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A Black Tie Affair #2020

A Black Tie Affair Fans of New York Times bestselling authors Carly Phillips Jennifer Probst and Julie James will fall in love with Sherrill Bodine SUITED FOR SEDUCTIONFashion curator Athena Smith will do anything to g

  • Title: A Black Tie Affair
  • Author: Sherrill Bodine
  • ISBN: 9780446618595
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Black Tie Affair By Sherrill Bodine, Fans of New York Times bestselling authors Carly Phillips, Jennifer Probst and Julie James will fall in love with Sherrill Bodine SUITED FOR SEDUCTIONFashion curator Athena Smith will do anything to get her perfectly manicured hands on the Clayworth family s celebrated couture collection for her exhibit So when she s called in to make sure the gowns are the real deal, shFans of New York Times bestselling authors Carly Phillips, Jennifer Probst and Julie James will fall in love with Sherrill Bodine SUITED FOR SEDUCTIONFashion curator Athena Smith will do anything to get her perfectly manicured hands on the Clayworth family s celebrated couture collection for her exhibit So when she s called in to make sure the gowns are the real deal, she s ecstaticuntil a dress she s examining turns out to be loaded with toxins talk about killer threads and Athena faints, only to wake up face to face with the One That Got Away, notorious Chicago bachelor Drew Clayworth.Drew still believes Athena betrayed him all those years ago, and he s sure he can t trust her But when the priceless gowns go missing, she offers to help track them down Reluctantly allied in the quest, Drew and Athena are soon stunned by the barely restrained passion still sizzling between themd memories both bitter and sweet Is their new partnership just a business arrangement Or is this something thanA BLACK TIE AFFAIR

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    1. Athena Smith, the costume curator for a Chicago museum, is elated to finally see the legendary vintage gowns worn by a city icon, Bertha Palmer But the gowns are owned by the Clayworth family, who are not on good terms with Athena s family The Clayworths just fired Athena s father from their company for unknown, but scandalous, reasons So Athena has little hope of gaining the gowns for an exhibition at the museum While looking at the gowns, she inhales a toxin which acts as a truth serum What tr [...]

    2. Athena Smith and her sisters, Venus and Diana, are shocked when their father is forced into early retirement as the treasurer for the exclusive John Clayworth and Company department store The Smith s and Clayworth s go way back together and when Athena was a teenager, she and Drew Clayworth were the best of friends who stopped speaking after she did something Drew could never forgive After fifteen years, Athena and Drew have never forgotten one another but they refuse to see or speak to each oth [...]

    3. I live in suburban New Orleans, and this time between Epiphany and Mardi Gras is Carnival I read somewhere that tuxedos and ball gowns are purchased here, per capita, than anywhere else in the country Most cities have a certain set that does the charity balls, d butante balls or other formal black tie affairs, but the average person doesn t don formal garb other than for weddings, once his her senior prom is history In New Orleans, however, Mardi Grad balls are for everyone Sure, there are the [...]

    4. Of late I find myself giving ratings of two stars or less, so I ask that you not be too harsh if you find that I am completely off mark This book promised to be interesting, especially with its fashion focus but this book like many others tells the story of a couple who fell in love years before but because their conflicting sense of what is right or wrong, split up only to reunite years later The main female character, Athena Smith has reason to somewhat regret that her actions were the direct [...]

    5. I ll start off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed this book What made it even interesting for me is that this fictional romance got it s inspiration from a true life debacle Ms Bodine s story was quick to pull you in and keep you reading.I enjoyed the fact that the character s back story was worked into the throughout the story instead of thrown at me all together in the beginning of the book It kept me guessing as to Athena and Drew s past and what exactly happened between them.It was a great tale [...]

    6. Athena loves fashion and cannot believe her luck when she is chosen to authenticate the a certain collection of gowns When she ends up getting sick, she thinks things couldn t be any worse When the owner of the gowns, Drew, walks in Athena realizes that things are only starting to get interesting.Something happened in the past that keeps Drew from trusting Athena The gowns disappear and Athena offers Drew her help Desperate to find them, he reluctantly accepts Soon it becomes all too obvious tha [...]

    7. Nice romantic novel, plot could have been better but the main characters are likable Similar to mills and boon novels from old time.

    8. A BLACK TIE AFFAIR by Sherrill Bodine10 10 Grand Central Publishing Mass Market Paperback, 240 pagesFate is a magical and wonderful mystery in our lives that throws out surprises we never expect and occasionally some bloopers we could live without Athena Smith is getting a huge dose of both right now and she will have to take the good with the unexpected and roll with the way things play out She may have been named for the Goddess of Wisdom but past mistakes make her question that particular tit [...]

