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The Brothers K #2020

The Brothers K With his critically acclaimed The River Why David Duncan surprised the literary world Now nearly years later this astute author is sure to astound readers again with his sharp portrayal of a fam

  • Title: The Brothers K
  • Author: David James Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780385240031
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Brothers K By David James Duncan, With his critically acclaimed The River Why, David Duncan surprised the literary world Now, nearly 10 years later, this astute author is sure to astound readers again with his sharp portrayal of a family of baseball worshipping children and their neurotic small town reality to give voice and depth to an entire 1960s generation.

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    1. With an average rating of 4.40, it ll be hard to argue that this book is under appreciated But that s precisely what I intend to do To bolster my case, I ll be using graphs to display falsely precise measures in an attempt to gain credibility The real goal apart from the gimmick is to highlight the mix of traits this gem of a novel possesses, the combinations of which are rare and enticing For instance, many books are either strong on plot or strong on character development, but not so many are [...]

    2. Okay I have spent a lot of time trying to formulate a persuasive review for this book.I could tell you this that everyone I ve ever recommended it to who has read it has really, really loved it Many of them have bought extra copies for people they want to recommend it to Many of them have given this book to their parents, their brothers, and their best friends I could tell you this that it is each of my parents favorite novel as well, and that one of my most deeply imprinted memories of them as [...]

    3. It may be different for other people, but we in our green youth have to settle the eternal questions first.Ivan to Alyosha KaramazovLet s get clear, The Brothers K struck me out There are books which tell a story and then there are others, like The Brothers K, whose story resonates deep inside you in response to a call within the remotest nook of your inner being Either as an iron hand clutching relentlessly at your bowels or as a scorching eruption of pure and unadulterated love, the novel gets [...]

    4. Aside from having fictitious siblings an extra brother, and where in Ivan s name did those two twin sisters come from I must admit I enjoyed reading this book, based on my own family I recognized themes similar to those that so oppressed my actual brothers and me The references to baseball were enigmatic, but I decided to treat them as if a game of gorodki were being referred to This helped.Alexei Fyodorovich KaramazovI can t remember the last time I consumed so many pages of the same book in so [...]

    5. This was a very good book worthy of the highest rating and all the acclaim it has garnered Though basically the story of a family s struggle to cope with changing times during the turbulent 60s, I don t recall ever reading a work of fiction that better explores the consequences of religious extremism on family life That s serious subject matter, but the book is actually very funny with several laugh out loud moments.The novel features a mother who is a strict Seventh Day Adventist and fanaticall [...]

    6. Sigh This was one of the most satisfying books I ve read this year, and I m kind of sad now that it ended It was a wonderful heart warming, silly, uplifting, depressing, funny, soul crushing journey in the company of great characters, laugh out loud humor, multilayered stories, family love, history, baseball, war, religion, philosophy and 60 s era politics I cannot really express my admiration for the author s ability to show us how deep the love between the members of the Chance family runs, wi [...]

    7. The Brothers K is one of the best books I ve ever read This is the deceptively complex story of an American family A mother, father, four sons, and two daughters, growing up in the 50s and 60s Their childhoods shaped by the family s two passions baseball and religion Their adulthoods shaped by the family s own small bundle of insecurities and conflicts, and the overwhelming nightmare of Vietnam I m a Canadian agnostic who doesn t like baseball, and I loved it The story is brutally honest and unf [...]

    8. Okay I didn t love this book I wanted to I d heard great things But I didn t So sue me I know this is going to sound really lame, but here s the first thing LOTS of baseball I mean, I m not one to usually be bothered when the basic subject matter of a book is something I m not super interested in But so it is this time around I felt the book was often bogged down in explanation of the family s history with baseball, the history of baseball in general and I just didn t want to hear it I kept tell [...]

    9. I ve read this novel twice, and it only just got edged out by The Corrections as my favorite book of all time Like Franzen s novel, this is one of those mystical crossover books great fun for both boy and girl readers But while Franzen s writing is crystalline in quality and psycho putrid in tone, Duncan s novel is, yes, a masterpiece, both in its style and in its ability to convey emotionally such a wide range of family successes and disappointments It s some of the most inventive, artful conte [...]

