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All Things Bright and Beautiful #2020

All Things Bright and Beautiful All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small all things wise and wonderful the incredible Ashley Bryan illustrates them all

  • Title: All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • Author: Cecil Frances Alexander Ashley Bryan
  • ISBN: 9781416989394
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful By Cecil Frances Alexander Ashley Bryan, All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small all things wise and wonderful, the incredible Ashley Bryan illustrates them all

    • [PDF] ☆ All Things Bright and Beautiful | By ✓ Cecil Frances Alexander Ashley Bryan
      445 Cecil Frances Alexander Ashley Bryan
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      Posted by:Cecil Frances Alexander Ashley Bryan
      Published :2020-01-09T20:53:25+00:00

    1 thought on “All Things Bright and Beautiful

    1. I mean, this happens to everybody, right You start reading your kid a book and then like four or five pages in you just start bawling, and she gives you that look like uhhhh mom and then you just cry your way through the rest of the book SO MANY COLORS So many beautiful animals and plants and people What a wonderful world The huge whale The birds flying over the rainbow The mountains and the sunrise The multiethnic choirs And they are all likede out of construction paper I just likeis book, in i [...]

    2. Beautiful poemThis edition is thepoem only It is a very beautiful poem well worth reading Now I m looking for an illustrated copy so I can share it with the yuongest members of our family.

    3. November 2016 I always think Ashley Bryan s illustrations are amazing, but I m not always moved by them I like this one, although it s always awkward to read a book of a song and try to decide whether to sing it super slowly or just read and lose some of the poetic quality of it.

    4. Truly gorgeous multi layered paper cuts collages, with the words to the hymn as the words of the book.The hymn is printed with music at the end.

    5. A beautiful, colorful collage pucture book based on a hymn by Irish hymn writer and poetess Cecil Frances Alexander.

    6. A standalone picture book for young children and any artists who appreciate beautiful work.My TakeIf you need a book to keep your kids busy with exploring the graphicsis is the one for you The inside covers are amazing with the different shapes Bryan has cut out The immediate inside showcases on the scissors in the center a precursor to the reader discovering that Bryan uses paper and scissors to create his art.The actual text is the lyrics to Cecil F Alexander s hymn, All Things Bright and Beau [...]

    7. All Things Bright and Beautiful was originally included in Hymns For Little Children by Cecil Frances Alexander, published in 1848 The poem went on to become a well loved hymn known to Christians around the world.This children s book, follows 3 children as they explore the world around them, discovering God s creation With a couplet from the poem written on each set of 2 pages, it is a quick, easy read, but the joy of this 32 page hard cover children s book is the colorful illustrations by artis [...]

    8. All Things Bright and Beautiful, written by Cecil Frances Alexander, and beautifully illustrated by Katy Hudson is one of those books that is bright and beautiful It s perfect for its targeted age groups, and for adults who enjoy sharing books with their little ones As a popular hymn, written over a hundred years ago, the artist deftly brought it back to the younger generation through her illustrations, filled with vivid colors With an array of hues, readers can admire the intensity and perceptu [...]

    9. This is a joyful, adorable illustrated picture book that brings a freshness to the traditional hymn Three siblings the middle child is a ginger frolic in idealic scenes, as they enjoy all of nature including the purple mountains I really enjoyed this picture book, and think that the illustrations are sure to appeal to young children I ve always loved this particular hymn, so I was happy to see how well suited the artwork is to the lyrics The nocturnal animals that appear at the end, when the fam [...]

    10. My Review A fresh vibrant book, illustrating Cecil Frances Alexander s famous hymn.This book is indeed, bright and beautiful with enchantingly vibrant pictures, that make this book a true treasure Perfect for all ages this is a lovely book that can be cherished and is one that families will hold onto for years to come The artwork is vivid and thrumming with life and color.Overall, the pairing of this hymn with this artwork was s stunning, and fitting, especially when taking the age of the reader [...]

    11. The lyrics of the 165 year old poem sung as a hymn through the years teaches that God makes all things beautiful The years have not dimmed the beauty and tradition of this great song because it reaches young and old, educated and uneducated, strong and weak It is a treasure to be taught and learned.All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.Cecil Frances Alexander s beautiful poem is aptly illustrated in colorful, bri [...]

    12. In the 1800 s Cecil Frances Alexander penned the words to one of the world s favorite hymns All things bright and beautiful Artist Katy Hudson takes those words and uses her watercolor paintings to capture and delight children in this latest version of the popular hymn.I loved this book The paintings are vibrant and very engaging I remember growing up and learning some of the words to the hymn All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord Go [...]

    13. This edition is best read in the hardcover edition, which is about the width and height of two Kindle devices each Why is that Kids love paper books than ebooks any day, and this one is no exception It is best suited for the physical approach as well, with its artistic imagery that draws a child in to touch, feel, and explore the pages of the ornate poem As far as content goes, it is a traditional Christian hymn repurposed to give children inspiration and dreams Nothing new or special there it [...]

    14. The well know hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Alexander was written in the 1800s and is used in a book for young children that will also visually delight young readers The words of the hymn are used as text and the illustrations are drawn to match the words The illustrator used the words to pair the pictures so the readers can see the hymn as it s being read to them.The illustrations are absolutely beautiful There isn t a story since the words are only the words to the song So it m [...]

