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A Gathering of Finches #2020

A Gathering of Finches Lottie my Coos Indian maid called it the going over place Cassie Hendrick Stearns crossed the Oregon coastal tidewaters in to begin her life beside the prosperous entrepreneur Lewis Simpson on

  • Title: A Gathering of Finches
  • Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
  • ISBN: 9781576730829
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Gathering of Finches By Jane Kirkpatrick, Lottie, my Coos Indian maid, called it the going over place Cassie Hendrick Stearns crossed the Oregon coastal tidewaters in 1899 to begin her life beside the prosperous entrepreneur Lewis Simpson on Oregon s wild and rugged coast After her marriage, Cassie seems to have it all an adoring husband, a loving sister, a daughter, and social position She inspires a lusciouLottie, my Coos Indian maid, called it the going over place Cassie Hendrick Stearns crossed the Oregon coastal tidewaters in 1899 to begin her life beside the prosperous entrepreneur Lewis Simpson on Oregon s wild and rugged coast After her marriage, Cassie seems to have it all an adoring husband, a loving sister, a daughter, and social position She inspires a luscious four acre garden and has wealth to buy anything her heart desires But fluttering beneath the surface of her seemingly charmed life are self doubt, fear, and the pain of living with the consequences of poor choices, leaving her empty and longing for Through the love and guidance of others, Cassie realizes money and possessions can t buy happiness or forgiveness, nor permit her to escape the elkets of her past decisions Only she can choose the path that will truly change her life and finally bring her heart peace.

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      270 Jane Kirkpatrick
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    1 thought on “A Gathering of Finches

    1. We ve just read Jane Kirkpatrick s A Gathering of Finches for our book group and it feels like a perfect book for us with lots to discuss Genuine history combines with vivid characters, both sympathetic and flawed, creating a fascinating vision of early 1900s Oregon, from Portland to Bend and the coast Sometimes it s hard to believe these people were real can human lives truly evolve with such well drawn plot But perhaps that s the skill of the author, to select and know which details will draw [...]

    2. How much of mess can Cassie possibly make of her life I found myself wondering, and how will I have the courage to read through it e she makes the totally wrong decisions, over and over again, in the face of what her best friends are telling her to do, in the face of her conscience, and then I as the reader had to suffer with her Sometimes I felt angry with her Sometimes I tried to work out an easy solution in my mind How could you help a woman who throws her marriage and only child away for the [...]

    3. This book is beautifully written is the author s best guess, after much research, following the story of the Simpson family and their life on the Oregon coast I grew up next door to one of the main settings of this story and really appreciate the historical value of this book It is not just a historical recounting, but an interesting look at a very flawed woman and the choices she made during her life Even though you hate the choices she made, you still love her Enjoy

    4. Cassie s marriage to Josiah Stearns following her father s death is one of convenience It insures financial security and a roof over not only her head, but her mother s and sister s, as well Josiah moves the three women from their home in Corning, New York to Hoquiam, Washington, where Cassie finds herself seeking to fill an emptiness she cannot name Not even the baby girl she gives birth to satisfies that inner hunger, and she soon finds herself falling in love with handsome playboy Louis Simps [...]

    5. This was an engaging read The story is telling of when one pursues their own interests before others the results may be unintended yet they exist This surprising story of a young girl is followed throughout her life with many twists and turns each choice she makes changes the direction and paves the path of her life leading to some surprising outcomes.

    6. I really enjoyed this book Growing up in the area and getting married at Shore Acres made this even interesting I m ready to do some reading about my local history

    7. This is one of my all time favorite books I love to visit Sunset Bay and the grounds of Shore Aces Simply an amazing story.

    8. I think that I enjoyed the book as much as I did because I am familiar with Shore Acres and the area around Coos Bay where this story takes place.

    9. Cassie Hendrick Stearns crossed the Oregon coastal tidewaters in 1899 to begin her life beside the prosperous entrepreneur Louis Simpson on Oregon s wild and rugged coast After her marriage to Louis which takes place after having lived with Louie for several years, the heartache and displeasure of her family and others , Cassie seems to have it all an adoring husband, a loving sister, a daughter, and social position A dynamic, passionate woman who turns the head of both male and female, she live [...]

    10. Fictional account based on the lives of actual people I found I could easily put the book down but a interesting story overall.

    11. Over a decade ago I went with a friend on a trip for Spring Break along the coast in Oregon Shore Acres State Park is five acres of beautiful well manicured gardens right along a cliff overlooking the ocean that has stood out in my memory of the trip for all these years This book is the historical fiction account of the woman who inspired those gardens Cassie Hendrick then Sterns then Simpson came from New York with her wealthy husband, Josiah Stearns, to mostly undeveloped land in Washington Sh [...]

    12. A Gathering of Finches written by Jane KirkpatrickI have read this author before so picked up this book to read, it is little out of my comfort zone but quite a story with this character Cassie Hendrick.Cassie was young when she met and married Joe and life changed so much for her It was not a love match, but she thought she was making life easier for her mother and sister Joe was a good man and wanted to have Cassie in his life Cassie was a beautiful young woman and she had her own way of doing [...]