    10. There is a lot of baseball in there because the father was a baseball player and various developments in his career are closely followed Later his sons too had failed Baseball careers with high school teams actually their baseball careers foreshadowed their failures to achieve what they could in life Besides there are a lot of baseball quotes.There are a lot of literature references too, mostly Russian the title nods to Dostoevsky s Brothers Karamazov, there are other nods too a character named [...]

    11. It may be different for other people, but we in our green youth have to settle the eternal questions first Quote from The Brothers Karamazov used to head a chapter in this novel I started this book after finishing The Art of Fielding Not wanting to leave that world, I thought this book would be a good follow up and though this novel is an American especially of the Pacific Northwest epic, while the other is an American specifically Midwestern sliver of time, I was right Here was another I didn t [...]

    12. The praise that this novel continues to attract mystifies me Its protracted, rambling narrative about the various members of a wholly uninteresting family felt phony to me from its first word Only a long list of laudatory reviews kept me reading in the hope that The Brothers K would get better Every seventy pages or so, it seemed it was getting better and soon would become very good, indeed at which point the author stumbled in yet again with a fresh inanity to destroy the mood, the moment, all [...]

    13. Short summary right at finishing This was a wonderful book I don t even care that it had baseball in it and that sometimes I needed to skim those parts This novel about a family going through life, in the 1960s in Camas, Washington, and the characters are so vibrant and real I may never forget them Highly, highly recommended I m hoarding quotations after the spoiler cut, but I m not prepared to fold them into a longer review quite yet view spoiler Questions don t make you a fisherman Concentrati [...]

    14. 9.5 on a 5 point scale Okay maybe 7 out of 5 Both are ridiculous of course but short of revising nearly every prior rating it s the only way I can think of to signify how extraordinary this book is Seriously I ve been intentionally tight fisted with my 5 star ratings, reserving them for books I ve found exceptionally life enhancing, knowledge widening, comprehension giving, paradigm challenging, soul enriching or breath taking.Nevertheless The Brothers K has shattered the 5 star ceiling so thoro [...]

    15. Sometimes I don t even want to review a book.You know how it is You read it You think, Eh That was okay, or pretty good or yes, I liked it but I have nothing to say on the subject I m hesitant to write a review for this book.But for none of the reasons listed above.My fear is that any words I attempt to use will only detract from the beauty of Mr Duncan s already flawless prose which, in my opinion, should speak only for itself.My friend Les said he s never been able to give a definitive answer [...]

    16. Remember what it feels like to fall in love Better, remember how exciting was the immersion into the love of this novel or that novel when you were younger Remember falling in love with Siddartha Or with Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Remember how exciting the first read of Catch 22 was, or Gravity s Rainbow To read The Brothers K is to experience all that again, and to be younger It s a novel to love It s one to remember fondly and to bask in having read it About halfway through I began to wonder [...]

    17. What a book Here s another book with problems, sometimes big problems, involving voice and narrative perspective And you know what I didn t care a lick It s a terrific read, just bravado storytelling The term page turner gets thrown around a lot, but this is the real thing, the genuine article This is the saga of the Chance family see, Duncan lays it on pretty thick everywhere in this book, including the characters last names , told in detail, from the narrator s earliest childhood memories of s [...]

    18. The review below which was written 5 months ago still is anemic, but for the life of me, I am just way too intimidated to write a review for what remains my favorite novel.I ve never had a book toss me between laughter and tears the way this has literally and I am NOT someone prone to histrionics Seriously.So, the lame review stands.And my adoration of David James Duncan increases with each read.________________________________________Sometimes I don t even want to review a book.You know how it [...]

    19. This is a kind of coming of age plus family saga dealing mainly with the years 1950 1980, specifically the writer calls the period from the Kennedy assassination to the Nixon resignation the darkest in modern American History Someone else said the book is not about baseball but there s baseball in the book There is also religion war I recommend this novel to family members of anyone who grew up in the 1960 s United States The first half is fun to read but as the brothers near adulthood complica [...]

