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What Remains of Heaven #2020

What Remains of Heaven London When the controversial reform minded Bishop of London is found bludgeoned to death in an ancient crypt beside the corpse of an unidentified man murdered decades before Sebastian St Cyr

  • Title: What Remains of Heaven
  • Author: C.S. Harris
  • ISBN: 9780451228024
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What Remains of Heaven By C.S. Harris, London, 1812 When the controversial, reform minded Bishop of London is found bludgeoned to death in an ancient crypt beside the corpse of an unidentified man murdered decades before, Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury to help with the investigation To Sebastian s consternation, the last person to see the Bishop alive was Miss HerLondon, 1812 When the controversial, reform minded Bishop of London is found bludgeoned to death in an ancient crypt beside the corpse of an unidentified man murdered decades before, Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury to help with the investigation To Sebastian s consternation, the last person to see the Bishop alive was Miss Hero Jarvis, a woman whose already strained relationship with St Cyr has been complicated by a brief, unexpectedly passionate encounter As his search for the killer leads him from the back allies of Smithfield to the power corridors of Whitehall, Sebastian amasses a list of suspects that range from some of the Prince Regent s closest cronies to William Franklin, embittered son of famous American patriot Ben Franklin Sebastian must also confront the well guarded secrets of his own family s past and a devastating truth that could ultimately force him to question who and what he really is.

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      343 C.S. Harris
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    1 thought on “What Remains of Heaven

    1. This is the fifth book in the series and was so good I read this as a buddy read with a GR friend It was full of surprises I just love this series A great historical mystery series The books just get better and better If you like a historical mystery this series is for you I really can t tell what its about because it would give a lot away I don t want to give anything away This one is the best in the series so far and the ending will blow you away.Two bodies are found in a crypt, and Sebastian [...]

    2. Number five in the series and I have no trouble giving it a rating as a very easy five stars Sebastian is just so likable and the development of Hero as a character so interesting that it is hard to stop at the end of each book and not binge read the whole series in one go However I will restrain myself to my current reading of just one of these books a month and enjoy looking forward to the next one I love the setting, the story, the characters and the different mystery to be solved in each boo [...]

    3. When the Bishop of London is found dead in a recently opened crypt, Sebastian is asked by his aunt to investigate What follows next is one whiplash twist after another.This might be the most complicated political mystery in the series to date There are lots of principals, most we ve seen before Just as I thought I was unraveling the mystery, a new wrinkle and revelation would appear I didn t even come close to the right answers I loved it The revelations weren t limited to the murder mystery as [...]

    4. I give this one less star that the others, not because the mystery wasn t great, it totally was, but UGH KAT JUST GO AWAY Sebastian needs to GET OVER HER, so boring, she needs to die of consumption or something so he can move on The whole twist with him NOT being her half sibling was so soap opera y, and there was NOT ENOUGH HERO Serious, I can t wait for the next one because maybe indeed he ll get over the actress already SHEESH.Love this series haha.

    5. I love this series especially as each book has something fresh and new to offer even as the characters we are getting so know so well are developing and growing This episode follows on closely from the previous book in the series The Bishop of London has been found murdered in a recently uncovered crypt next to the body of a man who disappeared some 30y earlier Sebastion is called upon by the his Aunt Henrietta and the Archbishop who asks Sebastion to look into both murders, even though they may [...]

    6. This series has done several things right from the start I admit to being no expert on 18th century London or 18th century anywhere for that matter , but this series has always felt right to me in terms of bringing the time period to life, with all of its sights, sounds, and smells Sometimes very vivid smells wink That said, my investment in this series sky rocketed with the last book book 4 , Where Serpents Sleep, with the elevation of Hero Jarvis as a character to be reckoned with Now I love S [...]

