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Other Lives #2020

Other Lives Meet three certified geeks a self loathing journalist who has a seemingly normal girlfriend a conspiracy theorist who still lives with his mother and an unemployed gamer who lives in his car These st

  • Title: Other Lives
  • Author: Peter Bagge
  • ISBN: 9781401219024
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Other Lives By Peter Bagge, Meet three certified geeks a self loathing journalist who has a seemingly normal girlfriend, a conspiracy theorist who still lives with his mother and an unemployed gamer who lives in his car These strangely likable misfits find that dark personal secrets can sometimes be a virtue in OTHER LIVES, a hilarious original graphic novel by award winning creator Peter Bagge HaMeet three certified geeks a self loathing journalist who has a seemingly normal girlfriend, a conspiracy theorist who still lives with his mother and an unemployed gamer who lives in his car These strangely likable misfits find that dark personal secrets can sometimes be a virtue in OTHER LIVES, a hilarious original graphic novel by award winning creator Peter Bagge Hate The story also explores people s identities, both real and created, and how the two become confused and conflated through the Internet and role playing games.

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    1 thought on “Other Lives

    1. Interpersonal drama incorporating social networking sites particularly one which seems to mirror Second Life remember Second Life The tone of the drama reminds me a lot ofAlex Robinson s work, but Bagge being the name that he is, the influence probably goes the other way.Black and white kinda wish the inside had color like the cover , with Bagge s characteristic bowlegged figures His characters have a floppy, jello boned appearance, while at the same time are almost all hunched over, heavy with [...]

    2. A story about a journalist, his girlfriend and his friends family, as things start falling apart on the day to day basis, moving on to the fantastical virtual reality of Second World What seems to be normal is revealed as concealing many things, with every character, each and his own strange reality But we soon learn that actually it is the most normal thing there is We are not perfect creatures, and this is not a perfect world Either worlds.I can t say than really nice I enjoyed the read, and [...]

    3. buff, esto ha sido duro siempre me han gustado los comics de Peter Bagge, incluso los primeros que estaban muy mal dibujados y eran completamente absurdos, pero esta historia no me ha gustado nada De hecho despu s de esto tengo miedo de repasar los n meros de odio y mundo idiota que tengo porque no quiero estropear el buen recuerdo que tengo de ellos.Other lives no me ha resultado gracioso, ni me han gustado los personajes, ni el tono c nico que tan bien le ha funcionado a Bagge en otras ocasion [...]

    4. Mmmm The creepiness of 2nd life lurkers This book certainly drives home the point that you never know who the real creeps or terrorists are

    5. Perusing some other people s review s of Bagge s non Hate work, it seems that some people are determined to complain about anything he creates that doesn t include Buddy Bradley.Well, this doesn t, but I enjoyed the new characters we re introduced to nonetheless I ll admit when I first heard about this book I was skeptical about it s premise a comic about people going on the internet In the wrong hands it could have been the most static thing to occur in comics since that one issue of Peepshow y [...]

    6. I know Bagge best as the wacky creator of Hate, and its irreverent slacker Buddy Bradley While I ve mourned the end of his quasi monthly Hate series in favor of a single annual every year or so regular he is decidedly not , I was mostly satisfied with his return to off beat indie comic dom with this twisted tale of the pathetic lives of four thirty something social misfits The crux of this story initially centers on journalist Vader Vlad and his investigation into the real life of supposed forme [...]

    7. You and your confessions Every time you wake up from a nightmare you have another deep dark secret to share This quote, from Ivy to her boyfriend Vader, is referring to some of the psychobabble daddy issues secrets that emerge in his robust cranium But he s unique in that we get to view his ghosts, a family lineage that begins far away and follows both money and the immigrant experience in a damn near Scorcesean broad strokes Other key characters also hinge upon their parents experience as immi [...]

    8. Really funny dark stuff about identity and relationships in the modern world As always with Peter Bagge, the cartoony drawing style is a riot, but here he is showing the progression of his work from the early days on Hate There are still the same unapologetically flawed characters, but now he is showing a surer hand with the storytelling.The parallels between the characters everyday lives and their online selves was striking, as the confusion in motivations carries from one to the other The othe [...]

    9. Brilliant Loved Hate because the characters were flawed and relatable The characters here are the same Found the way he depicted second world initially irritating but worked really well when intercutting with real life events Aimed at me in that the guys are slobs and nerds and the girl is cute and very forgiving of her partners flaws Enjoyed the plot too I thought it would just limp to the end but did a good job of concluding satisfactorily.

    10. As I ve said before, there s something infinitely comforting about watching Bagge s characters fight with each other and their own anxieties and insecurities Whereas Buddy Bradley struggled through his twenties with an eventual settling down in his thirties, the characters of Other Lives continue to struggle finding their place in the world and defining their identities If I were to describe all the different issues that the protagonist faces, it might sound a little disjointed to an outsider, b [...]

    11. Wowzers was this bad I m sorry, I love Peter Bagge, I think he s a great artist but this was darn near insufferable I trudged through but I can t really believe this was ever published The ending alone was out of the blue Well, the less said the better should anyone else want to read it Who you ask Um people with absolutely nothing better to do I m trying to think of something positive Nope Sorry Why this was bound in hardcover is a mystery to me, it gave me the impression that this was an impor [...]

