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In for a Penny #2020

In for a Penny A dashing and feckless lord enters a marriage of convenience with the lovely and practical daughter of a wealthy merchant to salvage his family fortune But they find themselves unprepared for scandal

  • Title: In for a Penny
  • Author: Rose Lerner
  • ISBN: 9780843963359
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • In for a Penny By Rose Lerner, A dashing and feckless lord enters a marriage of convenience with the lovely and practical daughter of a wealthy merchant to salvage his family fortune But they find themselves unprepared for scandal, rioting tenants, and a menacing neighbor and a love that is neither convenient nor practical but entirely heartfelt and enduring.

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      372 Rose Lerner
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    1 thought on “In for a Penny

    1. No Rating, DNFed at 50%What a missed opportunity The good writing, even exceptional if considering this was the author s d but, was not enough to engage me I tried, but I couldn t bring myself to read any further than the halfway mark I didn t care about the no nonsense heroine, the immature hero, their insecurities, their clumsy sexcapades, the spiteful dowager countess, the flighty younger sister, the crumbling estate, the poachers, the steward, the ex mistress and on it goes The narrative st [...]

    2. So New Adult and Regency Romance had a baby And it was awesome Not everyone liked this baby More to comeay tuned, please Setting Time Genre Regency stuff, around and about London and the English countrysideLength 322 pagesSeries NopeSexy times A few Nice description of fellatio so if you have a thing against it, be warned Plan on reading by the author Hell to the yeas, homeskilletSynopsis Hero is left destitute by an idiot father, makes a play for heroine who is a mushroom or a Cit which basica [...]

    3. I really, really enjoyed this book I enjoyed it so much I had to force myself to stop reading and go to sleep It is complex and interesting than most HRs, and has a rural setting than most HRs ignore Yes, London was the overwhelming center of the population, at least until the Industrial Revolution, but the money all these aristos spent was generated on their estates, which were passed from generation to generation.Things I liked about this one The hero incredibly likeable, charming, but kind a [...]

    4. Revised Review, July 2014 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.Rose Lerner s d but novel In for a Penny was originally published in 2011, but has been out of print for a while due to the demise of Dorchester Publishing The author s most recent book, Sweet Disorderwas recently published by Samhain, who has now reissued Ms Lerner s earlier novels, In for a Penny and A Lily Among Thorns Ms Lerner is a very talented writer who, while setting her stories in the Regency period, has managed, in each of her books [...]

    5. I would never have read this book if it wasn t for the Internet A cover that looks like a shot of the wall from the Wallace Collection in London doesnt exactly scream a Georgette Heyer style historical romance but with sex explicit fellatio to me But that s what I got.Debut author Rose Lerner has written a clever, witty Marriage of Convenience story that gets bogged down with the melodramatic, external conflicts by the end The everything but the kitchen sink approach which includes rioting tenan [...]

    6. A 2 stars feeling book with 5 stars writing, So I settled for the middle I am a huge fan of Rose Lerner s writing I read herListen to the Moon and was absolutely enchanted I love her style, her pragmatic approach to life and her down to earth characters She is a refreshing voice in the genre and this was evident in her debut novel, In for a Penny Even the name of the book, I am so pleased with it With all the in the arms of a pirate and in the bed with a duke , I came to appreciate titles which [...]

    7. I had to put this down at the 65% mark I had such high hopes going in because the writing is so clever and well researched and the initial interactions between the leads are witty and vivid However, after the wedding, this story quickly loses its magic as the budding romance gets squelched by an excess of drama.I felt like the existing reviews for this story do not adequately prepare you for what you ll actually find within the pages of this novel I read romance Therefore, if a book is marketed [...]

    8. DNF 39%I m bored by this The main characters are just so so inoffensive So bland They overanalyze every action and reaction by the other, and it s tedious From one paragraph to the next we have POV switches and new scenes, making for a jarring reading experience I really don t feel like continuing Disappointing.

