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The Warlock in Spite of Himself #2020

The Warlock in Spite of Himself Back in Print the novel that launched the epic Warlock series In an interstellar romp that proves science and sorcery can mix only hard headed realist Rod Gallowglass can save the people of Gramarye

  • Title: The Warlock in Spite of Himself
  • Author: Christopher Stasheff
  • ISBN: 9780441873029
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Warlock in Spite of Himself By Christopher Stasheff, Back in Print the novel that launched the epic Warlock series In an interstellar romp that proves science and sorcery can mix, only hard headed realist Rod Gallowglass can save the people of Gramarye from their doom by becoming The Warlock in Spite of Himself if only he believed in magic.

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      486 Christopher Stasheff
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    1 thought on “The Warlock in Spite of Himself

    1. July2014 Rereading this for the first time in a lot of years with the Sci fi and Heroic Fantasy group topic show I m hoping it won t disappoint since it is an old favorite.It s fast moving a lot of fun even today knowing what was coming Some of the ideas of SF are a bit dated, but I found the observation on literacy the spread of knowledge interesting, especially in light of today s Internet.These are 2 paragraphs from very early in the book It had long been known that the inefficiency of democr [...]

    2. The book starts off as typical sci fi fantasy fodder An undercover agent, Rodney Gallowglass, discovers an entire planet of earth descended espers who cut off communications with their home planet centuries before By the time Rodney finds them they ve structured their civilization based on a medievel monarchy Rodney s use of technology gets him branded as a wizard and he finds himself balanced between the monarchy and a large group of witches and wizards who are, in actuality, regular people wit [...]

    3. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Rodney Gallowglass is a spy whose job is to discover unknown planets that need to be brought into the fold of the enlightened democratic intergalactic system When he lands on the backward planet of Gramayre in his spaceship disguised as an asteroid, Rod and his epileptic computer Fess discover a world of fantasy creatures witches, ghosts, werewolves, dwarves and elves Gramayre was originally settled by a group of humans who wanted to revert back to a feuda [...]

    4. Honestly, this book may constitute a guilty pleasure type thing for me The premise is really great a scifi story that reads like fantasy, where the magic is psychic and the culture is basically a giant Renaissance festival made a lost planetary colony The characters are not bad Fess, the epileptic robot, is far and above my favorite of the bunch And I have a weakness for puns, you see, and he clearly loves puns.But why guilty Well, because of the writing The writing is well There is an entire pa [...]

    5. This is an interesting book I read it in high school, and liked it, and decided to revisit it.It s an intriguing blend of fantasy and sci fi And not in the science fantasy way, like Star Wars, but in a real high fantasy meets hard sci fi way Some delightfully archaic concepts of future tech, such as data stored on tapes, etc.Rod Gallowglass is an undercover agent for SCENT, an organization that seeks to spread democracy across the galaxy In this future, communications have improved to the point [...]

    6. This was the first book that I read by Christopher Stasheff I found it on my dad s bookshelf, picked it up, and devoured it At the time, being twelve ish years old, I knew practically nothing about any form of government other than republican representative democracy and monarchy I learned a lot about my own government and other forms of government by reading this.Christopher Stasheff seems to be on a quest to educate through entertainment In fact, in a number of his other books he has character [...]

    7. I had first come across Christopher Stasheff years ago with his Rogue Wizard books The combination of sci fi, fantasy and politics intrigued me and though the books weren t masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination they were good reads which were slightly educational This is the first book Stasheff wrote and the progenitor of the Rogue Wizard books so when I wanted to reread those books I decided to go back a little further and start at the very beginning.While I didn t enjoy this as much a [...]

    8. A classic sf fantasy tale of a man from an advanced technological universe who comes to a planet where strange properties can be used to create magic, and becomes a powerful warlock to maintain peace.

    9. I read this book in high school and couldn t stop till I got through the whole series Now I love to go to the RenFair every February and it always makes me think of Rod Gallowglass.

    10. The Warlock in Spite of Himself by Christopher Stasheff is one of the great classic works of science fantasy and deservedly belongs beside the works of L Sprague de Camp, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Samuel Delaney.It is also unique in that it taps into the pipeline of intellectual humor popularized by Robert Lynn Aspirin, Harry Harrison, and Terry Pratchett I refer anyone doubting this to the title of Part 1 of this novel A Visit to a Small Plantagent The number of puns in this book is massive, as [...]

    11. I first read this decades ago I think it was a better book then, when there were fewer choices in fantasy I didn t feel it held up well upon this reread I remember being delighted at finding a moderately strong female, but now it just felt really sexist The Marxist vs Democratic rhetoric got old and it felt way too wordy, too But perhaps the worst problem was that Rod, the MC, is the most boring character in the book You never understand why he reacts the way he does to anything He makes speeche [...]

