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La Famille Petitplats #2020

La Famille Petitplats When Mrs Wobble is fired from her job for wobbling the young Wobbles figure out a way to overcome her problem

  • Title: La Famille Petitplats
  • Author: Allan Ahlberg Janet Ahlberg
  • ISBN: 9782070505234
  • Page: 416
  • Format: None
  • La Famille Petitplats By Allan Ahlberg Janet Ahlberg, When Mrs Wobble is fired from her job for wobbling, the young Wobbles figure out a way to overcome her problem.

    • [¾ La Famille Petitplats || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Allan Ahlberg Janet Ahlberg]
      Allan Ahlberg Janet Ahlberg

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    1. Mrs Wobble the Waitress is an excellent book to read to primary school aged children particularly aged 5 It is about a waitress called Mrs Wobble and follows her life working in a restaurant where she unfortunately has troubles Mrs wobble tends to wobble alot when serving food to customers which leads to all sorts of disasters such as dropping a plate of jelly onto a customer She eventually dropped some food on to her Managers head eek which lead to her getting the sack Mrs Wobble was very upset [...]

    2. This book is about a waitress called Mrs Wobble who wobbles alot She get s herself into trouble because of her wobbling Mrs Wobble is very upset as a result of this Her family then come up with a plan to try and resolve the problem together This book is engaging and children will find it very funny Children will love the silly things that happen as a result of Mrs Wobble s uncontrollable wobbling The story is great and I like the way it is showing children that we are all unique and can have pro [...]

    3. I knew the author and was familiar with the title of the book, but it was only when I read the first page that it brought back memories of reading it in my early childhood.Mrs Wobble works in a caf as a waitress and has a name that fits her perfectly Unfortunately, being a waitress who wobbles when serving food does not go down well with everyone, especially not the caf manager who ends up with a jelly on his head Poor Mrs Wobble gets the sack Mrs Wobble s family try their best to comfort her bu [...]

    4. Mrs Wobble the waitress is a great book for young children It is written by Allan Ahlberg and is illustrated by Janet Ahlberg The story follows Mrs Wobble who works as waitress However, she isn t the greatest waitress as she has a bit of a problem she wobbles As a result of her unavoidable wobbling she drops a chicken on a customers hat and even drops jelly on her boss As a result Mrs wobble is fired and is left worried that her waitressing days are over However Mr wobble devises a clever plan a [...]

    5. This is a delightful story about a waitress called Mrs Wobble The only trouble was she wobbled when she served food to her customers One day Mrs Wobble wobbled with a bowl of soup The soup landed on a customer s dog Mrs wobble got the sack Feeling very sad her family decided to help her and they opened up their very own restaurant The story is told in a light hearted way and throughout the story you are hooked, just to see what happens next It is a funny story that i would keep on my book shelf. [...]

    6. Mrs Wobble the Waitress, by Allan Ahlberg,is a story about a waitress who cannot control her wobbling and as a result is always dropping food on customers and is getting told off by her manager at the restaurant Mrs Wobble eventually gets the sack after an episode where she dropped a jelly and it landed on her manager s head Instead,Mr and Mrs Wobble decide to set up their own cafe in their house, Wobbles Cosy Cafe The cafe is a huge success as the children, Miss and Master Wobble, are on had to [...]

    7. Happy Families series, what can I sayThroughout my younger years I have read them all Each and every one of them was a joy to read Mrs Wobble the Waitress is my younger sister s favourite book of the series, so I decided to re read it and then write a review.The story tells the tale of the Wobble family and how they triumph over Mrs Wobble s Wobbles as a family after she loses her beloved job The book is a lovely, fun tale of turning something that is seen as a negative into a positive with hard [...]

    8. I became completely obsessed with this book as a child and begged my parents to turn our flat into a restaurant They said no.

    9. The Happy Families series are simply written yet interesting for early readers As well as introducing a variety of occupations, there are diverse characters.

    10. Read this with my little girl as her bedtime story she really enjoyed hearing about Mrs Wobble who got fired for not being able to carry food.

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