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Pretty in Ink #2020

Pretty in Ink Murder in the city of sin Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of Vegas s hottest tattoo shop The Painted Lady And in her spare time she does some sleuthing After Brett and company ink Sin C

  • Title: Pretty in Ink
  • Author: Karen E. Olson
  • ISBN: 9780451229625
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pretty in Ink By Karen E. Olson, Murder in the city of sin Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of Vegas s hottest tattoo shop, The Painted Lady And in her spare time, she does some sleuthing After Brett and company ink Sin City s newest drag queens, they re invited to opening night at the strip s glamorous Nylon and Tattoos show which ends in disaster when a stranger with a Queen of HeartsMurder in the city of sin Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of Vegas s hottest tattoo shop, The Painted Lady And in her spare time, she does some sleuthing After Brett and company ink Sin City s newest drag queens, they re invited to opening night at the strip s glamorous Nylon and Tattoos show which ends in disaster when a stranger with a Queen of Hearts tattoo fatally injures Britney Brassieres with a champagne cork And when another drag queen is found poisoned, it looks like someone s targeting Vegas s fabulous femmes

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      277 Karen E. Olson
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    1. 3.5I was wondering if the second book would be as entertaining as the first The answer It was entertaining, but I liked the first it was a good start for the series I did have a couple of nitpicks for the first book too, but I enjoyed it so much I didn t want to list them I am not sure if I will list all those in this book either because I still like the main character yes, with all the flaws All throughout the book I was afraid it will turn out to be one of those oh, my, if media finds out the [...]

    2. I did a little happy dance when I received Karen E Olson s second book of the Tattoo Shop mystery series in the mail last month I loved the first book in the series, The Missing Ink, and was excited to see what Brett and friends were up to now.In this particular novel, readers step into the Las Vegas drag queen scene where one such drag queen, Britney Brassieres, is struck by a champagne cork on purpose at the premiere of the Nylons and Tattoos show Brett Kavanaugh, owner and tattoo artist at th [...]

    3. Pretty in Ink is the second installment of Karen E Olson Tattoo Shop Mystery Series.What is it about Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and the owner of The Painted Lady tattoo shop located inside the Venetian in Las Vegas After Brett and some of her employees ink some of Vegas most glamorous drag queens, she and the gang are invited to the opening night at the glamorous Nylons and Tattoos show The night ends in disaster when a man attacks one of the performers The suspect escapes the scene but [...]

    4. Great fun, exciting mystery with u turns than I can describe, but I loved it Read enough of these and I might have to get my own ink.

    5. I have to take off points with this one, because although it starts off doing a wonderful job with pronouns It goes off the rails in the same way that SO MANY cozy mysteries seem to do Even though a character has shown the ability to handle correct pronouns, they have to keep peppering in those mental asides about OH IS IT HIM OR HER I couldn t imagine caking it foundation on like these guys girls did This is a character who has already been switching back and forth depending on if the person is [...]

    6. While a tad predictable, I enjoy these believable, honest characters and Olson leaves the corny out I appreciate that a lot Will read

    7. Where to start with this review It was action filled from the first page till the last Brett has been inking some drag star queens lately, for their new show, and now she and her colleagues are invited to opening night at Chez Tango, owned by MissTique Brett is enjoying herself, which she had not expected, but those drag queens are very good at their job, and look fantastic But then some lunatic points a bottle of champagne at Britney Brassieres, who is singing on stage, and makes the cork slam [...]

    8. Karen E Olson s Tattoo Shop Mystery series is one of the few series I actually get soon after it comes out and read it I have lots of other series I read but most of them I purposely stay at least one book behind it s a thing .In Pretty in Ink, Brett Kavanaugh and the rest of her coworkers friends from The Painted Lady, her tattoo shop in Las Vegas are back for mystery and craziness This is the second Tattoo Shop Mystery after last year s The Missing Ink This time around, Brett and Co are invit [...]

    9. First Line If your name is Britney Brassieres, being taken down by a tsunami of champagne might seem only fitting.Owner of The Painted Lady tattoo shop in Las Vegas, Brett Kavanaugh is an artist who specializes in one of a kind works of art After inking some of Las Vegas s newest drag queens, Brett and her employees attend opening night at The Strip s glamorous Nylon and Tattoos show Unfortunately for drag queen Britney Brassieres, the last thing that glitters is a fatal champagne cork straight [...]

