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The Merlot Murders #2020

The Merlot Murders A phone call at two thirty in the morning is never good news Lucie Montgomery s semiestranged brother Eli calls her in France to tell her their father Leland has been killed in a hunting accident

  • Title: The Merlot Murders
  • Author: Ellen Crosby
  • ISBN: 9780743289900
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Merlot Murders By Ellen Crosby, A phone call at two thirty in the morning is never good news Lucie Montgomery s semiestranged brother, Eli, calls her in France to tell her their father, Leland, has been killed in a hunting accident on the family s five hundred acre Virginia vineyard just as the fall harvest is about to begin By the time he calls, Eli has already made funeral arrangements with what LuciA phone call at two thirty in the morning is never good news Lucie Montgomery s semiestranged brother, Eli, calls her in France to tell her their father, Leland, has been killed in a hunting accident on the family s five hundred acre Virginia vineyard just as the fall harvest is about to begin By the time he calls, Eli has already made funeral arrangements with what Lucie argues is indecent haste.It is an emotional trip home the first since an automobile accident two years ago, which left Lucie disabled and dependent on a cane Her family s once elegant home and winery are now shabby and run down, thanks to her father s penchant for fringy business deals Eli, also cash strapped and desperate to support his new wife s extravagant lifestyle, has already convinced their rebellious younger sister, Mia, to sell the debt ridden estate and reap the profits from the valuable land it sits on, overruling Lucie s protests.On the eve of the funeral Lucie s godfather, Fitz, a partner in the family business, tells her Leland s death was no accident Whoever killed him was motivated by the potential sale of the vineyard It is the last conversation she will have with Fitz Now the lone holdout preventing the vineyard sale, Lucie realizes she s next in line for another accident With her greedy brother, hell raising sister, and a seemingly cut rate vintner hired by Leland just before he died, all the suspects are disturbingly close to home Unsure whom she can trust, Lucie must uncover the truth about the deaths of her father and godfather and oversee a successful harvest to save the vineyard she loves.Set in the historic heart of Virginia s horse and hunt country, The Merlot Murders is filled with fascinating detail about the science and alchemy of wine making.

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    1. 3 stars to Ellen Crosby s The Merlot Murders I was very much looking forward to reading this book and in the end, I was glad I did It was a complex whodunit mystery with a few side stories and a great new series full of interesting characters, settings and possibilities.StoryLucie returns home to Virginia from France after her father passes away Some whispered it was murder, but her siblings just want to sell the family home and winery to be able to move on With a new vintner, and some very dist [...]

    2. I didn t realize this is part of a series when I picked it up in fact, I didn t figure it out until I got to the end of the book and thought there should be to the story, so I looked up the author s name and discovered Wine Country Mystery books Don t get me wrong the murder mystery in this one is nicely solved, it s the family story that continues on The author does a very nice job of getting the reader into the mindset of the winery owners, and there s a wine primer of sorts scattered throug [...]

    3. I ve been reading good cozies for a while now, and this book is a sort of return to my old history with them So Lucie s not completely stupid No, scratch that she is completely stupid She gets into accidents that are not her making, sure, but her I m completely fine reactions are over the top and annoying Her crutch is that she literally has a crutch to walk with having had an accident that mangled her leg I would think that would make her concerned for her well being after an accident, but she [...]

    4. I was going to give this 2 stars, but since I m planning to read the next book in the series, I guess I must have liked it a little than that I listened to this book, and I must say I really enjoyed the descriptive language than I probably would have had I been reading the book Plus, I ve noticed that the second book in a series is often better than the first, so I m cautiously optimistic Partially crippled in a car accident 2 years ago, Lucie Montgomery has been living in France with her no a [...]

    5. A murder mystery deftly intertwined with instruction in the basics of wine making as well as a little Virginia winemaking history is the imaginative cocktail offered up by author Ellen Crosby in The Merlot Murders Lucie Montgomery is an improbably heroine with an equally unlikely occupation She is a woman who overcomes obstacles, both physical and emotional as she delves into two mysterious deaths while fending off a former lover, an abrasive vintner with a questionable past, assorted inquisitiv [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this one The main character, Lucie, is an engaging character, and the setting is like a character of its own You learn a lot about the process of growing grapes and making wine, as well as the history of the Virginia wine country.Lucie Montgomery has needed cane to walk since the accident that ended her relationship with Greg Knight two years ago She went to France to recover and only returns to America when her father is found dead in the family vineyard There she discovers her [...]

