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Encounter with Tiber #2020

Encounter with Tiber Chronicles the story of an astronaut who discovers evidence of an extinct race of aliens that left traces of their civilization on the moon

  • Title: Encounter with Tiber
  • Author: Buzz Aldrin John Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780446604048
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Encounter with Tiber By Buzz Aldrin John Barnes, Chronicles the story of an astronaut who discovers evidence of an extinct race of aliens that left traces of their civilization on the moon.

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      455 Buzz Aldrin John Barnes
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    1. Prime Directive versus Manifest Destiny meets Murphy s Law.By far the best science fiction I ve read in years Readers used to Star Trek Wars will find real science the kind no longer taught in public schools too hard Today s authors relay on so much hand waving and pseudo science that their stories are little than westerns fantasies war tales mysteries romances set in space You d expect someone who s walked on the moon and played a big role in getting us there to get the science right, and Buzz [...]

    2. Encounter with Tiber is a hard science fiction story for fans of space travel and colonization of the Moon and Mars The long book 570 pages plus a foreword by Arthur C Clarke and biographies of the authors contains two related stories framed within a future historian s voyage to Tiber.One story starts with an alternative history of the end of the shuttle program and continues into the very near future with explorations of the Moon and Mars This story is thick with detailed descriptions of techno [...]

    3. This is kind of a weird book for me to review I disagree with a lot of the criticism I ve read online, which is that the book suffers from drawn out technical explanations and succeeds when it is advancing the plot On the contrary, I loved all the technical hard science fiction parts It s super refreshing to read science fiction that on the whole is close to the present, and I really enjoyed reading a former astronaut s views on where space exploration might be headed.On the other hand, I can t [...]

    4. Originally published in July 1996, Encounter With Tiber was rereleased on Kindle on May 28th I m a lifelong fan of science fiction and of space exploration I watched the moon landing in 1969 the glory days of NASA and dreamed I d live to see space flight become accessible to everyone, even me I was doubtful I would see space, but if someone offered me a lift, I d have taken it in a heartbeat.I jumped into reading this with enthusiasm Buzz Aldrin s fingerprints are all over the first section of t [...]

    5. There s something for everyone in this book.It s the story of Clio, who in 2075 is setting out as ship s historian on mankind s first interstellar voyage With the years it will take them to get to Alpha Centauri, Clio sets out documenting Earth s history of spacefaring, as well as her own translation of the first Tiberian interstellar voyages, who visited Earth from Alpha Centauri system in 7000BC.The first third of the book is about Clio s grandfather, the second space race and the discovery of [...]

    6. It must be getting on for fifteen years since I chanced upon Encounter with Tiber, but it is another book I revisit quite often Sometimes I reread the whole thing, but other times just dip into one or other of the story threads.Once you are familiar with the whole story, this book lends itself to this kind of sampling It contains a number of separate but linked accounts, each following a particular main character Some of these threads are located back in our prehistory, describing the context fo [...]

    7. This ambitious novel weaves five narratives together to tell the epic story of mankind s encounter with the alien Tiberians The Tiberians came to our solar system thousands of years ago but left behind only mysterious artifacts, most notably advanced information storage devices known as Encyclopedias The story of the Tiberians s adventures on our world is framed by the tale of the humans s multi generational effort to retrieve an Encyclopedia and use the data therein to seek out the homeworld of [...]

    8. I picked this book up largely because I follow both authors on social media Barnes strikes me as a wise, kind, and insightful person Aldrin as an interesting character The book taught me once again that liking someone s social media presence or blog, or podcast interview is only weakly correlated, at best, with liking their fiction I abandoned it at 56% I ll mention exactly why below Write what you know is a well known piece of advice, but it can be taken too far, and that s how Aldrin takes it [...]

    9. Old School Hard Science FictionThe hard science fiction novel Encounter with Tiber is an excellent example of the genre It is literally packed with interesting science, engineering, and technological explanations.It is basically two interwoven stories The human part is in the present and near future say, 60 70 years and is concerned with the activities and people involved with the revived human attempts at space exploration and colonization Two factors spur their efforts on the privatization of [...]

    10. I ve always been a huge fan of space Seeing Buzz Aldrin s name on a Sci Fi book I could not wait to dive in.I m writing this from memory, I last read this over 5 years ago and think it s time I re visited it again the following is based om my memory of the story I m terrible at reviewing things so here goes The Story is about 2 separate missions to visit alien worlds, these stories are seamlessly intertwined.One mission is in hopes of their race surviving The other is a journey of exploration an [...]

    11. With a name like Buzz Aldrin on the cover I figured I needed to at least give it a shot The story follows the first human mission to another star, and in flashbacks a human mission to the Moon that found alien artifacts, as well as two alien missions to Earth in prehistoric times.Unexpectedly, this novel completely blew me away The story is developed from two angles, human and alien Interestingly enough, the two sides never meet as such, but impact on each other s existence in various ways While [...]

    12. This is a good hard SF book The characters from multiple cultures are than adequately fleshed out The main delight for me was the descriptions of realistic near future space faring technology, woven into the story I had heard of Aldrin s concept of the Mars cycler, and that gets covered here, along with propulsion, orbital mechanics, terraforming, and other cool stuff If these things don t sound cool to you, you probably won t care for the book.

    13. Truly fascinating A rich blend of science complete with diagrams and informed imagination from an astronaut s perspective Imagine this a civilization whose home is on a moon of a planet which rotates around one of the stars in a double star and how they interact diagrammed a culture where puberty occurs when they are in their twenties, post education.