    10. Okay, so once again, I was not too disappointed This mystery is fast paced Once the ride begins, it seems like almost everything that happens to Brett has to do with the mystery I was a little disappointed that once again the seemingly random love interest ended up being a suspect and was dismissed out of hand before any real romance could happen Same device as the first book, hope the next book finds something different in the romance category for Brett.The other similar device is that it turns [...]

    11. 3.5 starsJust like the first book, Ms Olson ends most of the chapters with some sort of cliff hanger new information , which makes me immediately click the next button on my Kindle to see what happens next The book doesn t immediately start with a dead body in fact, first it seems like the mystery is about a drag queen being attacked by a champagne cork, but he is okay Only several chapters later, he dies and after that, Brett Kavanaugh, tattoo artist and sometimes amateur sleuth, finds herself [...]

    12. Vegas tattoo artist and shop owner Brett is back She and her co workers ink drag queens for a new show and on opening night one of them ends up dead Brett saw the killer and finds herself once again in the crosshairs of some dangerous dudes That doesn t mean that there isn t time to meet some hunky guy, but when that hunky guy is observing you for ricin poisoning it does take some of the romance out of it.I loved the first book so much and this has the same fast pace, strong heroine, and complic [...]

    13. 2 Tattoo Shop mystery, featuring Brett Kavanaugh, who owns the Painted Lady tattoo shop in Las Vegas Brett is at a drag queen show, an invited guest because she did tattoos for several of the stars, when one of them is attacked deliberately during the show a champagne cork popped directly at her When Trevor aka Britney Brassieres later ends up dead, the apparent victim of poison, Brett gets involved in a bizarre case involving several other drag queens, her trainee employee Charlotte, and the po [...]

    14. Considering I don t think much of tattoos, it s a bit surprising to me that I d like something set in a tattoo shop Library doesn t carry the first book, and I wanted something set in Nevada that wasn t too long, so this was my choice It was fine I didn t need to read the first book, though I ll probably look for it now I think what I liked about this was that Brett isn t too sly She s got a brother who is a cop, and she s mostly got him informed about what s happening I think that is sensible a [...]

    15. This is the first mystery I ve read in this series, about Brett Kavanaugh, owner of LA s finest tattoo shop, The Painted Lady The mystery this time concerns a drag show and the variety of hijinks that ensue around the drag culture.Really, I was a little surprised how staid this was maybe based on my very limited knowledge of shows like LA Ink and, let s be honest, CSI Original Recipe, I thought this would be pretty freaky But the main character is, at heart, a small business owner She exists in [...]

    16. Brett is a tattoo artist in a tony section of Las Vegas When a friend invites her and the staff to a Drag Queen show after tattooing most of the girls Brett is looking for a nice night out.One of the girls is shot with a champagne cork in a attack and later ends up dead, Brett suspects there is going on than just Gay fear and hate.Trevor McKay had a secret and someone had come into the club to deliver a messaage to him before the attack.Charlotte, Bretts new tattooo trainee comes up missing and [...]

    17. This was a lot of fun The twists were solid and the whole thing was lousy with red herrings, which is great, I d rather be duped a bunch than never duped at all Though my first choice for killer was the correct choice Oh well Also, great use of setting, an unusual romantic angle or two , and a nice little button at the end of things A few minor complaints first, flinched at the author s mistaken belief that all drag queens are gay second, the days in this book are awfully long finally, are all t [...]

    18. I liked this one even than the first one There were some different subplots going on that seemed to be on the outside of the main plot, but in the end they all related back to one another.I really like Brett s character and find her to be really amusing lol She doesn t mean to get stirred up into trouble, but once she s in it she can t help herself She has to know what s going on and she has a desire to help her friends.Her brother Tim appeared a bit in this one, and I was happy to see that Je [...]

    19. I picked this one up at a library sale, specifically because of the tattoo shop setting Most cozy mysteries are in small towns or involve BBs settings that I m just not into But this one is in Las Vegas and the plot involves drag queens how can that not be fun And it was a pretty good read and reasonably well plotted Some things got a bit repetitive and there was some stereotyping both for drag queens and tattoo artists canvases But the criminal elements were much bigger than I expected of a nov [...]