    13. This isn t a title I would have picked, but a friend insisted that I d like it, and she s usually right However, I m beginning to think that historical fiction written in the first person is not my style it s too intimate, especially when the character didn t leave a paper trail of her own writing Cassie s voice doesn t sound realistic, and I don t care for her as a person, which isn t good since she narrates the story I keep thinking that this is a character shaped by Jane Kirkpatrick does it r [...]

    14. This was a gift, which I would not have read otherwise Takes place in real places in WA and OR I am about 125 pages in and have almost gotten used to the writing style and the feisty heroine Cant recommend it but I made it to the end whew I enjoyed the end than the beginning but I sure did not care for the main female character I must quote something here pretty much at random, so you can decide for yourself page 45 NOT quoted inaccurately Let us eat at one, once, I suggested, and Josiah took m [...]

    15. I read this book because I have always loved the Oregon Coast and I have been to all of the places described Shore Acres is beautiful and I always enjoyed going there so I wanted to know about the history of the place Unlike a lot of the reviewers, I liked the main character and I thought she was a really interesting woman She may have made bad choices, but she was willing to go for what she wanted, even if it wasn t best for her But at least she had personality and drive I would have rated the [...]

    16. This book was an interesting glimpse of how one woman s poor choices affect her family and friends Cassie Stearns Simpson was a woman who really lived, and this book is based loosely on what facts the author could find about her life What I really enjoyed about the book is that it takes place in Oregon mainly Coos Bay and North Bend, and having never been to either of those coastal towns, I am now interested in paying a visit particularly to Shore Acres, the national park standing in remembrance [...]

    17. It s been a while since I read this story I remember being fully impacted however by the book in just the way this statement from the publisher s description states The story emphasizes the message that real meaning is found in the relationships we nurture and in living our lives in obedience to God The story is based on a true story of a young couple at the turn of the century who live in an Oregon coastal town Money and possessions can t buy happiness, even though the characters of the story d [...]

    18. Picked this up from a local bookshop on the Oregon Coast It is fictionalized history of a woman from a prominent Coos Bay Oregon family It was OK, not terribly absorbing or engaging About 2 3 of the way into it, the author jumps narrators for several chapters and then returns to the main narrator Very jarring and I couldn t see any particular reason for doing so.And the author should have done some serious historical research on BIRTH I almost quit reading after the birth scene that was rediculo [...]

    19. I loved this book It is a very well written historical fiction based on the members that make up the family of the L.J Simpsons of Shore Acres, which is south of Coos Bay, Oregon.We have visited the area many times, and are very familiar with the locations, and history of the Marshfield later renamed Coos Bay , North Bend, and Shore Acres State Park The story is very true to the locations, and the characters are based on real people I found that reading the book actually filled me in on the hist [...]

    20. Having been to Shore Acres state park and other parts of southwest Oregon, I could envision some of the scenes in the book pretty well As always, I was distressed at the fact this woman could leave her child behind when she left her husband But I got past that and found it interesting to read about the development of the area and the dreams that the early North Benders had for their community The restrictions on women in the early 1900 s and the possibilities of changes for women in the future a [...]

    21. I just finished this book and I don t know why I did Except I m the kind of reader that just has to see how it ends, even if it drags on forever Which is how this book was for me So depressing The main character was selfish and depressing There were a few good parts, but mostly I did a lot of paragraph and page jumping And I feel bad writing this review because I know it was based on a real person s life, making me feel all the sorry for her life, but it still wasn t a very good read for me.

    22. I loved this book, loved the characters and recommend it for anyone It s been several years since I ve read this book but it is one of those books that I would read again and I don t re read a book This book has just stuck with me, I could hardly wait to go to Shore Acre State Park after I read this, it is beautiful and I could feel their presence there Beautiful The Diary of Mattie Spencer, Homestead and this book are my favorites by this author.

    23. My friend and colleague Gina recommended this book to me while listening to my raving about my recent trip to San Francisco and the Oregon coast I am so glad I listened to her It gave some depth to my visit, another layer to memories and deepened my appreciation of the west coast I loved the less than perfect characters, full of passion, fumbling and beautiful in their being who they are This is a well written, entertaining, mind and soul opening book.

    24. This is historical fiction based on the true lives of Louis Simpson and his life with wife Cassie It is well researched and very interesting as it takes place in Hoquiam and Shore Acres, a lovely garden they established together just outside of Coos Bay They were rich and very important to the development of the NW at the turn of the last century It was told from the tortured point of view of Cassie.

    25. I love Jane Kirkpatrick Shore Acres is now a state park on the Oregon Coast, it is a beatiful garden I love how Jane takes real places, real events, and real people and makes them come to life with a partially fictional element She tries to really recreate the true stories and I always feel like I am there when I read her booiks This is one of my all time favorite books and authors

    26. Wonderful story of the settling of the lumber industry in the central coastal area of Oregon, Coos Bay Great history of how it developed and the building of Shore Acres a must see if you ve never had the chance Jane Kirkpatrick does a remarkable job of weaving true history with a fictionalized account of interesting characters.

    27. I enjoyed reading this loving the history It s based on real life and set in Pacific Northwest I had trouble deciding if I liked Cassie and struggled with that throughout the book and maybe that s the sign of good writing I was involved And the women was tortured by her actions.

    28. I am so happy to have discovered Jane Kirkpatrick Beautiful book that made me ponder on many aspects of myself and my own personality I love that it is the story of real people who settled in Oregon I heart Oregon.

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