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The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank #2020

The Punisher Welcome Back Frank A white skull on a field of black In the Marvel Universe no symbol inspires fear in the hearts of criminals like the stark calling card of the Punisher His wife and children killed in a mob shootout

  • Title: The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank
  • Author: Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Jimmy Palmiotti
  • ISBN: 9780785109822
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank By Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Jimmy Palmiotti, A white skull on a field of black In the Marvel Universe, no symbol inspires fear in the hearts of criminals like the stark calling card of the Punisher His wife and children killed in a mob shootout, former serviceman Frank Castle wages a one man war on crime, and he won t stop until he s won no matter how many bullets it takes Originally a character who rose to popuA white skull on a field of black In the Marvel Universe, no symbol inspires fear in the hearts of criminals like the stark calling card of the Punisher His wife and children killed in a mob shootout, former serviceman Frank Castle wages a one man war on crime, and he won t stop until he s won no matter how many bullets it takes Originally a character who rose to popularity in the law and order Reagan 1980s, The Punisher has made a spectacular and astonishing return to the top of the comic book charts Reinterpreted through the eyes of visionary creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon the masterminds behind DC s Preacher this ultra violent urban vigilante is taken over the top in stylish, Tarantino esque fashion This time around, the mountains of ammunition are heavily sprinkled with black humor and stinging social commentary that Ennis and Dillon have become famous for The story is pure mythic archetype, with a several post modern twists After a long absence, the Punisher has returned to the streets of Manhattan, and a criminal elite that has grown over that time is set on guard In particular, Ma Gnucchi and her crime family have been targeted by Castle Can one man take down an entire criminal organization with heavy armament alone Includes the limited series Punisher 2000 1 12.

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    1. Deadly good reading This TPB edition collects The Punisher 2000 1 12.Creative Team Writer Garth EnnisIllustrator Steve DillonInker Jimmy PalmiottiCovers art Tim BradstreetBACK WITH A BANG ACTUALLY SEVERAL BANGS Solo act again No micro No gimmicks no fancy ammo, no battle vans, no hi tech surveillance Just the basics Been gone a while Distracted The scum of the city need a wake up call And here it comes.Frank Castle aka The Punisher returned to the Big Apple and the worms are starting to run away [...]

    2. The Punisher is back from the dead and ready to take out the Gnucci family Meanwhile, the unluckiest cop in NYC is on his trail and several copycat vigilantes have arisen.I was never a fan of the Punisher but I read this series in single issues as it came out because I was a huge fan of Preacher, and consequently, the tag team of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.It s not Preacher set in the Marvel Universe but it has some of the same flavor There s a lot of humor for a Punisher book and the usual am [...]

    3. Punisher Welcome Back, Frank was my first exposure to the wonderfully twisted and violently deranged mind of Garth Ennis The Punisher was always a character I wanted to like, but I couldn t bring myself to do it All I could picture forever was Dolph Lundgren s corny ass That monosyllabic version of Frank still gives me the shits Frank always fell at least a little short of the hardcore killer I wanted him to be Dirty Harry wouldn t use rubber bullets Rubber bullets are for pussys I thought I had [...]

    4. Puerile, brutal, entirely to the point with the scum Narration feels a little off compared to the silent feral animal that we ve seen before and later, but I ll let it pass since it s so to the point The violence at the beginning is pretty over the top with some cheesy Ahnold style one liners, so it takes a little time to get past Ennis contract with the reader And it s a bit hard to have to look at Frank s face by Steve Dillon and not think, Who pissed in Frank s cereal, shat in his shoes and s [...]

    5. Garth Ennis is rightly credited with bringing the Punisher series back to life with his interpretation of the character and writing his best work and some of the Punisher s best books Welcome Back, Frank is Ennis first book that takes Frank Castle from bizarre and frankly boring stories about angels and Heaven, and putting Frank back on the streets with a gun in his hand pointed at gangsters, where he belongs Ennis writes in his mission statement that he wanted to simplify the Punisher s adventu [...]

    6. My second Punisher read, as he embarks on a one man mission to take down the Gnucci crime family It s a bit of a mixed bag, in that it doesn t seem as good as the later MAX series, but there s still some good stuff here Frank s cautious relationship with the other residents of his apartment building, his connection to them despite his intent to remain a brooding loner The Punisher accidentally inspiring a wave of over the top vigilantes who want to emulate him in cleaning up their neighbourhoods [...]

    7. This was just nuts and the ending was totally unexpected I swear I ve picked this up about 5 times thumbed through it and set it back on the library shelf Really glad I gave it a chance this time.

    8. Awesome Punisher comic This comic was a major inspiration for the shitty 2004 movie and the second season of the Daredevil Netflix series Unfortunately the other books are out of print though so I won t be able to read them

    9. I really like Garth Ennis, he has some kind of brutality to him Punisher is back, not sure where he went but he s back and after the Gnucci family While he is running through Ma Gnucci s men there are 3 wannabees out killing who they think to be bad guys, and they are, corporate scum bags and drug dealers Well when Ma Gnucci calls in the Russian to deal with the vigilante and when the Russian finds him, it takes hot pizza and a really fat guy to kill the monster Russian The supporting characters [...]

    10. An enjoyable read I could see that the 2004 movie took some inspiration from this one, and even the scene in Season 2 of Daredevil in which Frank ties up Daredevil and gives him a choice has been taken from this story.After Preacher and this one, Ennis is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers Took me some time to get used to Dillon s art in Preacher, but did not face any such problem in this book.There were some pretty badass moments, but sometimes it felt like the character is a bit overp [...]