    12. 3.5 starsI loved the concept of this story but I did have some issues with the execution view spoiler Rod s struggles with falling in love was my main grouse I never like insta love so the fact that he fancied himself in love with not one but two people after their respective first encounters was highly annoying to me Similarly Gwendolyn s desperate devotion didn t sit well Surely the most powerful witch could have a better storyline hide spoiler However, for the most part I quite liked the char [...]

    13. This has been one of my favorite books since I first read it I immediately fell in love with Stasheff s unique and quirky writing style The humour is clever and subtle and you ll find romance, politics and a study of fundamental human nature all wrapped in an entertaining science fiction fantasy tale.

    14. Story that s hung on to its amusement value over the years An odd mixture of science fiction spaceships, Ray guns, robots and time travel with fantasy witches, gnomes, elves, banshees A fast moving plot keeps things simple in the odd environment of a feudal society being tugged between differing galactic organizations and its own internal political struggles.

    15. DNF This one s really rubbing me the wrong way Weird political beliefs revolution always leads to totalitarianism Righty o, just like the American revolution And it s super sexist Super weird attitude towards women First female he comes across and it s all bitches Whatever Dropped like I was touching molten steel.

    16. I remember reading the first 2 or 3 books in this series as a teen ager I remember liking the first one but apparently the conceit palled by book 3 or was it book 2.

    17. Just re read this still excellent Fantasy meets Science Fiction A little political intrigue, romance, and a little bawdy.

    18. Rod s mission is to search out rogue planets and convert them to democracy, accompanied by only his epileptic robot, which drives his ship disguised to look like an asteroid, and then runs his mechanized horse On Gramarye though, he encounters things that are hard to reconcile with his scientific worldview, like magic, witches, and elves And love There are also bad guys, with their own conversion goals The really interesting thing about this story, though, is its decidedly masculine point of vie [...]

    19. If I had to describe this book in a work, it would be infantile.Ok, maybe that s a bit harsh am I allowed teenagerish Because that s what it feels like a teenage power fantasy Complete with all the half arsed philosophising, piss poor plotting and I m really very intelligent philosophy.I mean, no judgement I was 17 once, and I m sure 17 year old me would have loved this But if you re looking for good science fantasy that stands up on its own merits, frankly I wouldn t bother.

    20. I enjoyed this series in the 1960 sNo change to my feeling s since then I fondly remember waiting for the next book to come out and devoting it when did My extensive paper back book collection was lost to hurricane and I am restoring it a little at a time But books are not a dollar fifty any so replaced ing fifty years of book takes time.

    21. I finally took the time to read the whole series It s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me while objectively the books are not great, and have plot holes you could shake a stick at, and are kinda preachy, I loved the first book and could somewhat tolerate the rest.

    22. Quite old intrigiung little book combining scifi fantasy in a nice way Couldn t put it down easily Actually curious what will happen next to Rod and Fess

    23. Like cricket, no matter who wins, it s going to be hard on the wicket Me p 131 Rod 32 p 285, ugly, becomes knight Gallowglass to save lost colony Gramarye for galactic democracy, but his science is mistaken for warlock power Identical advisers alienate nobles from Queen Catharine Plantagenet, who subsidizes beggars, protects witches, and exiles her only loyal Lords, uncle Loguire and son Tuan 22 p 395 Help comes from computer Fess inside iron horse, Big Tom, elf King dwarf Brom, ghosts, and most [...]

    24. I apparently have a highly elevated ability to suspend disbelief since I have loved so many books that others have dismissed for the same reasons I find them so interesting and imagination consuming If I rate a Sci Fi Fantasy book a 5 Star it means the characters have translated me into their world or place of existence THE WARLOCK IN SPITE OF HIMSELF took me into Gramarye effortlessly I don t mean this book is perfect and will make sense to everyone else who reads it What I mean is that the sto [...]

    25. I was certainly pleasantly surprised by this book Because of some slight issues of repetition which should have been picked up in editing Rod seemed to be confused over just working out things he had already discussed or thought about as well as occasional pacing issues and a definite political agenda democratic , I developed fairly low expectations However, throughout the book I warmed to it and and in the end it charmed me with its witty writing style, likeable characters, fascinating world [...]

    26. This is a pretty good example of how overt misogyny can ruin an otherwise okay book Granted, it s not the worst I ve ever read, but the female characters are 1 dimensional and exist only as foils to the men The main character apparently thinks any woman who acts on her own behalf is automatically a bitch if the author had wanted this to be a legit thing to call the queen, for instance, he should have spent than about 2 sentences of dialog to actually present a situation that showed her as bitch [...]

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