    9. I have my complaints about this book but it was an okay read It s a very light romance involving Athena Smith, a museum curator with a flair for expensive vintage dresses, and Drew Clayworth, CEO and heir of John Clayworth and Company, an exclusive department store The story was set in the glamorous world of Chicago, which is a welcome change from the usual glitzy world of New York where books like these are usually set.The hero and heroine were best friends turned to something when they were y [...]

    10. I won this book through Giveaways, and it is the first book I have read by this author I had some troubles rating this one I liked parts of the book, but other parts left me either frustrated or irritated I ended up giving it a 3 because I did like Athena and Drew together Their relationship was very romantic and to watch them both grow together was very heart warming.The overall concept of the book was character Athena Smith is a fashion curator, she is creating a museum exhibit and she needs f [...]

    11. My synopsis The first dilemma that comes to light is that four Bertha Palmer dresses have become infected with a truth serum type toxin This toxin was created as the materials in the dresses started breaking down over the years Athena Smith has the misfortune of discovering this after laying down under one to study it She had been observing the dresses in the Clayworth s Secret Closet in hopes of acquiring them for her Founding Families Exhibit at the museum An exhibit that would help cement the [...]

    12. Author Sherrill Bodine claims that family is her number one passion, writing second, and philanthropy or travel as a dead pan for third She has written books under the pen name Leslie Lynn, Buried Shadows, A Soldier s Heart, and Autumn Loves , and also under the pen name Lynn Leslie, Street of Dreams, Defy the Night, and The Other Amanda The other title under her name is Talk of the Town Sherrill resides in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, children, and grandchildren Fashion curator Athena Sm [...]

    13. I really wanted to like this book I m a museum professional, and as a group, we are notorious for busman s holidays we like to go to other museums, read about what other museums are doing, watch movies about museums, and yes, read popular fiction set in museums Most of the time museum books involve murder, theft, monsters that need artifacts You know, the normal day at the office.This did feature theft, but it s primarily a contemporary romance I thought this would be a fun little read with rich [...]

    14. 4 STARSWell this is the third Sherrill Bodine book that I have read this week I have like all three This one has an almost unbelievable poison in it That actually did happen to a real person Though I don t know if the sideeffects are the same.Athena, Venus, and Diana Smith are sisters who are opening a store together Pandora s Box A Vintage couture bazaar Their father was let go of his shop after working for years at Clayworth s Their father won t discuss it and Clayworths won t either they sign [...]

    15. 1.5 5This one is part mystery, part romance.Athena Smith is a fashion curator, and is dying to get four Bertha Palmer vintage couture dresses for her museum exhibit The Clayworth family own these dresses which presents a problem Drew Clayworth broke her heart 18 years ago When she is allowed to see the dresses, she becomes infected by truth serum like toxins that were released from the dresses, and winds up in the hospital Then, the four dresses go missing Athena and Drew must work together to g [...]

    16. I really like the concept behind this book the look into vintage couture dresses and jewelry fascinates me I am a home sewer and love vintage wear and live for stories about couture I could envision the beautiful dresses and wanted to see them myself The story of how Athena runs into Drew again after all these years and the problem with the dresses from his family vault is great in concept Most of the book had me enthralled But overall I was left feeling kind of ho hum about it I think the execu [...]

    17. I wasn t overly impressed with this book I ve never read Talk of the Town which is set within the same universe just before the events of this book but it isn t required to read it before this one.I was hoping it would be suspenseful with the crime but it wasn t I m not even sure the crime was fully resolved if it was I missed it completely The romance built slowly and it was mostly mild sexual tension until the last few chapters.I liked the characters enough They were well developed, but I fou [...]

    18. Fashion curator Athena Smith has dreams about getting her hands on the famed Bertha Palmer couture gowns that the John Clayworth and Company empire has locked away in their Secret Closet She wants to get the gowns and display them for all to see and enjoy Athena is checking out the gowns when she inhales some gases Though not lethal The Smiths and The Clayworth s have bad blood between them Athena s father was set up by The Clayworth s and forced to take an early retirement Drew Clayworth never [...]

