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The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 3: World's Most Wanted - Book 2 #2020

The Invincible Iron Man Vol World s Most Wanted Book Tony s failing health makes the Iron Man too compilcated to pilot Hill hunts the world s most un huntable man Pepper defies Norman Osborn and H A M M E R itself And all of Iron Man s rogues gallery is

  • Title: The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 3: World's Most Wanted - Book 2
  • Author: Matt Fraction Salvador Larroca
  • ISBN: 9780785136859
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 3: World's Most Wanted - Book 2 By Matt Fraction Salvador Larroca, Tony s failing health makes the Iron Man too compilcated to pilot Hill hunts the world s most un huntable man Pepper defies Norman Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R itself And all of Iron Man s rogues gallery is after him and the billion dollar bounty on his head starting with the murderous Madam Masque

    • [MOBI] ↠ The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 3: World's Most Wanted - Book 2 | BY ☆ Matt Fraction Salvador Larroca
      493 Matt Fraction Salvador Larroca
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    1. Tony Stark is trying to erase his brain I would recommend a thermos full of Green Russians, but Tony is an alcoholic so he has to settle for trying to wipe it with a fancy computer program linked to the hardware in his Iron Man suits Picking up where the last volume left off, Stark has been declared a traitor and terrorist by Norman Osborn who is charge of the super human watch group HAMMER Osborn is desperate to learn Stark s secrets to get the Iron Man hardware he has fully operational, but th [...]

    2. I liked the Crimson Dynamo s advice the best in this trade Why not just jump into volcano Entire brain vaporized in instant Why not Because that s far too logical for Tony s angst driven plotline Tony continues to evade Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R as he is losing his mind Tony, I mean Osborn already lost his mind long ago Hill joins up with Natasha Romanov as she fights PTSD from the Controller and tries to get the data drive in her bag to Cap Bucky, I guess And Pepper steals the show, really I mean [...]

    3. Wow, what a good Iron Man_S.H.I.E.L.D story.Good Marvel Universe story.Maria and Natasha really show their stuff.Pepper really comes into her own.Read this one.

    4. Well, the story remains reasonably strong and finishes well though it didn t really need to be this long You could have dropped 3 0r 4 issues and it would have still worked without dragging repetiton Setting up the women for a strong female lead worked nicely though I felt Hill s breakdown feels like it comes from nowhere however, the Pepper Nat Hill dynamic provided a nice contrast Ultimately though the story go anywhere that unexpected and the nature of the secret hard drive that Hill has been [...]

    5. Wow.Writer Matt Fraction s third volume of Iron Man and the second part of his World s Most Wanted story arc well It rocked.Norman Osborn is still a maniac, he s still a bad guy, and he s on the cusp of taking over the world and destroying Tony Stark and Iron Man He s in a position of power and Fraction makes the reader hate him so much and DAMN HIM FOR DOING THIS TO TONY But that s not the only thing going on in this oneIt s been a long time since I ve read a book so filled with tension This en [...]

    6. This might be the best Iron Man comic I ve ever read It was seriously awesome Potts, Hill, and Romanov get stuck teaming up and it s amazing And Pepper takes on Madam Masque and it s just so fantastic Here s why it didn t get five stars there are two reasons that form one problem 1 Pepper and Hill take turns wearing nothing but a bed sheet Hill collapses in the shower at one point, but I actually liked that that one had a purpose to it The other two not so much and 2 there was one really awkward [...]

    7. As the story moves ahead and Tony loses of his memory as he desperately tries to preserve the most vital information that guards most of the heroes in the world from falling straight into the hands of the notorious Norman Osborn builds up a tale to be read and preserved in the memories As long as we aren t going down Tony Stark s path Madame Masque is a character that resembles the classic I fucking hate love you psychopath that one tends to encounter in a pulsating edge to edge story.However, [...]

    8. The core story is good, but it is really really stretched out to fit six issues No spoilers Stark travels around the world to destroy information Norman Osborn needs That is really it The Maria Hill Black Widow sideline is stretched even thinner to try to fill this out Good concept, but way too little goodness for the immense amount of art needed to tell it.

    9. A solid, action packed payoff to the setup of the previous volume Flowers for Algernon with with high explosives Pepper Potts shines as a new hero Tony s chickens from the civil war among the heroes come home to roost and as always Larroca s art shines.

    10. Bueno, bueno, la cosa ac s que mejora Este segundo arco de Fraction y Larroca a cargo de Tony Stark vuelve a estar influido por elementos externos a la propia serie, en este caso el final creo que de Invasi n Secreta aquella macrosaga que desparramara skrulls por todas las colecciones y sus consecuencias, que esencialmente es Norman Duende Verde Osborne salv el mundo ante el fracaso de todos los h roes con especial hincapi en nuestro protagonista Ahora, con Osborne como cabeza del sistema de def [...]

    11. The conclusion of World s Most Wanted features Tony being chased all over the world by Norman Osborn in even low tech suits as his brain gives out on him, while meanwhile Maria, Pepper, and Natasha attempt to save the day Features Tony and Pepper sleeping together when Tony s brain is falling apart, which is kind of creepy as I am pretty sure Tony can t really give meaningful consent at this point The Tony Maria earlier in the arc was at least totally consensual I will admit to liking the final [...]

    12. Di volume kedua World s Most Wanted ini, Tony Stark berhasil kabur ke Rusia, dan surprise Mendapat bantuan dari Crimson Dynamo Di cerita cerita vintage Iron Man, Crimson Dynamo adalah musuh Iron Man, mengingat mereka di dua kubu yang berbeda dalam perang dingin AS Soviet Tapi sekarang, mereka berteman Dan karena armor jadulnya rusak, Tony malah dipinjami armor Crimson Dynamo untuk mencapai fasilitas miliknya di Rusia.Begitu mengetahui Tony berada di Rusia, Pepper langsung menyuruh J.A.R.V.I.S me [...]