    7. This was a hard book for me to get through until I decided to gloss over the constant references to Jefferson wanting to start wineries in Virginia And I like history but this got to be to much.For me there were to many characters and the main character seemed to be defined by her disability which occurred in an auto accident and not the fact that she is a strong and determined woman I have to admit I would have put the book down by the 3rd chapter but the writing is very good Will I read any i [...]

    8. I like mysteries, thrillers, detectives, police procedurals, you name it And while I have a few favorite authors Camilleri, Connelly, F Kellerman, Larsson etc etc , I m always worried that I soon run out of the cases by my favorite detectives, so I m constantly searching for new mysteries to fill the future void and to expand the horizons If I like the author, great, if not, at least I tried And I would or will try another Wine Country mystery if one will cross my paths in the futureWhat I reall [...]

    9. I know I have said this about cozies before, but I loved this book I enjoy all cozies that I read but this even than others One thing I like is that there was a little history involved in the story telling Lucie is a person that I liked from page one, I even felt sorry for her at times even though she I think she can be a strong person Greg made me want to reach in the book and slap him silly as well as Eli I did not like either of them Quinn is a person that one minute I liked and the next I d [...]

    10. After reading a couple other books in this series, I decided to go back and read the first one I m glad I did, as it gave me some history for the rest of the series Each book could probably be read on its own just fine, but it s nice to have some background information sometimes This book was a little on the dark side deaths, betrayals, injuries, and such , but still a decent read.

    11. I blame my dark eye circles and constant yawning today on this book I made the mistake of starting The Merlot Murders late last night with the thought that I d read a few chapters before retiring to bed That never ended up happening, because it was simply impossible put the book down I must confess, first of all, that I know virtually nothing about wine and have little interest in it I don t even like drinking it But it speaks to Ellen Crosby s excellent writing that I enjoyed not only the intri [...]

    12. Okay, yeah sure, I usually prefer hard boiled, dark detective fiction with PIs or police procedurals and avoid mysteries with cheesy titles like this one and amateur sleuth driven plots fill in here all of the food related, cat protagonist, knitting, botany mysteries with the pun filled titles, and you get what I mean But having recently moved back to Virginia, I was seduced by the setting in the Virginia wine country and any excuse to think about drinking wine While the plot will not knock any [...]

    13. 1 in the Wine Country Mysteries Lucie Montgomery takes over a struggling vineyard in Virginia horse country in this cozy mystery series debut Interesting wine lore abounds but Lucie s personal interactions do not always ring true Her brother and sister in law are caricatures Her vintner wants to run the vineyard and winery with a free hand but Lucie argues that she is knowledgeable about the business and demands that he take input from her the conflict runs through the book but her expertise is [...]

    14. So yeah, I m a sucker for these punny amateur detective books, whatever This one was pretty good, a new one that I didn t get from my mom but instead from my future father in law, and my boyfriend and I couldn t stop laughing about him having it He likes wine and mysteries, but maybe not the punniness so much He didn t finish it not his cup of tea but he knows me so he gave it to me.Lucie, the main character, is really appealing and the wine country setting is gorgeous The wine facts and history [...]

    15. The main character was so full of shit, I almost quit this book 1 3 of the way in The boyfriend she allowed to steal from her stole from her again, how unexpected The vineyard she abandoned has to be saved bc FAAAAMILY view spoiler Except the family diamond necklace inherited from Marie Antoinette ,w e, sell that shit hide spoiler Add in inconsistencies in her leg injury and an obvious flag to who the murderer was near the end and I just didn t enjoy this book PS If my high school boyfriend bang [...]

    16. Let it be known that if you are in a bookclub with me and you choose a book I will read it NO MATTER WHAT I m not sure if that counts for anything but there it is The Merlot Murders I mean really And it s a series You could also read The Bordeaux Betrayal and The Chardonnay Charade My eyes hurt from rolling so much What a dumb book But I already knew that from reading the title so here s a list of good things because I love being positive 1 I learned some things about wine making and Virginia wi [...]