    20. Another reaffirmation of why I love novels, especially LONG novels with richly drawn characters that I feel I KNOW I FEEL them As crazy as this may sound, I found myself wanting to spend time with them than, well, you knowBut then, this isn t so crazy This is the reason we read literature, so that we can immerse ourselves and experience their lives as if they are real The Chance family IS real to me There is a beautiful balance between the tragic and the triumphant It brought to mind the same e [...]

    21. One of the best books that I have ever read And as such, it is very hard to describe Basically, I just want to say Read this book, it is so awesome It deserves 6 stars out of 5 This book excels on so many dimensions it is not a story, it is a life story, an enchanting one, and it will make you shed tears, and laugh out loud, and fill with anger, and awe, and your heart will wrench and expand, back and forth The Brothers K is brilliant It is also very long, but it is flying too quickly You are go [...]

    22. So it s fall and I decided to read a baseball themed book Baseball is one of those sports that is a strange blend of physical, psychological, and zen and I think it makes for a good story backdrop I had no idea I how fantastic this would be The Brothers K is the great American novel of the late 20th century that you have never read What happens when you mix a baseball playing father with a Seventh day Adventist mother To start, you get six kids, four brothers and twin sisters Throw into the mix [...]

    23. I thought I should go back and say a few words about this book because it is, in fact, the one that brought me back to literature after than a half decade of languishing in an overly earnest realm of nonfiction, real life only My brother gave me this baseball riveted, family demi epic as a birthday present last year, and thankfully it arrived with a verbal won t disappoint label pronounced enough to overcome my fictional apathy One year later and I m as obsessed with 19th century Russian lit as [...]

    24. I cannot explain why I loved this book so much except to say that I connected with it on some deep, perhaps subconcious level This is the only book I ve ever read that made me cry, really cry rather than shed a few tears In fact I bawled nonstop for nearly half an hour towards the end I confess I remember little about the plot, but I can recommend this book for the beautiful, vivid, unusual, honest writing style Also the book alternatives between the narratives of each brother, and one comes awa [...]

    25. I feel like I just crossed the finish line of a marathon I think this is a fine work of fiction, there is much to appreciate There are also so many descriptions and explanations and words used to do them that it just plain wore me out I could go on and on, but I ll leave that to the author.

    26. My boyfriend gave me this book as a birthday gift I was initially worried I wouldn t like it, thinking of how awful it would be if something he loved wouldn t be something I loved But even if it weren t about baseball, family, love, and how reason and religion are adversaries whose battles lay bare the fault lines in each some of my favorite topics , I would love it for how it sprawls into a real world in your mind as you read it so when you close the pages, you miss the characters, just as you [...]

    27. I am savoring this, that s for sure I reached page 200 today, roughly one third of the way through It isn t a book that I feel good about reading on a quick trip on the bus or for five minutes while I m waiting I want to give it serious attention and devotion when I pick it up It isn t a difficult or demanding read, per se, but challenges you to be there, in the family, in the moment, in order to be rewarded for your efforts That s what I think so far, anyway.Last night I read a passage that hit [...]

    28. When I was in college I had a professor talk about the literature that occupied a space on his shelf that he considered, semi sacred, essentially his literary scriptures that imbued life with meaning and taught one how to live This book is the kind of book that belongs on that shelf.A review on GoodReads couldn t do the story or the writing justice First and foremost, this is a great story about the Chance family Only after you sit with the novel or on re readings does the literary shadows add e [...]

    29. Alright Some people like subtle stories that reflect real life and try to tell a story in which not a lot happens This isn t that It s the huge, ridiculously ambitious story of the individual members of the Chance family It chronicles their lives over the course of a couple decades The characters are amazing The father is still my favorite character in any book, ever Ultimately Duncan suceeds in writing a page turner that is also beautifully written, and thought provoking The first time I read i [...]

    30. The Brothers K was really good I may be biased, since it takes place in Washington State, but it was one of the best so called great American novels that I ve read Granted I haven t read that many of them Spanning several years, from 1956 to 1974, the book tells the story of the Chance family of Camas, Washington where my grandma lives, actually Hugh, the father, was a burgeoning baseball prodigy before a series of injuries ended his career and he ended up at Crown Z paper mill He s married to L [...]

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