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Somebody's Crying #2020

Somebody s Crying When Alice looks up and sees Tom staring at her everything closes down around them and becomes very still No one is breathing No one else is in the room Tom feels as if he can see right into the soul

  • Title: Somebody's Crying
  • Author: Maureen McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781742370248
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Somebody's Crying By Maureen McCarthy, When Alice looks up and sees Tom staring at her, everything closes down around them and becomes very still No one is breathing No one else is in the room Tom feels as if he can see right into the soul of Alice Wishart It lies open before him, like a wide, long pane of glittering glass So delicate and beautiful and ready to break.Three years have passed since theWhen Alice looks up and sees Tom staring at her, everything closes down around them and becomes very still No one is breathing No one else is in the room Tom feels as if he can see right into the soul of Alice Wishart It lies open before him, like a wide, long pane of glittering glass So delicate and beautiful and ready to break.Three years have passed since the murder of Alice s mother, but still the killer is unknown Alice, her cousin Jonty, and his friend Tom are drawn together by the mystery, but what is each of them hiding Will their secrets bind them tighter or tear everything apart Maureen McCarthy s intensely real characters will draw readers deep into a world of suspicion, betrayal, desire, and redemption.

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      403 Maureen McCarthy
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    1 thought on “Somebody's Crying

    1. I have to confess that, when I read the blurb, I was a little wary After all, a YA novel, set in country Australia, with teens dealing with a death in the family it gets done a bit in the industry.However, my fears were allayed very quickly, as I started reading Whilst, on the surface, this is a bit of a whodunit, this only serves as the setting for exploring the three central characters, all deeply disturbed in their own way, as they attempt to escape their past by understanding it and finding [...]

    2. It s highly unusual and at times too slow But it s got me thinking And feeling The emotions ranged from the intense then soft and all else in between Most their relationships are unconventional, complicated, should not work but still do The lot of them are complicated interesting people Initial descriptions of Jonty are of a boy with a bright future ahead of him, smart and good Tom, too had everything going for him, solid family, good school and all that But when 40 something Lillian enters thes [...]

    3. So what can I say about somebody s crying Well I must say it was a beautiful book about passion, friendship and love Alright so this book took me a long time to read, I would like to say that the only reason for this was because I read so many books in between but it s not the only reason I didn t feel like I was a part of this book like I usually do when I am reading a book I love such as this one, I felt like someone was telling me about the story not like I was reading it I don t know why tha [...]

    4. Dull, boring and slow Yes that just about covers the entire context of the novel and the very fact that it was a predicatable story line that just was not much of a storyline in the first place I could see where the idea of the story was coming from, but in ways than one there was just this idealistic wrongess and tabooness to it that just didnt make it any exciting Most of the book I think I actually ended up skimming merely for the sake that it was just moving that slowly throughout and I wa [...]

    5. I fell in love with Maureen McCarthy s Chain of Hearts ages ago unfortunately none of her other works have come to close to it Somebody s Crying is a young adult novel following the lives of three teenagers coming to terms with the mysterious death of a local woman, a mother, aunt and friend to the respective characters.Tom and Jonty used to be best mates but have grown apart after Jonty was accused of murdering a local woman called Lillian The novel begins several years after the murder with Jo [...]

    6. YA fiction Three years ago, Alice s mother was murdered The police arrested Alice s cousin Jonty, the charismatic boy with the wide grin and the wild streak, but the evidence fell apart Jonty doesn t remember anything about that night He was released after a short stint inside, and nobody was ever brought to trial Tom, Jonty s best friend, has been ignoring what happened ever since, and ignoring Jonty too He barely remembers Alice, a shy girl next to her vibrant mother But now they re all back, [...]

    7. I gave up on this book 19% of the way through it.Why The writing style.I hated it Hated it Third person present tense Really REALLY The writing style made it extremely hard to read Sure, the plot was interesting, but I had a hard time remembering how old each character was Tom acted like a 40 year old man Not that that s a bad thing his behavior was just a little too old for the age he was actually supposed to be I kept thinking his dad was, like, 70 or something Jonty and Alice were the only ch [...]

    8. it was really good you could really get into and experiance how Alice is feeling i think it was cute and really kool how tom fell for Alice He was mates with her mum, when Alice was 15, then when alice came back and started working for Toms dad they were bound to meet she hated him at first but then she slowly cam to like him, and he came to see her inner beauty even though she was slightly on the big side he thought she was beautiful the firs time he saw her sitting in her office working for hi [...]

