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Little Eyolf #2020

Little Eyolf Large Format for easy reading Play that examines the realities that lay behind the many facades of victorian society from the norwegian playwright largely responsible for the rise of the modern realis

  • Title: Little Eyolf
  • Author: Henrik Ibsen Archer William Archer
  • ISBN: 9781406501476
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Eyolf By Henrik Ibsen Archer William Archer, Large Format for easy reading Play that examines the realities that lay behind the many facades of victorian society from the norwegian playwright largely responsible for the rise of the modern realistic drama

    • [E-Book] ô Unlimited ☆ Little Eyolf : by Henrik Ibsen Archer William Archer ´
      Henrik Ibsen Archer William Archer

    1 thought on “Little Eyolf

    1. Henrik Ibsen excelled in the analysis of the psychological motives of the characters in this dramatic play, On his excavation on the depth of human nature ,he focuses on highlighting its internal conflicts between desire love ,and dutyRita s jealousy and possessiveness become unacceptable when it gets out of hand and begins to consume her relationship with her husband She doesn t feel desired any as her husband Alfred displays affectionate pitty and love to their little child Eyolf who is paral [...]

    2. I went on a tear on 2007 and read all of Henrik Ibsen and all ofAugust Strindberg Before I could get to all of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, I had to turn back to writing, and I can t read while I write Ibsen is wonderful The thing I like most about Ibsen is that he loves and respects women at least in his writing Not all of his plays are tragedies either Many are very funny and many have mixed endings, not all are downers Though I m not a big fan of Peer Gynt Strindberg s parody of Peer Gynt, Lucky [...]

    3. Lost sons are a regular motif in Ibsen s work With the exception of The Wild Duck, they are always sons and not daughters Typically, the hero or heroine bases their hopes for the future on this son, but the son is lost as a result of their own corrupt motivations and actions.Little Eyolf is different from those other plays in two respects Firstly, the loss of the son is not just one detail in the story, but rather the entire focus of this particular play Secondly, the action does not occur at t [...]

    4. I have to admit that this is a pretty creepy play while I think While We Dead Awaken is a bit strange in nature, this is pretty close Therefore, there are a million different things that I could say about it and how much I love it So let s begin.The basic premise of this play is that a couple s son, Eyolf, is a crippled boy who has been crippled all his life The wife in this family is jealous of her own son because the father is rightfully so giving his son the love and care he needs to be safe [...]

    5. Yikes We are in Strindbergland, where smoldering, erotically tinged family passions threaten to tear the lives of characters apart And, as in Strindberg, the realm of myth supernatural hovers just out of sight.Rita and Alfred Allmers are neglectful parents of a sickly child, Little Eyolf, crippled when he fell off a table as an infant Alfred has just returned from a six weeks ramble in the mountains He has decided to abandon his book, HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY, a single minded passion for many years [...]

    6. Little Eyolf is a brilliant soap opera and a brutal look at marital and sibling relationships Only four characters in this marvellously engrossing Ibsen s play Every line and sentence in this play challenges not just characters involved but us audience in examining motives to our actions and the values of our own lives Do we have any ultruistic ambitions in life Should we accomplish projects useful to mankind to make our lives worthwhile With mountains and fjords as the beautiful backdrop to the [...]

    7. Naturalism is good but its not forever Drama is about visuals and I found it lacking in strength of characterization and plot Its a nice play but Its nothing like Hedda Gabler, It may be his maturer work in terms of Ibsen s age but even Ghosts was better than this The suggestion of incest , motif of sickness and issues of marriage are all very well when they are dramatized by Ibsen its a good read for that matter.

    8. Wonderful play by Ibsen The 8th I have read and I rank it amongst the top 3, next to the wild duck and doll house for deep impressions Not shackled by the social s of his time, Ibsen confronts us audience on marital relationships and the transient nature of love, trust and devotion that binds two partners in a marriage The law of relationships would imply all relationships will change with time.

    9. Imagine that Henrik Ibsen had a television that received broadcasts from the future Now imagine he watched an episode of THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW, then wrote a play about the f ed up family he saw there That is how this play struck me tawdry, unpleasant, populated with people I do not wish to know, yet their story is told by one of the great playwrights, though with an ending incongruous with the Springer metaphor I do not like this play One star I do like Ibsen s genius Two .

    10. A beautiful read, my takeaway from this book For it is gladness that most needs sharing Not the labour and the trouble Pooh that sort of thing one can always get through alone.

    11. As powerful and moving as Hedda Gabler, apart from the ending which feels a bit forced and unnatural A must read for every play lover who also enjoys intensity.

    12. Beautiful I became enthralled quickly and had a hard time not crying The performances were wonderful, and I am left with a desire to see it performed on stage or screen.

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