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Phantom #2020

Phantom Hawke is a secret agent who takes you into the danger zone with a ballsy wit that had me hooked Vince Flynn Ted Bell puts a capital A in adventure Commander Bond might choke on his martini next to Bel

  • Title: Phantom
  • Author: Ted Bell
  • ISBN: 9780061859304
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Phantom By Ted Bell, Hawke is a secret agent who takes you into the danger zone with a ballsy wit that had me hooked Vince Flynn Ted Bell puts a capital A in adventure.Commander Bond might choke on his martini next to Bell s superlative Alex Hawke Madison County HeraldTed Bell s remarkable literary creation, counterspy Alex Hawke, has been called, strong, shrewd, and savvy, with an ap Hawke is a secret agent who takes you into the danger zone with a ballsy wit that had me hooked Vince Flynn Ted Bell puts a capital A in adventure.Commander Bond might choke on his martini next to Bell s superlative Alex Hawke Madison County HeraldTed Bell s remarkable literary creation, counterspy Alex Hawke, has been called, strong, shrewd, and savvy, with an aplomb not seen since James Bond NPR He s back in the explosive blockbuster Phantom, on a breathtaking hunt for a madman about to unleash a terrifying new Artificial Intelligence powered super weapon on the world Another superb espionage thriller by a true, New York Times bestselling master of the fictional spy game, Bell s Phantom explores a dark side of science while delivering non stop action, as Hawke races across the globe in order to prevent a coming apocalypse and the millions of fans of Bell s Warlord, Tsar, and Spy will be breathless every perilous step along the way.

    • [PDF] ✓ Phantom | by ☆ Ted Bell
      202 Ted Bell
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    1 thought on “Phantom

    1. I keep reading this series because I am a bit ocd and can t not read a series I have started That being said, this is not one I would recommend to my friends Plot holes and inconsistencies from page to page make it a bit annoying as far as stories go I can forgive the over the top characters for literary licence, but when things are literally inconsistent from one page to another, I can t really let it go I m not sure what Mr Bell s editor does, but it s apparently a job that requires no attenda [...]

    2. There are many things that I m thankful my father has shared with me An interest in politics, my love of sailing, and my love of the Hawke series, just to name a few Ted Bell s newest book in the Hawke series, Phantom, is a fine addition that includes all of these things.The difficult balance in any spy thriller is to create a story that walks the fine line of believability and outlandish The story must be just slightly beyond what is something you would expect to hear in the news, but not so ou [...]

    3. After reading a couple of spy books that I had hoped to be intelligent works but ended up being stupidly plotted and unbelievable, I opted for one that wasn t trying to be anything other than what it was entertaining This was my first Alex Hawke book No 7 in the series and it read like a combination of James Bond meets Tom Clancy Alex Hawke is a British Lord and secret agent who has unlimited wealth and access to world leaders Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin He works with both MI6 and the CIA an [...]

    4. What a ride I receive a copy of Phantom as a giveaway through as a first read Sadly, it took me a long time to read, but it was NOT because the book was not good On the contrary, I GREATLY enjoyed it.The main plot of the story surrounds strange goings on around the world It starts in an amusement park where rides seemingly develop minds of their own and go out of control Then, everyone on board a Russian submarine loses control of all systems while doing training runs, and the boat takes it upon [...]

    5. Downloaded from AudibleNarrated by John SheaSeventh in the Alex Hawke series, Phantom, like its predecessors, is a fast paced, action adventure novel To understand the main character, the previous novels should be read in order so that when this book starts out, previous events will have been covered and no explanation is necessary Previous books also explain the roles that the other mentioned characters play and their importance to Alex.Because I am a technology, engineering and computer geek, [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy through the Giveaways Just as a background, I was one that has not heard of or read any previous Ted Bell books this being part of the Alex Hawke series I was very curious to see if I would be lost or not since this is the seventh book in that series I am glad to announce that this is a book that stands alone quite nicely I m not sure how the other books are written, but if they are similar to this book, I would say that you could pick up any one in the [...]

    7. Can AI hardware in ultra intelligent machines be capable of horrific machine warfare and cyber attacks If we could assemble a thousand scientists, each with a mind operation at a millions times faster than our own, they could achieve an entire century s worth of scientific breakthroughs in under one hour That could be, in the right hands, so exciting As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality BUT,,,since [...]

    8. Alex Hawke salis again Ted Bell s Alex Hawke series is nothing if not a study in how to write an excellent and believable thriller Yes, Hawke is a larger than life, English billionaire who loves nothing better than going into battle under catastrophic odds He s a statesman, a lover, a warrior, a black ops guru, and in this book a newly discovered son adds father to Hawke s list of personas And he does everything else very well, but he finds the father role a much harder role to assume This book [...]

    9. In the seventh book of the Alexander Hawke series, Ted Bell ventures into the world of science fiction to create a new villain to drive the plot forward I thought that Bell did a good job explaining the science behind the plot in the Author s note at the end of the book It reminded me of the late Michael Crichton s affinity for starting a book with non fiction and leading the reader into a journey of fiction based on science taken to a plausible extreme I ended the book far interested in artifi [...]

