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Death of a Dude #2020

Death of a Dude Sedentary sleuth Nero Wolfe and his sidekick Archie Goodwin leave West Thirty fifth Street for a Montana dude ranch to clear an innocent man of a murder charge

  • Title: Death of a Dude
  • Author: Rex Stout Don Coldsmith
  • ISBN: 9780553762952
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death of a Dude By Rex Stout Don Coldsmith, Sedentary sleuth Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie Goodwin, leave West Thirty fifth Street for a Montana dude ranch to clear an innocent man of a murder charge.

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      361 Rex Stout Don Coldsmith
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    1. Archie, while visiting gal pal Lily Rowan s Montana estate, takes a leave of absence from his job with Wolfe in order to clear Lily s foreman from a charge of murder Wolfe, rather than be deprived of his invaluable assistant, endures the perils of plane flight and canned tomato soup in order to get his trusty Dr Watson back home The plot s not much, but it is serviceable, and Nero roughing it in the Wild West is something no Rex Stout fan will want to miss.

    2. I would like to ask a quick question before I begin speaking about plot what is dude Please do not use a dictionary I will explain this in terms of popular movies and this would probably be the first time I tried to describe a book using unrelated movies So the first idea of dude is probably this one The second idea coming to mind when somebody mentions the word is usually the following The definition the book uses however is this In other word, city slickers For another bit of trivia very amusi [...]

    3. Il mio esordio con Nero Wolfe non stato dei pi felici Conosco il personaggio dai telefilm, ricordo che Tino Buazzelli lo interpret tanti anni fa ne ho visto qualche scena su youtube, non ricordo lo sceneggiato , e recentemente la Rai ha mandato in onda un altra serie di Nero Wolfe, qualche volta mi capitato di dargli un occhiata e mi sono fatta un idea su che tipo mastodontico, misogino, casalingo, ombroso, antipatico Ho ritrovato queste caratteristiche nel Nero Wolfe e il caso dei mirtilli , ch [...]

    4. This was a nice chance of pace since Archie was in Lamehorse, Montana and the murder happened when a dude was picking huckleberries Nero Wolfe leaves New York and faces a completely different lifestyle He doesn t like not being in charge.

    5. Interesting that this was published in 1958 but takes place in 1968 Nero and Archie in Montana, near Helena Archie doesn t call him but Nero shows up and goes to work Poor Archie in jail again The smart remarks are toned down in this story and Nero is a much nicer person than normal He even takes his shoes and socks off and gets his feet wet in the creek.

    6. Talk about a fish out of water Nero Wolfe in Montana When a man is killed near Lily Rowan s ranch, and Archie is ineffective getting the populace to talk, Nero leaves his creature comforts and arrives in Montana to help well to get Archie to come home really, but if he has to solve the murder, so be it Add in a couple of lawyers, a rude sheriff, a fascinating character named Woody and several trout and you ve got yourself a Nero Wolfe mystery to savor

    7. DEATH OF A DUDE 1969 Rex Stout Allthough Stout drops you into the middle of a case, it eventually comes clear what is really happening Archie, Wolfe s assistant and full time wise guy, is in Montana at the Bar JR ranch, working on the shooting death of Philip Brodell Brodell seduced Alma Greve about a year ago and took off to the hills Now he has returned, after Alma had the child Soon after his return, he was found dead from a shot in the back on a huckleberry picking expedition Alma s father [...]

    8. 44 in the Nero Wolfe series Nearing the end of his career, Stout comes up with a show stopper Wolfe leaves his NYC, W 35th St brownstone for one of his very few acceptable reasons, in this case rescuing Archie Goodwin This 1969 novel takes place entirely away from home and to the best of my recollection this is the first time that happens since Too Many Cooks 1938 and Some Buried Caesar 1939 , s 5 6 in the series.Nero Wolfe series Archie Goodwin was on vacation at Lily Rowen s ranch when her for [...]

    9. This is a complex book in which Archie Goodwin That is the main character and the detective s assistant , is forced to stay in Montana instead of returning to his beloved New York to get a friend charged with murder out of jail This so annoys Nero Wolfe Archie s Detective , that he leaves his house for the first time in six years This book is full of elements of intriuge, mystery, and local politics It seems short, but it is fairly complecated, and is not your average detective story It is nearl [...]

    10. Boy, is this ever a different kind of Nero Wolfe book There s no brownstone, barely any fine cooking, no orchids, and most amazing of all, Wolfe is out and about The book is set in Montana, so Wolfe having to travel is a given But it s fun to read how Wolfe conducts himself and copes with this unexpected turn of events.Archie Goodwin really comes into his own here, and we get a deeper glimpse into his private life than we normally would A thoroughly enjoyable read for Goodwin fans like me.

    11. Its all in the timing but if you ve never read a Nero Wolfe book don t start with this one If you ve read 3 4 of them I d still suggest waiting There s something about having read most of the books in the series that makes this that much enjoyable and Stout probably knew it when he wrote it Where as The Black Mountain involved heavy travel by Wolfe it was much serious and personal, this is strict whimsy and all the better for it.

    12. Sorry to give such a low rating to this Rex Stout mystery, but it didn t deliver like previous efforts The language wasn t there, nor were Archie s great observations about women fun , and the mystery was just flat.