    20. A solid 4 stars I liked this better than the first book The plot was intricate but not as jumbled and confusing I enjoy the tattoo references, being a tattoo fan My only real complaint is that there is really little no character advancement that I could see Everyone is essentially the same as in book one, no lessons learned or changes Hope they do so in 3, which I m reading now Brett meets men and feels all tingly, but there s no ongoing arc with a potential relationship I m not saying the autho [...]

    21. Very strong followup to the first book.In this second round of the Tatoo Shop mysteries, Brett and the gang get tangled up in a wild Cat n Mouse game involving drag queens, and a Queen of Hearts tatoo being the missing clue One of Brett s employees goes missing, and 2 bodies turn up dead A new detective is on Brett s trail, and we get to see a new love intrest for Brett An alliance is formed between her and Jeff Colman, her long term nemesis This was a fun ride through the streets of Vegas with [...]

    22. Redheaded tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh is back, Las Vegas is just as crazy This time, Brett gets involved in a mystery surrounding the death of a drag queen she had recently done a tattoo for Initially seeming like a sad coincidence, things get crazier as one of Brett s employees who seems to be involved vanishes, whispers of the involvement of homeland security start up Brett, of course, winds up dealing with slashed tires, a near miss in a gunfight, a trip to the hospital to be decontaminated [...]

    23. Brett Kavanaugh can get into all sorts of trouble, and as always it will take her friends and family to help her out of this mess It may not be her fault but she is in danger yet againAlthough I must say I definitely prefer her love interest in this novel, Dr Colin Bixby seems like a great guy, and a fantastic catch He seems like he could be a perfect fit for Brett, who knows maybe he could help keep her out of trouble for a whileWho am I kidding, Brett will always find herself caught up in some [...]

    24. Someone is killing the drag queens in Vegas and these are friends of Brett Kavanaugh, tattoo artist supreme She needs to find out who is doing this I t leads her all over the city, meeting all kinds of different kinds of people I love the names of the names of the drag queens performing at Chez Tango Britney Brassieres, Miss Tique, Shanda Leer.This is a fun series for me to dive into I want to go to Vegas and visit Brett s place, The Painted Lady, and have her design a tattoo for me I d love to [...]

    25. I d give this series a 3.5, if it was available As cozy mystery series go, this one has a little edge to it, although the author is already developing some annoying repetitions, i.e gorgeous men that Brett is attracted to who are always somehow bad choices or just of her reach Olson s plots are always a bit convoluted than they need to be, but entertaining and engaging I ll keep reading.

    26. I m really glad I discovered this series And I can t wait to read the next installment This novel gives a vivad view of the lush and neon landscape of Las Vegas Characters delve into the outlandish clubs of drag queens, while trying to solve an unimaginable crime And a few other interesting things are being to develope in the series, which I know romance lovers might like I know the direction I think it s going is one I will keep watch of.

    27. I had read and hated the first book in this series, but received this second one from someone else, so I figured I d give it a try this one was SO much better than the first.e characters really developed and became realistic people The mystery was intriguing and the developing relationship between Brent and rival tatoo artist Jeff was the highlight of the book He s perfect for her and she can t see ithopefully they hook up by the end of the series.

    28. I loved this book If the third book is anything like the first two, this will fast become one of my favorite cozy mystery reads I really enjoy Brett s character and how she just rushes into things and gets them done I also look the feel of Vegas that is in every book It just makes reading this all the real because I ve been to Vegas a few times I thought the mystery element was great and well done with action, clues and action.

    29. Lots of fun, easy read, mystery with a Las Vegas tattoo parlour owner getting involved in said mystery, and helping to solve it, with mild peril, possible romance, and new tattoos happening in amongst it all This is the second in the series I will look for the first and any others like I said, a fun read

    30. Amazing I want of this Pretty awesome to have a tattoo Nancy Drew kind of story Loved reading it and it over before I knew it Spoiler Although, in novels I can be quite the romantic, it s a bummer that she screwed it up with Dr Sexy even though I had my doubts to trust issues I get it p

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