four women in the book are much than random clusters [...]

    10. Stout, Rex THE FATHER HUNT 1968 Amy Denovo approached Archie Goodwin with a job Her mother had just been killed by a hit and run driver and Amy inherited nearly a quarter of a million dollars It seems that her father whom Amy never knew sent her mother 1,000 per month for many years Mom never touched any of it Amy s assignment to Archie and Nero Wolfe find my mother s killer and find my father This was a good case for our famous duo.

    11. Attractive young Amy Denovo has never known her father She can t ask her mother about him, because her mother is dead But she can use the money that was sent to her mother each month to hire Nero Wolfe to investigate Amy s mother was secretive in her life, and left few clues in her death Then Wolfe starts wondering if her death was really as accidental as it looks.

    12. A difficult mystery for Wolfe and Archie but after great effort that find the father Though in the end, the client may have been happier to have never known Again strong characters, and in this story, some really nasty ones.

    13. This was your basic Nero Wolfe tale Its not one of the best but its still a fun romp with all the usual elements What bothered me the most was how the who dun it was basically absent as the culprit was not in the book until the last few pages The plot Is also a bit too simplistic and the investigation goes nowhere until the end The way Wolfe cracks the case is also not very enjoyable He basically interrogates a character for hours in the desperate hope than in mundane facts of the days prior to [...]

    14. Where the early books always ended with the traditional setting in Wolfe s office, with all the suspects gathered, and the startling exposure of the murderer, one of the things I like about these later books is that they don t do that Often the murderer is known long before the end of the book, and its other questions that keep the reader guessing.

    15. Stout s later novels are much better than e.g Christie s later works, and I would caution people against missing out on his later works simply on account of the fact that he kept writing pretty much to the end Stout was than 80 years old when this novel was published, but it s a very decent story, well written.

    16. Nero and Archie are at it again This time the are searching for the long lost father of a lovely young woman What seems to be a simple case winds up being complicated and murderous

    17. I don t want it to end I think Stout s plots are getting clearer and the human interest greater as he ages, now at 78.

    18. Amy Denovo wants to find her father The trouble is, she doesn t know who he is, what he does, or where he lives All she knows is that her mother received checks for 1000 every month from Amy s birth until her mother s death in a hit and run accident a few months back But was it really an accident Wolfe and Archie chase lead after lead in an attempt to track down the long lost father, determined to find an answer Whether Amy likes the answer she gets well, that remains to be seen.The story itself [...]

    19. One of my favorite Stouts Wolfe and Goodwin are both in good form, and Wolfe doesn t solve the mystery through a restaging of the event or an outright deception, which always seems a bit of a cheat to me Rex Stout s Nero Wolfe series is one of my favorites anywhere, anytime As a teenager, I obsessively enjoyed Glen Cook s Garrett Files books It wasn t til I came across Nero Wolfe that I realized how much Cook had outright lifted from these stories the plots were unveiled recastings of Chandler s [...]

    20. 22 year old Amy DiNovo s not sure about the spelling mother has been killed by a car, and Amy approaches Nero Wolfe through his assistant Archie Goodwin to find out who her father is and maybe if her mother was murdered She offers thousands of dollars in cash, which she discovered in her mother s locker at work, along with a note that said the money came from Amy s father 1000 a month since she was born, but her mother never touched it Amy knows nothing of her mother s life before her own birth [...]

    21. A car swerves up onto the sidewalk and ends a mother s life Her daughter then receives and opens a Pandora s Box of a case 1 4 of a million dollars is in the box and a letter from her mother saying this money is from your father Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin must find their way through a web of aliases and secrets going back generations SPOILERS DRAWN ON A BANK CHECKCover Art Nicely done, I think.If you missed it, when I called this a Pandora s Box of a case I meant that Literally.That should be [...]

    22. Odd combination of a private eye voice with a Sherlock Holmes type story I do not care for it, but can understand why the series is popular It probably helps to know the characters well, because the bits of petty one upmanship between the protagonists is likely to enthrall those who read Stout for these moments The same is true for the condescension to the incompetent and officious police The story annoyed me because it could very nearly have skipped from the first chapter to the midway point if [...]

    23. 43 in the Nero Wolfe series This entry was published in 1968 and while the flavor of the series has been consistant throughout, except for prices, the writing is much fluid and not as dated as the early entries starting in 1934 or even when Archie was a Major in Army Intelligence in the wartime Not Quite Dead Enough 1944.Nero Wolfe series Amy Denovo, a young woman assisting Lily Rowan, hires Nero Wolfe because she must find out who her father is, or was After her mother was killed in a recent h [...]

    24. It wasn t till I finished reading this good book that I realised the point of The Father Hunt is in the title the hunt Not the solution, this time And in that it s a gem But I will say that the holes at the end, or incomplete answers, left me feeling a bit cheated That s why I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars On the other hand, I can make up a story to fill in the big why, something I used to enjoy doing way back when I was a young reader This edition is supposed to include letters from Rex Stout s [...]

    25. Nero Wolfe is one of my favorite foodie detectives Quite a niche, eh In this caper he solves the mystery involves a missing father I hope I didn t ruin anything The reading of this audio book was just ok I don t think the actor chosen had quite the right voice to portray Archie Baldwin who narrates the entire story, but he did put a little effort into different voices for each of the characters Much as I did when my father read me bedtime stories, I think different voices for each character is v [...]

    26. Nero Wolfe, at Archie s urging, takes the case of a young woman who desires to find her father, a man she has never known Her curiosity peaked after her mother died, victim of a hit and run, and left her with a letter and a suitcase full of money The money had been received monthly over the years from a third party on behalf of her father When Nero begins to investigate, he discovers that the mother s accident may have been murder and that the two cases overlap, much to Inspector Cramer s unhapp [...]

    27. Then he switched from meat to words and said it was miscalled shish kebab It should be seekh kebab He spelled it That was what it was called in India, where it originated In Hindi or Urdu a seekh is a thin iron rod with a loop at one end and a point at the other, and a kebab is a meatball.I m truly impressed by an American writer to have known this about food from some 13,000 miles away back in 1950 60s.

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