    7. This fifth book in the Sebastian St Cyr series features illegitimate children and desperately unhappy and fearful married women at its core Several mysteries with these themes interconnect at various points and in very crafty ways, including the primary mystery A renowned bishop well on his way toward being appointed the next archbishop is found murdered in a crypt next to the body of a missing peer, long dead for decades What is the connection between these two men and why are they discovered d [...]

    8. 3.5 5Well, that took a turn I m excited to see where the Sebastian Hero relationship goes from there That said, this book needed Hero And way less mooning over Kat What is the actual freaking point of her The mystery wasn t my favourite, but I enjoyed it.

    9. Very entertaining I look forward to revelations concerning Hero and Sebastian s relationship I have had great admiration for Hero since the first book and I hope to see of her.

    10. You can find this review in English below.Voy a intentar aclarar algo para no ser muy injusta con la historia Esta serie va m s de misterio que de otra cosa, pero hay una trama familiar y otra rom ntica que se mantienen desde el primer libro, y que para mi eterna desesperaci n, no llegan a su fin.As que primero decir que s tuviese que puntuar el misterio, este ser a de 4 estrellas Pero como en este caso el misterio ha pasado a un sonoro segundo plano a favor de todo el melodrama family rom ntico [...]

    11. What Remains of Heaven4.5 StarsWhen the body of a Bishop is discovered in an ancient crypt, the Archbishop of Canterbury seeks the help of Sebastian St Cyr to solve the mystery of his death as well as that of the other, decades old corpse whose identity is unknown As Sebastian gathers clues and suspects, he is also forced to confront the ghosts of his own past and stumbles across a devastating family secret While the mystery is well crafted with smoothly interwoven historical detail and several [...]

    12. This is one series I ll be sorry to come to the end of I m having an absolute blast with good ole St Cry, Tom, Dr Paul Gibson and even Hero I m starting to like her quite a bit I have to admit being a bit disappointed in the possible love interest I was hoping would bloom in this book, but this book is not a romance it is a murder mystery and on that score, it does not disappoint I was kept wondering who and why The series is kept alive with the magnificent narration on Ms Davina Porter I have o [...]

    13. First Sentence His breath coming in undignified gasps, the Reverend Malcolm Earnshaw abandoned the village high street and struck out through the lanky grass of the churchyard.Families and their secrets take center stage The bishop of London, leading candidate for archbishop of Canterbury, has been found dead in a recently opened crypt The bishop is not the only murdered body Along with him are the remains of a man who was stabbed in the 1700s During his investigation, St Cyr uncovers a connecti [...]

    14. CS Harris presents the fifth installment of her moody, suspenseful Sebastian St Cyr series To solve his latest murder case, Sebastian must explore the decades old family secrets of the victim In so doing, he confronts truths about his own life, while still fighting his feelings for the forbidden Kat Hero Jarvis is also a major presence in this book, as she continues to alternately infuriate and assist Sebastian.This action in this book did build slowly, despite two dead bodies discovered in the [...]

    15. Guilty pleasure Unfortunately forgot it during recent travels but finished it as soon as home Another wonderful and intricate historical mystery At times it seems there are too many plots and revelations to keep straight I found this one too complicated to listen to had to get the book in order to keep all various plot points straight While each book gives some background, this is a series best enjoyed in order The characters are fun to follow, better than any soap with the benefit of learning 1 [...]

    16. Book five and I m so glad I am late to the party because I have at least eight books to read in the series Not that I want to gorge myself of them.er to take a little time and spread them out How can you not love Sebastian He is the perfect herohandsome, smart, capable, caringjust about perfect His only fault that I can see is his continued fascination with Kat As many have said, it is time for Sebastian to move on with his life and that means without Kat, even with the devastating he thinks ne [...]

    17. 4.5 STARS I have a slight obsession and might need an intervention I haven t been this gaga over a series since Kate Daniels I m only briefly stopping to read a committed ARC I loved seeing the American Revolution through British eyes the entire Franklin piece was fascinating Harris is brilliant and her historical knowledge continues to shine So many truths finally come to light and it was everything I longed for.How many lies could obscure the fundamental truths of one man s existence Jarvis co [...]

