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Miss Lockharte's Letters #2020

Miss Lockharte s Letters IF SHE MUST DIE SHE VOWS TO CAST SOME BLAME ON A RATHER ATTRACTIVE HEARTBREAKER Delirious with fever Rosellen Lockharte summons all her strength to pen several letters from her attic deathbed Soon a

  • Title: Miss Lockharte's Letters
  • Author: Barbara Metzger
  • ISBN: 2940000129722
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Nook
  • Miss Lockharte's Letters By Barbara Metzger, IF SHE MUST DIE, SHE VOWS TO CAST SOME BLAME ON A RATHER ATTRACTIVE HEARTBREAKER Delirious with fever, Rosellen Lockharte summons all her strength to pen several letters from her attic deathbed Soon all who set her willy nilly on this path to perdition as a penmanship teacher will learn that in her final hour she forgave them All except him But why wait for Judgment DayIF SHE MUST DIE, SHE VOWS TO CAST SOME BLAME ON A RATHER ATTRACTIVE HEARTBREAKER Delirious with fever, Rosellen Lockharte summons all her strength to pen several letters from her attic deathbed Soon all who set her willy nilly on this path to perdition as a penmanship teacher will learn that in her final hour she forgave them All except him But why wait for Judgment Day to tell Viscount Stanford she thinks he is the most heinous of humans Let her death be a burden to him forever But the burden, it appears, is on her For not only has she cheated death, but now the very same man who ruined her life has albeit, reluctantly come to her rescue Certainly, not even the angels above could have predicted the chaos that will ensue nor the magic of unexpected love

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      340 Barbara Metzger
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    1 thought on “Miss Lockharte's Letters

    1. I don t know why I waited so long to read Metzger, because this was awesome I had such a delightful time reading Miss Lockharte s Letters You know the I don t know what to do with my life any kind of feeling you get after putting a good book down This is what happened to me with this one I did not want it to end And when it inevitably did, I did not know what to do I am somewhat recovered now, as I started another good book.The story opens up with our poor heroine, Miss Rosellen Lockharte, a tea [...]

    2. This was a brilliant, brilliant, fun story Rather, I should say, BRILLIANT AND SOO FUN It s opening was absolutely unique and unforgettable A gentlewoman discarded by her father and relatives and eking out a living as an underfed and underpaid penmanship teacher at an academy for young ladies, is near death from influenza She decides to pen letters to the tormentors who stole her life before she ever had a chance to live it Her list of nevers is at once heartbreaking and hilarious I loved her fr [...]

    3. Barbara Metzger s novels are as close to a literary antidepressant as you can find In a genre that sometimes drowns under the weight of its own angst, Metzger s books are unashamedly joyful, giddy, high energy gems Like most of my favorite romance writers, she writes in a witty, sharp and breezily accessible style while managing to sneak in splashes of depth and insight often that you might expect The plot is engaging and surprisingly intricate, and after a somewhat sluggish beginning it moves [...]

    4. This little gem was full of witty humor Wynn turned on his most forbidding demeanor, the one he saved for cardsharps, pimps, and mothers of debutantes Fun, over the top side characters done in the style of Austen or Heyer I m definitely checking out of Barbara Metzger s books Don t you just love it when you find a new author to love

    5. Another pleasant surprise in a Regency novel this one has amusing farce and believable romance, although some of the assassination attempts on the heroine do strain credulity However, I think you re meant to take the whole book as a fun romp and find plenty to laugh about.

    6. If you want a silly, light hearted, fun story with a dash of romance then this is the book to read I was laughing throughout It should have been a sad story, or rather, could have been a sad story, given that the heroine was either dying of influenza or trying to be murdered for most of the book However, the brilliant, humorous and often sarcastic tone of the story meant that it was not sad in the slightest There is everything from murderous vicars to troublesome twins, evil uncles to one eyed d [...]

    7. Miss Rosellen Lockharte is dying from the influenza epidemic that s raging through the school where she teaches She believes she won t last the night, so in her fevered state, with her last bit of energy, she writers letters to all those who wronged her and a few she believes she wronged starting with her awful uncle who disowned her mother and ending with the brother of her one and only friend True, Susan tried to help, but she forgot to get her brother s approval and he dismissed Rosellen with [...]

    8. Recalling after a few months after reading.It is the best book of Metzger I have read for now I have read eight It is really funny and enjoyable How I recall it the main concept is she gets into the trouble, he unwillingly at first helps her A sweet and engaging Regency romance.

    9. Rosellen thinking she s dying writes to all the people in her life who have been mean to her in some capacity or another and offers them forgiveness for their assholery Except Wynn, Lord Stanton, who s a pompous ass and should probably die in a fire Except then she doesn t die AWKWARD And now someone s is actively trying to kill her, so, you know Then Wynn shows up and OF COURSE he s not REALLY pompous ass so they fall in love and out the villains and live happily ever after, etc etc 1 Rosellen [...]

    10. Great fun Barbara Metzger s stories take the same ingredients as so many other RegRoms, but manage to infuse them with a merriment and sweetness that always leave me with a smile on my face while I m reading them She shows a pleasant respect for her characters they aren t manoeuvred into false positions for the the sake of the plot, for example, neither are the heroes too testosterone rich, or the heroines TSTL The tone is refreshingly tart, and there s a sense that Metzger is well aware that sh [...]

