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The Man from the Broken Hills #2020

The Man from the Broken Hills Milo Talon narrator knows Rossiter blind seven years was hand his ma Em n e Sackett caught stealing cattle Now Rossiter loses stock as do Balch Saddler and Major Timberley Neighbors suspect each

  • Title: The Man from the Broken Hills
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553276794
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Man from the Broken Hills By Louis L'Amour, Milo Talon, narrator, knows Rossiter, blind seven years, was hand his ma Em n e Sackett caught stealing cattle Now Rossiter loses stock as do Balch, Saddler, and Major Timberley Neighbors suspect each other Pretty daughters Barby Ann Rossiter and Ann Timberley, and Baker half sister Lisa cause trouble at box lunch dance Who is shooting to kill Milo, and why

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      451 Louis L'Amour
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    1 thought on “The Man from the Broken Hills

    1. I don t normally care for westerns but I m glad I picked this up I was pulled in from the first sentence and thoroughly enjoyed the book At times, I did get a bit tired of the detailed descriptions of cattle herding but that was offset by the scenery and horses The main character is intriguing and the plot was interesting I look forward to reading the next in the series.

    2. I am on my second time with this book I had forgotten how good the Sackett books are It has been alot of years since I read it the first time It s just as good the second time I recommend Louis L Amour books to anyone They are good reading Very entertaining

    3. someone is rustling cattle everyone thinks it is everyone else doing it milo Talon come along and tries to solv the problem, and nearly gets himself killed.

    4. It took me way too long to finish this book roughly a month and a half if I m not mistaking and during that time it was stolen from a shelf that I leave it on at work I almost pursued another book after the loss, and wasn t particularly concerned with finishing this one A trip to the Wal Mart book section made me notice another copy of this story, and I decided to pick it up, yet again It was as though L amour, or the powers that be, were not content with me being unable to finish One month and [...]

    5. Ride, boy I know it s in you to go Ride as far as you ve a mind to, shoot straight when you must, but lie to no man and let no man doubt your word It is a poor man who has not honor, but before you do a deed, think how you will think back upon it when old age comes Do nothing that will shame you Unknown, the man from the broken hills, pg 6, loc 80 83 I ate of your salt, and I ll ride for the brand if they ll take me on What s that mean Danny asked That about the salt Some folks think if you eat [...]

    6. We get a little information on Milo Talon in this book There is a little back history, when he was younger and his brother was still on the ranch Most of this story centers around a rustler taking cattle for three ranches in the Edwards Plateau area of Texas The villain of the story was a surprise for me I really did think it was someone else all together It is always nice to get a glimpse into what life was like in the wilds of Texas after the Civil War Texas even today is a state of wide open [...]

    7. so i read man from the broken hill this book was extremely well written it flowed very well and it catches the readers eye if you are into old western and shoot outs this book had a very fast past beginning and afterwards the way Louis settled with the main characters point of view was very well thought of Now somethings i did not like was that Louis always switched from characters point of view and at some points with him doing this it got confusing with what character he was talking about ext [...]

    8. My husband recommended this book I read it, but I wasn t very interested It took me about a month to finish it I found it hard to keep the characters straight as sometimes he called them by their first names, and sometimes their last In the end I had the characters figured out, and the story wasn t bad I can see why men would be attracted to this style of writing.

    9. I enjoyed this book very much Even though it was a western there was a mystery in it.It was a departure from the author Hackett series he did mentioned them in his book I would recommend this book to anyone who like action and a steady storyline There is an in answer question at the end of the book.

    10. My favorite L Amour novel so far Really enjoyed the mystery element and descriptions of the work of the cattle ranches in addition to the traditional western elements Pretty formulaic, as usual, although it diverges somewhat pleasingly from the usual formula at the end in one aspect.

    11. This was my first L Amour, co read with my dad The suspense and mystery were welcome additions to the already fun action of L Amour s frontier stories.

    12. Actually, I liked this story Coming from Rivers West, it seemed quite polished, like an edited, published book should Interestingly enough, both Rivers West and The Man From The Broken Hills were both published in 1975, so I wonder what Louis L Amour was writing first, and which got to the publisher first If I were to guess, I would say that this book came before Rivers West, because it felt worked through, like there was time and care put into it Rivers West on the other hand felt rushed, like [...]

    13. Milo Talon rides into Texas and hires as a ranch hand for Stirrup Iron, and finds himself caught in the middle of cattle rustling and gunfighters I found Milo s life was similar to Tell Sackett who was also a drifter But Milo put stock in education like his father a Talon , even though he knew the ropes of ranching like his mother a Sackett Paired up with Fuentes to round up strays for Stirrup Iron, Milo runs into a slew of different characters while trying to solve the mystery of who is rustli [...]

    14. This is essentially beach reading brain candy stuff that won t leave anylasting impressions but that won t leave you grumbling about wasting yourtime either.Milo Talon is an unusual guy His mom is one of the famous Sackett clan ofTennessee His dad is a descendant from a pirate who fashioned a new handfor himself when his own hand was destroyed in an accident Thoseinfluences mean that Talon is a guy who stays with a job until it s done, beit ever so impossible.Talon hires onto a ranch headed by a [...]

