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The Lonely Men #2020

The Lonely Men In The Lonely Men Louis L Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache trap only to discover that his greatest enemy might be very close to home Tell Sackett had fought his share of Indians

  • Title: The Lonely Men
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553276770
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lonely Men By Louis L'Amour, In The Lonely Men, Louis L Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache trap only to discover that his greatest enemy might be very close to home.Tell Sackett had fought his share of Indians and managed to take something of value from his battles a deep and abiding respect But that respect is lost when Apache braves kidnap his nephew, forcing Tell to cross theIn The Lonely Men, Louis L Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache trap only to discover that his greatest enemy might be very close to home.Tell Sackett had fought his share of Indians and managed to take something of value from his battles a deep and abiding respect But that respect is lost when Apache braves kidnap his nephew, forcing Tell to cross the border into the Sierra Madres to bring the boy back What troubles Tell , though, is the boy s mother Could she possibly be inventing a rescue mission to deliver her husband s brother into an ambush Tell knows that the only things he can depend on are his wits and cold steel But against such adversaries, even these formidable weapons may not be enough.

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      444 Louis L'Amour
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    1 thought on “The Lonely Men

    1. I m rating this one down and I m man enough to admit that it s mostly pique The story is good and I ve always liked Tell Sackett This is the third featuring him and L Amour is a better storyteller with each new book The only trouble is, the first book featuring Tell ended with him together with Ange And I adore Ange So in the previous Tell book, L Amour had to pack her off back East for some mysterious reason and that sucked In this one, L Amour kills her off Off screen, in the pre story, in a b [...]

    2. My husband likes westerns so we picked up this Louis L Amour audio book for a long car ride we were taking It is part of the Sackett brothers saga This was well written and well read I could picture the action in my mind as it unfolded This story focuses on Willian Tell Sackett, Tell He is lucky to be alive after an ambush and while recuperating at the nearset town is approached by a woman that says she is his sister in law She asks Tell to go after her son, his nephew, after he was kidnapped by [...]

    3. Sacketts were a right stubborn folk We just didn t have much give up in us We always kept plugging away, and that s what I was doing this time p 196 Now my pappy was always one for figuring things when in difficulty a body should always take time to contemplate The only way folks got to where they are was by thinkin things out No man ever had the claws of a grizzly nor the speed of a deer what he had was a brain p 201 William Tell Sackett narrates fight few survive, tragedy than humor in this s [...]

    4. Of all the Sacketts, Tell is my favorite As with all of his books, Louis L Amour grabs you from the first page, and you don t want to let go of the reading experience until you ve finished the book.

    5. Horse opera at its bestTried and true formula book by a master of the genre, a true story teller Never ready a really lousy book by Louis Lamour, just simple adventure tales full of larger than life heroes.

    6. Each of us in his own way wars against change Even those who fancy themselves the most progressive will fight against other kinds of progress, for each of us is convinced that our way is the best way.

    7. I enjoyed reading this book Another one about Tell Sackett the poor guy never catches a break and trouble always finds him Hopefully he ll get his happy ending soon.

    8. The Lonely Men is a western style thriller written by Louis L amour The book starts out as Tell Sackett is pinned down by the Apaches in a land so bare that there isn t anything around him except for barren desert He escapes and moves on to a little town called Tucson where his Sister in law, Laura Sackett tells him that his nephew has been kidnapped by the Apaches and asks him to go into the heart of Apache territory to find him Will he make it out alive and with his nephew or will he die all a [...]

    9. I swear if it wasn t for bad luck William Tell Sackett wouldn t have any luck at all The man can get into trouble in less time than any two other men He is also a little to trusting of women That is probably because he hasn t had much experience with them However, Orrin has had quite a bit of experience with woman and he isn t any better at seeing through their wiles.Tell is approached by Orrin s ex wife Laura and she tells him that Orrin s son has been kidnapped by the Apaches Tell sets out to [...]

    10. This is another book in the Sackett series and features Tell Sackett Unlike today, news travels slowly and Tell doesn t know that the ex wife of Orrin Sackett is ex and out to make sure Sacketts suffer So when she informs Tell there s a young Sackett who has been kidnapped by Apaches, he believes her and off he goes It is a fun book, full of adventure and wonderful descriptions of the land Tell is one of my favorite Sackett characters and his observations are always interesting The only problem [...]

    11. Decent but unexceptional Western Part of the Sackett series, this volume follows the adventures of Tel Sackett as he attempts to rescue a nephew from Apache country What most interested me in this work are the two half baked theories L Amour throws out to defend his pro Cowboy stance Tel muses that Apaches drove a tribe out of their territory to occupy the land they currently hold, so it is the way of history for the white man to drive the Indians out One of Tell s unflappable comrades posits th [...]

    12. Love this series on the Sacketts one of the families who moved from the east to the west in the 1800 s In this one, Tell Sackett has to deal not only with Apaches but also his ex sister in law who wants him dead Great entertainment.

    13. I like the actions and plotline I learn some of the history of the old west I also learn about the thinking philosophy of the people back then.

