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Isaac Newton #2020

Isaac Newton Christian Encounters a series of biographies from Thomas Nelson Publishers highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church Some are familiar faces Others are unexpected guests But a

  • Title: Isaac Newton
  • Author: Mitch Stokes
  • ISBN: 9781595553034
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Isaac Newton By Mitch Stokes, Christian Encounters, a series of biographies from Thomas Nelson Publishers, highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church Some are familiar faces Others are unexpected guests But all, through their relationships, struggles, prayers, and desires, uniquely illuminate our shared experience.As an inventor, astronomer, physicist, and philosopher, Isaac NeChristian Encounters, a series of biographies from Thomas Nelson Publishers, highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church Some are familiar faces Others are unexpected guests But all, through their relationships, struggles, prayers, and desires, uniquely illuminate our shared experience.As an inventor, astronomer, physicist, and philosopher, Isaac Newton forever changed the way we see and understand the world At one point, he was the world s leading authority in mathematics, optics, and alchemy And surprisingly he wrote about faith and religion than on all of these subjects combined But his single minded focus on knowledge and discovery was a great detriment to his health Newton suffered from fits of mania, insomnia, depression, a nervous breakdown, and even mercury poisoning.Yet from all of his suffering came great gain Newton saw the scientific world not as a way to refute theology, but as a way to explain it He believed that all of creation was mandated and set in motion by God and that it was simply waiting to be discovered by man Because of his diligence in both scientific and biblical study, Newton had a tremendous impact on religious thought that is still evident today.

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    1 thought on “Isaac Newton

    1. I picked this book because my math teacher wrote it, not out of any inherent interest in Newton That lasted about the first two chapters From that point on, I was fascinated with the little guy obsessive, neurotic, reclusive, a genius with a few slight misanthropic tendencies he really is an astonishing character Nothing at all like I d pictured him, and I highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in anything at all though it is somewhat weak on dragons.Stokes obviously knows [...]

    2. I began reading this simply because a friend wrote it, but the hook went in early, and I found myself hauled into the boat rapidly This book is just brilliant, engaging, productive, and fun.

    3. One of a series of books on leading Christian figures, Christian Encounters Isaac Newton discusses the philosophy, life and times of this eminent inventor, astronomer, physicist, and philosopher In addition to exploring Newton s extensive writings on faith, he also shows how Newton used his grasp on theology to explain the scientific world.Stokes includes fairly extensive quotes from Newton s leading biographers, William Stukeley and Frank Manuel, as well as excerpts from the philosopher s own w [...]

    4. I was pleasantly surprised by this brief biography of Isaac Newton This is not the first book by Mitch Stokes that I have read, so it wasn t his abilities as a writer that surprised me Stokes is a good writer and there are some truly memorable turns of phrase in this book which is something I haven t often found in biographies He also traces some themes throughout which serve well to tie Newton s life story together Rather, what surprised me was how good a feel one gets for Isaac Newton as a per [...]

    5. Isaac Newton, Mitch StokesWhat a profound man I actually requested this book primarily as a resource for home school I think it will serve as an excellent resource and that it should also be brought into the public school I may have been interested in the work and theories of Mr Newton when I was in high school had I known the driving force behind them It seems so often we focus on the discoveries, inventions, theories, and philosophies, and equations of man that we rarely take time to look at [...]

    6. This book is one of a series entitled Christian Encounters I was expecting a book about Isaac Newton s religious beliefs or lack there of I was pleasantly surprised when reading the book to find that it is a very good biography of Sir Isaac Newton with a subtle weaving of his beliefs woven very cleverly throughout the book.I had never read a biography of Sir Newton I learned so much from this book Full of interesting facts, friendships, enemies, lifestyle, and , this book was also a blueprint of [...]

    7. I recently reread this book and had to up my rating from four to five stars Stokes is the perfect person to write about Newton and the controversies surrounding his life Newton had interests and made great discoveries in mathematics, physics, chemistry, theology, philosophy, etc and Stokes background allows him to address each aspect of Newton s life.Newton was a skillful craftsman, a builder of ingenious devices for his experiments, and Stokes has a background in Engineering Stoke s theological [...]