    9. Buddy read with Ally, Andrea Catsos Person , Becca, Christina, Noura and Zoe Wow This is a tough book to rate, and there were some lively discussion in our group We are pretty much equally divided between loved it and couldn t finish it , with me somewhere in the middle On the one hand, the writing is insanely good for a debut, in fact, if I hadn t known it I never would ve guessed this was the author s first book It was also incredibly well researched, and the little nerd in me who spent the la [...]

    10. Everything you would ever want in a historical romance.The historical details are spot on paired with crisp prose The characters are compelling and so well developed you can imagine knowing them.The class conflict is thoughtfully explored And the romanceOh, so good You believe in the love A classic reread I was given this book for my honest review So, there you have it.

    11. I picked up IN FOR A PENNY based on the reviews of several of my favorite savvy bloggers as well as the strength of the lovely cover art I could do without the ornate gilt frame, but I think the pastoral scene at sunset is lovely And, as I am a fairly weak stomached romance reader, I appreciated the lack of skin Having read it I can honestly say this cover very much fits what s inside the uncommonly sweet story of a boy, a girl, and a marriage of convenience I m sadly pretty inexperienced when i [...]

    12. Lord Nevinstoke, or Nev is a carefree, wealthy bachelor who enjoys drinking, gambling, and spending many nights with his mistress He goes from party to party, with his friends, who often egg each other on to do mischievous things At one such party, he meets Penelope Brown, a very wealthy daughter of a merchant her father owns a brewery Although her family does not have the high ranking background as his does, this doesn t bother him one bit as he enjoys the brief time he spends with her.Nev s ca [...]

    13. Navel gazing story time , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , girl cooties 11 , and I have so very little patience for the argument , , , , , In For a Penny , , , , reformed rake , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2 3 , , , , , Aw

    14. Rather than serving as a pleasant distraction, reading this book felt like listening to a lengthy shouting match between your neighbours Sure, it s amusing at first but after one hour it gets tring and unbearable When I read a romance book, I expect there to be romance What I got instead is a heroine without any sense, a hero who only married her for her money and the ridiculous obstacles they must overcome It s like Lerner made up a list of hardships a newly wed couple would face and included E [...]

    15. 5 stars for the fact that this is the first historical romance novel I ve read in a long time that has both characters going into the arranged marriage with eyes wide open and not expecting ANYTHING of each other and actually feeling guilty and stuff when they start to develop feelings, I really liked that.3 stars for all the unnecessary external drama in the later half of the regarding all the secondary characters Andree s review says it better then I ever could.So 4 stars overall If you are lo [...]

    16. Charming hero heroine embrace a true marriage of convenience that blossoms into a sweet love match despite a host of personal insecurities, character faults, circumstantial obstacles and misunderstandings Hilarious at times, with a riotous cast of secondary characters that make this a novel a delightful homage to the humor, psychological insight, and romance of Georgette Heyer.

    17. I can only echo Andree and Steph Nev and Penelope were delightful I wish the entire book was solely about them, with no tacked on ridiculous drama.

    18. this was a really delightful marriage of convenience hr i love how realistically and sensibly the characters approached the subject and how nothing was ever perfect, but they did their best and that was enough there was a bit too much drama at the end it got suddenly so melodramatic and just Too Much i wish the author decided to go with only one plot twist instead of FIVE but no matter it was super enjoyable anyway and the perfect read for a cozy pre christmas evening.

    19. I really enjoyed this Five stars for the first half, particularly for avoiding a lot of the historical romance tropes that have been bothering me lately Then the second half touched on a trope for romance in general that bugs me a little view spoiler So, I really like that both characters went into this marriage with their eyes wide open They both knew what they were getting into It made a kind of logical sense for both of them They both had the same general attitude towards it It was realistic [...]

    20. Given the choice, I prefer the marriage of convenience trope over the instalust stories we get fed all too often I suppose it s partly based on my experience that love is also work and that instalusts in ordinary life often fade at the first quarrels over unpaid telephone bills, so the marriage of convenience basically has the romance the other way round, with H and h succesfully dealing with day to day problems, with their marriage an instrumental part of this success, and falling in love in th [...]