    14. Really excellent science fiction by Buzz Aldrin himself no less It would be interesting to know just how much to credit to Aldrin and how much to an established scifi writer as is Barnes Nevertheless this stands on its own merits, although maybe it might have been 4 stars with a different author

    15. I admit with no shame the first reason I read this was because it had Aldrin s name as one of the authors Hoping it would be at least readable, I was very pleasantly surprised to find it actually a pretty interesting story Several interesting characters, a plot that jumps from the near future to 9,000 years in the past, and a wonderfully detailed science fictional setting.

    16. Great read.It was difficult for me to comprehend part 1, I m just a simple man after all, but I struggled on Then I flew through it to the end I now find that I want Please give me to the story

    17. This book is seriously underrated First class ancient alien tropes with realistic space travel and alien human dynamics

    18. I m very impressed with this Mr Aldrin used his knowledge of space and the space program to take us on a unique adventure.

    19. I m normally a bit frightened by science fiction that spans centuries, stretches out over a multiplicity of planets, and is a sweeping saga that spans generations, families, and civilizations So although my daughter gave me a copy of this book via Kindle than a year ago, it took a certain amount of courage to dive in and read it In retrospect, I wouldn t have missed it for anything.In 700 B.C a highly advanced civilization visits Earth in search of a new world to inhabit It s own planet is beco [...]

    20. This book had a very well developed alien culture and fascinating insights into the science and politics of current and possible future space travel from earth, as well as from the alien home world There are additional themes exploring how conquest is viewed in the short and long term by both the conquerors and the subjugates The legacy of prejudice that lingers as a result of the civilized and barbarian labels is also explored.This is a complex weaving of several stories There is an alien cultu [...]

    21. On one hand, I m not that tremendously driven to read much hard sci fi But when this book showed up on a HumbleBundle I decided to snap it up, interested in what Buzz Aldrin would have to say.The book explores contact with extraterrestrial life in a unique and unexpected way, weaving several stories together as a whole It s a bit obvious where one author stops and another takes over, and sometimes the change in voice can be jarring, but once I got over that it was quite enjoyable.When I was com [...]

    22. I read this when it first came out I think it was in 1997 and I m obviously recapping back almost 20 years I found it a little slow at first, but as the story moved on, I became hooked To the degree that I was turning the pages with great interest and found the book a very enjoyable read It started with the close future and inventions even Richard Branson gets mentioned But then this is written by a man who has really walked on the moon We see explorers from Earth going to Mars in the near futur [...]

    23. I loved the first half of the book The science was fascinating, and the setup of the alien world was great But then, once the aliens get to Earth, it took a turn for the worse and never recovered See, I expected that since the aliens in this book came here 6000 years ago and obviously didn t stay, that it must have been because they saw that this world was inhabited so they couldn t I was looking forward to seeing how that would go down, their discussions that would lead up to the obvious moral [...]

    24. This ambitious novel weaves five narratives together to tell the epic story of mankind s encounter with the alien Tiberians The Tiberians came to our solar system thousands of years ago but left behind only mysterious artifacts, most notably advanced information storage devices known as Encyclopedias The story of the Tiberians adventures on our world is framed by the tale of the humans s multi generational effort to retrieve an Encyclopedia and use the data therein to seek out the homeworld of t [...]

    25. This book follows the story of two families as they journey from their homes to a distant star.One family from Earth, a story told over several generations One family from a world Humans will call Tiber, a family formed by bonds of comradery, friendship and later mating.Earth A world brought together in an epic race to the moon and later beyond after receiving a message from Alpha Centauri from a civilisation that explored the stars thousands of years ago.Tiber A world grasping at interstellar s [...]

    26. Encounter With Tiber marries a science fiction tale with hard science John Barnes provides the fictional wrapping while Buzz Aldrin provides the science I assume that s how it worked Forget Star Trek Red Planet Flight to the Moon and that ilk this book describes space flight as it probably will be Aliens have visited the earth thousands of years ago, leaving relics that astronauts find to change the course of space exploration and human history The book revolves around a historical account of th [...]

    27. AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING VOYAGEImagine the impact and consequences of a radio message from the Alfa Centauri system that contains instructions on where to locate an encyclopedia of the entire knowledge of a space faring Alien Race and those locations are within our own Solar System WE ARE NOT ALONE Aldrin and Barnes introduce us to a cause and effect scenario that launches mankind to the stars in search of another sentient species, visitors from the stars in our distant past The science is solid an [...]

    28. My review summary of Encounter with Tiber Don t bother It started out really interesting with lots of great science But as soon as it switched to the first recounting of the alien s side of things, it just go really, really boring.The aliens were not interesting at all They felt very human in their social interactions and in their logic Yeah, they had some technological advances but so what And those weren t that interesting, really.Much of the book seemed just about Aldrin pushing a space agend [...]

    29. Edwin Buzz Aldrin is a genius with a pen, as much as he was in flying Jet fighters, testing aircraft or flying to the Moon on Apollo 11, or in the Space Walking Gemini missions His other books read well also His tutors at M.I.T and Colleges would have been proud Encounter With Tiber is a Masterpiece and well worth buying It is a great science fiction book that does an excellent job of looking at the ways space technology advances and changes Also what the options are for the future It also looks [...]

    30. I enjoyed this book very much, despite the ways in which it differs from most novels I like There are long expository passages scattered throughout, full of scientific and technical detail I would often find those off putting, but since astronaut Buzz Aldrin is one of the two co authors along with John Barnes , I was glad of the opportunity to read his informed speculation about future space flight I found it similarly easy to forgive what I would otherwise regard as shaggy dog segments extended [...]

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