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Bakuman, Band 1: Traum und Realität #2020

Bakuman Band Traum und Realit t Er hat Talent ist flei ig und will es schaffen Moritaka Mashiro ist auf dem Weg Japans Manga Zeichner Nummer eins zu werden Doch er tut es nicht nur f r Ruhm und Ehre sondern m chte auch das Herz e

  • Title: Bakuman, Band 1: Traum und Realität
  • Author: Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Diana Hammermeister
  • ISBN: 9783867197571
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bakuman, Band 1: Traum und Realität By Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Diana Hammermeister, Er hat Talent, ist flei ig und will es schaffen Moritaka Mashiro ist auf dem Weg, Japans Manga Zeichner Nummer eins zu werden Doch er tut es nicht nur f r Ruhm und Ehre, sondern m chte auch das Herz eines M dchens erobern und damit schaffen, was seinem gro en Vorbild versagt blieb Als h tten sie selbst Pate gestanden, erz hlen die Death Note Erfolgsautoren Takeshi ObaEr hat Talent, ist flei ig und will es schaffen Moritaka Mashiro ist auf dem Weg, Japans Manga Zeichner Nummer eins zu werden Doch er tut es nicht nur f r Ruhm und Ehre, sondern m chte auch das Herz eines M dchens erobern und damit schaffen, was seinem gro en Vorbild versagt blieb Als h tten sie selbst Pate gestanden, erz hlen die Death Note Erfolgsautoren Takeshi Obata und Tsugumi Ohba den Werdegang zweier Manga Autoren

    • BEST AZW "☆ Bakuman, Band 1: Traum und Realität" || READ (PDF) ☆
      160 Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Diana Hammermeister
    • thumbnail Title: BEST AZW "☆ Bakuman, Band 1: Traum und Realität" || READ (PDF) ☆
      Posted by:Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Diana Hammermeister
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    1 thought on “Bakuman, Band 1: Traum und Realität

    1. I really like the story, but is this whole series that sexist Because damn this volume was really sexist.

    2. Bakuman is about the universal story of artistic creation, as experienced through two high school boys trying to become manga successes Like every high school student, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi are under enormous pressure to achieve high grades to get into a good university then onto a good job but both are uneasy with the prospect of becoming faceless, miserable salarymen Mashiro loves to draw and his uncle was a moderately successful manga artist with a gag comic, while Takagi has drea [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this story and can t wait to continue on with this series It s nice to be reading manga again.

    4. Bakuman sucks I mean, at the beginning of the thing the author states how women are useless attachments to men, only making good wives and polite damsels in distress and if you re a smart woman and you know it, you re an obnoxious brat who will never ever get a man And I used to think book burnings were ridiculous.

    5. I ve read manga and enjoyed anime for a really large part of my life, probably close to 25 years now The last few series I ve tried though, have made me start to think that I might be growing out of it all, which I suppose happens and can be sad but our tastes change as we age so I assume it s not all that uncommon to suddenly enjoy different things instead.With that being said though, I think I was just picking the wrong stuff Bakuman has reminded me of why I ve always enjoyed this medium I lov [...]

    6. Wow I loved the references to other manga, especially this teams manga, Death Note There was one thing about stereotypical masculinity that was a little iffy for me, but overall I really loved this first installment On to the second one

    7. Average 14 year old Moritaka doesn t expect anything out of life His classmate Akito semi blackmails him into helping Akito with his dream of becoming a manga artist, re awakening a desire that Moritaka had forgotten.The thing about this manga is that it s very, very, VERY Japanese It is very interesting to see the process that Japanese manga goes through certainly Americans don t get a lot of information about that and manga fans will be interested to know how it differs from the American scene [...]

    8. This manga wins the prize of being the one I hate the most Let me express why through a few quotes which are drawn directly from the text These are not jokes Azuke isn t calculating, she s just being a girl in the natural way How do I put it Azuki naturally knows that a girl should be graceful and polite and because she is a girl she should be earnest about things and get average grades She knows by instinct that a girl won t look cute if she s overly smart The reason that she s thinking about b [...]

    9. Bakuman is one of the closest things manga has to a YA novel Sure, plenty of mangas focus on teenagers, but this is one of the only one I ve seen that are focused on exploring characters and what it s like to be a teenager A YA reader myself, that makes me far comfortable with the manga, like it s close to home Combined with the fact that Tsugumi Ohba, the same person who wrote Death Note, was responsible for this one, I knew, going in that I d love this It helps that I also liked the anime Th [...]

    10. 3.5 I really enjoyed the story, the characters are great But there is so much sexism in this manga Not a fan of that aspect, but I enjoyed everything else.

    11. 15 Sep 2015 Baru terbit baca sampe vol.11Baik gambar ceritanya bikin klepek klepek ,, ____________Edited 19 Des 2017 Baca sampai tamat di vol.20 Dari volume pertama, komik ini sudah menjanjikan pertarungan ala shounen yang serba lebay dhuar dhuar sekaligus keromantisan yang terlihat mustahil di dunia manapun juga, kecuali dunia imajinasi bocah kelas 5 SD yang udah nekat pacaran dan saling panggil Papa Mama marikitamengheningkanciptasejenakTapi aku ga bisa membenci semangat pertarungannya yang me [...]

    12. My girls love manga I ve never been too interested, but because this one is dealing with creating manga and a peek into the publishing world of a popular manga magazine, and because a friend enjoyed it, I m trying the series I like the art and the inside look however fictional or non fictional it may be of manga publishing, but I don t like the author s attitude toward women or at least his characters observations about women ie girls know that it is better to be cute than smart and a really sma [...]