    14. My first by this author and in this genre I chose something out of my comfort zone, and it was excellent Looking forward to reading .

    15. Not the best.Not the best of the series, but still enjoyable The sackett legend continues to grow albeit it s getting a little far fetched at times.

    16. A good read Following the titles to keep the history Correct Another good read in this genre Well worth The cost and can keep it.

    17. This wasn t what I was expecting, but I did thoroughly enjoy it I do love the simplicity of the writing.

    18. Does William Tell Sackett have the guts to get on a horse and ride straight into Apache Indian territory You bet he does When the wife of Tell s brother, Orrin, approaches Tell with the news that her son has been kidnapped by the Apache s, he doesn t even have to think twice.What poor old trusting Tell doesn t know, is that Laura and Orrin are not even married any, and further they never had a child together It seems that Orrin and Tyrell Sackett played a major role in busting up Laura s father [...]

    19. 12 in the Sackett series chronologically 8 in publication order Had he lived long enough, author L Amour planned his Sackett series to have over 40 novels spanning the 17th through 19th Centuries As it happened, of the 17 novels he did write in the saga, 4 take place from 1600 1620, one in the 1840s 1850s, and the other 12 occur in the 1870s The current entry, from 1969, is one of the 8 that are placed in the period 1875 1879 Tell Sackett, accompanied by three trail partners, gets a note from La [...]

    20. Overall If someone whom reads 50 plus books a year, including award winning fiction, How to Read Literature like a Professor, and most everything else, likes this book, then you will too.My wife, the person mentioned above, lost a bet recently, so she had to read my books on a recent road trip through the plains to central Texas I love L Amour, but she has always viewed it as pulp fiction and therefore low on the long list of good things to read But she liked it As proof, I submit this quote as [...]

    21. Ha, just when I start complaining that the Sackett stories are all starting to be similar, he throws in a change Tell Sackett is once again our hero Man, that dude has been shot and beat up times than I can count and he s just so humble about it.In this book he gets sent off on a fool s errand, to rescue his non existent nephew from deep in the heart of Indian country, by his brother Orrin s estranged and vindictive wife Well, of course he makes it back, and does rescue 4 other kids, and perhap [...]

    22. Meh This wasn t a great read, but not a bad one either The story line was fine, going on a fool s errand to retrieve a boy from the Apaches that doesn t exist Unfortunately, there were some really nice conveniences, that made the story work like it did Not that there were predictable, but they certainly were nice to have when the story progressed.Also, it s starting to get a tad old with all of the Sackett stories revolving around gold Every Single One Some , some less, but it s always the same [...]

    23. William Tell Sackett won me over in this book I wasn t expecting much because the previous stories about Tell have been so so but he won me over when he went off to save a boy he hadn t even met And, for most of the book, we re given the Hollywood depiction of the Apache fierce blood thirsty warriors L Amour worked with the tools he had at the time He counters the stereotype by giving us Kahtenny, the Apache equivalent of a Sackett I kind of hope to see these two riding together in a future book [...]

    24. A Wicked Woman Shows up Again to Give Tell Sackett the Devil Orrin s estranged wife makes up a huge lie then calls on Tell Sackett for assistance, feeling certain that he knew nothing of Orrin and Laura s Marital situation Tell, being a loyal brother and a loyal Sackett in general, goes to aide his brother and Laura with this supposed horrible situation that could easily get him killed Afterwards, he is arrested and is to hang for a deed of mercy in which he discussed wth the Wiley and hate fill [...]

    25. Not quite as good as The Sackett Brand To me, the set up was implausible enough that the protagonist shouldn t have fallen for it, and the characterization ran a little thin after the fleshed out version seen in The Sackett Brand Still fun, though Also, I ve seen several people complain about the series numbering apparently sometimes this book is incorrectly numbered as coming before The Sackett Brand Normally you can hop into the Sackett series anywhere without losing much, but please make an e [...]

    26. That was quite a ride Tell Sackett starts this adventure with several other lonely men In the course of the tale, he s conned into finding a nephew who never existed, runs straight into the Apache, and takes a long ride through Mexico Unlike previous books, we don t see much of his own kin, which only makes his journey personal.I ve really enjoyed L Amour s writing There s a keen respect he has for the Indian, and he does well with maintaining the character s vision and purpose And Tell is a ma [...]

    27. Now I remember why I couldn t get enough of Louis L Amour and particularly the Sacketts when I was a kid The Sacketts are a clan of quick drawing cowboys who never turn down a friend in need There s not a lot of surprises in a Louis L Amour novel, but the journey is so much fun, you don t mind that you knew the ending A few good men will die, a Sackett will kill an Indian or two in hand to hand combat but lament the fact that they re enemies, and the strong willed pioneer woman will fall for a S [...]

    28. Not a horrible book, just not my cup of tea It didn t hold my attention well until about half way through and then it got old again It was a good story and I wish I could have seen of the Tell Dorset interactions But that wasn t what this story was about and that s fine I felt like sometimes it gave too much description to some things and not enough to others I think that s my big issue with it Here s hoping the next Louis L Amour book in my queue is a bit entertaining to me.

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