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Beneath a Marble Sky #2020

Beneath a Marble Sky In seventeenth century Hindustan the reigning emperor grieving over the death of his beloved wife commissions the construction of the Taj Mahal as a monument to their lasting relationship in an ac

  • Title: Beneath a Marble Sky
  • Author: John Shors
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beneath a Marble Sky By John Shors, In seventeenth century Hindustan, the reigning emperor, grieving over the death of his beloved wife, commissions the construction of the Taj Mahal as a monument to their lasting relationship, in an account narrated by Princess Jahanara, the couple s daughter, who embarks on a love affair with the architect of the landmark.

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      387 John Shors
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    1 thought on “Beneath a Marble Sky

    1. I picked up Beneath A Marble Sky because of the cover I m so glad I did BAMS is a near perfect story Love, hate, betrayal, intrigue, duty, honor, played out against the magnificent backdrop of Agra, India, the city of the Taj Mahal, I fell in love with this story from page one.Told in first person from Jahanara s point of view, I must confess to being pleasantly surprised that a male author could write a female character so well.Perhaps that s a bit strong What I mean is that Shors does an excel [...]

    2. This is a love story based in 17th century Hindustan but not just your average love story Finally, a love story author that portrays a woman in a positive light Not just hopelessly in love but also intelligent, loyal to her family and her father s empire , truly selfless and very realistic with all of her emotional ups and downs This drama has the main character battling brothers and a disastrous arranged marriage, all the while fulfilling the needs of her father and trying to maintain a relatio [...]

    3. Beneath a Marble Sky is much too much about a royal daughter s dutiful life of self sacrifice she practically gets ecstatic when she discovers a sacrifice situation actually than I could accept The combination of silly pointless self sacrifices and the way her breathless love in the shadows unfolded struck me as impossibly bizarre She did so very little to protect herself at important junctures, in the name of love It also appeared to me she often relied heavily on the kindness or wisdom of men [...]

    4. i do not recommend this book, as it could give the reader an inaccurate picture of what life was like back then in addition the author has taken a number of liberties with the historical characters the writing is very simplistic and leaves you feeling like you are reading a teenage romance novel.

    5. I m still in rapture over this novel, it just was written with such perfection The perfect read for any historical fiction fan A concise and sweeping story, eloquently told A tale of adventure, passion, and a journey into an intelligent and daring 17th Century daughter of the emperor Jaha s struggle is a precarious one, caught between forbidden love, sibling rivalries and duty A powerful thrilling edge of the seat page turner It taught me new things about the intricacies of architecture in 17th [...]

    6. This is one of the most amazing books I ve ever read I am fascinated by books about other cultures This historical fiction pick is set in India at the time the Taj Mahal was being built.It delves into history, there s a love story, family struggles, drama, intrigue This book has it all I originally selected it because I ran a feature story on my newscast about the author, who will either call in to your book club, or, if your book club is big enough, he will make an appearance at your book club [...]

    7. I was kind of disappointed that most of it is fiction or at least the most important parts that form the basis of the story You are thought to believe that this is based on a true story, but it is highly embellished, and culturally inaccurate in many cases It kind of ruined the mystery of the Mughal Empire, the Taj Mahal, etc for me It is an easy read though, and somewhat entertaining, so if you like these sorts of love stories but on the side of a melodramatic soap opera then you ll probably e [...]

    8. I love historical fiction because I feel like I m learning something while entertaining myself, which is great since I never paid attention in Social Studies in high school I saw this book described online as historical romance, and if you think of it like that, it s easier to stomach a lot of the nonsense in here For instance, this is the kind of story where the main characters literally chase one another through fields of wheat, frolic on the sand, and make love beneath the stars Regardless, i [...]

    9. I found this book pretty fascinating as well as disturbingd not in a good way I have noticed that since having children, I don t do well with violence in books This book has some pretty blatant violence in it that was hard for me to read I m sure it really isn t THAT bad, I just am ultra sensitive to it, especially when it has to do with children there is a lot of castration and war and executions etc I had to read another light book while reading this one because it affected me so much John Sho [...]

    10. A historical epic saga filled with deceit, betrayal, love and a soul searing passion that had me mesmerized Brother set against brother, fighting for power and a place in history A sister caught between two brothers and trapped in a loveless, brutal marriage A Father incarcerated for 10 years by his own son Yet in spite all the pain and suffering, a love emerges that transcends the bitterness Not for the faint of heart, but truly an enjoyable read Definitely a love story, not a romance At 342 pa [...]

    11. Gdje je ljubav nestala Postovanje, iskrenost i kultura Hvala sto postoji ova prica koja govori bas o tome 4,5 jer je definitivno preduga Komotno je moglo barem 100 stranica manje

    12. What a beautiful book So gracefully written, so emotional without over doing it, it absorbed me from the first few pages.There were absolutely some unpleasant situations, but I felt that they were handled as gently and tactfully as possible They only increased the feeling that the main character narrator Princess Jahanara was a woman of great strength and integrity I loved that there were no loose ends left at the end of the story This book encapsulated the lives of the people in it, in almost t [...]