    15. Using his mother s sewing scissors once again they were used in Beautiful Blackbird , Ashley Bryan uses cut paper collage to create a visually stunning accompaniment to the timeless hymn by Cecil F Alexander.From the homage to his mother s sewing scissors, found on the end papers, to the final stunning illustration of strong hands reaching down to embrace all that is bright and beautiful, this outstanding picture book will appeal to children and adults alike Possibilities for uses in the classro [...]

    16. Must buy This is a fabulous book for any parent and child to share Beautiful illustrations matched with this beautiful poem make for a fantastic bed time story or an any time story Katy s pictures capture the eye with lovely bright colors and detailed scenes, and Cecil s poem is a work of art as it flows from line to line I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a colorful and fun book be it for your child or a gift for someone you know LOVE IT Songs All Things Bright and Beautiful pe [...]

    17. Beautifully draws attention to God s creation The rhymes in this book are simple and flow easily Each phrase is short and sweet There is very little written on each page and the pauses are nicely timed with plenty of opportunity to really explore the pictures The illustrations are very detailed and eye catching It was a joy to look for small things like the ladybugs and butterflies that were on a number of pages I really love the way that all aspects of creation are included This includes the an [...]

    18. I am absolutely in LOVE with the illustrations in this book The children are adorable, the colors are vibrant, and the animals are amazingly lifelike The text of the book is the lyrics to the song by the same title, which I remember singing as a child Each page has only one or two lines of text, which makes it even easier to focus on the illustrations.The combination of the text and illustrations provide a multitude of opportunities to discuss God s creations, and the wonder of them all I also l [...]

    19. This is such a beautiful book I love the hymn by Cecil Frances Alexander and I like that the history of it is added in the back of the book Each page is vibrant and captivating for younger eyes and the many animals on the pages make it all the fun I read this book to the kids I take care of and they just loved it This is a rather large book which makes it all the better and as an adult I couldn t help but love the little butterflies and details throughout the story Katy Hudson did a wonderful j [...]

    20. The classic hymn, All Things Bright And Beautiful, comes to life in the whimsically illustrated picture book of the same name Featuring the wonders of God s creation, this book is perfect for family reading time where parents and children can share the seen and often unseen things of the world around us The words emphasize God s creative nature and the accompanying detailed and colorful illustrations reinforce the joy of discovery This one is a highly recommended choice Highly Recommended.Audien [...]

    21. This is a beautiful childrens poetry book, N rating The illustrations by Ashley Bryant are completely amazing I was completely engulfed in the text as well as the illustrations It is a ode to the things we see everyday that most of us never stop to even notice I enjoyed this book because like the little girl i find myself stopping to appreciate the nature around me The leaves in the fall The clouds The way the ants work This book realy spoke to me on a spiritual level I would use this book in th [...]

    22. Based on the well known hymn, Ashley Bryan s latest book is an explosion of life and color Each page celebrates the diversity of life, whether it be human, plant or animal, with exuberantly colored paper cutouts Bryan uses his mother s embroidery scissors to bring this poem to life in his own unique way on the final page, God s hands are made of a myriad of colors ranging from tan to pink to deep brown There s a short biography of Cecil Frances Alexander, Irish hymn writer and poetess, at the en [...]

    23. All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil F Alexander, illustrated by Ashley Bryan is a beautiful cut paper collage creation accompanying the classic hymn by Cecil Alexander Multi colored animals, mountains, rivers, people in many hues shades are a visual treat A short biography of Cecil Frances Alexander is at the end of the book, along with the words and music to the hymn For ages 4 and up, and for art class use.

    24. First of all I read a hardback edition of this title, not a Kindle Second I cannot believe no one else has read or reviewed this book.It is a wonderful visual interpretation of an Irish hymn from the 1800 s written by the woman hymn writer and poet Cecil Frances Alexander who died in 1895 The words of the hymn use inclusive language and Bryan captures that with illustrations of children from many cultures The construction paper collages are wonderful

    25. Great story book teaching children that God can be seen everywhere Might be in the creatures, rivers and streams Even in a rainbow The Lord God made them all The book is beautifully illustrated by Katy Hudson The colors are so beautiful What a awesome why for little ones to learn about creation For little ones who can t read the pictures are just awesome I know my granddaughter will look and tell her own story Loved it

    26. The lyrics of Cecil Frances Alexander s famous hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful are the foundation for Ashley Bryan s detailed paper cuts in this bold new picture book The multi colored fish, mammals, fruit, sun, moon, mountains, rivers, and people in all shades and hues are a feast for the eyes Resourceful readers may be inspired to try their hand at cutting simple silhouettes themselves.

    27. All Things Bright and Beautiful The illustrations are bright and colorful The pictures represent the words in the book The author did a really good job with it It is good for young readers Young children can see the pictures while the parent, older brother or sister read the book I like the fact that it easy poem and meaningful The story has a moral and explains that God or our Lord created it It has faith in it and explains it in the best way.

    28. The pictures in this book are wonderful with the bright colors Students can learn to appreciate God s beautiful World and the animals and creation He has made by reading the text and looking at the pictures Creation looks completely different when you see all that God has made in such a colorful and bright way.

    29. I enjoyed this book, and think the words and text go well together I don t think it is an award contender, as the illustratons while nice, are not particularly distinctive or new or different It did make me want to try my hand at collage, even though I could never be that awesome.

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