    15. Milo is all over the place he asks questions but doesn t go looking for the answers, he waits for the answers to come to him Then, when one answer does arrive, he asks all the old questions again and we start the process over This means that the clues arrive in a rather haphazard fashion Add to that, L Amour uses sleight of hand to make sure the readers never know everything they need to know about the area Milo is working known as The Basin , which makes it difficult to figure out who and where [...]

    16. I ve loved Louis L Amour ever since I was a little kid Call it formulaic, call it predictable, call it what you want, but it s enjoyable L Amour is really recreational reading for me because it s quick, lets me cleanse my reading palate, and doesn t demand a lot of analysis or evaluation I read this one a little out of order not usually a real strong order, but I get the sense that this one is a sequel to Ride the Dark Trail , so it may be better to read that one first The ending is a little abr [...]

    17. I think that overall the book was a good read It did seem to get a little boring The plot was another continuation of Milo Talon, and this time he gets caught up in a range war He was searching for a man called Hank Rossiter, who had initially back stabbed Milo s family long ago So the whole book is about Milo making his way to finally meet up with Rossiter It ends up that Milo must take sides in a range war with Rossiter I liked this western since Milo seemed to show a much bad a side in the b [...]

    18. A quick read This novel was the stereotypical western Milo Talon, a cowboy, who later proves to be a darn good gunslinger, rides into a ranch needing extra hands to help round up the cattle for the drive to the railroad He quickly realizes what no one else had noticed that most of the yearlings are missing from the herd Of course, the cowboy figures out who is stealing them and saves the girl and the cattle held by the villain Though he wins the hearts of all the pretty girls, he rides off into [...]

    19. A story about Milo Talon, an interesting character whose mother is a Sackett and who is sort of drifting around the southwest This is an episode in his life where he holds still for awhile and signs on as a cowhand at a ranch that has troublesome, sometimes violent, neighbors and a problem with disappearing cattle.I liked Milo Talon because he wasn t super generic like Nolan Sackett in Mustang Man He has the hard Sackett side of him but also the smooth talking frenchmen and educated side of him [...]

    20. Milo Talon was looking for Hank Rossiter, the man who betrayed his family He found his target, now old and blind, but the confrontation he expected did not happen The worn out old man was desperately trying to hold onto his small ranch for his daughter, Barbara Rather than exacting revenge, Talon becomes involved in a violent range war, with cattle rustling, killings and ultimately kidnapping of a woman he took a liking to Despite taking sides in the conflict, he still does not know if he can tr [...]

    21. Picked this up and read it last night Pretty easy going after Robert Graves and entertaining enough Seems like all the genre westerns I ve read are pretty formulaic So far I ve read one apiece from Zane Grey, Max Brand and now LL He s no great shakes as a writer but good enough, especially in his loving descriptions of the natural environment The hero of this one is a familiar example of the Western Ideal think Eastwood, Cooper, Scott and Wayne A mysterious and self deprecating loner slow to ang [...]

    22. Otra novela vaquera Este ocurre en Texas cerca 1870 Descripciones muy vivoes del paisaje de la region y el trabajo de arrear el ganado de cuerno largo Es realmente asombroso el trabajo que hac an esos vaqueros en condiciones tan dificiles Este novela tiene algunas sorpresas al final, no es tan predisible como algunas novelas vaqueros Eso me gust Es un buen libro para lectura de placer.

    23. Set in post Civil War Texas, this L Amour outing revolves around cowherding, cattle rustling, and competition between ranches Milo Talon his mother is a Sackett is the hard working hero who wanders into the mix, goes to work for a rancher, saves a damsel in distress, and ferrets out the cattle thief Like other L Amour novels, this moves along at a good clip, but the ending is a little flat and anti climactic.

    24. I though this was a good book There was a cowboy traveling and he needed to find work So he found a ranch that needed a cowboy to move cattle While they were searching for cattle all they found were older cattle but no yearlings All the ranchers were losing all of their yearlings so we went to try to find them As went he found a dead body and found the place where they were holding the cattle The posse came and helped move the cattle back to the ranchers.

    25. The very best writer of the old west Ive always enjoyec the western genre,.I had litle time for reading for pleasure during my work life tied to professional journals and text books Now that Im retired I returned to the writing and imagination of Louis L Amour the prime author of weastern literature and the american hero

    26. Milo Talon id drifting in Southwest Texas when he signs on with an old blind man who tried to steal cattle from his mother s ranch Caught in the middle of a budding range war he has to stay alive as he traces stolen cattle and defuses the situation despite a feud between two beautiful young women.

    27. Read most of Louis Lamour s books when I was in my late teens and early twenties They are important to me as they were some of the first books that got me into the reading habit For that I shall be forever grateful

    28. Another Sackett book about Milo Talon, Tell s cousin.Nice description of cowboy like, but the villain, rustling cattle,comes out of nowhere and is someone we never heard of.

    29. It was ok, but very illogical not every man is going to be the perfect stud And then they made women seem as cows.

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