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Play it Hard #2020

Play it Hard Cover art by Rafael DeSoto

  • Title: Play it Hard
  • Author: Gil Brewer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Play it Hard By Gil Brewer, Cover art by Rafael DeSoto

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      Gil Brewer

    1 thought on “Play it Hard

    1. Brewer takes the Vanishing Woman plot, a favorite of Cornell Woolrich, and makes it his own by ramping up the sex and violence, and throwing the story into high gear Newlywed Steve Nolan, an alcoholic and prone to violence, wakes up from a bad honeymoon hangover to discover that his wife has vanished, and that another woman has taken her place Steve is rightfully aghast at this switch, although his family and friends are inclined to believe the woman and question Steve s sanity His attempts to u [...]

    2. Awesome Brewer totally channels Cornell Woolrich in this paranoia driven narrative Steve Nolan wakes up from a bender fueled honeymoon to find a woman claiming to be his wife who isn t the woman he d just married No one believes him, though, and the chase is on as Nolan tries to figure out what happened The prose is Brewer at his propulsive best Nolan s mind races and we are tethered tight to that paranoia from beginning to end I wasn t sure how Brewer would wrap this up and have it make sense, [...]

    3. Steve Nolan suddenly becomes violently ill during his honeymoon When he recovers at home, he finds a woman claiming to be his bride ministering to his every need But this is not his beautiful wife And since his family and friends never met the genuine article, they all think he s bonkers when he tries to tell them otherwise Things go from bad to worse when the real Mrs Nolan is foundOn surface, Brewer s writing style seems simple But in actuality, he s a master in making the reader share the slo [...]

    4. Gil Brewer mashes up Cornell Woolrich I Married a Dead Man crossed with The Black Curtain with his own sexed up Gulf Coast noir Perhaps not his best, but I m always a sucker for noir amn sique.

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