    10. I listen to many books on CD because, as a high school English teacher, I spend too much time reading essays, grading homework, etc Perhaps the recording I listened to of Ted Bell s Phantom was the problem, but I think I figured out why I STOPPED listening to the book on CD after disc 9 of, I believe, 14, which I never do Alexander Hawke is just too damned good Hawke cannot lose He s an omnipotent superhero Add to that his friendships with Vladmir Putin, the U.S President, and seemingly every im [...]

    11. PHANTOM by TED BELLBell is an elegant writer, and I ve followed his Alex Hawke series of thrillers from the start Always solid, realistic plots But I have to admit my first impression of this one was he s run out of credible plots I felt like I was getting into the unreality of sci fi, which I do not read, because Bell was leading us into something called The Singularity.But I finished the book just because it s Ted Bell, and I love his useage of the King s English literally.The I read his After [...]

    12. I won Phantom through the First Read Giveaway on 03 13 2012 and received it on 05 30 2012 SPOILER ALERT YOU VE BEEN WARNED Ted Bell put out another awesome book in the Alexander Hawke series Bell s books are so well written that I really don t have any complaints Usually I do have one this time and it s about a very small part of the book.So here it is Alexi is three years old and talks like he s an old man That kinda threw things off for me I m a mother of two boys and at three years old they w [...]

    13. I haven t read a Ted Bell book for awhile so it has been nice to read another adventure of Alex Hawke This is a great book Bell is one of my favorite authors and Alex Hawke a great hero Some surprises in this book, but a great story line The information in this book about a super computer that is becoming an intelligent as man is pretty scary The authors explanation at the end of the book about the development of AI artificial intelligence is also pretty interesting and revealing If you haven t [...]

    14. I ve been a longtime fan Ted Bell s Hawke series The most simple way to describe the series is a somewhat odd hybrid of John LeCarre ghostwriting for Clive Cussler The protag, Lord Alex Hawke, is an English action hero Requisite sidekicks, globe threatening perils, nifty martial technology and other meticulously researched details make this a very entertaining series At times his work does take on a sort Wodehouse kinda feel, but I personally think it is very entertaining This entire series is i [...]

    15. silly and cartoon like would pretty much sum up this story this is of a descriptive version of a comic book adventure rather than an actual adventure thriller novel This episode is linked to the storyline in Tsar The beginning chapters setting up the main plot were interesting but never really developed The most interesting part of the book was the depiction of Putin, especially in light of recent world events I checked, and this book was copyrighted in 2012 hmmm

    16. Seems every new book is a NY Times best seller Doesn t say much for the readers that buy borrow those books I quit after pages of prose containing the likes of waiting for him, her cheeks aglow in the frosted air, golden ringlets peeking from beneath the white mink cowl that framed her lovely face golden ringlets Well, I went a bit farther and came across this his friend Ambrose Congreave, the famous Scotland Yard criminalist, had After a few of those, I quit Bleah.

    17. This is the 7th book by Ted Bell in the Alexander Hawke series It s a page turner and equally as good as the rest of the series The books may be read individually but I think that to understand the characters as theycome up it s better to start at the beginning I don t think that youwill be dissapointed in any of the books.

    18. This could really happenaryexhilerating read Alex Hawke and his side kicks are stillheroes warriors that aren t entirely cold blooded and calculating There s a plausible sci fi element, as well When I think of people s car GPS suddenly going somewhere else, well it s probably just a baby beta test for the big kahuna in this book

    19. As the book jackets state, Ted Bell can really really write This is not dime store novel stuff A new James Bond for modern times, with a pirate twist High quality prose used to tell a daring tale.

    20. Another good read from Ted Bell, Phantom reached out into the science fiction realm while making you think it could actually be a possibility I wonder where Alex Hawke will take us next

    21. Probably my least favorite book in the Hawke series The book starts with Hawke s trip inside of Russia to find out for sure if the love of his life, Anastasia is alive He finds her and that he has a son but he also finds she has married someone else in order to save herself and their son While I like the idea of a new direction for Hawke s character as a father, I didn t like the way the storyline was tied up It seemed ridiculous to me I of course liked seeing Stokely Jones finally marry Fancha [...]

    22. I jumped into this series at this book because my library had it on cd I ve never read any of the previous books before and this may have lessened my enjoyment of this installment It is a very action packed book I would recommend it for those who like international spy tales with plenty of shooting and explosions It was well written it just isn t my cup of tea.

    23. Another over the top adventure with Alexander Hawke as he saves the world with his own privately financed black ops commando team

    24. Is man capable of creating a computer a billion times powerful than human intelligence of the highest order Novelist Ted Bell thinks the world is within a decade of doing just that That s the premise of this latest Alex Hawke adventure We find out what happens when artificial, or machine, intelligence first matches and then exceeds human intelligence by an incalculable factor In Hawke s story, the machine wears a black hat and wants to rule the world.Is a machine buried underwater off Iran capa [...]

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