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Queen of the Night #2020

Queen of the Night J A Jance is among the best if not the best Chattanooga TimesIn Queen of the Night New York Times bestselling author J A Jance brings back the Walker family introduced in Hour of the Hunter terroriz

  • Title: Queen of the Night
  • Author: J.A. Jance
  • ISBN: 9780061239243
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Queen of the Night By J.A. Jance, J.A Jance is among the best if not the best Chattanooga TimesIn Queen of the Night, New York Times bestselling author J.A Jance brings back the Walker family introduced in Hour of the Hunter, terrorized in Kiss of the Bees, and last seen in Day of the Dead A multilayered thriller, gripping and unforgettable evocatively set in the breathtaking Arizona desert Queen of J.A Jance is among the best if not the best Chattanooga TimesIn Queen of the Night, New York Times bestselling author J.A Jance brings back the Walker family introduced in Hour of the Hunter, terrorized in Kiss of the Bees, and last seen in Day of the Dead A multilayered thriller, gripping and unforgettable evocatively set in the breathtaking Arizona desert Queen of the Night is a chilling tale of murder past and present that connects and devastates three separate families.

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    1. Find Diane Walker working on her latest book and retired Brandon Walker trying to stay busy with TLC The Last Chance Spending most of his time going back and forth between ailing fellow TLC detective and longtime friend trying to find the answers to a very old case and his wife who seems to be having some struggles of her own The newest of the murder rampages falls to Brian Fellows to look at with the help of the border patrol officer Dan Pardee that found the bodies The four bodies were found o [...]

    2. Queen of the Night A Novel of Suspense is the fourth in the Walker family series This series has always struck me as a bit darker and grittier than Jance s other series, but with Queen of the Night she seems to have written a intricate suspense novel that takes the focus off of the evil deeds of the bad guys and places it on the connections between characters The resultant beauty in those connections and the blessings that can come out of tragic events and circumstances is a major focus in this [...]

    3. This is the first book I ve read by J A Jance Queen of the Night is actually 4 in a series, but reading out of order never dismays me I believe that books ought to stand on their own If they don t, it s not my responsibility to remedy the situation by reading other books I will only read books by the author if I am hooked by the first one I tried That s why I m so careful about my choice of first read by an author The Queen of the Night has a story line that deals with the legends and customs o [...]

    4. Well, written, and it made me sweat I lived in Arizona for 1 1 2 years and worked in the heat, I could feel it I do not normally read murder mysteries except for the Winspear Daisie Dobbs series I thoroughly enjoyed her characters but it really bothers me that these murders actually do go on and I can only hope that no one is inspired by reading methods our talented writers think of Strange line of thoughts I know, but I was married to a policeman and came to believe that people with troubled mi [...]

    5. Another great book by JA Jance Unlike her other two suspense series, I wouldn t classify Queen of the Night as completely falling into the suspense category I classify this one as half suspense and half family drama Besides the suspense of her other crime series, the Walker Family series shows a lot of the family dynamics at work with the main characters of the book I also enjoy reading about the Tohono O odham culture.

    6. This is my first Jance novel I know she s a well received author who has garnered a lot of acclaim I like a lot of the aspects of this novel This is very character driven, and it tells a story of how a senseless crime can affect a lot of people I feel the character element in this one is very strong That being said, the characters are plentiful, with some building off previous novels This one can stand alone, but I do feel a lot of attention must be paid to the backstory built in the early going [...]

    7. Great suspense in this story made up of murders from the past and present I love the way she builds up to the present day crime by taking us through the actions of those involved in the hours leading up to it, once again giving us terrific character development The final pages keep you glued to the book I m so glad I stuck with this series I didn t really care for the first two books, but the subsequent ones have been well worth the wait

    8. I did enjoy this book This is the second book, I have read about the Tohono O odham people I would love to see the Queen of the Night.

    9. This is the fourth installment of J A Jance s Walker Family series.This may be my favorite Jance book to date It has all of what has become a trademark of this series a moderate build up with a fast paced climactic ending, great story telling, mixing of Papago mythology and culture and great character development.The start of this story was unique in that three different crimes that happened decades apart are eventually intertwined and become related and relevant to the main focus of the book Th [...]

    10. This is my first J A Jance book, and I have to say I was quite impressed It won t be my last I went to her website and was delighted by her comments about the books she s written I thought if her books were as clever I d been missing out on something I was right This is the fourth in her Walker series, but she was able to catch me up so that I didn t feel left out There are a lot of characters but she manages to pull everything together at the end I want to go back and catch up with some of the [...]

