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Spontaneous #2020

Spontaneous Kimani Cannon knows she s in trouble the second she lays eyes on of luscious male The best kind of trouble too mm mmm Duan Jeffries turns out to be the perfect man charming considerate and the b

  • Title: Spontaneous
  • Author: Brenda Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780373795420
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spontaneous By Brenda Jackson, Kimani Cannon knows she s in trouble the second she lays eyes on 6 4 of luscious male The best kind of trouble, too mm mmm Duan Jeffries turns out to be the perfect man charming, considerate and the best lover she s ever had Too bad Mr Delicious is just a one night stand Until Kim needs a date to her mother s fifth wedding Duan s willing to act the part of her fiKimani Cannon knows she s in trouble the second she lays eyes on 6 4 of luscious male The best kind of trouble, too mm mmm Duan Jeffries turns out to be the perfect man charming, considerate and the best lover she s ever had Too bad Mr Delicious is just a one night stand Until Kim needs a date to her mother s fifth wedding Duan s willing to act the part of her fiance as long as it means full benefits More amazing sex No problem Then Kim finds out that Duan s got his own private agenda Suddenly, she doesn t know what to believe Her head and heart are telling her to be careful But the sensual thrumming in her blood is turning out to be much persuasive.

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      115 Brenda Jackson
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    1 thought on “Spontaneous

    1. This book to me was well written, I read a viewers comment that she didn t like it because within the first three pages they were having sex after all the book is called SPONTANEOUS that s ok if she didn t Care for that but I can tell those of you who haven t read the book yet it is good I don t care that they had sex within the first couple of pages it was different and exciting and most importantly if the author can keep your interest after they have been intimate so quickly then the author ha [...]

    2. I don t usually read a lot of romance novels because they tend to lack substance and this one did not surprise me This is the third Brenda Jackson romance novel that I ve read, the others were Bachelor Unleashed and Temptation In all 3 of those books, one or both of the main characters had some kind of relationship issue where they did not want a serious long term relationship They just wanted sex The characters were either scorned by an ex or they both had parent abandonment abuse issues and th [...]

    3. I don t usually mind short stories You get what you get with the length, but I couldn t connect with this one The author told than showed, the characters jumped into bed with each other with no lead up whatsoever I m not opposed to sex at the beginning, but geez, create ANY type of chemistry first between the characters or it doesn t fly This one didn t for me.

    4. I enjoyed this book and even viewing the Kindle cover you knew this would be a hot book and lives on to the Blaze line I enjoyed the story of Duan Kim and how they grew to trust each other despite their fears I look forward to reading the story line of the other partners in the Peachtree Private Investigative Firm.

    5. Boy, I always enjoy HQN books And this one whew fire extinguisher worthy Duan Kim are the perfect couple Both had the same views on life love, they came from similar childhoods I enjoyed Spontaneous

    6. Really good read I enjoyed the story Duane and Kim made a good couple Love how Kim was a strong woman who realize what she wanted and went out and got him

    7. Brenda Jackson writes romance that sizzles and characters you fall in love with I couldnt put this book down

    8. So i have to say this book was very Hot, a nice quick read with lot of juicy sex scenes absolutely perfect

    9. I loved Kimani and Duan s quick relationship ultimate love story They were both attracted to one another at first sight and they both did not want a committed relationship, however, the time they spent together, the they both realized that they not only wanted a committed relationship, but that they did not want to live without the other because they were two of a kind Awesome read with very sexy crazy love scenes

    10. Oldie but goodieMrs Jackson is an awesome writer I this in paperback and got it in Kindle as well I just re read it and I so love Duan Kimani s story Spontaneous loving in every chapter I m glad the 2 of them found love in each other.

    11. This book was Great , can t wait until the next one comes out.All of Brenda Jackson books have been a joy to read for a senior citizen , nice hot and streaming.

    12. Sizzlung This book was in Brenda Jackson s true style Love her characters and story line And the sex scenes are SIZZLING

    13. HOT HOT HOTThis book was hot from the very beginning I couldn t put it down It was a great story page for page Duan and Kim are definitely a match This book put me in another world Thank you Ms Jackson WHEW

    14. I must start this review saying that there are very fewHarlequinsI actually like When I was younger, my family couldn t afford much that wasn t secondhand so, most of my books came from thrift shop bins.Harlequinwas always a brand that was on special with books going for as cheap as 3 for 99 Back then, I fancied their paperbacks as forbidden fruit As I got older however, I grew to realize that the brand was or less a mirage of romanticized traditionalism marketed as tantalizing tales wherein he [...]