    13. This is a good followup to World s Most Wanted Part 1, but it isn t the end of the story arc like advertised as opposed to Five Nightmares, which is a self contained story.Tony Stark is mentally regressing and , to the point where he has to build an Iron Man suit IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS fans of the movies will love this moment in the comic You would think he d just delete his hippocampus or something, but no, he s practically brain dead by the end maybe it s a feature of the Extremis bra [...]

    14. I liked World s Most Wanted than I thought I would I didn t really expect much from it because I hated the whole H.A.M.M.E.R story line almost as much as the Skrull Secret Invasion story line that preceded it But Fraction surprised me.I doubt this volume makes much sense without first reading the The Invincible Iron Man, Vol 2 World s Most Wanted, Book 1, but together they re pretty enjoyable I read the second half of Book 1 and all of Book 2 in one sitting.I ve now read all of Fraction s Invin [...]

    15. I don t know how much I can honestly say about the second half of the World s Most Wanted arc I covered all the greatness in my review of the first trade which was accidentally posted for this trade , and all those elements carry on through this trade Pepper, Maria, and Tony continue to push forward to try and save the world from Osborn.I will say this There comes a point where Tony sends an e mail, and if you don t choke up or tear up or want to hug the hell out of someone, I will assume you re [...]

    16. This has been an entertaining series Tony Stark isn t one of my favorite characters, but this storyline hits all the right notes and Matt Fraction s writing is solid Dimension, emotion, tension, and action The supporting characters are badass Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, and Pepper Potts who is especially top notch here really steal the show The Romanov Hill interactions are great Also, Pepper dons on a suit Tony created for her and she s NOT going by Iron Woman gasp Fantastic.Unfortunately, I h [...]

    17. Fraction continues to deliver on an epic and original story arc for Tony Stark and his ard alter ego On the run from a government now influenced by supervillains, Stark is both trying to keep his technology out of enemy hands, but also slowly devolving mentally as he erases his own mind to keep critical information away from those same villains This is political, romantic, superheroic espionage action adventure at its best, with Larroca s art only getting better and better Fraction s best accomp [...]

    18. 3.5 for both volumes of World s Most Wanted Pro Much interesting plot than Five Nightmares Having Tony on the run, booted from SHIELD his company in ruins, and trying to do the right thing even though it means giving himself a slow brain death while breaking down mentally, trumps a basic revenge story Con I don t love the art, though it works But what do I know And though it passes Bechdel test actually has 3 women kicking ass taking names, individually as a group , I didn t need to see Black W [...]

    19. This series continues to fire on all cylinders, kudos to Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca for maintaining a high level of quality to their work The World s Most Wanted storyline only gets intense and harrowing in this collection Both Tony Stark and Maria Hill are slowly losing their minds and it is up to Pepper Potts and Black Widow to step in and save the day In fact, after reading the entire storyline, I think Pepper Potts and her new superhero alter ego Rescue are the true protagonists and [...]

    20. Tony struggles to use various obsolete armours to finally erase the knowledge in his head before Norman Osborn can get to him it Pepper Rescue, Crimson Dynamo, Maria Hill, Black Widow, etc help him along the way.I ve read a couple story lines that take place after this and it s good to get some gaps filled in, but, as usual, reading Iron Man in relation to Batman stories leaves me a little disappointed there s just not enough subtlety and character detail in the former as there is in the latter [...]

    21. Coming into the series midway, I didn t know exactly what was going on, but the book was pretty awesome I don t know if I really buy Pepper Potts as a superhero, and the final battle with Maria Hill smacks of Deus Ex Machina.But these quibbles are small when considered alongside the excellent central story The narrative voice of Tony Stark is nuanced and realistic all the way to the end The guilt, regret, and frustration with his actions of the recent past, as well as his degenerative intelligen [...]

    22. Like many people, I was never a huge fan of Iron Man before the Favreau movie blew him to the forefront of the Marvel Universe That said, I m really loving Fraction s work with the character and each issue from his run with the series is solid Great stuff that shows a happy marriage between the character that s always existed within the Marvel comic universe and the Robert Downey Jr persona that now goes part and parcel with the character.

    23. The conclusion of World s Most Wanted Tony Stark is chased around the world by the director of H.A.M.M.E.R in order to retrieve the list of super hero secret identities that he has uploaded into his brain As Tony runs, he uses the Iron Man repulsor technology to erase the information stored in his mindl of the informationuntil all that is left is the shell of Tony Stark in a vegetative state.

    24. This series just gets better and better What I think is most impressive about this book is how the supporting cast, in many ways, is interesting than the title character If I could get a series starring Maria Hill, Pepper Potts, and Black Widow ala Birds of Prey I would be a happy camper Also, I should not that the Larocca art in this volume was much better than that found in the earlier books I don t know what changed, but I like it.

    25. Fraction s and Larroca s INVINCIBLE IRON MAN continues to to be a solid series Tony s on the run from Osbourne, and literally deleting his brain This way Osbourne can t get all the secrets and knowledge Stark has stored in his brain, but in return Stark s mind is now gone Alive, and responsive but by the end, his mental state s that of a new born baby Good action, good drama Looking forward to see waht happens next.

    26. Fraction can do no wrong with this series I want to begin again and revisit this painful, yet necessary story Stark s in trouble, serious, no getting out, trouble There s little hope that he ll be back to the way he once was, there s little hope that he ll even make it out alive It s the end of the line for Tony Stark, where even his friends, his technology his empire, cannot save him.He s the world s most wanted And he s alone.

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