    11. proprio il caso di dirlo Bentornato, Frank Questo un personaggio dal grandissimo potenziale incorso troppo spesso in gestioni infelici, Ennis l ha portato alla ribalta con stile, il suo Il Punitore, pur conservando la sua natura di o.m.a.c in guerra contro il crimine quindi, assume connotazioni volutamente esagerate che sfociano spesso nel comico un umorismo nero ma dannatamente divertente Ai disegni c Dillon, ha un tratto molto personale che per si sposa perfettamente alle storie di Ennis come [...]

    12. Moving into the new millenium, the Marvel Comics character Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, was not in a good place Part of his problem was that he didn t really fit with the rest of the Marvel pantheon of heroes and villains he wore the standard issue spandex, but that take on the character seemed just a little off For the unitiated, Frank Castle was one of the last American troops out of Vietnam when we jumped ship, finally returning home for good at the end of his third tour of duty Soon there [...]

    13. Note recommended for older teens This is not a Punisher story that could be written today, I don t think Ennis starts out by reminding us that it s not some kind of psychological treatise on the character, but meant to be taken as pure entertainment And as soon as I saw the NYC skyline profile partway through, graced by the towers that defined it for most of my life, I realized that s why Violence is so much closer and real in the post 9 11 world that attempts to make light of it in the way tha [...]

    14. Welcome Back, Frank is a funny and entertaining Punisher story Written by the wacky Garth Ennis, this is like an 80 s action flick, with one liners and loads of cartoonish violence In fact what I found was that the whole volume was far too cartoonish, from the cheery art and colors to the lack of significant gore or any truly shocking moments Everything here was written and drawn to look cool and I guess that s okay The comic is very light on plot and there is no attempt to touch anything remote [...]

    15. He kills criminals because he hates them It s not exactly brain surgery In a genre often criticized for its slavish dedication to the status quo, the Punisher may be the worst offender There s only one story to tell when you put a gun in the hands of an idealist, and Frank Castle s been running through the same narrative paces for decades But Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon share a secret in this opening arc of their multi year run that was all but neglected previously Frank Castle doesn t want to [...]

    16. The only other Punisher book I read was Essential Punisher vol 1, which I enjoyed a lot This book was a fun read but some of the changes they made threw me off In Punisher s original incarnation, as presented in EP v1, he s set in a world where there are superheroes and ordinary folk Crucially, ordinary folk are just that ordinary The world in The Punisher v1, on the other hand, is one where normal assumptions about ordinary people don t apply.Here are two examples At one point people are lookin [...]

    17. Ennis is one of my favorite comic book writers, and it s not for his insane shock value, though that can be fun also He s one of the industry s best at telling a story that perfectly merges art and writing his books strike a perfect balance between showing and telling, the holy grail of comic book creation Not once did I feel lost in following along which I sometimes have problems with in big organized crime storylines , and even the exposition heavy panels were there for a purpose As with most [...]

    18. Another one of my all time favourites, this book still manages to make me laugh out loud, even though I ve lost count of how many times I ve read it Something that people should know about this book is that it s almost as funny as it is violent Garth Ennis has found the perfect combination of these two usually mutually exclusive elements It also has what most Punisher books don t have, which is a feel good moment near the end, for Joan, Dave, and Mr.Bumpo.Ennis Dillon re teamed years later for t [...]

    19. Ennis, Dillion, and Palmiotti s now Classic first 12 issues of the Punisher hard bound in a lovely Marvel reprint fashion make just as good reading the second time and years later.i.e I already read this years ago and I am still giving it 5 stars.Amongst all the artists teamed up with the wonderfully twisted Garth Ennis, no one else captures both the Horror AND the Comedy quite so well as Dillon and Palmiotti Sick FUN

    20. Now this is a Punisher comic though the story line was a bit lacking, over all it was very entertaining.Pros very entertaining finally the real Punisher we all know and loveCONS the art makes everyone look really ugly story line was a bit lacking of substance the Punisher kill Marvel Universe story at the end was way to short they should have turned it into a big event.

    21. Welcome Back Frank is one of the funniest comics I ve read full stop No one does this type of hardcore action comedy better than Garth Ennis If you liked Preacher, you have to try out his Punisher.

    22. Ennis s brilliant early take on the character of Frank Castle It is pretty shallow, in all honesty, but still very fun to read Artwork by the great Steve Dillon is also really good as usual, adding a lot to the madness that is this book.

    23. OK, I see why Garth Ennis s run is considered the ultimate Punisher This is a really good Punisher story Maybe a little cartoony towards the end when The Russian enters the picture, but really captures the unstoppable force of nature that Frank Castle embodies.

    24. The gauntlet has been thrown down and now all graphic novels must compete at this level or be reduced to pulp in a landfill.

    25. Offensive, over the top, and a lot of fun Especially once Ennis really hits his strides halfway through this book, it s top rate.

    26. The Punisher Welcome Back Frank You re a monster and I m killing you It s not complicated This is just great It is of the Preacher standard Garth Ennis and Dillon and co are geniuses This collection has a wonderful mix of morally difficult themes, wonderfully designed panels and smashing humor There is one particular part with polar bears that had me laughing out loud alone in my room There are quite a few shots taken out of this collection and input into Netflix s Daredevil show and the Punishe [...]

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