    13. After really enjoying Shors Temple of a Thousand Faces, the ficionalized, but well researched story of Cambodia s Ankhor Wat, I have wanted to read this book about the Taj Mahal It did not disappoint The story is told by the clever Princess Jahanara, eldest daughter of Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved Mumtaz Mahal, describing the treacherous battle for succession in India, her loveless politically arranged marriage, and her falling in love with the architect of the mausoleum for her deceased m [...]

    14. A melodramatic tale that plays fast and loose with historical accuracy and the reader s patience I knew going in this would probably not enjoy this book, but I hoped I might anyway Forbidden love and angst are two things I like to avoidbut India The Taj Mahal Historical fiction Political intrigue Had to be worth trying, right Ehhh, not so much I didn t learn much about the creation of the Taj Mahal and I m skeptical of the little I did learn The characters are either Good or Evil Good characters [...]

    15. O izgradnji Taj Mahala manje vi e svi znamo a ova je pri a ispri ana iz kuta Jahanare, k eri hindustanskog cara Shaha Jahana i carice Mumtaz Mahal To je pri a o mu karcu koji je zbog smrti svoje voljene odlu io izgraditi veli anstveni mauzolej, kao simbol njihove velike ljubavi Pri a je to i o nesretnoj eni udatoj po carevoj naredbi, koja se nije bojala zaljubiti unato zakonima koji za preljub imaju samo jednu kaznu smrt Mnogi se boje smrti Ali ja ne Jer sam osjetila jedinstvo koje zovemo ljubav [...]

    16. What s, NOT to LOVE about Beneath The Marble Sky It has the feeling of Pillars of the Earth without being a thousand pages long and without THOSE Pillers which by the way, Pillars one of my favorite books, as I love Ken Follett s historical fiction books The Taj Mahal is nothing to be shy about Have you been I have Its BREATH TAKING with its white marble semi precious stones, calligraphy and cavings, and of course that amazing teardrop c This little book 344 pages is cheaper than the flight to I [...]

    17. Just as precious jewels crowned the Taj Mahal, author John Shors has created a jewel and an impressive novel of love, honor, and betrayal I think I ve fallen in love with the author of this book This book is so beautifully written, the language so concise and meaningful For me, the novel was a fabulous reminder of how love truly should have no boundaries One of the messages and teachings in the storyline is that to deny love is to deny God I loved Jahanara s father, the Emperor, and what he did [...]

    18. After having read favorable reviews, I was looking forward to this book I am not very well versed in the history of early India so this would be a learning experience for me And indeed the tale of the conception and construction of the Taj Mahal was fascinating The struggle for power among siblings and the ensuing brutal wars between Muslim and Hindi people was interesting as well But I really struggled to stay focused and finish this book There was sooo very much excessively descriptive languag [...]

    19. Journey to dazzling seventeenth century Hindustan, where the reigning emperor, consumed with grief over the tragic death of his beloved wife, commissioned the building of a grand mausoleum as a testament to the marvel of their love This monument would soon become known as the Taj Mahal a sight famous around the world for its beauty and the emotions it symbolizes Princess Jahanara, the courageous daughter of the emperor and his wife, tells their mesmerizing tale, while sharing her own parallel st [...]

    20. I enjoyed reading this book, but I really struggled as to the rating Wanting to see detailed pictures of the Taj Mahal after reading about it, I did a little research While I am totally okay with and expect fiction when I read historical fiction, I think this novel might be stretching the limits.This is a love story between a princess and the architect of the Taj Mahal, her mother s tomb It is a forbidden love, as she is married to another man Apparently, the princess in question never married, [...]

    21. Princess Jahanara falls in love with the builder of the Taj Mahal Her father commissioned the building after the death of Jahanara s mother She is wed to a brutal man Later her father realizes his mistake and helps her and Isa in their love Her brothers are at odds, one being gentle and bookish, the other a great warrior albeit with little mercy in his soul.I think the author s ability to get into the mind and heart of a woman outstanding.I found the descriptions of the wars in this period and t [...]

    22. I read this book for my Historical Favorites Book Group This was my review on Historical Fiction at its Finest This historical fiction is about the story behind the building of the Taj Mahal, which was built to honor Mughal Empress Mumtaz Maha It s the saga of her family and is told by the central character Jahanara, the daughter of the Mughal emperor It is a story of love, honor, and betrayal.This book is exquisite Shor s deftly colors each page with breathtaking prose and breaths live into the [...]

    23. I am a fan of historical fiction and this is set in India against the backdrop of a Hindustan empire In this first person narrative, Shors does a great job of portraying a true picture of India during the era of the Taj Mahal Readers witness the story through the eyes of Jahanara, the princess We meet all the characters as they come to life, adding to the story s realism The sacrifices, romances, political battles, and power struggles that they face add depth to this novel Readers feel as if the [...]

    24. This book taught me a thing or two, made me cry, and made me cheer for the characters What a story I had never read anything about the Taj Mahal or the Hindu and Muslim cultures and I was fascinated This was truly a great love story I very much recommend this one Thank you Teri for loaning it to me

    25. Great book A story of the building of the Taj Mahal through the life of the daughter of the Emperor A love story, a historical fiction and very well done The life at court is similar to The Other Bolyn Girl which was also very well done

    26. I read about 110 pages, and this one is just not working for me I m not sure why, but I just don t feel transported I think perhaps I can see too much of the author s striving in the writing I wouldn t discourage others from reading it, but it s just not for me, I guess.

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