    13. La serie que rese amos a continuaci n es, valga la redundancia, un manga sobre dos chavales que quieren hacer un manga Bajo esta simple premisa, sin embargo, se esconde una gran historia de sue os de futuro, amistad y af n de superaci n, de la mano de Tsugumi Oba y Takeshi Obata El nombre de estos autores os sonar porque son los que nos regalaron la magn fica Death Note Ahora regresan con nuevas fuerzas y un relato que no es de fantas a y por esta raz n Obata confiesa estar un poco nervioso Pero [...]

    14. Selama nggak dapat slot serialisasi, mangaka itu sama saja seperti neet pengangguran Tak aneh seseorang ingin gantung diri, kalau keadaan neet itu berjalan sampai 7 tahun MashiroMashiro pesimis dengan dunia manga karena melihat kehidupan Pamannya yang berakhir dengan kematian Takagi ngotot ingin berkolaborasi dengan Mashiro menjadi mangaka setelah melihat gambar di buku Mashiro Kengototan Takagi tidak digubris oleh Mashiro karena prosentase kehidupan seorang Mangaka tidak menggiurkan.Takagi tida [...]

    15. I LOVED THIS I have slowly been easing into the world of Anime, and so logically as I am a person who enjoys reading I have just barely touched into Manga, and so honestly, I can t really judge Manga This is the second Manga I ve read I have no base for comparison, I don t have enough experience to make an educated review HOWEVER, I do know how I felt about it personally, so that s what I ll talk about.I liked that this was manga without magic or supernatural events I thought they all had parano [...]

    16. Yay I m really enjoying this one This is the story of two young boys 14 that decide to team up and become famous manga creators As well as a strange but interesting romantic subplot.I m still not accustomed to the seemingly out of place over the top reactions by characters They frequently make me wonder if I missed something or misunderstood something but I had that feeling far less often reading Bakuman than I did reading Ouran.Volume One ends in an awesome cliffhanger, so I m off to start volu [...]

    17. I am a fan of the anime Death Note but had no idea that this was written by the same creators I didn t realize this until I caught a glimpse of a review when I was updating my progress on That explains why there are a few references to the manga Death Note.This is a story about two middle school kids, Moritaka and Akito, that aspire to become the greatest manga artists ever I enjoy a lot of different mediums of drawing like charcoal, pencil, watercolors, digital art, and how artists go about cre [...]

    18. Are the great creators of Death Note going to tell their story Even if not, I am pretty sure this series would turn out amazing This first volume was just full of hope, hard work, motivation, and excitement

    19. Rating 2 out of 5 starsFirst off, I want to say that I LOVE the art and character designs They re really phenomenal, and I can t praise them enough I think that Takeshi Obata is quite possibly the best manga artist out there.I also think that the story is cute a point.But the issues with this series so far are hard to overlook First of all, the story s not really all that interesting or gripping in the way it s told The plot feels so very slow I know that realistically, deciding to become a mang [...]

    20. Bakuman is a contemporary manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba, of Death Note fame Although it took me a second to adjust to the fact that this series does not contain shinigami death gods, I was quite excited to see how Ohba would handle a non supernatural storyline Moritaka and Akito are two high school boys, both incredibly clever Doing well in school is Moritaka s plan good school, good job But then Akito proposes to write a manga together, and it forces him to reconsider his life goals What [...]

    21. Una historieta que habla sobre c mo hacer historietas y va desgajando el proceso creativo con minuciosidad, pero lo hace de un modo tal que logra entusiasmar en cada cap tulo, y con un tomo ya se nota que estamos frente a un futuro cl sico, y una gu a de referencias para todos los que queremos vivir de la historieta aunque yo m s bien vaya subsistiendo con ella , pese a sus puntuales metidas de pata, m s evidentes en el aspecto rom ntico de la serie que en el creativo Bakuman es un shonen adoles [...]

    22. Hab a visto este manga pero no me llamaba la atenci n hasta que uno de mis hermanos me dijo que estaba bastante bueno y al final la curiosidad pudo m s.Decir que me ha encantado es quedarme corta, me ha parecido sumamente interesante el tema que desarrolla el de que los dos personajes principales quieran convertirse en mangakas y que conforme avanza la historia te van contando aspectos de este mundo no hace m s que incrementar la curiosidad por saber c mo se desarrollan las cosas en ese mbito Pu [...]

    23. So not for me You know, I d really liked Death Note, so normally I would have been all over a manga by the same writer But Ohba switched gears here, dramatically, going from a dark fantasy with some interesting things to think about to a light contemporary manga with super shallow romance Ok The main character here has teamed up with a classmate to write manga I guess we re supposed to be getting something like a behind the scenes look at the process, and I suppose it isn t inaccurate It just is [...]

    24. No doubt, this mangaka can not only draw superb, but narrate a well pace story as well It was like watching an anime exactly the same as Death Note The background and the facial and body expressions of the character are detailed Besides, I always wanted to know about the life of a mangaka, who are artist that suffer a lot too At least, from what I read from the side notes in any manga.The only thing I am not fan is how the girls women are portrayed, here as well as in Gantz Not only how they ar [...]

    25. I got to about 80 pages and got frustrated That s when I started skimming I tried really hard but I couldn t take it any This manga was strong on the heteronormativity and anti feminism It was rude and degrading to females and I really couldn t take it any after 106 pages.

    26. WHEREFORE the random interlude monologuing about how truly smart and good women adhere to traditional gender roles Most of the story is charming, and I will follow have followed Obata s adorable artwork through worse writing than this, but I can still do without the casual misogyny.

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