    8. This book gives a glimpse into the mind and character of one of the greatest polymaths in history Hostility amongst scientists and their discoveries was the norm in the 17th century There s also surprising discoveries about Newton interests, among them the fact that he was a prolific writer of theology and also dubbed as an alchemist I m in awe that a person can specialize in so many fields with such skill Highly recommend this book to any person interested in science.

    9. This corrected my view of Newton, less unorthodox than I had throught, and truly pivotal While we are at it, this whole series are intelligent, thoughtful biographies that don t over simplify, neither do they wander off into 500 pages of exhausting and bearing losing detail They coveer the topic in 150 to 200 pages.

    10. This was a really good biography Newton is an interesting character and Dr Stokes presents him and his revolutionary ideas clearly and with dry humor It was also nice to be able to read a biographer who is philosophically on top of it and took Issac Newton seriously, rather than treating him like a historical curio.Also read in Spring of 2012

    11. Very fun read Wrote a short paper on it for a class I took on modern theology Stokes seems to get the science of the man and the times, but doesn t do as good a job engaging Newton s theological problems It was a blessing to see that Newton wasn t a full blown Arian, but I m not sure Stokes represented the extent of Newton s Trinitarian problems.

    12. Mathematics in heavy syrup Like many great minds, Newton was a rather rare bird His life in all its intensity operated on a very different plane from mine that s for sure While I deeply appreciate his genius, I have a hard time relating to him Well, I don t understand him The biography was well researched and well written It s a bit heavy for me, however.

    13. Filled some unforgivable gaps in my knowledge of Newton and his aftermath no pun intended Stokes critique of where we ve gone from Newton is particularly telling.P.S Also, Hooke was kind of a loser.

    14. An extremely well written and well researched biography Mitch Stokes was able to bring his subject of Isaac Newton to life What could have been a dry book about this man was engaging and interesting and piqued my interest in Newton and his work Highly recommend reading this book.

    15. This is the second of Stokes biographies I have read, and I am very impressed His writing style is smooth and masculine He really understands his subjects and their age And unlike most modern historians he is happily free of what Lewis called chronological snobbery.Loved it.

    16. This was a fantastic short biography of a brilliant man, written from a Christian world view In Newton s case, a personal understanding of Christianity allows helpful perspective on points of Newton s life that puzzle secular biographers I thought Stokes did a good job presenting primary sources to highlight major events in Newton s life, and information that enables the reader to understand better the whole person of Isaac Newton He amply presents evidence for Newton s Christianity I m skeptica [...]

    17. Mitch Stokes has written a wonderful biography for one of the world s most brilliant men Mostly known as an inventor, astronomer, physicist, mathematician, scientist, and philosopher, but Isaac Newton wrote about theology and religion than all of these subjects combined Newton s desire for knowledge was a form of worship to God the ultimate goal was to know God and give him honour glory John Locke even commented to his cousin that he knew few who were Newton s equal in knowledge of the Bible Ne [...]

    18. I really liked the premise of this book examine a well known historical figure through the lens of the Christian faith Having just graduated with a degree in physics, I ve heard a lot about Newton and studied the discoveries he made, but I ll admit that I was surprised to learn of the strength of Isaac Newton s faith and how that motivated and enabled him to make the discoveries he did This book is fairly short for a biography, so it s a pretty easy read But I also feel he did a good job of cove [...]

    19. An illuminating brief biography of Newton Stokes writes as if he knew Newton personally We get a sense of the man beyond his great ideas Son, friend and deeply religious though critical of contemporary orthodoxy Given that this book was written as part of a series of Christian biographies, it spends a good amount of time exploring Newton s dabbles into theology which, the author points out, occupied of his time than mathematics or natural philosophy science There are probably better biographies [...]

    20. I LOVED this book Brilliantly written, informative, eye opening, inspiring, encouraging and challenging Showed me how much of a completely unbelievable genius Isaac Newton really was Alexander Pope gave him this epitaph Nature and nature s laws lay hid in night God said, Let Newton be, and all was light.Slightly extravagant, but mostly true

    21. This is an amazingly fun book What we know of Isaac Newton in the history books is just the tip of the iceberg Dr Stokes writing style is easy it reads like an autobiography.

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