    17. this one made me antsy Despite some interesting characters, on page 150 I was wondering when the mystery was going to happen yes, I knew who was dead, yes I knew at lesat one of them was a murder and probbably the other plus there was something missing, but it didn t really feel like anyone was to figure anything out In the end it was ok , all the clues added up,but I just didn t feel it

    18. It turned out to be a good book I will look for of Ellen Crosby s mysteries I hadn t read anything by this author before so I wasn t sure how it would develope.

    19. A phone call at two thirty in the morning is never good news Lucie Montgomery s semiestranged brother, Eli, calls her in France to tell her their father, Leland, has been killed in a hunting accident on the family s five hundred acre Virginia vineyard just as the fall harvest is about to begin By the time he calls, Eli has already made funeral arrangements with what Lucie argues is indecent haste.It is an emotional trip home the first since an automobile accident two years ago, which left Lucie [...]

    20. This is the first book in a mystery series that might technically be called a cozy mystery as it has a female protagonist that involves herself in solving murders and other mysterious events, living in a close, tight knit community The fact that it takes place in Virginia on a family owned vineyard makes it slightly unusual, but not so far outside the norm to exclude it from the sub genre It was the wine connection that got me interested in the first place and should keep me involved, but it wil [...]

    21. Lucie Montgomery returns from France when her Father dies She finds many questions concerning his death and her sister and brother pushing her to sell the family winery There is a new winemaker and the winery buildings seem to be the only things being maintained When a dear friend of her father s also dies, Lucie tries to figure out what is going on His share in the winery given to her allows her to oppose the sale Determined to keep the winery and rebuild she begins to hunt for money to support [...]

    22. As someone who is a wine club member at two Virginia wineries located in the same area in which this fictional winery is set, I enjoyed all aspects of the winery info provided in this first book in the series I hope the subtle education of that environment continues I have one criticism regarding this book, which is something I have seen way too often in many mystery novels Blatant and biased stereotyping In this case, it appears on page 53 of the hardcover edition, paragraph six, first sentence [...]

    23. The reading of this book felt like a cut paste project with an illiterate editor The story could have been interesting, but I was so distracted by the writing and the lack of details in important parts While the author describes flower beds, wallpaper and atmosphere adroitly, when it comes to the scene of the murder there are not enough details to help the reader image how the body got to where it was found Spoiler How do you get a full grown man into an empty tank without losing all the CO2 tha [...]

    24. First novel in the series We meet Lucie She s young and has terrible taste in men and a bad body image She walks back onto her family estate after two years and has to unravel the probable murder of her father Then mayhem ensues Clearly, someone is trying to destroy the family winery and threaten Lucie s very life Who knew there was wine country in Virginia I love learning something new while trying to figure out who s doing evil I ve been on a handful of winery tours, this one was pretty good [...]

    25. I enjoyed reading this book As an oenophile the title definitely piqued my interest and the book did not disappoint It is a Wine Country Mystery and I assumed the Wine Country would be in California or possibly France so I was surprised and delighted to open the book and see a map depicting the Blue Ridge Mountains I live in North Carolina near the Virginia border and have visited numerous NC wineries so, along with the map and author s detailed descriptions, it was easy to picture the mountains [...]

    26. This book shows promise I pretty much agree with James about its strengths and weaknesses review , and I ll add that I thought Crosby introduced too many characters in her first book Only our heroine, Lucie, really comes alive But then, I thought there were too many characters in the first episode of The Wire, also, and it ended up being one of my favorite television series I doubt the Wine Country Mysteries will be one of my favorites, but I m sure I ll give the next book a chance.

    27. Lucie Montgomery is living in France when she receives a middle of the night phone call from her brother Eli telling her that their father had been killed in a hunting accident Eli had already made funeral arrangements and Lucie was to return home that day if she hoped to attend Once she returns home, the bad news continues The estate is deeply in debt, the house needs maintenance and repairs Eli and their younger sister Mia want to sell everything and be done with it.

    28. This is the first book in the Wine Country Mystery series featuring Lucie Montgomery It takes place in Virginia Lucie returns home after two years to find the family wine business in disarray Her brother and sister want to sell but Lucie doesn t and believes the accident that killed their father was no accident The book was a quick easy.

    29. This was such a good story, as usual I kind of figured it out before the end But there were some unexpected twists I didn t see coming I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series, I hope they are as good as this one was.

    30. Good sense of place and love of place thanks to family and hard work Interesting to read of viticulture and winemaking in Virginia The book fell apart in the first read, albeit some years after acquired.

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