    21. Weak 3 stars Plot development could have been better Dialogue was ordinary I had a hard time staying interestedORY BRIEF Nev has been spending lots of money on drinking, gambling, and his mistress Amy He meets Penny briefly at a ball and kind of likes her Soon he learns that his father died leaving tons of debt His dad was an earl, Nev is the heir Nev wants to do what is right for his mother, sister, and the people in poverty living on his land So he asks Penny to marry him He is up front about [...]

    22. Beautifully done regency Well researched and set firmly and correctly in the time period The writing was flowing, immediate and interesting The plotting was pretty tight Most of the book was the hero, Nev, and the heroine, Penelope, learning to adapt to their marriage and working together to try to put right his neglected ancestral estate Some of the problems current in England at the time were part of the plot, things relating to corn laws and enclosures and class struggle etc.Nev was one of th [...]

    23. I finished my first book for the Penelope Project.In For A Penny by Rose Lerner Holy Canastas This is a wonderful 5 star read Charming historical story, adorable characters, lots of emotional conflict, and a kick ass Penelope I love heroic heroines, and this one fits the bill It reminded me of an old school Julia Quinn novel.you fall in love with these flawed characters and pray for their HEA And you get it I wish the ending hadn t been so abrupt, but otherwise this book was close to perfection [...]

    24. A well written story chock full of drama and not a lot of romance Do not expect heaving bosoms and heroes making romantic declarations or ripping off the heroine s or his clothes in a fit of passion Nev and Penny is quite slow and steady in their passions for each other It s there alright but contained so much under polite civility and their own insecurities It s not exactly boring but the story needs a lot patience in going through the paces well, i needed a loooot of patience The sudden chang [...]

    25. A very solid, well written historical romance I thoroughly enjoyed it, and historicals are not my thing The author wrote two of the most human, believable characters I ve read in any romance novel Their interactions were real, and the their mistakes and insecurities completely understandable and believable The book isn t perfect, there are a few plot twists that are a bit over the top, and the multiple HEAs at the end were a little too predictable But taken as a study of a marriage of convenienc [...]

    26. Penelope was the only reason I continued reading this book Nev was the only or rather the majority of the reason it didn t get than 1 star Nev had a backbone made of wax, and his thinking was so immature The worst of it was how he kept bringing up his former mistress, and it felt as if he kept comparing her to his wife I felt as much pity for Penelope as anger towards Nev.The flow of the story seemed erratic and abrupt, it seemed all over the place I also wasn t satisfied with the ending This s [...]

    27. 3 1 2stars I expected from this story after reading the reviews, I was a bit disappointed It wasn t a bad story just didn t reach any level of greatness for me.There were too many things left unfinished, unnecessary and unexplained It also had way too many of those dreaded misunderstandings and feelings left unsaid between the H h Ugg I hate when that goes on for too long and it went on for the major part of this story.

    28. I bought In For A Penny after reading AnimeJune s review over at Gossamer Obsessions Thank you AnimeJune The Blurb No drinking No gambling And definitely no mistress Now that he s inherited a mountain of debts and responsibility, Lord Nevinstoke has no choice but to start acting respectable Especially if he wants to find a wife better yet, a rich wife Penelope Brown, a manufacturing heiress, seems the perfect choice She s pretty, rational, ladylike, and looking for a marriage based on compani [...]

    29. Penelope Brown is the wealthy daughter of a Cit who made his fortune owning a brewery Unlike many a historical heroine, she s not a young innocent miss Yes, she s young And yes, she s innocent in some ways But she s also quick thinking, intelligent and has a mind of her own She decides rather quickly to accept the offer of marriage from Lord Nevinstoke, better known as Nev.Nev, you see, quickly discovered upon the death of his father that he was deeply in death and responsible for his sister and [...]

    30. 1st read 2 1 11 Now I see the reason for all the positive reviews This was a wonderful book and very well written Since, to my knowledge, this is the author s first published book, I was very impressed I m going to watching and waiting for .I have to say I really loved the way she wrote Dev s character Men who Take Responsibility and Try To Do What Is Right Are So Very SEXY RAWR One of my favorite new romances lately, seriously Get your hands on a copy if you like well written regencies with str [...]

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