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The Meaning of Liff #2020

The Meaning of Liff In life and indeed in liff there are many hundreds of common experiences feelings situations and even objects which we all know and recognize but for which no words exist This text uses place na

  • Title: The Meaning of Liff
  • Author: Douglas Adams John Lloyd
  • ISBN: 9780330281218
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Meaning of Liff By Douglas Adams John Lloyd, In life and, indeed, in liff, there are many hundreds of common experiences, feelings, situations and even objects which we all know and recognize, but for which no words exist This text uses place names to describe some of these meanings.

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      431 Douglas Adams John Lloyd
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    1 thought on “The Meaning of Liff

    1. When I first encountered this book in a friend s bathroom I definitely thought it was called The Meaning of Life at first glance and this undoubtedly common optical aberration made what I discovered inside so much funnier.This is a wonderfully creative book It s a list of definitions which can be read randomly All the terms are actual places many being towns in England and America and the definitions for things and happenings for which there was no single term for beforehand In other words it s [...]

    2. I think that the only reason I put off reading this book for so long is that this is the last thing I ll ever read of the amazing Douglas Adams There s plenty of books and scraps to his name that are based on an idea for a draft of a shopping list and I m sure I ll get to them eventually But this is pure Douglas and that should be enough if you still harbor doubts.No review of Liff is complete without a few examples, so please, accompany me in the enjoyment of the definitely missing words of ABI [...]

    3. Concepts for which as of yet there are no single words to sum them up are given place names with the aim of getting them out and about and into the English language.You need to have the right or maybe the wrong type of sense of humour to enjoy this book Note that it is a humorous dictionary and not a continuous text or something with a plot Not that Mr Adams was a huge friend of the plot, if he said hello to a plot and held out his arms open to it, then one could be sure that it was with the ide [...]

    4. Only on page 11 and find that I can safely and assuredly rate The Meaning of Liff 5 out of 5 Pure humour, pure quintessential Britishness and pure, unadulterated Douglas Adams.

    5. Oh man I remember this book it really gave me a load of great laughs I have to admit right off that I ve always been a HUGE fan of the style and wit of Douglas Adams from the very first chapter I ever read of his famous Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.I had finished the series and even the Dirk Gently stories, but then one day in the book store came across this thing this weird little book filled with the most bizarre stuff I ve read in a while The only book this is comparable to in any way is o [...]

    6. This book made me go all gallipoli And it s not the great tosson, so it fits on your bookshelf just nice and kentucky It s usefulness in life is such that it ll never be just some old ballycumber that lies around, but instead, the first book you reach for when the great wakering sets in It also has some quotes from the great writers to illustrate how they have used words from this nifty little dictionary Jasmine yorked politely, loathing him to the depths of her being Virginia Woolf

    7. Da tenere a portata di mano e sfogliare quando capita alla ricerca della parola adatta per ogni occasione Nonostante per apprezzare alcune parole bisognerebbe essere inglesi, Adams e Lloyd individuano cose, atteggiamenti, situazioni e pensieri in cui tutti si possono immedesimare le risate suscitate dalle foto sui passaporti Happas , il vago fastidio quando ci si siede in un posto gi scaldato da qualcun altro Shoeburyness , il pezzo di carta o simili usato per bilanciare un tavolo o una sedia tr [...]

    8. There s not much room for books of humour in my life, why waste time reading delightfully inventive meanings for those place names that you just cannot believe are real when you could be reading a deep and heartfelt narrative of loss and despair But Douglas Adams co created this collection and that s reason enough for anything.We ve all seen and heard of them, place names that cause you to wonder what drugs the founders were taking when they decided Berry Pomeroy n 1 The shape of a gourmet s lip [...]

    9. Would have been enjoyable to read slowly bit by bit over time instead of trying to plow right through my library copy I didn t realize this is a dictionary of place names Some of this was really funny and spot on and some was less so Still, Douglas Adams was such an amazing observer of life and some definitions were so hilarious that I give this a 4stars.

    10. Some definitions in typical Douglese AINDERBY STEEPLE n One who asks you a question with the apparent motive of wanting to hear youranswer, but who cuts short your opening sentence by leaning forward and saying and I ll tell you why I ask and then talking solidly for the next hourNFFPertaining to, or descriptive of, that kind of facial expression which is impossible toachieve except when having a passport photograph takenLPERA knob of someone else s chewing gum which you unexpectedly find your h [...]

    11. Jeg leste The meaning of Liff for mange r siden, senere kom ogs boken The deeper meaning of Liff og i g r fikk jeg After Liff i posten Og da ble det absolutt p tide skrive litt om dem The meaning of Liff er en bitteliten bok skrevet av Douglas Adams og John Lloyd Den kom ut i 1983 og var forfatternes f rste fors k bruke vanlige, engelske stedsnavn til beskrive f lelser, hendelser og ting som ikke har et navn Et godt eksempel er DES MOINES pl n The two litle lines which come down from your nose.o [...]

    12. It s always great to read something comical every now and then It helps prevent me getting stuck in the same genre all the time I ve always admired Douglas Adams work and, ever since the Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy, I have been hooked on the humour.Written in collaboration with John Lloyd, who also writes for the well loved British panel show QI, hosted by the adorable Stephen Fry, it has a similar humour which I find among some of the most entertaining that British TV has to offer right no [...]

    13. I am a huge Douglas Adams s fan and frankly, I will sit and read even a liff by him It is amusing and nostalgic Surprisingly made me realize how small things have changed over time way of living Anyone who has conscious memories of mid 1990 s or past will be able to relate to most of the incidents I enjoyed reading it.

    14. Reading this book while working at Neu Art Signs in Toronto Brian McCall was reading over my shoulder and we were both laughing so hard, tears running out, gasping for air

    15. Marvelous, silly, ridiculous fun with the English language, as only can be had with the English language.

    16. Langt fra s morsom jeg h pet den skulle v re Hadde forventet meg mye mer Slet med komme meg gjennom

    17. Totally silly, useless and pythonesque dictionary Also hilarious Goodreaders will appreciate the words Ahenny and Ballycumber.

    18. Thought provoking, deep, amazing Makes you look at life differently, giving a new kind of appreciation for details in life you probably never think about, bringing a feeling of universal connection between all things, living or not A dictionary that reaches beyond the boundaries that separate us all and bring us together a life changing read, one that will bring an idea of what the meaning of life could possibly be as seen through the lens of ordinary yet extraordinary life This dictionary shows [...]

    19. I love the creativity of Douglas Adams, how he can be so random and whimsical and funny at the same time My only suggestion with this book is that it not be read all at once It s really best read it small pieces at a time, or used as a reference book Because every definition is utterly made up, all the randomness can lose its novelty fairly quickly.

    20. An odd but enjoyable book It isn t so much funny but , Ah yes, I know that situation This however doesn t stop it from being an entertaining read.

    21. This book made my day I found virtually all of the words very much needed in everyday conversation Oh, and we have a word for SCRAPTOFT in Polish it s ZACZESKA.

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