    15. This was a impulse purchase when I was doing one of my spontaneous wink Kindle shopping sprees One thing I love about Ms Jackson and one thing I can humbly say we have in common is that we both love and believe in happy endings Some might think of that as boring or unrealistic or whatever, but I totally disagree I think of it as inspiring and uplifting and not wary of getting to the end And that was the case in this book I read this book in a couple of days and it didn t take long for me to fall [...]

    16. This was my first African American romance but I can t say that it read any differently to me Kim Kimani is best friends with the Duan s brother They re both attendants at the wedding and have been sending each other smouldering looks since they met at the engagement party My first problem with the book was that they literally did not have a conversation until after they d had sex twice once during the wedding reception and again after it ended Unless you count my room number is as a conversatio [...]

    17. L vem o neg o, cheio de paix o Quem gosta dos gostos es cor de chocolate dos Westland vai adorar esse livrinho Tem um neg o gostos o, cheio de amor pra dar e uma mocinha que adora receber Os dois n o se fazem de rogados e s no primeiro cap tulo ja tem duas cenas pra l de hots.Depois a mocinha o convence a ir de noivo conhecer o mais novo futuro marido da mam e, pra ver se a fam lia para de pegar no seu p E ele, que n o bobo nem nada, aceita O problema que o futuro marido da mam e um antigo conhe [...]

    18. This was a quick read I m not normally one to read romance novels, particularly Harlequin romance, but I wanted something quick and junky This met both requirements I would not have made it priority to read had I not been unable to sleep I found it unbelievable for obvious reasons , and I just did not feel as though they developed the characters well at all I have only read two other Harlequin romances, however both of those had much intriguing characters and a better plot It really felt like t [...]

    19. This was a great read by Brenda Jackson I absolutely LOVED Kim and Duan s story I loved the fact that the action started at the beginning of the book and that Kim was experienced and knew exactly what she wanted The story line was also great because it included a little bit of mystery and suspense that kept me reading to find out the truth about Edward Villarosas Also, I can t finish this review without saying how much I loved all the steamy scenes between Kim and Duan this was a really HOT book [...]

    20. SPONTANEOUS INDEED.This story was HOT from cover to coverKimani and Duan was made for each other their ideas on relationships was what they both thought they wanted until that first spontaneous night that brought them togetherThis is a romance read but so HOT that you would have to look at the cover again to make sure Mrs Jackson has created a VERY seductive and VERY sensual LOVE story that keeps you wanting Keep up the GREAT work Mrs J.

    21. Noone writes better desire on site books than Brenda Jackson Duan Jeffries never married and not looking for that to be his future eyes Kimani Cannon across the room at his brother s wedding Eyes lock, desire acknowledged and passion starts Duan pretends to be Kimani s fiance while trying to solve a cold case from two years ago While working together their sex only relationship turns into love and well the rest is history.

    22. I really liked this story This has to be one of the best romance novels I ve read from Brenda Jackson Though typical in the relationship between the main characters, Kimani and Duan, the backdrop about Kimani s mother and Edward Villarosas was entertaining and helped me learn about the main characters This novel makes me want to read books from Jackson that aren t about the Westlands.

    23. Spontaneous is an appropriate title for this story, as the two main character spontaneous combusts from the first page to the last Add a bad guy suspected of murdering his first two wives with the case being reopened and at the, the PI and the nurse neither of which want a relationship and a happily ever after ending to make this a happy afternoon of romance reading.

    24. SpontaneousI knew that when Sherri Temperatures Rising told her friend Kim that she would introduce to her brother in law Duan that this would be a hot read, and I was not disappointed Duan s Peachtree Investigation Agency did a good job solving the murders that Edward committed he was engaged to marry Kim s mother who was a battered wife by Kim s father good read.

    25. Brenda Jackson is a true romantic This is the story of Duan Jeffries Kimmie Cannon and everything about their relationship is spontaneous Despite their fake engagement, their true feelings emerge snd they take a chance on love, why not

    26. I really enjoyed this book It was well written and a good story Was a little concerned in the beginning that it wasn t going to have a plot, based on the reviews that I had read Wasn t the case I liked how this fling accidentally turned into something Great romantic read

    27. This is one of the first books that I read by Brenda Jackson, and I ve been reading ever since This story is one I read ever so often and love every time They love list for each other, they need each other, want each other, but just don t know how You ll enjoy every minute

    28. Interesting story with Duan and Kim enjoying each other between the sheets When Duan finds out Kim s mother is about to marry a man that has beat a couple criminal cases he wants to be there to make sure her mother doesn t end up hurt It was a really entertaining read.

    29. bah the usual neither h h are looking for love and long term yet, lo and behold, they find their perfect partner in each other throw in a rather lame suspense aspect, and there you have it saving grace hot, hot sex a lot of it.

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