    18. Borrowed from Open Library.This series is really addicting I ve enjoyed all the five books I ve read, and part of me already wants to dive into the sixth one After all, the ending was great and I can t wait to see where the story will go from here I am starting to really like Sebastian and Hero together, even if they still don t have that many scenes together There is definitely a connection between them, and I love their interactions Once their feelings start to change, there will be epicness T [...]

    19. Wonderful addition to a great series This series has it all great mysteries and a wonderful romance Who could ask for .I love the interaction between Hero and Sebastian and am anxious to see the relationship grow The mystery is interesting and the twists and turns are many.Great read

    20. This is one of the better historical mystery series I ve read in ages There are many Victorian mysteries but Harris carves out a time period about 50 years earlier and the early 1800 s in England is quite different than the Victorian era if for no other reasons they re reeling from a loss in the Colonies and a mad King at the helm.This is, I believe, book 5 in the series and the one that came just before this one probably should be read first but even without that, the subplots can be discerned [...]

    21. I read this because I wanted some light escapism I ve enjoyed other books by this author in the past, but I was glad to finish this one.We have a bishop murdered in a crypt crypts sound like about the most horrible places on earth and a body 30 years dead found in the same crypt Sebastian St Cyr normally wouldn t involve himself in something so declasse, but his aunt asks him to, so he does her the favor.I noticed that Sebastian s detective work mostly consists of going around asking people ques [...]

    22. This is of a 3.5 rather than a flat 3 star rating.Set in Regency Era England, Sebastian St Cyr the Viscount Devlin is a cross between Mr Darcy and Sherlock Holmes with a little sprinkling of James Bond thrown in for good measure In this installment of the C.S Harris series Sebastian finds himself investigating two murders victims found in a recently opened crypt the murder of the Bishop of England and a 30 year old unsolved murder C.S Harris strengths continue to be her ability to seamless wave [...]

    23. Another enjoyable Sebastian St Cyr mystery I got some parts of my predictions correct and some not If anyone read my review of the previous book in the series, I predicted certain aspects of the plot of this one Hero did indeed get pregnant, and Sebastian did discover he is not Lord Jarvis son But I guessed he would not find out the latter until after he was married to Hero, and that he would find out by finding his mother and being told the truth Those things did not happen Throughout the novel [...]

    24. I think I ve found a new series to read the Sebastian St Cyr mysteries This one is the fifth, so I have some serious and delightful reading ahead What Remains of Heaven was on the new mystery shelf I like to dip into something new every once in a while This book takes place in 1812 London with a seemingly ever changing plot line that could only happen with the social and political realities of that time and place Besides the intrigue of London and villiage life, the English view of the colonies [...]

    25. Not only has the formula gone unchanged although I still find it mostly interesting but I was the one of the few people who actually liked Kat and at least hoped she and Sebastian could be friend Hero Jarvis is interesting but I feel like the author just threw them together and view spoiler her being pregnant after the one time they had sex feels like a romance novel plot line Not to mention the fact that she s pregnant and being really stupid about it considering she s facing social ruin The B [...]

    26. A very enjoyable read The entire series is quite remarkable The body of man who has been missing for a generation is found in a crypt that has been boarded up for a generation, along with the body of his much younger brother who is the Bishop of London In addition to the two murders, the book is filled with family mysteries involving the Ct.Cyr family, the family of the murdered man, and the Jarvis family.One of the other reviewers objected to the fact that the end of this book sets up a major p [...]

    27. view spoiler BABY With that ending, I can only assume we re getting engagement in the next book I can say though that I m really kind of over Kat s existence Which is something I m not happy to say because I genuinely usually like all heroines in novels, but not this She s just incomplete and does to mess things up than actually move anything forward, while still remaining pretty much a two dimensional character that doesn t all that much exist How many lies can be told to Sebastian At this poi [...]

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