    12. I didn t like this as much as some of Bagge s other work There are few central characters that seem to fall the wayside, and the resolution doesn t feel as complete as it s made out to be.Then again, I don t know Bagge is a careful storyteller, and that sense of detachment I feel from the work COULD be the same sense of detachment the characters experience with one another, especially in the virtual world.Meh It s rare that a work accurately if not adequately covers one s experience in cyberspac [...]

    13. Peter Bagge toys with ideas about alternate identities on the internet and elsewhere through the characters of Vlad, a self loathing journalist, Ivy, his wedding obsessed girlfriend, Javy, a mentally ill former college acquaintance who may be working for Homeland security, and Woodrow, another college chum whose life is disintegrating due to his gambling addiction.As with much of Bagge s work the characters are relatable if not likeable The satire is sharp and the whole shebang is darkly humorou [...]

    14. A decent satire of people creating alternate lives for themselves whether it be online or in their minds and how those alternate lives impact real life As usual, Peter Bagge has a very over the top R Crumb esque art style that you either love or hate I enjoy it , and it works really well for these characters It s scary to think that there are people out there that actually spend time living out fantasy lives online than they do living in the real world whatever reality may be.

    15. So disappointed in the ending of this book that I m marking it pretty harshly Loved the concept of the interlocking lives in both their real and imaginary states, the preconceptions and parentally installed insecurities that affect you for life The realisation of Second World Life and the impact of falling into the trap of wishing the fantasy world was real was very well done at the start.And then it all went a bit poorly executed CSI homicide and blew it.

    16. It was interesting that I read this book shortly after this made the rounds, considering that this is a story about how people have different appearances for different people they encounter I m a big Bagge fan, and this isn t his best work, but the way it ends up was a real stunner, and I m ultimately glad I read it Worth checking out.

    17. A little creepy and dark yet still a plenty funny Even though these characters are fictional, they could very well be real that s the scary part Regardless, Bagge a master of mixing social commentary and awareness into his stories has put together a Grade A first effort into the world of graphic novels What s great about Bagge s stuff is often than not, you can probably find yourself relating to one or of the characters in SOME way whether you want to or not.

    18. I feel like I missed something This just wasn t funny to me, at all It was an interesting concept, which is what drew me in I finished it despite not liking it, just to see if it would turn out better, and it did not I think perhaps I would have been prepared for what this was like if I d known of the artist beforehand.

    19. I like Peter Bagge, I loved Hate as a teenager, but this is a really weak effort, a thoughtless porridge of domestic melodrama, half assed satire, and dumb action Like one of those b list dark comedies from the 90 s you always come across on Comedy Central at 2 PM where the limp smirk on the face of it turns into an unflattering grimace.

    20. Hadn t read any Bagge in a long time, and this wasn t what I expected, but in a good way It was sort of like the grown up, serious Peter Bagge no, that s a stupid description Bagge looks into how people try to control their image and or escape their real lives online and how that can lead them down unintended paths Okay, that description s not much better.

    21. Bagge, who at Fantagraphics Books turned out the long running Hate, is normally a merchant of misanthropy, of a comic and snarky type In this story, he manages to find some sympathy for his protagonists, who turn out to be than just the butts of a joke He manages to create some suspense along the way and have some fun satirizing the Second Life phenomenon.

    22. Graphic novel about people s online alter egos and the ways in which sometimes the line in which fantasy and reality sometimes is blurred Story takes a violent turn that I really didn t see coming Interesting but a bit dark for my taste definitely covers the worst vices of humanity Not my idea of entertainment but I respect the art form.

    23. A typical Bagge assortment of neurotics and losers all have secret lives and bounce off each other in weird ways I think in this particular gn Bagge is getting to something of the modern condition, but he undercuts what he has to say by having the plot go in a pretty dumb direction by the end Still Bagge is an old pro and I definitely chuckled a bunch.

    24. This started out as a slightly weird, but captivating, narrative on alternate identities and cyber lives but the end just ruined it for me In trying to make the point that cyber is serious the author adds a left field layer of drama Instead of showing his earlier nuance with how the the different identities interact he drops a story bomb that diminishes from the whole

    25. This book is absolutely hilarious if you ve ever spent any time in Second Life called Second World here The characters are sadly but humorously dysfunctional in real life, and the way their Second World personas act is actually very realistic for SL like I said, hilarious Even though they are total griefers.

    26. Excellent treatment of Roleplaying culture and the strange people who inhabit it One of the characters in particular is quite brilliant Illustrations are not as grotie as Buddy does Seattle, but still really well done.

    27. Interesting story about what some people really are outside of the persona they present to the public or keep hidden from other in online games I d enjoyed reading this book and hope to find others by the author sometime soon.

    28. I liked the concept of dualities and reality vs fantasy I also liked the bits of Second World which I ve heard from others is very accurate to what Second Life is actually like.In the end, it fell a little flat, but overall quite enjoyable.

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