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The Hair Of The Dog: And Other Scientific Surprises #2020

The Hair Of The Dog And Other Scientific Surprises Whilst shedding light on many scientific conundrums Karl Sabbagh shows that seemingly trivial queries or assumptions lead to a deeper understanding of how science works

  • Title: The Hair Of The Dog: And Other Scientific Surprises
  • Author: Karl Sabbagh
  • ISBN: 9781848540880
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hair Of The Dog: And Other Scientific Surprises By Karl Sabbagh, Whilst shedding light on many scientific conundrums, Karl Sabbagh shows that seemingly trivial queries or assumptions lead to a deeper understanding of how science works.

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      Karl Sabbagh

    1 thought on “The Hair Of The Dog: And Other Scientific Surprises

    1. I only have the abridged audio version of this book If I like it I will buy the hardback This might be a good thing since some reviews say this book is mind numbingly boring On the other hand, I like quirky non fiction like this It s ok going by other people s reviews, but even if you are best friends who have tuna salad sandwiches in the office every day, come Friday night when you go out, one of you orders a beer, the other a pousse cafe

    2. Another pop science book for the Christmas market, covering a wide range of interesting and surprising findings in science the title refers to biological basis of the phenomena whereby continuing to drink alcohol when suffering a hangover alleviate its symptoms.The Brain and Mind section reads a little like a collection of the science stories from the Metro newspaper probably because it s the area I know most about , but on the whole it s a decent enough book to dip in and out of over your break [...]

    3. I got this as a christmas present from Katherine s mum, which was nice of her It s not the kind of thing I would usually buy for myself but it is something I will happily read Sabbagh collects a variety of interesting anecdotes, research articles, strange facts and odd stories encompassing some of the main scientific divisions.In some ways it feels like a compilation of newspaper articles perhaps a weekly odd science column As such it s easy to dip it and out of and usually entertaining, albeit [...]

    4. An Absolutely Brilliant book full of fun facts on Science Such as the Discovery of the Big Bang owes it s origin to Pigeon poop and what happens when you give an Elephant too much LSD Even the section on Advanced Mathematics was easy to understand.

    5. An interesting book of trivia with a slightly erudite twist, and little humorous asides and remarks Karl Sabbagh has a natural, engaging writing style this is the first of his books I ve read, and I was inspired to read based on his writing style.

    6. This was mind numbingly boring I was hoping there were a few interesting tidbits of facts here, but all the surprises were very basic and not surprising at all The only thing that was interesting was the hair of the dog or why it helps to continue drinking when severely hungover Nothing I ve practiced myself, just the thought is sickening, but it s nice to know that the spinning and quasiness is caused by an imbalance in fluid density between the blood and the fluid in he inner ear They should b [...]

    7. image error Karl Sabbagh s book explores the surprising science behind seemingly trivial assumptions.Blurb An inventor who was strangled by his own invention, a Nobel Prize winner who had his eureka moment in the car and how stem cell research could change the future of medicine Read by Toby Longworth.Abridged by Libby Spurrierc iplayer episode

    8. A pretty interesting book The highlight was the part about the Ramsey problems, one of which is as follows prove that at a dinner party with 6 guests there will always be 3 who know each other or 3 strangers or both of course.

    9. It was an original idea to collect different and interesting scientific articles in a book but it bored me a little I would not put this book on my top lists.

    10. Everyday language used to explain scientific concepts Some of the analogies were very humorous and effective.Very fun light reading on the bus

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