    9. This is definitely one of McCarthy s strongest works I m saying this as a frequent reader.The characters are believable and likeable, and the ending is unpredictable It makes me feel as if I m in their world a world mixed with mystery, crime and romance The main character, Alice, is one of my favourite female characters of all time because, although she s overweight, she doesn t take notice of it Also, she is confident in herself And her feelings are clearly projected through the third person na [...]

    10. It s been three years since the horrific event that devastated an entire community and changed the lives of Tom, Alice and Jonty Each have tried to move on since the unsolved murder of Lillian Wishart, but this summer the three characters will reconnect, revisit their pasts and attempt to deal with chilling crime that tore them apart To be honest, I didn t love Somebody s Crying as much as Queen Kat, Carmen and St Jude or Chain of Hearts, but this is still an intriguing story I love a good myste [...]

    11. A murder in a country town The accused murderer Jonty got off scott free and is back in town trying to make his best friend Tom see that it wasn t him Whilst his cousin Alice , the daughter of the women killed doesn t accept that fact Told from the perspective of the these three young adults, Maureen McCarthy captures the heart and mind of those affected by this crime with such familiar characteristics that we can t help but feel we too are apart of this story at times.

    12. I love Maureen McCarthy s work and this book again did not disappoint Relationships, character and plot development are her strengths and this book continued along these strengths It was a great read into relationships, family, and friendships told in a believable and soft way.Great for people who enjoy books about young people and their relationships, with a murder thrown in for good measure.

    13. It was alright, but I m so sick of the misrepresentation of drugs in YA fiction Weed certainly isn t the smartest thing you can do, but it won t induce a mad killing spree I ve now read about three YA books in a row where one of the main characters is smoking weed and getting caught up in violence because of it.I wish these YA authors would do a little research and pick a drug that s actually believable Even alcohol would do.

    14. Slow to start but unconventional That s what i liked about it Something different that isn t so stereotypical that proves that things don t always go to plan and that everybody s story is different I liked that you could see what everybody was thinking and I gave a perspective I wasn t used to but became accustomed to It s a good book that offers good human values of life and I would recommend it to anyone.

    15. Somebody s Crying is a breathtaking book of murder and mystery Alice is still finding life difficult after her mothers murder three years ago, when she meets up wit Tom, they join together to catch the killer, who may or may not be Alice s cousin, and Tom s ex best friend Jonty As they are pulled deeper into the mystery, they also learn how to heal, be happy and maybe even be friends.

    16. I LOVE Maureen McCarthy s Chain of Hearts , and so read this book, in the hope that it would be as good Unfortunately, this is not the case As usual, the author is very good at writing about feelings and describing circumstances, but the actual plot of this book really drags it down there is just not enough substance to it

    17. I made it to page 27 of this book before falling asleep I awoke to the fall of the book off my bed and onto the floor I m sure deeper in it might be a good read but the start takes to long to take off.I am deeply disappointed with this author as I loved some of her other books I guess some people need a negative to even out the positives.

    18. I really love the way Maureen McCarthy writes Her characters are so realistic and layered and interesting, probably because they are NOT too busy being whipped through scenes of break neck action to think or feel anything I found this really gripping and fascinating, and stayed up till 4 finishing it

    19. I love it when you discover a book by chance and it turns out to be fantastic Couldn t put it down I loved the way the story ducked and weaved, and thought the hints at something deeper behind words and gestures were brilliant I m looking forward to reading by another great Australian author Highly recommended.

    20. McCarthy does teen drama very well Though not as good as most of her other work, it s still miles ahead of most other attempts at teen fiction.Spoilt a little by the epilogue It seemed too much like it was trying to make a happy ending instead of a realistic one.

    21. The book started with an unsolved murder, but then focused on the characters whose relationships were affected by the crime Unfortunately, the characters motivations were unconvincing, the revelations about the murderer came out of nowhere, and the prose was workmanlike, at best.

    22. I started to read this book though I just couldnt seem to get into it I found keeping up with the story line quite hard to follow.

    23. This novel may be aimed at young adults but I found it to be a great read Great storyline, plenty of emotion and a twist you wouldn t expect Am keen to read of Maureen McCarthy s books.

    24. When Alice looks up and see Tom staring up at her, everything comes down around her and becomes very around them and becomes very still.

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