    11. After several Barbara Metzger books, I think I m gonna put my review of Barbara Metzger in general here since this is so far the most rated book of hers in and quite representative for her older regencies.The good about her books 1 The unusual plot Usually several situations that tangles into one chaotic, hilarious mess However, I feel that she does this in quite a regency way As weird as the plot goes, I can still be sure that I AM reading a story from regency era, not some other era where almo [...]

    12. If she must die, Rosellen Lockharte is not leaving this earthly plain without telling a few people just what she thinks of them Summoning what little strength she has left, Rosellen pens several letters to tell them all how they had hurt her but since she was dying she was forgiving them However, Rosellen does not die and her letters lived as well to be delivered and the repercussions are not at all what she expected Knowing this book was penned by Barbara Metzger, and if you are at all familiar [...]

    13. I started the book crying, but ended up busting up laughing The beginning is super heart wrenching as the heroine pens out what she thinks to be her dying words some of condemnation, some of forgiveness, and some of friendship and love It was sad to see a girl brought so low in the world for no reason other than the jealousy, pettiness, and greed of a few small minded people But the book and mood shifts from that pathetic scene to see what effect her letters have on the recipients and that s whe [...]

    14. 4.5 5 Absolutely hilarious, this gem of a book is full of witty observations and loveable characters This is a clean romance which might lack a bit in the romance department, but than made up for it with a stellar cast of quirky characters It is anchored by an utterly charming heroine who gets repetitively knocked down by life, relatives and would be assassins, but who refuses to stay down Instead she bounces back on her feet, in some instances, like crawling back on her knees battered, bruise [...]

    15. Le do en Agosto 2010Entretenida y algo divertidaCARTAS DE UNA MORIBUNDA SI DEB A MORIR, PRIMERO IBA A CULPAR A ALGUIEN DE PREFERENCIA A UN ATRACTIVO ROMPE CORAZONES Delirando con fiebre, Rosellen Lockharte re ne todas sus fuerzas para escribir varias cartas en su lecho de muerte Pronto todos aquellos que la han perjudicado se enterar n que en su momento final han sido perdonados por ella Todo excepto l Pero , por qu esperar al D a del Juicio para decirle al Vizconde Stanford que piensa que l es [...]

    16. Dear Uncle I am dying, and I never had a dog When poor teacher Miss Lockhart believes she is dying of influenza, she writes a final letter to several people she considers responsible for her sad predicament As you can imagine, the letters set several drams into play, which intersect in a most amusing way This is one of my very favorite traditional regency romances, full of wit and wonderful characters I highly recommend it.

    17. This book was utterly HILARIOUS I was a bit worried, based on some of the reviews but I didn t feel the silliness was over the top One of the best clean regencies I read in a while.You can read some other reviews on.

    18. I loved this little novel It s a madcap romp, think of Claudette Colbert or Carol Lombard in the movies Miss Lockharte is dying She spends her last night writing letters to the people she feels are responsible for her sad life The consequences are hilarious I was in the mood for a light, easy read and this than filled the bill.

    19. I wanted to like this book It just got too silly at times There were too many people with the same initials, too much frenetic action and it all got to be a bit much The scenes with the H h were what made the book.

    20. This is probably my favorite of the Regency books I ve read lately The sheer ridiculousness of a lot of it was great I really liked the sense of humor.

    21. I liked the premise of this book a lot letters written from Rosellen s deathbed and the events they set into motion I really liked how she started her letters, listing everything she never got to do or be or have I m dying, and I never had a dog I m dying, and I never wore a silk dress, etc And I appreciate how Rosellen tries to stand up for herself.But.This all felt kind of superficial It didn t feel like there were real, plausible stakes It simply didn t feel like anything was at stake There w [...]

    22. Well, it s that time of the year again where I just binge read regency novels I guess the weather is inspiring me, I love summer Eitherway, let s speak about this little gem of a book This book was different from any regency novel I ve ever read The plot is very intricate and interesting Starting from the beginning you do not know what to expect, which is so nice, given the fact that most novels of this style are easily predictable I feel like this is one of Mrs Metzger s writing traits, having [...]

    23. What a fun and funny read The plot beginning with Miss Lockharte s deathbed letters is so clever, showing the every growing results of those letters on the various recipients The resulting escapades are very Georgette Heyer ish but hilarious that anything Heyer every concocted Recommended for a rainy afternoon.

    24. Some of these regency covers are awful I like the new vintage classy ones they have on the kindle version Totally clean, despite the cover.

    25. Very entertaining I was grinning a lot while reading the book and found it hard to put it down However, this is the kind of book in which humour and irony are important than character and plot Which is allright if it is done well Which it was.The hero and heroine were portrayed in a coherent, believable way, the chemistry between them was right, their verbal sparring funny, and how their relationship progressed from total rejection on Rosellen s side and total inability to even remember this ob [...]

    26. 4.5 stars This is the first time I m reading a full length novel by Metzger I ve only read her short stories before, and they were delightful This one s even sweeter, as we actually get to know the characters better It s got every elements of Metzger stories I ve read so far It would be labeled under traditional regencies but is not so typical I mean, a sweet, decorous, and a little adventurous romance between a staid schoolteacher and a titled lord is nothing out of usual But Metzger manages to [...]

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