    11. This is Ms Jance s best work yet She has picked up the torch dropped with the death of Tony Hillerman She successfully weaves a story of the Night Blooming Cereus Queen of the Night from an ancient Apache legend into a modern day crime spree.The settings are realistically portrayed, the characters developed thoroughly, the dialogue believable However, as impressed as I was with the story, I don t think 93 degrees Fahrenheit is high enough to get concerned with I also had a problem with the table [...]

    12. This book started off way too slow for me There were multiple character stories being introduced quickly in short segments that were not chronological I felt like I needed to take notes on the dates, times, locations, and temperatures that headed off each segment I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters or their stories at first Eventually, things picked up, some of the threads started weaving together, and finally the plot moved smoothly.There is one main thread that links some [...]

    13. I really liked this book I listen to all the books I read and I enjoyed the beginning of each part that tells the temperature I loved the Tohono O Odham Nation part of the story, enough so that I researched it on my own The descriptions of the Arizona desert made me feel like I was there Many characters but they all tie in.

    14. This series by Jance is surpassing the JP Beaumont series in personal popularitye characters have grown on me and as always Jance can turn out a great yarnIt possibly has a lot to do with the family values that permeate it s entire lengthFUN, FUN, FUN

    15. I enjoyed this book I really like this author Sorry, so details on the book, but I love the characters and story lines,

    16. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time can be catastrophic Stumbling on the wrong scene at the right time can change your life forever This book is billed as a multi layered thriller and I can attest to that fact It begins in California, where a man slaughters his entire family, and the family dog who rips into his hand trying to save its master Then the murderer drives to Tucson, Arizona where he stakes out his mother and step father, carefully learning their moves.This all takes place as t [...]

    17. This was a quick read and very good Because some of the characters are Indian, there are some native stories that tie in with the mystery That was interesting Queen of the night is an Arizona flower that blooms only one night a year Abby and her husband went to see one of the flowers when a man with a gun killed them He also murders a young couple who was there for the same reason What he didn t bargain for was the young couple s four year old daughter was in hiding Dan Pardee, a Border Patrol o [...]

    18. Extra good Me Jance s novels continue to get better and better This book could well be my favorite It s a good mystery, it has terrific characters and it s complicated All the most important ingredients necessary I wish I hadn t read it so fast because I want it to still be going on However, it was so good that I couldn t stop reading I want Thank you for writing such wonderful books I have read all of her books, as far as I know and I hope she keeps writing for many years I am from Arizona, s [...]

    19. Entirely too predictable Shallow character development Ridiculously phrased, atrocious dialogue A struggle to finish reading, and I only did because of my book club Doubt I ll read this author s work further.

    20. This was a really enjoyable read Jance has created some great characters and you can t help getting emotionally involved This is a book of several mysteries stirred into the pot of Native American tribal lore and old fashioned police work Well done

    21. Took me long enough to finish this Its story is interesting But, since there are so so many characters with their own paths that intersect one another in the endI found this book a burden to read than an entertaining one I start really enjoy it on the last quarter of the book.

    22. The only reason I didn t give it a higher rating is because I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters This is the first Walker Family book that I read.

    23. This is a great collection,I just updated my READ list and found I have read all but the newest book Waiting for the next one

    24. In all honesty, I started reading this book before having read any of Jance s other novels After a chapter or two, it was clear the author expected you to have some prior knowledge of the characters the typical bring you up to speed mini character bios common in later series books, just weren t cutting the mustard A little bit of research identified my problem 3 prior books in this series Thankfully, to my rescue Now after having read the other 3, I restarted and found the book much enjoyable a [...]

    25. It s summer and a very important event for the Tohono O odham Nation in Arizona is about to occur the annual, one night only blossoming of the Queen of the Night flower In the events leading up to this, a man kills his wife and children and then sets off to shoot his mother and stepfather and ends up killing than he planned collateral damage he calls it Dr Lani Walker is on call when Dan Pardee, border patrol and half Apache, historidal enemies of the Tohono O odham Nation, brings in the lone, [...]

    26. I slogged my way through the end of this tiresome book hoping it would pick up, but it never did It needed serious editing Maybe I would feel differently if I had read the prior books in the series, but in my view, a book should be able to be read as a stand alone, even if it is part of a series I needed a flow chart to keep track of the characters, and this made it hard for me to get emotionally invested in any of them The villain is a yawn, and not particularly clever or interesting The entire [...]

    27. 4 in the Diana Ladd Brandon Walker series This may be the last book in the series with Ladd discontinuing her writing and taking up pottery a traditional Indian occupation for old ladies and Walker talking of this as his final case Then again, the novel features adopted daughter Lani Walker, half Apache border patrolman, and Lani s orphaned cousin rejected by the same tribal members who rejected her Also featured is Brian Fellows, a homicide cop who was like a son to Brandon Fellows The series m [...]

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