    13. On aivan poikkeuksellista, ett ylipainoinen etsiv Nero Wolfe poistuu kotoaan ty asioissa Nyt kuitenkin k y niin, ett h n matkustaa New Yorkista Montanan Lame Horseen, jossa h nen apulaisensa Archie Goodwin viett palkatonta lomaansa yst v tt rens Lily Rowanin karjatilalla Karjatilan hoitaja on pantu tyrm n ep iltyn kes vieraansa murhasta t m kun oli ensin onnistunut saamaan tilanhoitajan tytt ren raskaaksi.Kes vieraan kuolema irvailee maalais eriffien lynlahjoille ja heid n kyvytt myydelleen selv [...]

    14. Few literary characters were as ripe for a fish out of water story as Nero Wolfe This in part because, outside of his New York brownstone he was out of water almost anywhere A ranch in Montana than fills the bill Archie goes there every year with gal pal Lily Rowan but of course there is a murder Ordinarily, that would not begin to interest Wolfe but pain the prospect of Archie staying in Montana until the murder is solved and gain succulent trout from a nearby stream combine to move him from h [...]

    15. Archie is visiting Lily at her ranch when one of her employees is charged in a murder Believing him to be innocent, Archie decides to investigate and refuses to return to Manhattan until the evidence proves otherwise His decision does not sit well with Nero Wolfe, who travels to Montana to speed up the process The investigation is slow going, as the locals do not take well to outside dudes invading their territory.

    16. It s summertime, and Archie s out Montana way living the good life with the well heeled and playful Lily Rowan, who just so happens to own a ranch and a couple thousand head of cattle It was supposed to be a vacation, but we know better, and before long Archie s up to his eyeballs in murder Everybody seems to think Lily s ranch foreman Harvey bumped off the no account city slicker who got his daughter pregnant, but Archie s convinced that Harvey would never shoot a man in the back Still, knowing [...]

    17. Archie Goodwin is out at Lily Rowan s ranch when her foreman is accused of murder A dude at the ranch got the foreman s daughter pregnant But would he shoot a man in the back while he was out picking huckleberries Even in the wild west where the shooting of a two legged varmit wouldn t be too frowned upon Archie can t believe it and can t pry a clue out of anyone He sends a letter to Nero Wolfe that he won t come back until the case is solved To get Goodwin back, Wolfe must travel to Montana and [...]

    18. Tym razem akcja powie ci przenosi si do ma ej miejscowo ci turystycznej, gdzie Archie lubi sp dza urlop Niestety sielankowy nastr j przerywa wie o morderstwie jednego z turyst w O zbrodnie t zostaje oskar ony m gospodyni Archiego Detektyw przekonany o jego niewinno ci postanawia zosta d u ej i rozejrze si Wysy a list do swojego szefa Nero z informacj , e nie zamierza jeszcze wraca do pracy Jest to wida informacja tak niezwyk a, e Nero Wolfe postanawia zaj si t spraw Niespodziewanie zjawia si na [...]

    19. 44 in the Nero Wolfe series, set in 1968 on Lily Rowan s ranch in Montana and this is not one of Stout s best It is mainly remarkable for the fact that once again, Nero Wolfe is moved to leave not only his brownstone, but the state of New York, when Archie tells him he s taking a leave of absence to get a ranch hand off a murder charge The ranch hand is a character from an earlier novel about rodeo stars in New York But nothing much happens in the book most of it is spent with Archie telling us [...]

    20. So, Death of a Dude finds Archie Goodwin in Montana doubting the guilt of Harvey Greve foreman of Lily Rowan s Bar JR Ranch Greve has been accused of the murder of a dude from St Louis Archie who has been on vacation with Ms Rowan informs Nero Wolfe that he ll be staying on in Montana on an indefinite leave of absence to clear the matter up Wolfe s distaste at the thought of being without his right hand man outweighs his distaste for travel and he travels to Montana to take things in hand so Arc [...]

    21. I usually enjoy when Stout takes Archie and Wolfe out of the brownstone, and this book is a good read, but while the writing is good, and the setting is well done, this book was a bit of a let down for me.For one thing, you will not solve this mystery before Wolfe In most of the Wolfe books I ve read even when I don t lean towards a suspect before he s unmasked as the killer, there s usually a time, somewhere in the book, that, when I read it again, I can say, ah, here s where he slipped The vil [...]

    22. This is far from being a classic Nero Wolfe mystery.The only reason to read it rests on the unique circumstance that in order to solve the mystery, Wolfe has to leave not only his home almost unthinkable but the state of New York entirely utterly unthinkable and bunk down in a ranch house in Montana As you can imagine, sans his big boy chair, orchid house and the incomparable gastronomic creations of Fritz three times a day, the oversized detective becomes than a little discomposed.Sadly, despi [...]

    23. I have a feeling this was a case of picking up the wrong book in a long running series I read this Nero Wolfe story because the series was recommended to me, but it was so disappointing I doubt I ll read another There s no there there Perfunctory plot since the main characters have decided the guy in jail isn t the murderer, someone else in town is Time to line up some suspects, who are little than names on a page No characterization No motives Just figure out who doesn t have an airtight alibi [...]

    24. I had high hopes for this one, but it was flatter than Frankenstein s head and about half as interesting The big reveal of whodunnit was a major anti climax That s kinda a big deal in a Nero Wolfe mystery I did appreciate that Wolfe is taken out of the brownhouse and put in a setting ripe for a few sniggers but not much else Even Wolfe seems bored by this one There s a lot of promises by no real payoff.I ve only read a baker s dozen or so of the Nero Wolfe books including a couple pastiches but [...]

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