    19. I loved Talk of the Town, so of course I was excited to read A Black Tie Affair I have to say I was disappointed.Athena has been in love with Drew since she was seventeen years old, but due to her betrayal which was not even something serious , they have not spoken to each other in fifteen years A little too over dramatic for me, but whatever Fast forward to present day Athena is thrown together with Drew after some priceless vintage dresses are stolen, and they are the only two who can track th [...]

    20. A Black Tie Affair introduces us to two influential and good looking families, the Clayworth men and the celebrated Smith sisters, in such a way that if this doesn t turn into a series I will be deeply disappointed.Bodine builds up the Clayworth fortune and mystique, I keep wondering about their family s history and lifestyle If you like shows like Dirty Sexy Money or Gossip Girl like I do, you ll probably find A Black Tie Affair thoroughly entertaining.While A Black Tie Affair is a love story f [...]

    21. This was the first giveaway book I recieved I have mixed feelings about this book It is one of those books you like to read when you don t want to concentrate but just want some entertainment It was a fluffy romance.There were some parts of the book that I really enjoyed The romance between Athena and Drew never felt forced, there characters really fit together Although, I did think Drew s anger towards Athena, which caused him not to talk to her for 15 years, was slightly immature She was just [...]

    22. Oh, but I loved this book Ms Bodine has a way of bringing you into the world of high fashion couture dresses and making any girl feel all giddy inside I loved the descriptions of these fantastic gowns Oh, to just twirl around in one of them a girl can dream right obviously sans the poison.I loved the chemistry between Athena and Drew it was flirty, it was sweet and very romantic I especially liked how you read a little bit about their past together in short increments making you come to terms wi [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book It was a light and happy read with the appropriate amount of tension between the romantic leads I will admit it required some suspension of reality but isn t that what you look for in a certain percentage of your reading Once you just give in and go with the flow it s a fun story I enjoyed reading about the couture dresses and the vintage accessories but I do admit that I would have liked to learn even .I suspect from the ending that there will be another tale in the Smith Cl [...]

    24. The ending uhh what about the mystery and the poisonious toxins That was wrapped up so quick I don t even know if it was wrapped up or the author plain forgot about them The toxins came from where Old age That was highly unclear, what a stupid plot Why were the dresses even important for her display I m still clueless about that The characters were successful in annoying me And wtf fucking sighs another boring unoriginal agitating and lame quickie hea The writing made me cringe it was so messy a [...]

    25. Grab a glass of champagne and take a bubble bath with this book Ok, just don t drop the book in the water because you won t want to miss a page of this story This is a fast paced romance with a bit of mystery to keep the interest going I haven t enjoyed a romance like this in a long time.The Smith sisters are characters that I would enjoy reading about and this one features Athena and her expertise of collectable vintage couture Who knew that there was a black market for such things The plot re [...]

    26. I received this book through the GoodReads First Reads giveaway, but just recently got around to reading it.Overall I thought it was a pretty good book the plot was original and pulled me into the story from the very beginning, the main characters were likeable and I enjoyed seeing their relationship evolve However, I wasn t completely satisfied with the ending There are quite a few loose ends and important questions that weren t resolved like who stole the dresses in the first place I also foun [...]

    27. I started this book, thinking that it would just be like any other romance novel But let me be the first to tell you that it wasn t Sherrill kept me turning the pages just to find out what happened next I kept asking myself What happened When will they see the light and many other questions throughout this book The ending leaves a little to be desired, but makes you want I finished the book in a little less than 12 hours and I can t wait to read Sherrill s next book Bring us some of those Clay [...]

    28. Seriously, it reminded me of a mediocre soap opera The problems and resolutions were so melodramatic and blown out of proportion that they bordered on ridiculous On top of that, they characters were difficult to warm up to and weren t very memorable If you re looking to take a break from life one were all brain function ceases then, by all means, give this fluffy bit a try I found it diverting enough to finish it, so it s not irredeemable It wasn t my cup of tea though and I won t be following u [...]

    29. As far as romance novels go this one was just fine There was than one love scene which was a nice change from other romance novels that I ve read in the past This genre isn t at the top of my list, but once in a while a little romance novel is nice The dress poisoning in the story seemed a little goofy and far fetched, but according the Sherrill it did actually happen before With that in mind, no complaints

    30. A Black Tie Affair by Sherrill Bodine is well written pulls you back and forth in the lives of the two main characters includes some mystery, romance I skipped over the erotica since I m not comfortable reading that , lots of fashion detail and has an odd little detail in the ending Sherrill can certainly write and if that is the type of book you enjoy then you may want to pick this one up and her other one, Talk of the Town.

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